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UK Votes to Leave EU

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posted on Jul, 8 2016 @ 06:57 AM

originally posted by: IVANV

originally posted by: SprocketUK
a reply to: IVANV

Must be a good brew they've been serving to und your way.

I think it's trying to communicate... ATS, what should we do ?

Fat thumbs and a phone.

I reckon even you got the gist tho

posted on Jul, 8 2016 @ 03:59 PM
I will also be resolutely voting leave.

I don't regret it one bit.

Stand fast!

Not interested in be slave to a bunch of quangocrats.

My pension, savings, everything has been hit. I do believe we are better out.

a reply to: johnrobca

posted on Jul, 9 2016 @ 02:17 PM

originally posted by: woodwardjnr

originally posted by: mike dangerously
What happens when these pensioners and the others who voted to leave find out it's a non-binding vote? They will blame the young.Which is what most of these gits in Parliament will convince them to do.

So old people blaming young people, that'll make a change. Maybe they can tell us how hard they had it as youngsters too. Or how what the kids listen to now is not music, but noise and their hair is too long. same as it ever was . Same as it ever was. One of the few benefits of getting old I guess

That's a classic strategy of Cultural Marxists to get young people to blame those with savings and property for their problems. There was rationing during both World Wars which didn't end until the 1960's. Then there were recessions in the 2970's and 1990's. Nobody had it easy.

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