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BLM and why i don't take it seriously.

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posted on Aug, 27 2015 @ 06:10 PM

originally posted by: kaylaluv
a reply to: Teikiatsu

So your solution is, turn your back on the poor and let them fend for themselves. When has that ever worked historically?

That's what's happening now. Big difference is, the most negative aspects are being subsidized.

posted on Aug, 27 2015 @ 06:16 PM

originally posted by: undo
in fact, the tax payers are paying plenty, but it's just not being used at the government level for its intended purpose. instead its being used for global domination and the lack of funds is then blamed on your average joe.

I won't argue that the tax payers are getting milked to the extreme, but exactly how are the taxes being used for global domination?

they take in enough in taxes to give every minority a nice home with all the modern conveniences, decent medical and emotional support, cars

Wow... that's quite a bit.

and streets paved with gold,

...quite a bit of hyperbole.

posted on Aug, 27 2015 @ 07:58 PM
a reply to: Teikiatsu

policemen of the world?
wars, wars, wars.
bases all over the world, with all the infrastructure, at government prices.
roll of toilet paper? 5 dollars per 1980. toilet seat 200 dollars.
paying spies. paying informants. building torture facilities. bribing foreign rulers. interfering in the governments of other countries with covert operations. did you know wall street funded the bolshevik revolution and supported the rise of the soviet union?
we have over 300 three letter agencies doing things similar to the cia and the fbi, many of which no one has ever heard of. the tax dollars are being spent years before they're even received.

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posted on Aug, 27 2015 @ 08:19 PM
a reply to: kellyjay

and what is this "deadly oppression" they speak of? what blacks are being oppressed by whites today? the only people oppressing blacks are blacks themselves.

Again, you miss the point and cannot see the forest for the trees. One needs to view this issue not as a black vs. white issue, but from an American society as a whole issue. Blacks in America are indeed oppressed by white America through systematic racism and ingrained bias. I'm a 28 year old white Canadian male who does a lot of business in the States, U.K, Germany and the Netherlands. I own and operate dance studios (small commercial buildings). Make a long story short: I collect rent. Now, I have business partner who acts on my behalf when I'm unavailable to be there in person when sourcing new locations, or who I give the green light to in order to negotiate and close new deals upon my request because he has the legal authority to do so. Now, without getting too much into my personal detail on social media, I will share something with you:

My business associate is an American Ivy league graduate; a very intelligent and competent individual; who is very capable of getting things done in a highly efficient manner which he has done on numerous occasions for me in the U.K, Germany, and the Netherlands. However, I always had to fly down to the States and deal with red tape and political F***kery whenever it was just him involved in the business dealings. It always got worked out in the end when I showed up, but they (the chamber or real estate boards, etc) always gave him a very difficult time when it was him alone. ONLY in America did we experience unnecessary red tape and politics when it was him acting on his own was concerned. Never happened in Germany, U.K, and Netherlands. My business partner is black.


and what is this "deadly oppression" they speak of? what blacks are being oppressed by whites today?

A: The oppression is subtle, yet more intricate, and not as cartoon (simpleminded) as you make it out to be. If an Ivy league individual of colour with a lot of personal financial backing can experience such unnecessary road blocks (oppression) in America - just imagine what the everyday person of colour in America goes through in subtle ways.

The important thing to note is: It always worked out fine when I entered the picture. Nothing changed other than the fact he removed himself from the table and I entered as a unrelated new player. In other words: I sailed through easy with the exact same portfolio and business proposal. You see, they were unaware that it was the exact same cards being played, and only cared about the one who was holding them. I am very well aware of my white privilege and use it to my advantage, especially when in America where racial and class warfare exist at an disgusting and alarmingly higher rate than any other first world nation. In America, even the poor white man get F'd as well by the same system, and this is why those of all racial demographics need to come together. Your mindset only affects you because it plays into the engineering of consent that keeps the masses divided.

Ironically, your mindset is no different than the BLM's mindset. You are just coming from the other side of the scale, yet projecting the same ideals.

However, I do agree with you that "Black on Black Violence" within America surpasses "White on Black violence" and vice verse and that BLM should actually be addressing this issue along with police brutality instead of only focusing on police brutality. For white and black America to focus only on police killings is playing into their hands of conquer by dividing. In other words: Both sides are being played in order to not see the truth.

What is the the truth?

Police culture in the States does not discriminate and in fact more whites are killed by police than blacks are. The news media knows this but, with a population of 330 million where most are smart enough to understand this truth, there are still millions of black AND white Americans (grown adults in their 30's, 40's, 50's and older!) that are unbelievably naive and stupid, that they end up buying into the manipulation. Again, despite the fact more whites are killed by police than blacks (again they kill everybody,) more blacks are harassed, detained, beaten, and unfairly incarcerated than whites on a daily basis. The entire BLM and ALM movement is government sponsored through the engineering of consent.

The fact that you created this thread and shared your perspective that reflects your mindset clearly shows me your mind can be easily manipulated just like those who in the BLM movement who only focus on police killing blacks are easily manipulated.

Both sides are sailing the same infested waters in two different boats firing cannon balls at each other....

In this link below is updated real time police killings with filters you can play around with.

763 people have been killed by police so far this year.

Out of that number 369 are white. 290 of Whites killed were armed. 62 unarmed.

195 of those 763 killings were black. 129 of Blacks were armed. 60 unarmed.

*How's your math when ratios are concerned...? I hope you possess basic math skills because it paints a clearer picture.

290 of Whites killed were armed. 62 unarmed.

129 of Blacks killed were armed. 60 unarmed.

So far to date, the police have killed twice more white men than black men, yet the same amount of unarmed for both. Let it marinate...

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posted on Aug, 29 2015 @ 04:27 PM
a reply to: kellyjay

One more thing. You stated: people need to tackle the crime and murders within their own community before they point a finger elsewhere and try to lay blame, clean your own house first then ill take you seriously.

I agree with this statement on a deeper philosophical level as far as the true currency of life is concerned.

I believe that people (especially grown adults over the age of 30) who waste their time and energy to create threads in order to demonstrate their animosity, frustration, and bias towards a certain demography and socially engineered movements such as BLM, while at the same time ignorantly supporting other socially engineered movements such ALM, should give their head a shake until that plank becomes free and falls from their own eye...

Kellyjay, here is what I mean by that above statement:

Often when one is leading an unfulfilled life due to their highest dreams and/or ideals having not yet been fully realized; not experiencing the true currency of life in every way one has always desired and daydreamed about; not in a healthy loving long lasting relationship; not removed at least three things off their bucket list as to date; not living healthy or experiencing optimum health; not financially stable; not happy and lacking harmony along with a lack of loving friendships, inner peace, balance and harmony as humanly possible on a daily basis - then I strongly suggest:

Those people need to tackle their own personal demons that have lead to this life of lacking fulfillment in many ways and address their own inner world and outer world before they point a finger elsewhere and try to lay blame on others or use these social issues as a coping mechanism as a form of distraction by projecting their own personal lack of fulfillment in life via creating social media threads. These people need to clean their own house first then many will take these people seriously.

Kellyjay, I really hope you are in your twenties, because if you are older than that, and are projecting these views, then the problem is much deeper and more personal than you realize.

This is the America and Americans I have come to love and know:

Shame on those who only focus on the ugliness and darkness because of what dwells within their own selves when there is so much beauty and light in America....and within THEM.

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