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Mitchel of Nostradamus: ( presumptive) Nominee would fall Assassinated or disabled in 2016?

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posted on Sep, 20 2016 @ 02:45 PM
a reply to: EvillerBob

This is not my personal translation at all of Nostradamus quatrains, it corresponds to the French and English version published for years, you can find it even on published books on the subject.

It has nothing to do with the current political campaing, you can find it in the popular website Nostradamusquatrains

Please check

Century 1 - Quatrain 57

Nostradamus Quatrains

The trumpet shakes with great discord
An agreement broken, lifting the face to heaven:
the bloody mouth will swim with blood,
the face anointed with milk & honey lies on the ground

Par grand discord la trombe tremblera
Accord rompu, dressant la teste au ciel:
Bouche sanglante dans le snag nagera,
Au sol sa face oingte de laict & miel.

If you think this not enough to claim Nostradamus foresaw Donald Trump Days, there are more quatrains that predicts his arrival in times a little after the collapse ( Economic) of Greece and a great turmoil of revolution or civil war in Egypt ( advance of ISIS? ) :


La trompe fausse dissimulant folie,
Fera Bisance vn changement de loix,
Histra d'Egypte, qui veut que l on deffie
Edict changeant monnoyes & aloys.

The false trumpet concealing maddness
will cause Byzantium to change its laws.
From Egypt there will go forth a man who wants
the edict withdrawn, changing money and standards.

Now, how about Donald Trump obsession to build walls around America, to transform the national borders in
a kind of fortresses?

Here a quatrain that also warns us on that:


La republique de la grande cité,
A grand rigueur ne voudra consentir:
Roy sortir hors par trompette cité,
L'eschelle au mur la cité repentir.

The republic of the great city
Will not want to consent to the great severity:
King summoned by trumpet to go out,
The ladder at the wall, the city will repent.

Notice that the words Trombe, Trompe and Trompette are actually written in the French version of these quatrains.

Now that this is fully clarified, I think the discussion on the thread must be focused on the so grave situation we have right now in the Presidential campaign when for second time in just one week a recurrent pneumonia illness is sending the Democratic Nominee to intensive medical treatment.

Please check:

I don't want to be pessimistic but this could be the fatal outcome that we have been pointing to along all the existence of this Thread, that the quatrain C1:Q57 is clearly expressing, with respect to one of the Nominees in this election.

I wish a full recovery for Mrs Clinton but we need to be prepared for the worst case scenario, even that she would not be able to continue running in this election due to a so serious health condition that only a seer of the category of Mitchell of Nostradamus should be able to foresee since 5 centuries ago.

This is not a call for panic in the Democratic side, but for start to explore contingency plans in case the Candidate can't complete the last stage of the Presidential campaign due to absolute disability.


The Angel of Lightness
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posted on Nov, 11 2016 @ 10:47 AM
it all makes sense now

posted on Nov, 11 2016 @ 11:55 PM
a reply to: The angel of light You have to take into account previous solutions. Ergo this one alludes to the decapitation of King Louis XVI. Nosty's time didn't have guillotines, but they did behead criminals. Kings of France were anointed with Honey, when they were crowned, and in Guillotining, the victims mouth did swim with his or hers, own life blood. There are way too many of these recycled fulfillments, in my researches. One of these will only count once. Any similar events, may only be "after shocks", or, if it worked once, maybe it'll work again.

Nosty claimed that a man called the Gaul, would come to lead France three times. Charles De Gaulle fulfilled this prediction by the end of his public life. So any person surnamed De Gaulle, is now outside of Nosty's prophecy. You cannot just pluck headlines from newspapers and claim they are Nostradamic Prophecies. Yes there are some about the U.S.A. and people in this country, and yes there are previous "shots in the dark" interpretations, in a rather pot bound look at France and Western Europe. But there has to be some perspectives for any prophet to describe something in his distant future, that can be understood at the time or after it happened. Ahead of its one true fulfillment its only Participant Fulfillments, and that is pure poison.

posted on Nov, 12 2016 @ 10:17 PM
a reply to: Nostredame

Dear Nostradame,

Let me respond through this reply to you to all the readers of the Thread.

The defeat of Hillary Clinton thus as it happened on last Tuesday, against all the forecasts of the polls, represents the full accomplishment of Nostradamus prophetic vision of her role in History.

She experienced a public collapse under the influence of a pneumonia infection that was never present even in her most dark nightmares, but the suffocotation corresponded to what the quatrain said, she was going to be unable to breath in her own fluids.

Finally she paid with the end of her long political career thousands of lives that were lost for her terrible wrong decisions as State Secretary in Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Ukraine, and Syria. That explains the blood mentioned in the quatrain that the woman had in her responsibility, like the one of ambassador Stevens in Benghazi.

Clintons career is absolutely over, since without the protection that only political power could give to her She knows perfectly than to try a comeback will send her to prison.

The mention of Trump in the same quatrain does not leave doubts of the powerful woman
This referred to, the only one in history that has comfronted a man with such rare name.

Thanks for your devotion to the thread.


The Angel of Lightness
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posted on Nov, 23 2016 @ 01:04 PM
The Peace of God to all that belong to the Light,
Dear Readers,

During the last two days some really unusual and very interesting scenario is gradually taken form from the after match of the Presidential election 2016, something that if it continues with the momentum it has right now could even give a more dramatic sense to the words of Mitchel of Nostradamus when he warned us that a political agreement was going to be broken in this occasion.

Century 1 - Quatrain 57

Nostradamus Quatrains

The trumpet shakes with great discord
An agreement broken, lifting the face to heaven:

Although it is always possible that the agreement he was referring was the apparent change of mind of the Director of the FBI that exonerated Clinton of any Possibility of to be indicted to later in the very last week of the campaign suggests that there were new findings and just two days before repented again of such claim, it seems also that the concession of Clinton to Trump about the outcome of the election is now in risk to be reverted.

please check:

There is a movement along the country of political scientists that support the claim that there were irregularities in the optical devices used to cast the votes in Michigan among other States that gave the victory to Trump that may have hurted a lot Clinton, who is right now not only winning the popular vote, but showing a majority of votes over more than 2 millions above Trump.

These are the current numbers published by these sources (according to David Wasserman of the nonpartisan Cook Political Report) of the election results:

with 64,227,373 ballots now counted in her favor, compared to 62,212,752 for Trump.

Please check:

If that would not be enough, there is a petition signed for more than 5 million people that is asking to the members of the Electoral college to change at last moment their votes in favor of Clinton, something that technically can happen.

Please read:

If that change of way to vote in the Electoral college really takes effect would represent the break of a political deal in between Clinton and Trump that every day is more clear exist:

Concession in the result of the Election in exchange for protection against to be indicted later and charged for misconduct in the case of the emails gate.

Thanks for your attention,

The Angel of Lightness

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posted on Nov, 23 2016 @ 01:40 PM
a reply to: The angel of light

There is a very real possibility that this election will be overturned.
But there also contingencies for just such an occurrence.


posted on Nov, 23 2016 @ 05:41 PM

originally posted by: flatbush71
a reply to: The angel of light

There is a very real possibility that this election will be overturned.
But there also contingencies for just such an occurrence.



posted on Nov, 23 2016 @ 06:20 PM
a reply to: sHuRuLuNi

well, in these moments the reports are talking openly of a huge hacking operation in the three states that gave the election to Trump, something that it is possible.

Please read:

The point is that we are seeing a really unlikely scenario, something that defies the law of probabilities, a President elect coming with more than two million votes behind his contender, that is a distance of more than 1.5%, and that magically have completed more than 270 electoral votes with the minimum possible number of votes to do so, either Trump has made a unbelievable miracle in three traditionally democratic states or something quite rare and suspicious has occurred here.

These are the current official results:
Please verify them:

64,387,387 47.92% H. Clinton
62,308,179 46.37% H. Clinton
2,079,208 1.55%
Please check:

Trump does not have clearly the profile of a Saint, to get miracles of this kind from God, so I think the second alternative is more likely in his case.

I think Hillary Clinton could have an ironically good reason for thanksgiving after all if these findings are fully substantiated, and the place that must occur will be of course the Supreme court at some point.

My advise is rest deeply on this Holiday, chances are that we are going all to need that extra energy for the second part of the after match of the election soon.


The Angel of Lightness
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posted on Nov, 27 2016 @ 01:55 AM
Reply to Angel, You didn't reply to my Louis XVI version of your interpretation. So here's another way to look at these one time fulfillments. Nosty claimed that 500 years after him, a male decoder would open the floodgates. Now, Nov. 1985 is the first possible fulfillment date, 500 x 12 x 28 day Biblical months. Sometime later, around 2067, at the 500 th anniversary of Nosty's passing in years of standard calendar months, will be the last of these openings. 2003 is 500 years from his birth, in standard calendar months. Its like an accordion, or as in Nosty's verbiage, "vexed like a sponge".

Many male interpreters have tried to claim to be this decoder, dating from Nov. 1985. But they are dealing in very vague fulfillments. I have a seat at this table too. In Nov. 1985, I met up with an old schoolmate, who shared the hidden part of his story about his bringing the infamous Mussolini Photos, first published in a 1950 special edition of Look Magazine, to our 1957 classroom. This is an unique fulfillment of Cent. VIII, Quatrain 31, which tells the story of the rise and fall of Benito Mussolini. Father and son's surnames are Sattler, and Mis et Mal, provides the anagram in Nosty's verse. Take the Capital M's out and put them back on the Book's cover, and then change the lower case i into a lower case r, I'm in this as the jeune Selin. Much earlier, in the mid 1930's, Edgar Cayce channeled a discarnate spirit which tried not too successfully to lift this verse's French anagram and put it out as Jon or probably "Jean" Peniel. Mrs. Cayce mistakenly wrote it down in phonetic English as Jon. But it should be Jude Peniel, or possibly, Jude Nieland. Nosty christened his three daughters, Madeleine, Diana, and Ann. Taking the capital M out of Madeleine, and putting it on his book's cover leaves you with Nieland and David. The Peniel part didn't occur until Sept. 1978, in a Para Normal adventure here in Northern Idaho. But Jon Peniel is a viable thumbnail for what's described in Cent. VIII, Q. 78. This when subtracted from C, VII, and C.VIII, ( 78 ), minus 78, give a threshold for going on into the Epistle to Henri, which Nosty set in between C. VII, and C. VIII. Your should look at this as Jean or Jude Peniel, instead of some perfumed Sixteenth Century French Prince. Nosty also uses the French Jeudi, or Thursday, in English for St. Jude, which is my middle name. Whatever else, that Mussolini verse is a one time occurrence, much like the execution of King Louis XVI. Nosty also wrote a verse about his three daughters, which Pelletier conflicted with the Three Greek Fates. But he was merely giving his three "little darlins" a pinch of immortality.
Bob passed on from an aggressive cancer in 1988, and that one meeting, in 1985 was the last time I ever met with him. But he wasn't interested in Nostradamus Prophecies. Erika Cheetham said that Nosty went off the rails in 1945, but this story is told from the Biblical perspectives of the story in Samuel, about the death of King Saul, and his transmission of his emblems to the Biblical David. They didn't have Look Magazine's Photos back in Saul's day, so a Royal ring had to suffice.

posted on Nov, 27 2016 @ 06:03 AM
a reply to: carpooler

Excuse me Dear Carpoolet,

This quatrain has clearly mentioned the name of Trump, in the very starting verse, and with that name there is only one single famous figure along all entire History.

Apart of that the quatrain has even more clear a mention of a so much ambitious woman, that there is No doubt it must be Hillary Clinton.

Now, it is extremely clear too that in the quatrain there is an agreement that it worked initially but it is now no longer running.

Please check the news, Hillary Clinton has decided to join Jill Stein in her claims for a full recounting of all votes in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, so now we don't have anymore a President elect recognised, their initial deal is broken.

Finally, if you want to look for candidates among modern seers living five centuries after Nostradamus, that would have decoded in someway the same profetic visions that He foretold please:

Hint 1: Edgar Cayce was not five centuries after Nostradamus but about four.

Hint 2: Check carefully my threads on him, as well as the accuracy of my own predictions.

Hint 3: I have French blood circulating in my veins.

Have I been enough clear in my response to you Monsieur?


The Angel of Lightness

posted on Nov, 27 2016 @ 02:39 PM
Angel, I can count O.K. Nosty sometimes used years of 12, 28 day months, in his predictions. And I do have a dab of French Alsace blood, too. This summer, I hit a grand slam home run in Topsten, Deutchland, near the Dutch Border. There are around 900 Nielands, which is my mom's maiden name, around Munsterland. But I found the exact family digs, dating from the 1680's. And on the wall is a portrait of one Dr. Nieland, physician to the King of Dusseldorf. I"m a doppelganger of that gentleman. This beats out any DNA cross matches with other Nielands. This Dr. was a nephew or cousin to my own Nieland ancestor, born in 1785, who immigrated to Philly in 1842. What has stopped me from publishing is that I didn't want any questions that this Nieland had anything to do with the Lost Dauphin imposters.

French Monarchists have hitched their wagons to the idea that Nosty will show them their lost Prince's family. Now, in the last few months, I finally have proof, of where this tribe of mine, came from.
Both Cayce and Nosty have predictions on the survival of Louis Charles de Bourbon. Hint; He's titular King Louis XVIII, not Louis XVII. Louis XVII's pickled heart, is finally in his proper crypt, at St. Denis, but he was a twin brother of Louis Joseph, who pre-deceased his parents, King Louis XVI, and Marie Antoinette. I can't do justice to this search beyond what I've worked out so far.

So, Monsieur, you too, are welcome to join this search. Its going to be Dan Brown's novel, the "Da Vinci Code", on steroids. Edgar Cayce's channel claimed that the little Prince's chief tormentor had an epiphany, and became his protector for many years. That surviving twin, had the extra long leg bones, at his autopsy, of a 14 years and 6 months old, young man. Now the 2005 DNA match to a female relative of Marie Antoinette, shows Edgar Cayce's, stray prediction, to be running true. The little Prince was indeed spirited out of his prison cell to make room for his older brother, who was slipping fast. This switch was roughly three months before the sickly twin passed on, in 1795. Now you know!

For my own reasons, I'm doing my book as a strictly non fictional account of my Para Normal Adventure. So none of these "Frog Un" conjectures will appear in it. There are two verses witnessing this Out of Body Experience. That and a $10 bill would get me a cup of Starbucks coffee. But adding in dozens of regular, down to the Earth, fulfillments, blow the Chi Square probabilities out into the Cosmos.

If either you, or your friends, are up on the Benelux languages, you can pick up on this chase. These anagrams have to be used in the language of the place. The Legend of Anagrams posits that your fate is determined by an anagram of your Christened Name. One of Mussolini's seems to have been in English, due to his hanging in Milan, It. under the Stars and Stripes of the American Army occupation, there. Muslin Maker, by removing those other two capital M's, and you will get "Fear fake Muslim", or "Fear Muslim Faker". There will be one, or more, in Italian as well, but I don't speak, read, or write, Italian.

So if you're up for it, go for it, and then write your own book. Max Robespierre, and little Louis Charles, had to have been hidden out, beyond both Napoleon's wrathful grasp, and that of the Austrian Emperor, who was Marie Antoinette's brother. They would both have skinned Mad Max alive, so ransoming the Prince back to his Imperial uncle wasn't going to happen. With some fancy footwork, the Austrians re-named their Empire as the Austrian Hungarian Empire, from the formerly Holy Roman Empire, which Napoleon put down for the count, after winning the Battle of Austerlitz. This latter Empire lasted until 1918, when all of the Habsburgs were exiled from Austria.

I got a better handle on all of this, last Summer, on some walking tours through Vien, Austria, put on by our cruise line. The Topsten discovery was pure blind luck, when the lady, helping me, at the Ibbenburren Stadtbucherei, realized that she once had been inside the Haus Nieland, private museum, back when she used to live in Topsten. Topsten has a Wiki page in Deutch, and you can go to it and scroll through a collage of photos, to see this museum.

As an aside; John Quincy Adams, as a youth, traveled from St. Petersburg, Russia to Britain, just before the War of 1812. He had to make a great deviation, going through Swedish fishing villages, to stay out of the grasp of the French Revolutionaries. For part of this journey, he was accompanied by a Russian Prince. So his path is actually a good road map on what Robespierre would have had to face, only a few years earlier. FWIW, if your French is better than mine, the Legend of Anagrams may well resolve Maximilian Marie Isadore de Robespierre, into solutions, showing his fate, and he was about thirty years senior to Louis Charles de Bourbon. L. Charles was ten years old when he was spirited away from his prison cell. So Max probably passed on, circa 1825 -35.

Mad Max went back to the same well, as when he engineered the disappearance of Louis Charles. A dupe in Max's clothes, was arrested, had his jaw shot off, and was hog tied, before he was guillotined at dawn the next morning. Louis Joseph's twin brother had lived in a Capuchin convent, and was never taught how to speak, so he could only grunt and make gestures for food. So, neither the dupe, nor the Prince, could explain who they really were.

Using Nosty's skrying, and Cayce's channels, to play detective and search out real mysteries, is a rare wine. I only suggest that you look at it, because I can read Nosty like a morning newspaper. Its a genealogical code, which uses local catastrophes, to mark the travels of this one branch of my family tree. So the crash of the Hindenburg, and the Mt. St. Helens, events are two local markers for my mother's life. Nosty's WWII, and WWIII, events hinge on my father, after he was married to my mother in 1943. St. Malachy zeroed in on the Sistene Chapel in Vatican City, to weave his genealogy of the future Popes, but Nosty had to use whatever catastrophes came down the road, for his Nieland genealogies.

In closing, Nosty wrote the only book where you really do have to judge it by its cover. So, many of those capital M's have to be removed from his verses, and put on his book's cover. A capital M, equals the old Roman Numeral for 1000, or ten hundreds, which are more or less the title of his work. But you still have to know these Nielands' christened names and their locations, down through the years, to see the fulfillments.

As for me, I'm descended from Franks, was raised in a good German American family, where my dad got a purple heart about seven miles inland from the English Channel, have done the Jon Peniel gig, and as noted above, I really only read, write, and speak, decent English. So you can add in C. V, Q. 74. You can do the numerology for this and get 4 + 5, and 7 + 4, with the V. giving 45 degrees North. Its one of a few, 9-11, 2001 AD quatrains. But some of these are still tracking into our immediate futures. These do not bode well for America, at all. Still, these events have got to play out, before anyone can conclusively say what happens. Everything which Nosty skryed, had to have a point of origin, showing him these visions. Edgar Cayce's discarnate spirits' channels, aren't going to be 100% accurate, either.

posted on Nov, 27 2016 @ 04:19 PM
a reply to: carpooler

Wow, awesome post, I have to say that was utterly enjoyable to read. You seem very well versed in the material you present. I have doubts, and I am entitled to have them, but I can say without a doubt that was the most refreshing post I have had the pleasure to read in a while.


posted on Nov, 27 2016 @ 04:26 PM
I think piffle about covers it.

posted on Nov, 28 2016 @ 08:24 PM
a reply to: Mike Stivic Meat Head, thank you very much. However, be forewarned that this grows really, really dark, very quickly. Charles de Gaulle, began to fulfill Nosty's prediction, when he left France with the Brits at Dunkirk. He finished this up in August of 1958, when he became the leader of their Fifth Republic. He had led France, in three different times and roles. So Nosty's prediction tracked on, for 17 years, before it completed.

Il Duce' marched on Rome, in 1922-3, but his story ran all the way to 1957, some twelve years after he was strung up on a "gate" in the Piazza Loretto, in Milan, It. This one ran for 34 years. Nosty said that no one could predict any of his fulfillments, but many have recognized these long running verses, and cashed in on them. Say "Gaullists".

Jean Charles de Fontbrune's two works, translated into English, by Alexis Lykiard, are the two best recent works in my opinion. I phoned Prof. Edgar Leoni, in the mid 1980's, and the first 45 minutes of an hour long phone call, was listening to his diatribe, about Erika Cheetham, stealing him blind. He was correct, except that she really minded the store. Her readers' feed backs helped her win out in the end. I did mention Rolfe Boswell's hit on Gen. Paul Maginot, and the oyster shells, of which Prof. Leoni, seemed surprised that I even knew about. Rolf's little book is a rare duck!

De Fontbrune still puts this one in our future. He also is rather pot bound, in that everything must be shackled to Western Europe, My point to Prof. Leoni was that you have to allow for American fulfillments, of which there are many. Some of these are tagged with geographical locations, and are running silently, even as I write this. And by the time they reach their completions, there will have been seen, a local catastrophe or two, to act as markers.

This is why I am writing these blurbs. Nosty never intended to help anyone prevent a catastrophe. If we could prevent something terrible, then we would never know how to look at his completed prophecy. Edgar Cayce, did try to prevent illnesses, but his Jean Peniel prediction, is only one of a possible future Golden Age, still out there. Its so small a thumbnail picture, that it doesn't give any time and place. Only Nosty's Cent. VIII, Q. 78 does that. But taken together, Nosty and Cayce, lead you into Nosty's Epistle to Henri, as its thresholds. And this prose letter will ultimately help folks understand what's afoot.

The "misty woods", in the JFK verse is of course, Bretton Woods, N.H. Then the "Negri Silve's" hospital, is the Camden, Gloucester, Co's. joint mental hospital, in "Black Wood", New Jersey. And yes, the Challenger was indeed sabotaged, on the ground, before she ever lifted off the pad. That crime had nothing to do with cold O rings. It had everything to do with someone training a super cold LOX exhaust hose onto the wetted surface of the engine nacelle's supports. When water is flash frozen into water clear ice, it then re-crystallizes into an opaque solid and destroys the structural integrity of the substrate metal.

It looks O.K. until something causes the structure to twist, and then it fails. Captain Scobee, put the pedal to the metal, and that's when his engine broke loose and jammed up into the fuel tanks. The same things happened in logging camps in Minnesota and Michigan, as well as in the Russian Balkenour Cosmodrome. But it also happened in Penemundi, back in the Third Reich. Check out the crew list of the Challenger and the "Paper Clip", will become clear.

That Russian spy trawler saw the imminent danger, and skedaddled, before this particular launch, after snooping at anchor, over the previous 23 Shuttle launches. They weren't panicked by cold O rings, but rather by what they saw on the T.V. feeds. My dad saw the same thing the previous night, but he thought that they had caught the problem when they scrubbed the flight. Living in the Pacific Time Zone, by the time he got up, the next morning, it was too late to phone in any warnings. And this is Nostradamus, in a nut shell. But later, when the Russkies came calling at the Cape, the NASA bigwigs suddenly became really friendly with them.

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