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Devilwasps ATS story

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posted on Feb, 26 2005 @ 06:53 PM
Command and control

The buzz of the command and control room assaulted daystars ears as soon as he entered the room, the dimness of his surroundings made his battle honed senses kick in. a tallish woman stood at a table where a map of the surrounding area was laid out. The woman stood with authority and dignity, “much like a knight of old” remarked daystar as he analysed her from the other side of the room. “ What was that ‘day?” enquired wizard as the pair moved from the door to the table winding through the tables and stations. “Nothing….” Said daystar, mentally slapping himself for being careless.

“Gentlemen, are you here for a reason or just to stand and drip on my floor…” Asked the tall women, noticing the water left by wizard’s still wet clothes. “Maam, we’re here to say that contact with the target has been established, it isn’t as strong as we had hoped but we can change that…” said daystar. “Right…thank you…go clean yourselves up and get something to eat. Can’t have you dieing of hypothermia in my C and C now can we?” said the woman.

“Uhh no maam, right come on wizard lets get that black stuff off you.” Said daystar starting to move off, Wizard however was just looking up from re-tying his shoes and made eye contact with the women. “I recognise those blue eyes,” said wizard as he recognised the old face. “Nice to see you again maam.” He said to the woman. “Wizard? My, been a while hasn’t it?” she said finally recognizing him through his blackened face. “Yes it has maam, I best get cleaned up. Hopefully we can reminisce about old times later.” He said smiling, his mind wandering backwards in time. “Yes you should, perhaps later” said the women as she returned to her work of looking over the map. The pair left the room and headed forward through the ship.

The minute the door was the closed the pair walked down the hallway towards the living space, “so, who is she?” asked daystar without looking. “An old friend..” replied wizard simply while moving through the hatchway.

“An old friend?” said daystar while following wizard through the hatchway. “She’s a friend I knew a while back from an op in Africa.” Replied Wizard.. “ I wonder what she’s doing here though? I thought swansey was in charge of the op?” Continued daystar his mind visibly working away. “Don’t know…. we need to talk to James…he’ll know what’s going on.” Said wizard after a think…

**Quantico Marine Corps Base***

The dirt coloured flowed down thought the tubes to the injector, the darkness of this liquid seemed to suck in the light. Black and white finally collided together in an explosion of heat and expansion.

“So grim, find your elusive ghosts?” asked a man in military fatigues leaning on the wall next to the coffee maker.

Cpr12 picked up his cup of coffee or what could be loosely called coffee but instead tasted like heated mud. “Nope, like you said. They keep disappearing, like ghosts.” Said Cpr12 after taking a sip of his coffee. He moved off with the man in tow towards his office. “How they managed the whole thing was highly impressive.” Commented the man after shutting the heavy wooden door of Cpr12’s office. “I have to agree, 20 dead, stealing almost all the data on the aerodynamics we had, securing the building and leavening in under 10 minutes and not getting detected.” Added Cpr12 while plonking down into his chair and opening the file on the incident. “What’s your opinion on the enemy? Who are they?” asked Cpr12.

“Well the operation was professional and well planned, I recognise some of the tactics, from the accounts of their weapons and the such. I would say it was definitely either one of ours or someone who served with us. Those tactics are the same we use and the same of most western forces; although all the tactics differ from country to country they are all similar. But in this situation its like someone’s took a bag of them and just taken a handful and bung them together.” Said the man in woodland fatigues as he lit up a cigar.

“Chances of it being a group like Muttahida Jihad?” asked Cpr12 “not a chance sir, the facility was too heavily defended and the training needed was far too high for that group. Either military or merc’s sir, no doubt about it.” Replied the man smoking on the cigar. “Thank you, that’s all I needed. I’ll give you a call if we need anymore help.” Said Cpr12 closing the file and finishing his notes. “Well okay, don’t spend too long on this. And try and cheer up your way too much like the reaper.” Said the man after standing, he nodded and left the room. Leavening Cpr12 to himself and his thoughts, suddenly the phone wrung. He picked it up and answered, “Cpr12 here, what is it?”, after a few minutes of listening he sat up straight, “someone stole what?!” he cried out almost spilling his coffee, his case just got spiced up….

posted on Feb, 26 2005 @ 07:13 PM
Yay I'm in another story.

posted on Feb, 28 2005 @ 09:53 PM
Just noticed something... "You're way to much liek the reaper" LoL you fit it in.

posted on Mar, 8 2005 @ 08:29 AM

Originally posted by cpr12r
Just noticed something... "You're way to much liek the reaper" LoL you fit it in.

He he

posted on Mar, 27 2005 @ 06:51 PM
James Cato sat at his desk looking over the new files that had, as usual, mysteriously arrived on his desk. “I really need to find out who my mail man is,” said James in his strong Liverpool or “scouser” accent. The report before him troubled him, as he read the sound of voices could be heard getting closer. He quickly put away all sensitive information and kept this report out since it was not deemed, sensitive. The voices stopped outside his hatch and someone rapped on the hatch. “Come in” he called out while looking up; two black clad men walked in and stood on the other side of his desk. “James, what’s going on?” asked the first man, James recognised it as his friend UK Wizard. “Take it you mean the change of bosses?” asked James placing his file on the table open to the world. “Yes, what’s going on, you’re the man with the plan so tell us.” Replied UKWizard.

“Well it seems the folks down In Chicksands wanted swansey…no reason stated, just a simple get down here ASAP or arse will be booted message, they flew in this new boss straight out of PSYOPS Group, bit freaky having a shrink as your boss huh?” explained James. “ Chicksands, What do they want with him?” asked daystar. “I’m not sure, I know he worked with them when he was in the path finders but most of that’s wrapped in red tape or got lost….” Said James mentally accessing his information about Colonel swansey. “…. You guys best get cleaned up sharpish, I’ve got a feeling that we’ve got a new mission.” Continued James.

“Keep us posted and do a little digging would you?” Asked UKWizard “sure thing, its not like I have anything else to do like intelligence briefings in 20 minutes which you’re supposed to be listen to or intelligence reports.” Replied James sarcastically UKWizard and daystar walked out laughing lightly then burst back into the room, “Intel brief?” asked daystar from the hatchway. “Yeah your due in 20 minutes, in the briefing room.” Said James; “the notice is on the board…” he finished to himself with the sound of boots clanging on metal grew distant…

**Chicksands, near Bedford***

The squeak of leather resounded down the halls of Chicksands as major swansey marched down the corridor with two tall soldiers in tan berets both armed with service pistols escorted him. The major reached a door with “deputy director” written on it, he took a breath then opened it and walked in. the two soldiers then took up position either side of the door and waited.

“Take a seat major, we have much to discuss…” said a man sitting behind a great oak desk. “Sir, thank you sir.” Replied the major automatically; his basic officer training was still programmed into his head. “Major, I’ll be frank. Your group has created a lot of controversy in the head shed, and its mix success is not adding to its image….this was supposed to be the meeting where I tell you that the group is to be disbanded…but a certain incident happened up north that requires your teams special skills..” said the man as he lit up a cigar and offered it to the major, the mans three pips and lone crown shined against his green livit uniform.

“Sir, can I ask, why we were being disbanded?” inquired the major after accepting the cigar. “well the higher ups feel that a group of yours calibre is not needed now, there really isn’t any use for a group like yours anymore…normal units and other special operation groups can do your job easily and cheaply.” Replied the brigadier. “I see sir, if that’s so sir, what kind of incident could require a team such as mines calibre?” asked the major with a smirk. “The stealing of a top secret stealth UCAV prototype created by BAE, Northrop Grumman and Lockheed and martin from a secure BAE facility in Scotland.” Replied the brigadier calmly, “right sir, and how does this affect my group sir?” asked the major puzzled why his team would be picked. “we believe it was conducted by a foreign special operations group, one with access to a heavy lift cargo plane. Normally MI5 would handle this but it seems someone managed to disguise the plane as a passenger jet in both air traffic control and RAF control. That suggests traitors in our ranks and far reaching contacts.” Explained the brigadier as he clicked onto a button on his desk.

A soldier walked in carrying a black briefcase, which was handcuffed to his wrist, the soldier proceeded to un-cuff the case and offered it to the major. “Accept the case major and cuff it to your wrist.” ordered the brigadier, the major humbly done so and then stood. The soldier then took the key he had used to un-cuff himself and disappeared outside. “Major there is an army air corps lynx helicopter gunship waiting for you outside.” narrated the brigadier as the sound of a helicopter could be heard. “Your mission details are in there. If you need anything, just call us, we have the best that Britain can offer here.” he said as the young soldier from earlier could be seen outside through the windows putting a box down on the ground then pressing a button on it and sprinting away. “Well good luck, major.” Said the brigadier, suddenly the box outside exploded into a fireball. “…. Thank you sir…it’s an honour to work with the umm best…” replied the major as he walked out…

posted on Mar, 29 2005 @ 01:49 PM
Another interesting chapter *cannot wait till he's in the story again* lol

posted on Mar, 30 2005 @ 06:13 PM
Yes, very interesting, nice job Devil!

Shattered OUT...

posted on Mar, 31 2005 @ 03:27 PM

Originally posted by ShatteredSkies
Yes, very interesting, nice job Devil!

Shattered OUT...

Oh and thanks CPR12!
**You'll be mentioned soon dont worry..**

posted on Apr, 2 2005 @ 03:49 PM
Nice story devilwasp, good read cant wait ill the next chapter.

posted on May, 20 2005 @ 06:09 PM
***Somewhere just off Newcastle***
Crewman James McNeill felt the horrible taste of seawater in his mouth and the cold metal of the deck plate as he was flatted thanks to another wave hitting his ship. As he picked himself up a black high-tension rope suddenly fell from the sky and landed on the deck in front of him, confused he looked up and saw three lights in a triangle formation. He began to move to inform the bridge when a black shape descended down the rope at a high speed. Before he could move a black combat boot was squarely planted into his face and he gave a cry of pain as he fell, the black shape moved off and was replaced by another and another. The cold barrel of rifle was planted onto his, “Désolé mon ami, dieu est avec vous” said a voice from behind him. He felt a burning sensation on his forehead briefly then his world went black.

“Clear!” shouted Sergeant Gordon as he swept the deck with his suppressed Heckler and Koch MP5 submachine gun, “team 1 proceed to point alpha, team 2 descend” said the calm voice over his headset. Gordon moved towards the hatchway into the small tankers superstructure, his team following behind him. As he opened the hatch he swept the alleyway with his MP5, finger resting on the trigger but steady as a rock. After making sure the alley way was clear they ascended up the stairs towards the bridge, a poor crewman met an untimely end as he unluckily walked out into Gordon’s field of fire; they hid the body and carried on. Once reaching the bridge they entered swiftly and efficiently taking the entire crew by surprise, the sound of triggers being depressed, suppressed bullets flying and the thump of bodies hitting the floor. The captain suddenly appeared from his cabin and made to grab the nearest man but was cut down by a black clad man at the door with a single shot from his pistol. The captain lay dead at the door with blood seeping from his throat, “Vous remercier le lieutenant” said corporal Robidoux. “Your welcome private. Sergeant, get these bodies cleared and post guards on the bridge.” Said the man at the door his two gold grey bars stitched into his black clad uniform identified him as a lieutenant. “Bridge secure,” he said over the headset, “roger that team 1, team 2 descend.” Came the voice over the radio.

Sergeant Schluter felt the tension on the rope as it became taught from his teams lead man going down the rope, special forces and various law and military forces of the world had perfected this method of fast rope descent to an art form and Schluter was no stranger to this practice, his time in Kommando Spezialkraefte had given him all the experience he needed in fast descents. His boots landed down onto the metal floor hard and he quickly got to his allotted firing spot and swept the deck for possible targets, his team landed behind him and quickly done the same. “Clear!” he called, his West German accent strong even after all the years of working beside British and American forces. “Team two proceed to point delta, team 3 descend, echo one move in for pickup.” Came the calm voice over Schluter’s headset. He moved over towards a hatch in the deck and opened it for one of his men to climb down into the bowels of the ship. After reaching the bottom of the ladder they moved through towards the engineering room and cut down anyone in their paths silently and ruthlessly. As the last cartridge fell from Schluter’s weapon he looked at the room in which he stood, the bodies of the helpless engineers lay sprawled on the floor and the deck, few had seen them but none had stood a chance. He walked over towards one of the bodies, it moaned and tried to move, Schluter slung his rifle then drew his Glock 18 pistol and walked up behind the body, the man was the chief engineer and was crawling towards the alarm switch. His team-mates cleared the bodies away mechanically completely seemingly oblivious to this, Schluter raised the pistol and fired twice into the mans back, he dropped and cried out in pain. Schluter then placed the pistol to the rear of the mans head and pulled the trigger, the round penetrated and killed the man instantly. After reloading his pistol he motioned to one of his men to move the body. “Engine room, secure.” He said over his head set while leaning back on one of the railings pulling out his water and taking a deep drink. “Talk about irony…” he thought as he drank, remembering his days of fighting terrorists.

Cpr12 walked off the large jet aeroplane with “American airlines” written along its fuselage, along into Heathrow airport, the proper English voice of the announcer on the overhead speaker could be heard clearly over the chatter of people. As he walked out of “arrivals” two men in black suits who couldn’t have looked more out of place if they tried, stood up and walked towards him. “Cpr12?” asked the taller of the two men, his baldhead shining due to the lights. “Yes, and you are?” he countered. “We’re from the embassy, if you come this way please.” He said as he motioned towards the main entrance. The trio exited the main building and a black car appeared with two cars following it, “well at least your subtle.” He commented while getting into the car. “Sir, we’re under orders to do this. Normally we’d fly you but someone at the embassy wanted us to drive you with an escort.” Said the smaller of the two men, his short hair now dripping wet from the heavy rain outside.

As the convoy moved off a man leaning against the wall of the main building having a cigarette stood up and spoke with a very southern American accent into his sleeve, which contained a hidden microphone. “The Target’s is en-root.” “Roger that echo three, prepare for pick up and extraction.” Said the voice in his earphone and the man slowly walked off, throwing his cigarette onto the ground and crushing it under his freshly shined shoes.

CPR12 looked out the window and watched as the scenery flashed past and watched the rain splatter against the window. “What a horribly wet little country” he thought thinking of the warm suns and cool breezes of Langley. “So who are you guys? Agency?” he asked quite bored by the silence in the car. “We’re part of the marine detachment at the embassy sir.” Replied the man. “Ok.” He simply said, as he looked back the scenery, as it flew past he noticed a small black dot hovering high above them in the distance.

***Several hundred feet up***
Flight lieutenant Michael parker looked aft towards flight sergeant white who was currently looking out of the side hatch with a pair of binoculars at the ground below, or more specifically one distinct car below. “Sparrow, this is command. What is the target ETA? Over. “ Came the voice from inside the MOD command. “Command this is sparrow, targets ETA is approximately 10 minutes, over.” He replied changing their course slightly due to the large number of high buildings and air traffic in the area. “Sparrow, this is command, observe target and inform of any changes out.” Said command. “Command this is sparrow, order confirmed maintaining position. Out.” He replied while switching his radio off.


Daystar thundered down the corridors with UK wizard in close pursuit, dodging what few crewmen where in his path. They burst into the briefing room and noted that everyone was seated and waiting on the briefer arriving. They quickly took their seats next to Sminkey and devil wasp that were already sitting down in the third row. “Why didn’t you tell us there was a briefing?” demanded daystar in a hushed voice, directing the question to Sminkey. “We didn’t know until we seen the board, this thing just sprung up on us,” replied Sminkey who leaned towards daystar to hear and speak better. “Any idea what its about?” continued daystar now curios. “Don’t know…. maybe has something to do with the major being away?” said Sminkey thinking aloud. The door to the room suddenly opened and major Swansey walked in carrying the same briefcase he had been issued at chick sands. “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m sorry about my absence.” He apologised as he placed his briefcase onto the metal table in the centre of the briefing room, he nodded towards a man at the back who was loading the projector. The first slide appeared, showing a satellite image of an airfield surrounded by trees with one lone road leading up to it.

“This ladies and gents is a BAE research facility in the north of Scotland, 3 days ago a hostile force attacked it, stole all the material and equipment from the facility. According to air traffic control an aircraft was in the area and did land somewhere nearby, fresh tire marks are on the runway. Its safe to assume the aircraft wasn’t a civilian one and most likely landed at the facility. A guard managed to raise the alarm and hide a tape from the security cameras, he like the rest of the personnel where killed.”

The slide moved to show a British army warrior tank outside a hanger with soldiers around one body, a soldier held up the tape from the dead mans body.

“Ladies and gents because of this event the local forces are on high alert and we’re being reassigned, the MOD is transporting a small project the RAF have been working on at RAF Leuchars but the RAF high command are concerned about this rogue group so have asked us to come along and escort it with their regular RAF regiment.” He continued while another slide showed a picture of RAF Leuchars on a map. “The project is being flown to Glasgow airport by a RAF herc and tornado escorts, then we’ll ride shotgun with it along to Faslane naval base. Be ready and armed at 1100 hours in the armoury and storage area prepped for a long haul, its only 25 miles but I don’t want to take any chances. Sminkey, you and your crew prep the lynx for combat. I want all the support I can get out there. Up until 1100 hours, the night is yours. Any questions?” he finished.

Sminkey stood up, “sir, what load out do you want? Heavy, medium or light weapons? Short, medium or long range?” he asked the major. “ Heavy and medium. I want a mixture of both, just to be safe.” He replied. Sminkey sat down as wizard stood up, still rather messed up, “sir, can we view the videos of the attack? And also do we have any more information on the enemy?” he asked. “Come and see me afterwards and I’ll give you a copy of each, that goes for anyone else wanting to see them.” The major replied another man stood up who daystar recognised as Gordon Johnston, the young SBS corporal on loan from 1 SBS, “sir, who is going to be our back up?” he asked his notebook open and ready. “3 SBS at Faslane will be on standby and there are a few army regiments in the area that would assist, I’ll get back to you on the specifics.” Replied the major, Johnston face lit at the mention of SBS, “thank you sir.” He said sitting down, “If there are no more questions, your dismissed, any further questions see me. Squad leaders organise your teams as you see fit.” He said, he then left through the side hatchway carrying his brief case.

The men and women slowly filed out in small groups, daystar and wizard said goodbye to Sminkey and devilwasp, and then the pair walked off towards their sleeping area. “Guarding a lonely convoy in the heart of Scotland guarded by a bunch or pongo wannabies sounds lovely don’t it.” , said daystar as they entered the sleeping area, “almost as fun as that drop we had in Burma, ha!” replied wizard with a laugh. Daystar laughed remembering the “important and most vital” mission they where sent on in Burma, which ended up with both of them waist high in mud and their objective being found 40 miles away just outside the main base where the pair had set off. “Well, at least there’s no mosquito’s here…” commented daystar, “no only these dam migies!” cried wizard as he crushed a “migie” or small biting fly under his hand. “ah well, see you in the morning” said daystar as he walked off towards to get changed as wizard walked off towards the showers.

posted on May, 20 2005 @ 06:20 PM
Nice story ya got their devilwasp
just try and make your entry's a little shorter.

[edit on 20-5-2005 by blue cell]

posted on May, 21 2005 @ 08:08 PM
Yea, nice entry, wonder when I'll come in.

Keep up the good work Devil!

Shattered OUT...

posted on May, 23 2005 @ 04:51 PM
Good story I like it

posted on Aug, 28 2005 @ 06:52 PM
Devilwasp slumped into the comfy sofa and turned on the TV, the channel happened to be BBC news and he had tuned in just in the middile of a report on britains economy which caused his head to almost implode, throw the remote at the TV and shout "WHO CARES??" at the TV, but he just managed to control himself and settled with a large sigh. The image changed back to the main anchor man, who was not Rod Burgundy sadly enough, and the anchor man , who was not Rod Burgundy , began to give the days highlights...

"Thanks for that mike, the MOD has just annouced that the merchant navy ship ,"Westland star" owned and operated by the shipping company Illustrios Limited was found drifting in the north sea 2 days ago. The royal navy frigate "HMS Conqueror" discovered her adrift at sea, un-powered and seemingly un-maned. The entire ships company was found dead, the MOD has admitted in a press release that a mutiny apparantly took place. Illustrios Limited has refused to comment on the loss of thier flagship and said they where deeply sadded at the loss of the crew.

US contractors US Aerodynamics suffered a terrorist attack at thier main research center in southern texas which resulted in the deaths of 4 security guards. Police have admitted that it appears to be an attack due to the company's contractors working in Iraq. US Aerodynamics has not commented on this theory and instead said they are deeply sorry for the loss the 4 security guards and that they are assisting the families in everyway possible.

In sports news England's cricket team scored.."

UK Wizard slumped next to him and sighed while doing so, though not as loud as Devilwaps it was still a "loud" sigh. "Whats up in the world?" Asked UK Wizard while looking at the cricket scores. "Death, destruction, bad stuff..." Replied Devilwasp, the effort to speak was quite visible in his words, "The Usual.." They said in sync.

"You guys scare me when you do that.." Came a voice from behind them, they both looked up , using as least ammount of energy as possible. "Well well, what do we have here, two ugly couch potatoes." The voice continued, the voice turned out to be Sminkey Pinkey. "Yeah what ever sky rat." retorted UK Wizard while popping open a bottle of Budwiser. "Anything new happen in the world?" Asked Sminkey leaning over the sofa edge. "Na, death, destruction, the usual." replied devilwasp looking back to the TV.

"Ah well, I'm away. If the world stops turning and we finally get peace, give me a shout." Said Sminkey walking towards the hatch that lead to the sleeping quarters. "Nite." Devilwasp and UK Wizard called back, both looking back at the TV. Silence crept in and all that broke it was the occasional sound the bowler throwing the cricket ball. "Know what?" said UK Wizard. "What?" Asked Devilwasp, "I have no idea what on earth this game is about.." He replied, "Really?" asked devilwasp again, "Yeah..I know it involves the guy with the bat running after he hits the ball but then after that it gets confusing..and boring.." Explained UK Wizard. "Ah well.." Said devilwasp finally...killing the conversation and both returned to watching the game that they so deeply hated.

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