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Why can't "God" come down and tell us what religon is "right"?

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posted on Jul, 24 2005 @ 02:21 PM

Originally posted by Kwintz
Why won't God just make it known to all what religion is "right"? It would stop wars, hatred, and ignorant close-mindedness.

That has already happened, but He pissed off the temporal powers of the time and He was summarily executed. A very large number of people adhere to a religion in His name, but have somehow failed to grasped the essential message.

Religion in Human Experience

The Faith of Jesus

Reading these will help you to understand what religion is and how it should be practiced, but don't expect to take the world by storm with any new insights gained. We already know what happened to God.

posted on Jul, 24 2005 @ 10:37 PM
They are all right.

The message was always more important than the messenger.

If creation began with 1 consciousness and then divided ....

Let's take the word "GOD" out of the equation, because it means so many things to so many people. The word "GOD" simply has to many different conotations to too many opinionated people. Opinionated people who are ruled in thier own minds by knowing fear and hate.

Let's replace the word "GOD" with the word "TRUTH".

I have faith that the everyone's truth is the same at the core when you subtract the opinions of humanity which have created a paradigm that has not gone 7 consecutive days without war, killing, and destruction throughout 7,000 years of written and recorded history.

7,000 years devoid of 7 consecutive days, just 1 week without war, killing and destruction.

Why? Fear and hate.

What is the opposite of love?


But, how can one hate anything without first being afraid that what they hate has the potential to take something they love away from them.

In other words:
The only reason people can hate anything is because they fear that it can hurt or kill someone they love.


Fear is the cognitive emotional reaction we internally supress with the outward exhibition of our actions and behaviours of manifesting hate.

Fear is the opposite of Love.

Hate is how most of us choose to deal with that fear.

Hence: 7,000 years without 7 days, just one week without war, killing, and destruction.

Truth and Love have yet to rule.

Why doesn't God just come down and tell us which religion is right?

Seems to me the messages from religious icons were all the same.

And, if we are incapable of being 1 with "TRUTH", and truly love truth, then enlightenment is in effect a fantasy that no one can achieve.

How can truth be seperate from truth?

Why is it you can have truth in your left hand and truth in your right hand, but when you cup your hands together into a bowl like shape, there is no longer truth in either of your hands?

To believe that "TRUTH", or "GOD" is somehow not part of us, not within us, not travelling with us at every moment ......

well, that simply goes against every religion, doesn't it?

"The kingdom of Heaven is within you, and then all around you."
- Yehoshua Bin Yoseph, AKA Jesus -

"To put the world in order, you must first put your nation in order. To put your nation in order, you must first put your state/providence in order. To put your state/providence in order, you must first put your city/village in order. To put your city/village in order you must first put your house in order. To put your house in order you must first put your self in order. To put yourself in order, you must first know yourself and put your heart in order."
- Confusus -

"What you are looking for is what is looking"
- St. Frances of Assisi -

Look closely at the teachings of Budah and Mohammed, and all existing religions for that matter.

What are the similarities, and how did the words of their (our) religious icons differ?

Truth is their words were all on the same path.

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