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Hillary WILL Be Next President of US

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posted on Feb, 29 2016 @ 08:24 PM
I kind of like Clinton because despite the fact I don't like anything she says I know she is lying. Not a joke. Clinton pretending to be a socialist is better than someone who actually is one. Best democrat running by far. I also figure if an establishment person has to win at least with Clinton you get the first woman President.

posted on Mar, 1 2016 @ 12:51 AM
This is not the 1940s. Her handlers can't hide Hillary's bad health forever. There are too many cameras etc now.

She couldn't even climb the stairs to get on a plane on Sunday. Reporters were not allowed to watch but looking at their tweets shows that lots of them figured out what was up.

One thing that has come out in her emails: Huma told another aide that Hillary is "often confused" and this was way back around Benghazi.

She seems to have some kind of chronic condition related to blood clots and isn't really getting better.

While the Clinton campaign will obviously want to go on hiding it, it seems that Hillary being over the hill is an increasingly open secret in Washington. Their preferred version would probably be something like getting Hillary elected even though anyone with a brain is aware of it by the time of the convention. They'll have to be very careful about the VP pick, really get a good one.

However, given that they can't hide something like this all the way to November, I think the rest of the Democratic party will be concerned that it will prevent Hillary from winning against Trump. Even if the press ignores it, everyone with a brain will have figured it out by then. If it comes out it cost her votes in a close race...although it's starting to look like it won't even be close. Or, even if they somehow did keep it quiet all the way, she still can't campaign as aggressively as Trump can. She'll get outworked.

The rest of the party doesn't think Sanders can win, and yet their only options for having somebody else 'jump in' are Biden and Bloomberg and nobody seems all that thrilled about either.

The Democrats have screwed up bad. They doubled down on a lame Hill-dog instead of rallying behind Bernie. The result is that their turnout is terrible and Trump could crush them in November because of that.

posted on Mar, 1 2016 @ 02:47 AM

originally posted by: FamCore
a reply to: Dumbass

No, I don't. I do ponder it a lot though. Comments like this are discouraging, anything related to the OP that you'd like to include?

I just wonder what has the pondering done so far for you? Not to sound as a bad person but you have no influence on it as, in theory, it is the choice of the people. Pondering over outside forces doesn't change anything. And imo one should focus their energy on their surroundings and ponder about things where you actually can make a change for the better. But that is me, I'm just a regular dumbass. Discussing politics feels a lot of times like standing under a cliff and see a rock falling towards you and then start discussing which side of the rock will hit you in the face.

As for the comment I made, I read dreams & predictions just to get away from daily intrusion of people their opinions of politics. I wouldn't call this a prediction, I would call it an educated guess.

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