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Oops - CNN Caught Coaching Focus Group Before Asking Question

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posted on Oct, 10 2016 @ 06:42 AM

originally posted by: tigertatzen

originally posted by: djz3ro

originally posted by: jonsoup

originally posted by: sine.nomine
a reply to: jonsoup

Maybe I'm not seeing the "obvious" here, but I'm genuinely confused on what part of the OP you claim is a lie. Seems pretty straight forward to me...

Its a lie because the video shows no such thing.

You're not making this any better on yourself.are you? You don't just turn up on a site like ATS, claiming something is a lie without some information to backup your claim, hell even your own opinion on why it was a lie would be better than digging a bigger hole for yourself than you already have.

I have noticed CNN is very pro Clinton and we know the MSM are very capable of things like this so it doesn't surprise me one bit. You have to be really stubborn to not see this...

Give it a rest already. The attacks aren't necessary. You guys are getting all bent out of shape over a focus group. Yes, they do "prompt" during those, and it's perfectly common. If the word "lie" offends everyone so much, then replace it with "hyperbolic inflammatory exaggeration" instead, and take a calming breath. There...all better.

Oh...look...what's that over there? Everything you should be paying attention to.

This isn't really a huge issue to he honest, I commented it's done. I'm also in the position of not wanting Donald or Hillary to win, either of them in the White House is a mistake, I don't have a vote though...

posted on Oct, 10 2016 @ 08:06 AM

originally posted by: jonsoup
Will some one address my question? I realize I was on the nose earlier by blatantly ignoring information just like the other posters who were also blatantly ignoring information, so now everyone thinks I am a shill. But I have cleared that up now in this post.

So please answer my question now that we are all friends again. Do you all(everyone of you are free to answer) think its possible that she was quoting Hillary because she was asking about the stuff Hillary was talking about?

Of course I think its possible that there is another explanation for why she is saying this, I said that in my first post.

I also don't judge you for ignoring information, we all have done it, and I appreciate having people such as yourself be skeptical about matters such as this.

But a couple of questions to you. First, do you agree that the main stream media including CNN hates Trump and is acting in a very biased manner against him?

Second, do you agree that given that we all seem to agree this CNN lady is saying America is great already, do you think there is a chance that she is in fact coaching this woman on what to say?

posted on Oct, 11 2016 @ 07:47 PM
a reply to: ghostrager

This is a classic case of how certain people can badly misread things. I had this whole CNN focus group on my satellite playback box and laughed when I noticed that Trump supporters were picking up on it. I had recorded both CNN and Fox at the same time for full coverage.

It is just so ridiculous but it shows you how some people can get things so badly wrong.

The people in the group were unable to see or hear the specific clip that was being played hence the reporter repeating back part of the Clinton statement.

The panelists aren't wearing IFBs (Interruptible foldback), which is basically an earpiece an anchor/host and guests on a standard set will wear to hear from a producer in the control room for cues like time left coming out of a break ("Back in 3, 2, 1..."). And since the network wasn't able to provide earpieces to everyone participating (technically impossible) or be able to play clips from the control room using a monitor (for feedback reasons), the host in this case (Brown) was forced to set up the clip by relaying verbatim onto panelists what clip was being played to an audience at home before coming back live.

Geri Moore, a member of the CNN panel, tells The Hill in no uncertain terms that there were no instructions provided by the host: "There was absolutely no coaching that occurred!" Moore says. "I am personally insulted by the whole matter. They were totally professional and honest the entire time." Moore proceeds to explain the process, which any producer who has participated in these segments will tell you in standard operating procedure: "The only information that was given to us prior to the cameras rolling, was the specific clip that would be playing," explains Moore. "We were unable to see or hear the clip and thus we needed to know what we would be commenting on. At no time were we told what or how to say anything." "I would not have participated in this group had I thought I would be influenced in any manner, she adds. "Actually, my personality would had me heading to the door had that been the case."

Bill Clarkin, another member of the CNN focus group, echoes Moore's account. "I witnessed absolutely no coaching done by anyone, including Pamela Brown, before, during or after the debate on Sunday night," Clarkin recalls. "I saw the clip people are referring to. Ms. Brown was simply repeating Hillary Clinton's statement. She (Brown) was doing this because the focus group could not view, or hear, the live feed due to feedback that would occur otherwise."


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