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Aircraft picture quiz

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posted on Feb, 12 2005 @ 01:37 PM
1 Beriev Be-12
5 Arado Ar 196

posted on Feb, 12 2005 @ 05:19 PM

posted on Feb, 12 2005 @ 06:41 PM
#1. Ilyushin Il-4
#2. Myasishchyev M-50 Bounder
#3. Vickers Vanguard
#4. Boulton-Paul Balliol (Mamba engined)

[edit on 12-2-2005 by Veltro]

posted on Feb, 13 2005 @ 04:14 AM

Originally posted by Veltro

#4. Boulton-Paul Balliol (Mamba engined)

[edit on 12-2-2005 by Veltro]

all correct Veltro, and great kudos indeed for being so spot on with this one, I thought it was my secret weapon

posted on Feb, 13 2005 @ 12:45 PM
Lol, I kept seeing the Merlin powered examples of the balliol in my books, but I knew there was a turboprop engined version somewhere. Good choice though, and great quiz as usual.

[edit on 13-2-2005 by Veltro]

posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 11:40 AM
Number 5 has defeated you all so I will reveal its identity and move on to the next set;

5 = Tupolev Tu-334

posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 12:46 PM
Lets try
2; Vickers Valiant
3: Avro Tudor
4: Kaman HH43 Huskie

posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 12:50 PM
2; Vickers Valiant
3: Kaman HH43 Huskie
4: Avro Tudor

Helps If I put them in the right order.

posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 12:59 PM
1: Polikarpov I-16

posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 01:03 PM
ajsr and Kruschev, you are correct. Looks like number 5 is the killer again

Anothers day's head scratching to go with this one

posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 02:00 PM
#5 is almost certainly out of the Piaggio It looks a lot like a variant of the P.150


posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 02:20 PM
I'm afraid it isn't, nor is it related. It was an entirely original design and a standard service type as well. First flight 1951, not that it is of much help.

posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 03:19 PM
Well I am afraid that you have me stumped on this one, I even tried a google search but there are so many aircraft that first flew in 1951 so even thathint didnt help as you said. Serves me right for cheating.

posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 03:57 PM
Just out of curiosity, I googled the actual name of this aeroplane and got nothing so I'm not surprised it didn't help

Bearing that in mind I may have to post proof of its ID if or when I have to do the reveal

edit ; when I googled again, this time spelling it right I found it

[edit on 14-2-2005 by waynos]

posted on Feb, 14 2005 @ 11:39 PM
5: CAC CA-25 Winjeel ???

posted on Feb, 15 2005 @ 06:20 AM
Can I hazard a guess and say that the markings might be from the finnish airforce.
The aircraft appears to be armed too.

I dont have a picture for reference but for my next guesses...

Is it a Percival P.25 Provost?

I have seen a picture of a Hunting Provost which was developed from the P.25 and the design is similar.

or is it a VALMET VIHURI [edit on 15/2/2005 by JamesBlonde]

[edit on 15/2/2005 by JamesBlonde]

posted on Feb, 15 2005 @ 11:55 AM
Well Done! *clap clap*

It is indeed the Valmet Vihuri!

posted on Feb, 16 2005 @ 01:34 AM
Hmm slacking down in here eh mates? Still no result from that on quiz the other day, either. So waynos I saw you mention "The Final Countdown" in another thread. That was my absolute favorite movie as a child, I must have saw it shortly after it opened in the theaters. How many hours I spent with my Corgi F-14's and Zero's recreating that moment, lol

I finally got it on DVD now and its still great, the music, Kirk Douglas, etc. Of course it is just an escapist bit of fun but that what movies are for! During the famous "Splash the Zekes" scene, some of the slow speed flight is really awesome, when they are slipping, diving and stalling around them. The gunkill is great too, the 20mm vulcan roar has been stuck in my head since the first time I heard it. Matter of fact I digitally sampled it. But the second kill, with missle, kind of a waste of a missle I think now, overkill! And the use of a model is evident, as are the stock 70's "zekes" made from what? Texans? Orobably fresh from Black Sheep Squadron...another great!

It was awesome to see the Nimitz during the cold war. I also captured the moment on the boat where the dog is barking, and you slowly hear the cats approach then blast over and go vertical.While the Senator and Laurel can't figure out what they are lol They were dropping alot of black smoke, the f14's I've seen here in florida dont do that, maybe it was the different engines or that bad 70's gas lol.

Awesome stuff. Be cool if someone made a remake, maybe with Super Hornets. It's sad, as you look at most of those aircraft you realise they aren't around anymore. The crusader, corsairs, and now the Tom Cats. Great moive, sometimes corney but the good parts save it. I reccomend it, I got it for $12.00 US so I'm sure its similiar in price in your kneck of the woods.

And waynos I caught that thread with yanks and brits getting all emotional on who's military is best. funny stuff that it always seems to go from interesting talk to flag waving in little time lol! I have enough relatives still scurrying about on your side of thepond that I've alway liked aspects of many different forces. We are all allies and although some might not like to admit it, we have much in common.

So I'll just stick to admiring unusual De Haviland Sea Vixens And Handley Page Heyfords while the others are to busy arguing to notice,

Sorry for all my talking here, hope it's ok? It seemd to be a lull in the quizes so I thought I'd share.

[edit on 16-2-2005 by Veltro]

posted on Feb, 16 2005 @ 01:44 AM
Amazing, I only guessed that because of the markings and the date you mentioned. It turns out that the FAF operated the Valmet Vihuri from 1951 to 1959. There were no pictures of it but the pilots loved it apparently.

posted on Feb, 16 2005 @ 10:41 AM
Good reasoning there James, I got one that I'd never seen in a similar way way back in the thread.

Nice post veltro, don't worry about rambling, I enjoyed it.

I've got it on DVD too, best of all, it was just £2.99 from Morrisons! And I thought things were always dearer in the UK!

Don't worry about the quiz, there'll be some pics up in a little while, I have been attending some meetings about my miserable football team, currently bottom of the league, so I have been unable to post much.

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