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Hillary Clinton Tells AFL-CIO: ‘Right to Work is Wrong For Workers’

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posted on Jul, 22 2016 @ 07:33 AM
Unions, at least in the automotive/production fields, have a terrible reputation for being lazy because they know they won't loose their jobs.
A couple years ago, dozens of union guys were caught passing blunts and drinking heavily in the parking lot. Im pretty sure it was a GM plant.
A news man caught them all on camera and confronted them and it turned into a big deal.
Not long after that, another union production facility was busted doing the same thing. This plant was making vehicles for the army, if I remember correctly. Im pretty sure all those people eventually kept their jobs.
Every time a service guy has to go to a union plant, they come back with stories of having to wait for the longest time for an electrician to come onto the floor, to simply plug something in, because no one else is allowed to do it.
Stories of guys sitting around all day, ect.
In my opinion, unions in the manufacturing and automotive industry, drive up cost of production in many ways.

posted on Jul, 22 2016 @ 12:01 PM
Hillary is just pandering to the crowd she is speaking to. There is no way that people that are working without having to pay union dues, will ever give up their jobs to be in a union.

posted on Jul, 23 2016 @ 09:32 PM
You guys are a bunch of f"ing idiots. I am guessing the majority of posters don't know # about unions.

The majority of you will lump all union memebrs together and call us lazy, because that is what you read. But you same hypocrites will bash anybody defiling a muslim because its only 1 percent.

Are you jealous? do we make more money than you?

Right to work is BS, you have a choice. Don't want to work in a union shop? don't apply. I am working on a big hog slaughter facility. Guess what? you have a choice, Don't want to slaughter hogs, dont apply for a job there. pretty simple.

but a good union bashing thread...

posted on Jul, 23 2016 @ 09:36 PM

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