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Poetry with a message, or; the Poetic Shill

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posted on May, 19 2017 @ 04:51 PM
a reply to: LucidWarrior

My phone sucks. But I implore you to check out the band "Listener" on YouTube start with the song "Wooden Heart".

The emotion combined with his imagery, it moves me.


posted on May, 19 2017 @ 05:20 PM
Lucid, that band sounded like they had an overdose of caffeine. LOL

posted on May, 19 2017 @ 07:57 PM
a reply to: Night Star

I'm sure they do haha! My blood is practically caffiene already.

posted on May, 19 2017 @ 10:45 PM
a reply to: LucidWarrior

Quick, you can make some speed metal tunes! I try not to drink too much coffee. When I do I can't shut up. LOL

posted on May, 20 2017 @ 03:45 AM
a reply to: Night Star

Hehe. I drink a cup and my heart has the jitters. It already beats fast so it's unsettling like I'm weak kinda but it's an excess

posted on May, 28 2017 @ 02:41 AM
Through these words we seek to sublimate
The wishes that we cocreate
Like a magical conflagration
A musical procreation 
Illuminating the soul
In the timeless manner we flow
Our hearts desire
The will to climb higher
To unlock the chains
And be free from pains
Which we ourselves create
When we refuse to substantiate
Or play the part
Which we chose:
That path less travelled
To harshly unravel
Our inner thoughts
And habitual patterns
And be willing
To get rid of
All that holds you down
From soaring through this life
And wearing your crown
And making the decree
That you are free to be
Who it is you fought for
And no longer be a sophomore
In your own life

The trick is to just sit back and let go
Relax yourself and immerse in the flow
It doesn't even matter, the words that you use
Or even if they rhyme; just don't get confused
If the message is clear and uplifts the soul
The beat will impart and it won't grow cold
Trust in the the impulse where you sat down to write
Push through the fear and doubt and it will ignite
Through you, it will move you: the words that you speak
Will burn you, and compel you to never be weak
Overcoming stagnation and burning corruption
This process takes resolve, and a #ton of gumption
All that you need is the will to evolve
Give that and you will get the tools to resolve:
Strength, and knowledge, and freedom to
Reside in truth, in beauty; and like a monsoon
You will be wild, and furious, in your will to
Shine, and be divine, like a glorious spark
Residing in the satisfaction of leaving your mark

Revealing knowledge, for who but ourselves?
This journey we travel, together we seek
Fortune favours the bold, and lady luck the meek
As we shine our light untold treasures we sha'll wreak
Transforming the wasteland of selves and souls alike
This beautiful verseland we travel, don't ever think it's weak
There is something far beyond ourselves
It reaches out, and compels us to speak
Growing closer to ourselves, we help pave the way
For universal truth to shine, and forever it shall stay
This light, we shine, with company it grows brighter
Forging connections, from heart to heart we travel
Where one would fall, the other will rise
And if both should fail the third is wise
Three is a sacred number, unity it speaks
Its an odd number, no surprise if we're freaks
To what end, do we avail, to peer through the veil?
Combating the thing-that-is-blight
For if we don't, limited we shall be
Binded by limitations of the minds and world we
Inhabit, and form habits, these weapons we use are the enemy we fight
Constant vigilance, is easier with friends!

There are some that look away
When faced with a brilliant light
Then there are those that dive in anyway
These are the ones that ignite
In truth
We grow stronger
In love
We grow together
When we face our pain
When we embrace our shattered selves
When we refuse to play games
With our hearts
When we choose truth at all costs
The road is easy
It won't be all butterflies and flowers
You may have to walk through glass
But you'll be dancing
And singing
Bringing inspiration
Rsther than crying
And wallowing
In manufactured devastation
The truth
Isn't easy
Its very hard to handle
It requires constant commitment
It is easy, to lie- it happens naturally
But it creates world's of pain
For just a moments gain
Follow your passion
Not your desire
Follow your truth
See the universe conspire
Remain in lies
Feel the illusion grow
It matters, more than you know
So just... Flow

This love
Its not me
Its you
I hold it
But its yours too
You want it
So find it
I can sing
I can dance
And try to inspire
But if you
Do not realize
It is yours to keep
It will fade away
Never will it stay
Until the day
We each turn our ears inwards
And follow that little voice
The one that speaks of love
The one that speaks the truth
The one that sings the way
The one that creates beauty
It is you
It is soul
It is the flow
Dive in
Get wet
Be messy
Cry your eyes out
Scream for joy
Dance for no reason
Spread the love
So you can be
And others can see
And when we all
Listen along
And unite in song
The night will end
The sun will rise
And we will be
Everything we
Had yearned for

Right where I am at, your words speak
Giving light and life, to one who was weak
The courage to breathe, the strength to speak
Burtsting forth like a dam with a leak
Unity and truth it wreaks
Reaching ever higher peaks
Days turn to weeks
Still we climb higher
Stumble, and fall
Just don't retire
We shall build an empire
First in our hearts, made out of soul
Then in the world, like diamonds out of coal

The vision I see:
A place of laughter and harmony
Radical thought in poetic verse
In each others company, submerse
A place of love, of light
A place to release the reigns you hold tight
To relax in the flow, these words we traverse
To uplift the soul, to fill the heart to burst
Gleefully we sing, hoping to bring
The unity, and solidarity
Of peaceful family
One love, one light
Words to bring sight
From sight can flow connection
Which in turn can inspire action
For ourselves, for anyone who cares to listen
For the joy of speaking words that glisten
Sparkling with love and truth
Bam this song ends with a poof

What is expression but the soul in motion?
Softly sighing, not one for commotion?
Wherever did we get the quaint notion...
That an artist is something you are
And art something you do?
Because it rather seems like something that does you,
Radically transforming you into something new.
The words we speak are a catalyst,
To break the bonds of catharsis.
They will set you free:
Radical units of transformation,
Like a musical compilation,
Of words that breathe and voices that sing.
Knowledge may be lost but can never be forgotten,
The journey we travel is a choice of what to wallow in:
To dwell on past mistakes,
Or to use the future to mend past breaks.
The choice is now, and the time is ripe,
Do what thou Willt but man dont gripe.
If life's what you make of it,
(And it certainly is)
Then do what you know is true and watch it all fizz
Like a bubbly, all warm and fuzzy.
This feeling inside, this wave that we ride,
Surfs always up on this beach, the waters are always waiting,
The tides of expression are always creating
Thoughts of unity, words of life:
The way to be well and truly free of strife.

How to write with style:
Firstly, get rid of the guile
Stop trying to get a reaction.
Break open the shell around your heart
Feel the pain, so it can heal
Transcribe the beauty found in turmoil
The yearning for more
The joy of overcoming
The anguish in failing
Let it all loose in your words,
Let them flow like a torrent.
From the depths of a tormented soul
Rises the triumphant Phoenix.
All battles worth fighting
Will drag you through hell
Make you walk through fire
They will weigh you down
Even make you forget the light
But if you keep going
Just keep walking, keep writing-
You will see it all passes by one step at a time
And at the end of the night
The sun will #ing shine
Drying the tears from your face
Banishing the darkness in your soul
Feel the heartache, feel the rending of your soul
Ride the highs, raise your hands
Loose a scream on the waydownlows
Pour it onto the page, hold nothing back
Keep your mind positive, keep your soul focused
On the edge of the pen
It will write your truth
It will set you free
See the sunrise
Feel the sunset
Write your heart out
Breathe your soul onto the page
Not to be seen, not to be heard
But because you need to write it
Because you need to live it

posted on May, 28 2017 @ 02:41 AM
What's in my eyes?
I try to hide once again
Forever I return to this place
I only want to escape
A feeling of anguish
As I slowly languish
Under the bonds
Of self made iniquity
But I'm not crying
In not complaining-
I seek to understand this riddle,
I seek to decode this enigma of self.
It all seems so easy
When its written down
Pretty words curling on the page:
Your will is your power,
Your thoughts become actions,
So you become what you think
And you do what you feel.
Slaves, we are not,
To none but ourselves
And yet, we each of us hold the key:
If you don't like your being,
Ground it in action to
reflect the inner change.
If action is too much, start to dream-
Feed the yearning of your soul
For she will not lead you astray
Listen carefully, and watch yourself
As you might a newly discovered creature
Take careful note
Of your habits
And reactions
And the way you take part
On thus game we call life
'Know thy enemy, love him and keep him close'
Do not fight these things,
for that is their domain which you enter
And there they cannot lose
However it is you they are inside of
It all rests on how you choose
You have that power
In it lies both doom
And salvation
For it is natural to squander,
And give it away at the first insistence
Little realizing the effect,
Sometimes helpless to refrain
Learning to overcome this
Is a different sort of battle.
If you contain yourself
And cease to react
And instead spend your will
On how you wish to act
Slowly at first, it will be will alone
And will fail to shine through
But do not lose heart
This is the good fight
And all efforts will be rewarded.
And it just may be,
That you may do all these,
And more;
Have patience, have the will to endure
Take heart, for it is the struggle
That matters, for all it contains
The destination is merely the result
You are living in truth,
You just have to see it
You are a being of light
You just have to remember it
Dwell there, in the land of dreams
The world may say its a waste of time
But you and I know better
We all give what we can
Some walk a path of wider expression
And some have chosen to languish
It all adds a part
To the grand symphony
Even if its just the yearning of your heart.
So easy to to write and much harder to live
Yet ill be the first to tell you
They are one and the same
Except he pen is your body
the words are your mind
And the page is the world
So lets magically co create
With love and freedom
Let it #ing shine
However you can
Live it, write it speak it-
So mote it be

posted on May, 29 2017 @ 01:54 AM
Wow Lucid!

Keep letting your words flow with expressions of thoughts and emotions! Beautifully written!!!

posted on May, 29 2017 @ 02:27 AM
a reply to: Night Star


Thanks star! Glad you like them

posted on May, 29 2017 @ 03:08 AM
a reply to: LucidWarrior

Loved them!

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