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Gorbachev Warns world of imminent Armageddon triggered by Russia-US new Cold war.

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posted on Dec, 18 2016 @ 01:45 PM
The Peace of God to all that belong to the Light,

Dear readers,

I feel the recent claims of President Obama concerning the possible Russian hacking of the election are exaggerated and part of a rhetoric of confrontation that his administration has been carrying to endorse the interests of the military industrial establishment, that wanted urgently to resurrect the cold war for economic reasons.

As far as know the act of voting is private and so secret, you can vote through mail, but not online, so how in the world anybody can yde cybernetic means to alter the outcome of an election?

It was not this same President and Party who in all possible ways assured several times that there was no way what so ever to rig the election, and moreover that everybody must accept its results?

What lack of seriousness is this one we are seeing from who must be the deffende of the institutions?


The Angel of Lightness

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posted on Dec, 19 2016 @ 09:27 AM
a reply to: As far as we know the act of voting is private and so secret, you can vote through mail, but not online, so how in the world anybody can use cybernetic means to alter the outcome of an election? The angel of light

Dear Readers,

We are seeing an increasing manipulation of the news in America to try in all possible ways to wash the brain of the people that when you entered privately to emit your vote, in some magical way, Vladmiir Putin was very well aware for whom were you voting to change it in his best interest, this the result through means of electronic hacking.

Please check:

A voting booth or polling booth (in British English)[1] is a room or cabin in a polling station where voters are able to cast their vote in private to protect the secrecy of the ballot.[2][3] Commonly the entrance to the voting booth is a retractable curtain. Usually access to the voting booth is restricted to a single person, with exceptions for voters requiring assistance. Voting machines generally use either a voting booth or some other form of privacy cover to obscure voters from the view of others.
1. "Oxford Dictionaries". Retrieved 19 October 2014.
2.Jump up ^ "Voting at a Polling Place". Australian Electoral Commission. Retrieved 28 May 2013.
3. Jump up ^ "Voting in person". The Electoral Commission. Retrieved 28 May 2013.

Please check:

In order to alter significantly the election outcome it should be necessary not just only hacking but also that the Russian espionage would be able to install a kind of camera in each voting booth, or that they had a way to download and then also administrator privileges to install a sophisticate surveillance algorithm in each voting machine.

This is something that from what the architecture of the voting system has is simply unbelievable that could happened. It is also an insult to the integrity of the voting system, to all the millions of Americans that worked so much to assure that the purity of the election remained unaltered.

Are the voting machines connected to the world wide web in some way?

Think please in that before to believe all what the rhetoric of the hacking is wanting you think.

Do you see what the claim of hacking of the election become if we analyze it deeply?

This is nothing that a smog curtain to try to manipulate the situation in favor of one particular candidate that is unable to recognize that the American people rejected her proposals.

We know that Russians were supporting financially Trump campaign in some way, that is pretty likely to have ocurred, but the same were doing the Saudis with H. Clinton, she received millions of petrodollars donated to assure she will continue helping Saudi Arabia to send weapons through their territory to Jordan one to the Syrian revels.

So Why the same media that is so insistently talking about a Russian hypothetical try to rig the election in their convenience they decide to ignore the Arabian connection with Clinton campaign? It is likely that even Chinese financial sectors were also backing her to protect their investments in America.

Please check:

Thanks for your attention,

The Angel of Lightness

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