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Regarding White Noise

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posted on Jan, 14 2005 @ 06:19 PM

Back around 1982, I was living in the streets due in large part from being treated in an unprincipled way by a recent employer that was greedy. And so it happened that one evening while being cold, tired and hungry, I decided to give God a piece of my mind as I paused for several minutes in an empty street and ranted (at Him) with great vitriol ... and making sure that He knew how I felt about a whole bunch of people from my past that basically used me as their urinal, all the while enjoying their rich lives of dignity and personal fulfillment.

Without going into the ugly details of my rant that night, I'll just say that I concluded it by thinking about a certain event that God okayed, and which caused me to fall into a spiritual sewer, and an emotional and social hell for which I've been paying dearly for ever since; a cost that virtually began when I was around three or four years of age and continues morning, noon and night to this very day.

It was a big mistake for me to do that, rant the way I did.

Not that evening, but the following one, I thought I lucked out when I discovered this big venting tunnel that came out of a hotel and streched out to the banks of a river, allowing me to crawl in a-ways and finally get some sleep.

So that's what I did; I put some tissue in my ears to lower the fan roar, and fell asleep in this dry, noisy place. But shortly after I fell asleep, the still ever-present roar made by the big fan that was sucking all the dirty air from the hotel's rooms began to go silent and was somehow turned into a male voice.

THAT voice was God's!

He said to me: "Because you said to me that you would ***** ******* me, I'm saying to you now -- "
And with that said, His voice broke off and I saw a quick scene of myself tied down on my back spread eagle and naked while certain (male) hate-freaks surrounded me!

There was another thing in this mini vision, but I'll keep that to myself. Also, I left out what I had said to God that ticked Him off with me because it's just not necessary to say them in any fashion ever again.

Well, there you have it. Certainly it's not the sort of white noise experience I'd prefer to share with you, but at least it is one that proves to myself at least that communication with beings on "the other side" -- even God! -- can occur.

From my account that I've just shared here with you, I hope that instead of making much out of whether or not there's something to this white noise thing, that you'll instead take to heart that God should ALWAYS be spoken to and about with sincere respect and goodness. And the reason I say this is because -- and again, without going into all the details -- even though I'd blown it big time (!!!) by saying to Him what I had said, I did go back to that spot the following night where I had spouted off and asked for forgiveness ... apologizing profusely, telling Him that I didn't really mean what I had said, but that I just wanted to be heard (about my gripes mainly with the people that I felt had done a number on me).

And not to go on and on with this, but you might be interested to know that in 1998 I was satanically attacked in a VERY VERY serious manner, but God had me well prepared (via unintended fasting), and thus my attackers failed in their efforts to drag my soul out of my body and into hell!!

So above all, people, even if you don't like or understand certain things going on with your lives that cause you a lot of pain, please don't ever spit in the face (like I did!) of the only one that truly cares about you and protects you, because that other side -- Satan's -- is NOT the place where you want to spend the rest of eternity!

P.S. That little thing that "God okayed," and which was and remains the cause of all my troubles, was actually a very easy test. But I failed it, and so I pay.

posted on Jan, 14 2005 @ 07:03 PM
Thank you for sharing that story....

I, too, have experienced that. My best friend died this past November, and I was so depressed and angry, because my friend was like a brother to me, and we were truly cosmically connected. I felt like I lost a soul brother. He was the only person that truly helped me with the demonic attacks I have been having since my teens. I felt like I lost my protection on Earth, in a way...

Anyway, I was so upset and had a conversation with God, as I was crying the day after my friend died... I expressed anger and feelings so strongly to Him and didn't hold back at all....

Well, that night I was lying in bed and went into a trance-like state, as I do just as the demonic attacks happen, the attacks that my deceased friend, while alive was able to get rid of for once in my life. He died, so that took away my protection, so to speak. I was paralyzed, and being taunted and touched by the demons in such a manner that had never happened before. As this was happening, I heard a loud bell ringing and a voice that I cannot describe, only I know it was male.

It said, " Don't ever doubt that I am here for you". Then I said in my mind,(I could not scream or speak at the time, which is typical) please help me Lord, I am sorry... Then they left my room, and I was able to sleep soundly after that.

The strange thing is that I went out into my living room the next morning, and I saw the shape of an Angel, wings outstreched, on a black velvet pillow that I have as decor... The shape is still there to this day. It was as if it was burned into the pillow. There was nobody else that could have done this... I was in shock. An Angel was sent to chase away the demons that night and they left me proof. I show it to everyone, and they all trip out and get teary eyed...

I learned what I was supposed to that night and the next morning. He does listen to everything we say, at all times and in all places, and He has the power to show us that He listens and cares...

I hope that I helped you to know that you are not alone, for I have also gone through hell for years, and I am still experiencing it to this day....

Peace be with you...


posted on Jan, 14 2005 @ 07:26 PM
One time, (i am not religious by any means) I said I would devote my life to whoever appeared first, God or the Devil, nothing happened.

I was raking leaves and was thinking about God, if it all is true or just a fairy tale, and asked for a sign, as I paused from my raking I wiped off my forehead and on the end of the rake was the biggest monarch butterfly I have ever seen, It stayed close like it was watching me until I was done raking. I laughed it off as mear coinscidence, but who knows.

I am still not religious, I am somewhere in the middle I guess. But the bible for the most part is jsut a fairytale, as for a higher power. It just as possible as there not being one.

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posted on Jan, 15 2005 @ 02:07 AM
Toulina --

Thank YOU for sharing your experiences on this subject! It's great that God has allowed us both to still have our souls intact!

I'm very sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. Though I didn't know him at all, it sounds like based on what you said that he's probably in a much better place than this place and, too, perhaps after your short time in this world you'll be with him and Jesus in a MUCH better place than this one that we're all currently tested in.

By the way, don't be surprized if your friend is helping you along your journey in this world. The reason I say that is because the best friend I ever had in life took his own life around 1982. He did that because when he was a little kid the doctors had to remove a major organ or part of a major organ, and thus when he got into his twenties his body chemistry would go out of wack and this caused him all kinds of grief because he'd go a little nuts and that would make it very hard for him to hold a job or have relationships and such.

But the thing is, about six-months before the hate-freaks tried to rip me out of my body and take me to hell, my buddy visited me when I was in or near a sleep-state. He literally just walked in through a door (which I took to be my mind), and even though his form was a little too dark and vague for me to see that it was him, I somehow knew for 100% that it was him. And so it happened that we both kinda became like two machineguns ... firing thoughts at each other at such a high rate of speed that I couldn't understand consciously what was being said, only that it was VERY VERY serious.

This info exchange lasted for only a few seconds before it came to a halt, and he began to step back through the door. HOWEVER, before he left, and communicating at a rate of speed that was slowed to a more normal rate to where I could consciously understand what was being said, I basically grabbed him back and asked him about what I had said to God, i.e. the bad thing as mentioned in my original post.

Well, my dear friend answered by saying, "It's been taken care of. I have to go."

He stepped back through the door, and I woke up (though was never really asleep) and felt pretty scared and yet somewhat reassured about whatever it was that was coming down the pike.

So I relate all of this to you so that you might know that your dear friend is very likely keeping a lookout on your well-being, as it would seem that Jesus likes hooking people up like that!!;-)

By the way, your angel on your pillow was totally cool, and no accident, either.;-)

posted on Jan, 15 2005 @ 02:44 AM
back in the summer of 1967, i was growing up in Detroit, Michigan. I might add that this was shortly before the Detroit riots. A close family friend, a RC priest was killed in a tragic car accident. This alone is not very exceptional, sad but, like i said, not out of the ordinary realm of human existence. To continue, the reverend had lived in a rather rough neighborhood in Detroit and, so, it was his practice to always call my dad upon returning from his home visits in this rough area of the city. he ALWAYS called at clockwork. On the evening of his tragic fatal car accident the phone rang at exactly 10pm. I was a boy of about 13 years old and i answered the phone. There was a very strange hum and from what seemed like a great distance, a faint voice could be heard. i recognized the voice to be that of the deceased reverend. he said "i'm home now" and the connection simply was lost. my dad entered the room and he looked at me and said "it was him, wasn't it" my dad somehow also "felt" this strange otherworldly connection.

i have never had any sort of strange experience like this again. Incidentally, the message was very timely and offered our family much comfort at the loss of a very kind, gentle and caring man. This story might sound hokey or stupid but, i swear to God, it is the truth. I just wanted to put in my two cents worth on this topic. And while i might not believe in organized religion, i certainly believe that there is some sort of existence after death.

posted on Jan, 15 2005 @ 02:47 AM
the recent release of the movie "White Noise" prompts me to ask whether ATS/BTS members believe in Life after Death. And, if one does believe in life after death, what does one feel is the paradigm of this existance; heaven? hell? dimensional shift?

posted on Jan, 15 2005 @ 07:57 AM
Benevolent Tyrant --

I do believe your story and have heard of similar cases like it. This whole universe is pretty complicated on so many levels, yet it's nice that the veil sometimes opens so as to have reasuring experiences like the one you had, as such experiences involving good people make some of the rest of us want to do better ourselves in this world while we still have the chance!

As far as your second post goes ... . I gotta think that this world is a bit of a synthesis of Heaven and hell that oscillates back and forth with each person to varying degrees throughout their lives.

I'm 50, and I can tell you that during my days when I was in a mindset that had me taking more love than I was willing to put out, sometimes I found myself at the very brink of destruction, and it was NO fun!

Then later in life, after undergoing a major "attitude adjustment," I sometimes had experiences that were profoundly beautiful and fun. For me, the best of those experiences happened during full-blown lucid dreaming. (And it's been years since I've had one of those, sad to say.)

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