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Entity 'The Observer' channeled

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posted on Oct, 10 2017 @ 06:33 PM
O: Which we are not in parallel, parallel is within Us.
Q: Would you be a dream in my dream? And I be in your dream?
O: I am your dream. You are my dream.
Q: Okay, you’re my dream man. (giggles)
O: I am neither man nor woman.
Q: You are?
O: I am neither and both, I am The Observer.
Q: Would you be an angelic realm?
O: The angelic realm is within me.
Q: Yea.
O: I am "The Observer."
Q: Observer...Well this is very exciting to have you here. I think I’m gonna...does anyone else have any
Q: Hi, Bashar was telling me about some crisis that I was creating in my life and it kind of scares me
O: What is your relationship to scared? We have understood that of recent, in your time, your entity
within you, named Bashar has expressed concept of scared as follows: your facilitation, your English
language facilitation makes for reflective harmony of understanding that in your positive utilization of
fear you help yourself transform to higher levels when you use it that way. Thus, thiswas expressed as
being scared, sacred by slight rearrangement of your spelling of scared you get sacred. The idea to
understand in this relationship of scared to sacred is that you can utilize the understanding of fear as that
which contains the information you require. If you will, in your terminology, pay attention to what it has
to say in its relationship to your understanding of yourself. Youwill be capable of allowing fear to
transform into your joy and will have allowed yourself to be scared, sacred.
Q: I understand, I think I understand, what relationship you are and I think it has to do with the book,
"Conversations With God." That you are All That Is and I am All That Is and it’s the same and, well,
we’re observing each other in what is. And so, going into the fear means going into the joy because the
answer is there. And the reason I’m afraid is that somehow I’m not taking responsibility to say, no. I’m
not going to create a crisis, you know that, I have the power and maybe the fear is throwing ... givingmy
power away and then...

posted on Oct, 10 2017 @ 06:34 PM
O: Giving of your power away is the act of not being willing to take responsibility for the possibility of
creating your crisis as equal to any other experience you could have. You are in the relationship of
avoidance. Acceptance, of crisis, as equal to any other manifestational experience, total acceptance and
relationship to your concept of crisis thus, then, makes unnecessary the experience of crisis. Thus, your
relationship to yourself is expressed through the power of paradox.
Q: So it’s total acceptance, even if the answer is unknown, the acceptance of...
O: To accept, totally, the unknown is to accept All That Is. For All That Is, is unknown to you; but the
unknown is All That Is. Do you understand this concept in your domain?
Q: I understand that and maybe ... I’m just trying to get to the seed of understanding how to go about
this transformation and...
O: How to go about this transformation is to be who you are. That is how to go about it.
Q: Are we moving on to someone else? Thank you very much.
O: Is there further relationship?
Q: Observer I would like to ask how forgetting has served us? And I prefer not to forget any more; I
prefer now to remember...
O: Forgetting serves, for if there is no forgetting there is no remembering.
Q: So the paradox again?
O: In this understanding there is illumination, in the creation of the dark only can you find the light. If
there is only light you do not know where to begin. You do not know how to grow, you do not know
where to go, for all is the same. Only in the creation of the paradox and the polarity does there then
come creation. Do you understand?
Q: Yes, I do, and I thank you.
O: This is, in this creation of forgetting, the act of remembrance that is the creation of the self anew, and
the creation and the continuation of the relationship of All That Is. Without the forgetting there is no
creation and continuance of All That Is.
Q: Therefore, we can create each moment, anew...
O: Therefore, you do.
Q: Yes.
O: And thus, always will it be so, because there has been forgetting.
Q: It’s a great gift.
O: For that which is cannot become if there is not that which is not within it expressed outside itself in
apparency. Relationship does not exist without polarity, and without the triune of the center point there
is no re-integration. Both are necessary.
Q: Will you speak of the center point, please?
O: The center point is that which is in between that which is neither this nor that, but All That Is,
neither, both, the third element that must exist in order for there to be foundation and movement. Our
relationship at this time must shift....
B: All right, once again, good day.
Audience: Good day.

posted on Oct, 11 2017 @ 03:09 AM

originally posted by: cyberjedi
In a 1996 recording, The Observer comes forth and has dialogue with some folks, look for it at around 1 hour and 23 minutes mark of the video.

The 'observer' is not a thing that can speak - words, sounds, sights - appear to the observer - the observer can only observe that which is appearing.
The observer is ever present - it is that which never comes or goes.

You may believe that you are the body/mind - but really you are what is seeing (observing) all that appears - including the thoughts which arise and subside and the appearance of a body - and everything that appears.

Remember that 'The truth is hidden in plain sight' - in the act of observing.
'What we are looking for what is looking'. Saint Francis of Assisi.

posted on Oct, 11 2017 @ 05:42 PM
a reply to: Itisnowagain

Well, apparently it has ways of communicating.
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