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"Alien" encounter in 2008

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posted on Nov, 27 2015 @ 03:59 AM
We chased it because we were stupid I guess. And to be honest, if I'd been on my own, I probably would have pissbolted out of there, but y'know, strength in numbers I suppose. None of us felt scared or uneasy until after it disappeared, when we suddenly and unanimously felt that we should stop and leave it, which we did.

The thing I saw when I was 14, basically I was up late as usual, at about midnight, when I heard a big sort of explosion noise, like an electrical explosion, and immediately all the power in the neighbourhood went out. I went downstairs to get some candles and started feeling uneasy as, not sure if I was just tripping or what but as I walked along the hallway to my bedroom I kept seeing these blue orb things. Once inside my room I lit a couple of candles and looked out the window, because the moon was out and it was cool seeing the street bathed in moonlight without the ugly yellow streetlights. Then I chanced to look down towards my fence, a wooden fence about 6 ft high. Above the top of the fence, and I don't know what the hell happened here, but I saw a long grey face, with big black eyes and a sort of wrinkled kinda muzzle, would've been around a ft in length. I stared stunned at it for a few seconds, then was overcome with sheer terror, never been that scared in my life. I quickly slammed the window shut and closed the blinds and proceeded to have a sleepless night.

I tend not to mention that one because I dunno, maybe it was just some sort of optical illusion, although there were no trees or anything there, just grass, then fence, then on the other side a couple of metres of grass and then the plain white wall of my neighbour's house.

I'm certainly no magnet for weird things like this, only other strange experience I've had was driving through the Hunter Valley and having our car followed by what's known as a Min-Min light, as well as being tailed by a black car with no headlights. The Min Min light is an inexplicable light that seems to follow cars in certain parts of the country and it doesn't seem to be exclusive to Australia, like I've come across a few stories about lights like this in various countries. We were more annoyed at the car than the light, so we pulled into some crappy little motel place and stayed for about 10 mins or so, just when we were about to leave that damn car pulled into the carpark, he must've doubled back, but he didn't continue following us and the light had f*cked off. I'm pretty sure that was just some dude who needed to be somewhere but his headlights didn't work so he tailed us in order to borrow our light, but hey that's the boring explanation.

There you have it, that's pretty much all my creepy stories. And nothing's happened for a few years now anyway, touch wood.

It's pretty funny to think that we all went chasing some poor dude out for a late night rollerskate, but he was clearly walking and somehow managing to do it really damn fast, despite his gait looking like a normal walking pace.

By the way I don't know how to quote multiple people so I'm just flinging answers around hoping you'll know which questions they pertain to.

posted on Nov, 27 2015 @ 04:20 AM
a reply to: 321equinox

I don't blame you having trouble wrapping your head around it, it is pretty bloody weird. He had a long stride, because he had long legs, but nothing that look out of proportion. When we first observed him, before we starting chasing him, he went past a couple of trees that obscured him very briefly, and of course he would've had to go around behind some houses - actually, I'll give you this link to a map of the area so you can get a better idea, the park is called Mulbeam Park,153.0519926,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x6b93e2f094b25f75:0xac3f3f1 e9747a567

When we hit the footpath chasing him, that was going up eastbound along Beams Rd there, and we had him in sight continuously as we were running after him. The closest I can describe it is like in one of those dreams where you're running but you feel all heavy and can't go fast, except we didn't feel heavy or anything. When he took a step it pretty much just looked like how a very tall person walks, with long strides corresponding to long legs. It didn't look as though he were covering an exceptional distance. If we hadn't noticed him repeatedly walking past us in such a short time, I doubt we would've thought anything of it. But we did notice, and got that feeling that something weird was up, and so off we went trying to intercept him and then chase him.

It was like he was moving in a different time speed to us, like how if you were to go really, really fast up in space, more time would have passed on earth than it did for you. Kinda like that except obviously on a much smaller and weirder scale.

I completely agree with you that it makes no logical sense whatsoever. I'm in zoology not physics, but with what I do know of physics, well, it makes no sense at all. Only thing really coming to mind is relativity, like for some reason his speed of movement appeared totally different to ours, but even though that belongs in the realm of perception, I do find it odd that all three of us experienced the same thing, we were all very confused by the whole episode to say the least.

Recently, like about half an hour ago, I stumbled upon a mention of some weird "person" hanging around a town in Massachusetts in 1939, which was described as being very tall, very thin, apparently having no face, and capable of moving at inhuman speeds. I'm not familiar with that story, I'm just going by what I happened to see mentioned on the internet, but it struck me as being pretty damn similar. Along with what the UFO guy told me about how he was certain that there'd be strong similarities between my story and other people's experiences, well that makes me wonder if there are other people out there who have seen the same thing. In which case, sh*t hey.

posted on Nov, 27 2015 @ 05:37 PM
Some years ago there was this story of a police officer reporting three tall figures near a crop circle in Wiltshire who ran away "faster than any man he had ever seen".

posted on Nov, 27 2015 @ 07:41 PM
There are all sorts of exceptional human beings out there....some who prefer to do their jogging in the dark hours of the night due to various environmental sensitivities. My husband prefers the night hours because they are calmer and less chaotic, and I do as well...but we mostly stay indoors as of late for a variety of reasons I won't bore you with.

Is it possible that this person you encountered may just have have a physical appearance or genetic attribute that made him so self-conscious he preferred to do his exercise in the wee hours to avoid unwanted social contact and possible harassment? A lot of mean spirited folks out there jump at the opportunity to pick on folks who look "different".

Extraordinary people with extraordinary talents are all over the place out there...but because so many people who are accustomed to the standard ideal of the Ken and Barbie dichotomy, some rarely see the more unique examples of human diversity.

Are there strange things afoot at the proverbial Circle K at 3am?
Of course.
I've been on that shift most of my life.
Most of us are nice people, we just prefer our privacy and solitude.
Some you don't want to mess with, but that's neither here nor there.

Since your "guy" sped up and split I'm guessing he may have been shy or socially awkward, or else just didn't wish to be bothered by unknown variables during his walk. I'm pretty good about evading and ditching people who try trailing me as well, but I guarantee I'm not an "alien" or a "vampire"...just some one who hates being followed.

Celerity +9

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posted on Nov, 27 2015 @ 08:27 PM
Casper Wyoming...1964...I went for a walk in the huge ditch in deepwinter I went down the way just 200 feet I turned to go back and saw my fresh bootprints spaced right but inbetween each of mine was another set that I thought were clown shoe sized....longer and narrower 18 inches long...on the frozen ice in a pristeen footprintless fresh icing over place wouldn't nobody go directly in my backyard....251 Minnesota st. Casper Wyoming....ditch still there

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posted on Nov, 27 2015 @ 08:30 PM
It sounds a little like Lestat. : )

But I can't quite believe in vampires. I'd chose alien over vampire any day of the week.

posted on Nov, 28 2015 @ 07:28 AM
a reply to: GENERAL EYES

We got a pretty good look at him, like when he stopped and turned towards us he was standing beneath a streetlight, we would've been about 8 to 10 metres behind him, that was the closest we managed to get but we could all see that if this was a person, he was freakishly tall, freakishly thin, had a big round pale head with either no face or a face with details none of us could remember for some reason. You ever had that feeling when you just know something's up? And the speed at which he walked and the fact that we couldn't reach him even by sprinting after him was really odd.

If someone told me this story I'd think yeah they just saw a tall bald dude our for a late night stroll, but having seen it myself, I honestly don't think this fellow was properly human. Alien? Ghost? I dunno, personally I'm not inclined to believe most alien encounters or ghost stories, like a few times I've gone into places that people have told me were haunted but I never saw or heard or felt anything.


Just more thing, this has gotta be some kind of weird coincidence, but for some reason, over the last day or two, I've unintentionally stumbled upon a few stories on the internet about encountering a person with apparently no face. I can't help but find it intriguing that in other parts of the world, similar sort of things have happened. Like I said I'm usually quite skeptical about things like this but this has got me stumped hey.

I usually write off crop circles as bullsh*t, but that bit about those alien fellas moving real fast was interesting. To be honest I'm more inclined to consider the possibility of inter-dimensional travel than aliens from outer space dropping by just to freak us out or whatever they're doing. Even so, it's taken me quite a while to even entertain such a possibility because once again - skeptic as.

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