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Ouiji board-Real or fiction?

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posted on Jun, 9 2003 @ 01:30 AM
I heard a lot of scary stories about a ouiji board from my friends and it sounds real to me. Have you had any experiences and do you think it works??
Post your experiences here

posted on Jun, 9 2003 @ 01:32 AM
I don't know. I think it depends on how much faith you put in it. the last time I used a Ouija board, about 8 years ago, it got two of the questions I asked sort of wrong (they weren't straight yes or no questions, though), and the third I asked what I would be when I grew up, and it replied "FBI". I've yet to figure out if that means I'll work for the FBI or be wanted by them!

posted on Jun, 9 2003 @ 01:35 AM
Hey.....i was gonna post this question aswell...i guess you beat me to it.....But i was also wondering if thier were different types of Ouija boards...I mean thiers one you can get for like 15 bux at toy's R us, will that one work.....or do you have to get a special one...Iv always wanted to use one and see the results...I heard if you ask if elvis is alive the walls start dripping blood

posted on Jun, 9 2003 @ 01:40 AM

Originally posted by ZeroDeep
I heard if you ask if elvis is alive the walls start dripping blood

really? I thought it gives the seekers the address of a Burger King in Kalamazoo
(unless of course the spirit contacted wasn't an Elvis fan, then all bets are off!)

posted on Jun, 9 2003 @ 01:45 AM
I heard that when i was a lil kid in elementry..our teacher was talking about them, i have no clue what actually happens though...Im gonna go buy one tomorow actaully at TOYS R US and play with is with some
...scare them into my arms..

posted on Jun, 9 2003 @ 01:54 AM
Ooh well this bored are as "real" as me pushing it in the right direction. I beleive.
There might be some supernatural thing going on. But in my sessions so far it's ben just as ZeroDeep said. Scare the ladies. God how succiptable (sp?) they are to these kinds of things.

posted on Jun, 9 2003 @ 03:16 AM
Okay I have used one of these things before with my sister and my mother. I have come to the conclusion that it is just a metapyshical trick that is hard to prove.


What do I mean by that???

I mean this:

Metaphysical is the mechanics of physical properties. So this is where I am going with this.

Considering that we need to use three people to make this thing work we can determine that all those involved have a hand in the objective, literally. Now two people doesn't work.


Because there is balance.

With three people there is no balance and there is a force that causes the three to battle with each other for positions. My theory is that this force is just a physical reaction naturally caused by the unbalance of the perspective hands in motion. The only thing that makes this work is this force.

Just try it one time. Try and see how far you get with just two people 'playing', then try three and see the magic work. That magic is just physics if you ask me.

Now I still here some pretty sinister things about these 'games'. I hear that these boards attract unwanted forces of nature such as demons and ghosts who manipulate your conscious while you try to make sense of all the 'revelations'. The ghosts and demons may not control your actions but they can tap into your thinking and manipulate your thoughts. At least that is what I hear. Probably just myths. But you never know.

[Edited on 9-6-2003 by Abraham Virtue]

posted on Jun, 9 2003 @ 03:21 AM
Let's have an ATS get to getter (sp?) and have an Ouiji session with different ammounts of players. Let's do our own research

posted on Jun, 9 2003 @ 04:28 AM

Originally posted by Diablo
Let's have an ATS get to getter (sp?) and have an Ouiji session with different ammounts of players. Let's do our own research

That is a real good idea. Bravo Diablo.

Is anyone willing to do this???

I am.

I live in Los Angeles.

Anyone else close to me???

posted on Jun, 9 2003 @ 06:24 AM
Unfortunatly I'm situated in The Netherlands.
Picture this. ATS-Con

posted on Jun, 9 2003 @ 07:38 AM
A few years ago while I was rooming up with a female friend of mine. I was cleaning and found her ouija board
in the closet and thought 'This would be cool to do on a boring night at home' So we set the area up all mystical like, with candles and things and sat down and proceeded to ask it a question.

We could feel an energy between us, as we both said so..then it started to move and it went to a letter, then then next, then the next and before it finshed I knew what it was spelling and so did she..It started to spell my name over and over. *Though the question had nothing to do with my name* I told my friend to let go, and she did and it kept moving really fast over the letters of my name and even spelled it backwards. Well, I flung the thing up in the air, and we just stared at it in silence forever..then she picked it up and put it away and we never got it out again!
It was freaky, as I thought at first she was doing it to scare me or something, but when she let go..I knew, something 'else' was moving it..

So AV~I think it can work just fine on less then 3 people..


posted on Jun, 9 2003 @ 06:41 PM
The ouijii board is just a tool .......
It has nothing to do with one having Psychic powers or not!
It can be used by one person.
You will notice that it can reveal past issues because .......spirits(demons) can only reveal your past or someone whom your thinking of.
Reading one's thoughts is done through these spiritual manifistations only to fool one into beleiving that it could also reveal your future!
How many so called ''psychics'' have in the past and present been able to foresee the future???
If it were possible then mankind need not worry about War...
And all the bad in the world....
Only thing that is true about foreseeing the future using methods with seeking ''psychic'' knowledge is the bad things....and why?
because you think of a situation and it is revealed to you....
To beleive in something that the DEAD tells you is absolute nonesense!
It does more harm then good......
So is the ''oujii real or fiction?
Well that all depends on what you mean by Real or fiction!
Real enough to work.....but real in the sense that the DEAD can reveal your future.......
Hitler was involved in the occult.......the dark shadows foretold of his death.......and so Hitler made it happen.........he commited SUICIDE ........and therefore made it happen!!!

posted on Jun, 11 2003 @ 09:53 AM
my experiences with automatic writing...

But, I was one of those who bravely (foolishly?) used one alone many times. I've also used them with others. I've got some rather startling answers, and ones that the other participants couldn't have known, and I know I didn't move the pointer.

I found the Ouija to be a rather slow tool, compared to auto writing....but essentially, it seems to do the same thing. The only "weird" thing that happened, was once the board kind of flew forward off of my lap (about two feet). I was asking a little too much about the afterlife it seems, and the once cooperative spirit (who, unlike others, refused to give a name) left afterwards.

When I asked them about oija boards, one curious answer was that if you wanted to contact a specific entity often, you should make your own board while thinking about that person, and it will form a kind of "anchor" for that entity to find you often. Never did get to try it and test this advice. I found that usually, I would be speaking with the same "group" of entities each session. So, in my experience, a cheap one works just as well as an expensive one, it's all a matter of what spirit/entity latches on to the connection, or whether anyone even finds it at all....

EDIT: I should add, that any info on the future, has always been false, or based on info from my past....I believe Helen to be correct in this assessment. For me, finding out about past lives has been the most enjoyable part of the conversations, but I wouldn't believe anything they say of future events....

[Edited on 11-6-2003 by Gazrok]

posted on Jun, 11 2003 @ 10:30 AM
I know my mum has done a few before and once I told her me and some friends where going to do one, she wen t crazy. Threatened to kick me out and never to let me back in the house again .

She said the last one she did, scared the crap out of her.

Don't know a great deal why she wouldn't tell me.

I believe they have some kind of effect on the people that use them.

I know my mum wouldn't make soemthing up..!

[Edited on 11-6-2003 by boomhaur]

posted on Jun, 11 2003 @ 11:13 AM
gazroc your the first person ive seen on here that says spirits lie.we always used a home made board and once, whoever it was i was talking to got angry because i was arguing with him and the glass flew off the board.the next day i got a man who claimed to be from belgium and he said the spirit i had spoken too the day before was a liar.i asked if i could get him back because id enjoyed the argument but he said no.this led me to believe it was the same spirit and he was still lying.

posted on Jun, 11 2003 @ 11:36 AM
I had a go once.
It was a long time ago.
The room was darkened and I can't say if it the glass was being manipulated by someone around the table or not.
It didn't seem to me to be too scarey.
But when we had finished and we all went outside the feeling was like nothing I've experienced before or since.
I hadn't realised the tension that had been building in the room.Looking back it was almost as if I had been hypnotised and on walking out I had awaken.
Three people started to cry,For me it was like suddenly being doused with ice cold water.

I am an openminded sceptic.I was then and I am now but I will not deny that something happened that night.

My guess would have been mass self hypnosis.We had created a situation in which we were all open to suggestion and on walking out we had broken the spell.

I didn't do it again though.

posted on Jun, 11 2003 @ 08:55 PM
Word of warning, kiddies.


When youve smoked a few too many, your mind is already hyper sensitivie. Youre already a little paranoid and a little dusty in perception. Thus, playing with a Ouija board can cause u to see, hear, or experience things a little too intensely, and freak u out when theres no need.

I made this mistake once, and swore up and down that my pet rat had suddenly become super aware and was trying to trade brains with me, channeling his brain through the ouija board into my head, forcing my mind to behave and think like a rat. I freaked out, afraid id end up with a ratbrain the rest of my life. I was sure he was suceeding, because of my insane craving for cheese and cereal. Eventually, after sitting in a corner for a while, panicking, i realized my cravings were not rat mind control waves, but a case of the super munchies.

posted on Jun, 11 2003 @ 09:02 PM
there needs to be an award for 'funniest post'

posted on Jun, 12 2003 @ 10:32 AM
Pesonally, I do not believe that Ouiji boards are "real" and reveal nothing more than what the persons using it want to reveal.

My belief came as a result of watching some program on television about these things, and in the experiments performed, the people using it where subconsciously or unconsciously moving the thingy to the responses that they "wanted" to see.

posted on Jun, 12 2003 @ 11:05 AM
Never used one, but my older cousin has, and he told me about it a while back...

He seemed to believe he was communcating with a spirit - he and his friends asked it for a name, and it gave one, I forget what it was. They then asked a few questions and the "spirit" answered correctly. He didn't say that the experience lieft him frightened or scared, it sounded like fun.

Ouija Boards, according to this cousin of mine, do however have a sinister side. He claims to have known a young man who angered the spirit he was communicating with, and ended up with the glass embedded in his stomach, bleeding profusely.

Oh, and a word of warning. Smash the glass when you finish...

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