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U.S / Mexico Border

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posted on Jan, 25 2005 @ 01:36 PM
he re shows you it's still growing into a bigger problem.

As far as my prevouse post it's so simple it's funny. they controle everything from the jobs to the peso's. they controle outsourceing. they controle all imported industrie jobs. right down to the man that does each job.
so if they flee that controle they have nothing to lose. this is a country of opertunity mexico is not.
If they allowed a man to get wealthy the wealth could lead to power. To them power spells problems and friction.

Go to mexico as an illegal. im talken get past the tourist point the border towns down where you need a touravista and don't get one. what do you think will happen to you ?
Ok now let one of them come here what happens to them ? just another example of there system at work compared to our's.

when you look at the houseing and jail's. ours is royalty to them better than there home.

and just to give you a closer hint to where im at on the border it is mentoned in the article.
here is an exerpt from it.

Border Patrol agents who once caught handfuls of immigrants a day here now arrest 140 or 150 a night. Armed confrontations are increasing, high-speed chases have become routine and officials say they lack the resources to hold the line. At the same time, Mexican crime syndicates using two-way radios and sophisticated cellphones have American law enforcement under surveillance.

"They will call in our agent locations and spy on us at our base right here," said Colby Morgan, an intelligence officer operating out of the Deming Border Patrol Station, the largest in the state. "We haven't seen that before. They are getting at us from both sides of the border."

Palomas, Mexico, just across from Columbus, is a hub for smuggling cartels that view New Mexico as the easiest way to move people and drugs into the U.S.

And Deming, about 35 miles north, has become a distribution point.

The cartels' clout was evident last year when Palomas authorities tried to arrest a drug kingpin. Gunmen shot up the police station, torched the cars and sent eight officers and their families fleeing to Columbus in search of political asylum.

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posted on Jan, 25 2005 @ 02:29 PM
Maybe this will help you see more of the damage caused.

a small piece of the article.

As President Bush's guest-worker proposals slog through Congress, new reports suggest that there may be not 8 million but almost 20 million illegal immigrants in the United States, a population larger than most states. An estimated $400 billion in taxes--almost the current annual budget deficit--is not collected because of a growing underground cash economy.

If you look at it in the big picture putting all the puzzle piecs together It's an ugly sight.
Just like the war zone I mentioned in my previouse post. and again I'll refer the cat that said there was a line down here to read the prevouse article maybe you can get the picture of wide open desert ,no fence's no roads wide open country.
This is a battle field incase you haven't caught on yet war in the us. just picture your hometown with this kinda stuff going on and it's not us citizens these are crimes by illegals we dust off and send back to try again.

We are playing a game with them I guess. Someone need's to get seriouse and open up fire on these terrorist put a damn stop to it.
We need to stop saying what kinda wepons you got knife's ok wait then run back to our Patrole Unites to get knife's. to combat this war. hell goto one of these old milatairy dead unite grounds and pull some old tank's and stick em out there. give there army something to look at next time they come up here. hehehe.

posted on Jan, 28 2005 @ 06:52 PM
Mexico I see is still at it and they arn't gona stop any time soon.

posted on Jan, 29 2005 @ 01:35 PM
This is how I see it. I live in southern Arizona where an estimated 4,000 people enter illegally each day.

While I have no problem with the majority of the people personally - many of them are good people just trying to find a better life (if I were in their situation, I would do the same thing) - they still need to enter legally. But they won't enter legally when it's so much easier to just walk across the border. And if they get caught, they get sent right back across the border and walk back again the next night.

Have you seen the fence? In most places it's three strands of barbed wire, if anything. Sometimes there's nothing (it gets cut by rouge Mexican military drug smugglers who drive over in humvees (and other smugglers, of course)) and sometimes it's just a 2 foot high guardrail to prevent vehicles from crossing, but not people.

If a country wanted to invade America, all they'd have to do is drive across the Mexican/American border. Border Patrol couldn't stop them, even if they did discover them.

posted on Feb, 17 2011 @ 02:25 PM
reply to post by LoganCale

I've got a QUESTION? Have any of you actually BEEN to Mexico? (other than oooh, Cancun, Acapolco.. the tourist spots). Im an AMERICAN, no hispanic in me what so ever.. Liveing in Mexico.. (with my husband) who at one time was an ILLIGAL!! I get so PISSED when i hear.. "oh, they come to america to get hand outs"!!! WHERE? He never got any. Wasent able to get HELTH Insurance, (even if I paid) foodstamps.. Nothing.. BUT DID pay TAXES!! No i dont mean, food, taxes anything like that.. TAXES.. He had a I99, or better known as a ITIN Stll got S#$% on! I have mixed emotions, when it comes to inmagration.. I DO agree they need to go threw the PROSSES!! BUT, any of you know exactly what that is? How hard it ACTUALLY is? Probably NOT!! Oh, & the whole marrige to an American citizen thing.. Dosent work.. Been there, done that.. (he got turned DOWN) No arrests, never a parking ticket.. Well rounded "wanna b citizan".. Worked for crappy wadges.. PAID TAXES.. SOOOO.. you tell me.. They dont just come across & get free hand outs.. Some might.. But, most DONT!! Come to Mexico.. stay here, in middle of the country, you'll run to that American border REAL FAST!! I am trying to get a FM2.. to be able to stay here LONGER than the regular 6mo visa i get.. They want 3,500 pesos.. hahahahaa Funny right.. My husband DOSENT even get paid that every two weeks.. Go figure.. try liveing off 300US$ every two weeks.. When a kilo of meat is 80 pesos.. (bout 8 US$) A damn packedge of s@#$ house paper is .. 24pesos.. pay rent, bills but the every day things.. Ya get the pict.. SAME prices as US!!!! Just aint getting paid 1/2 of what you would in the GREAT OLE US of A!! Im liveing here NO fridge, NO stove.. Just cooking off a ??? two burner thing.. (dont even know what to call it) After bout 9pm!!!! you have NO RUNNING WATER.. But... get a bill every month!!! My husband WORKS over 14 hours a day!! (no over time) has only Sundays off.. (if lucky) The Government out here.. DONT GET ME STARTED!!! I have to go down EVERY Friday & clean up GARBAGE in front of my apt.. OR GET FINED.. I always woundered why, the Mexicans did that in the US!!! (be sweeping out infront of there apts.. house. Trying to like MOP) Well, now i know. Come out here and see FIRST hand, what they go threw.. Im here for LOVE!!! There inthe US, trying to SURVIVE!!! You get sick out here, your DEAD.. (PAY UP FRONT) Been in the hospital already out here.. Husband had to PAY UP FRONT, b4 they would see me.. B4 an exray i needed, PAY FIRST!!! Let me get off here.. This could go ON & ON!!! If ya AINT never been to MEXICO!!!! Like they say... Callan tu pinche osico.. Shut your Mouths..

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