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May have met my true love but it comes with a price.(the herp)

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posted on Oct, 29 2015 @ 08:54 AM

originally posted by: trollz

originally posted by: rockintitz
a reply to: bananashooter
This is one of the only times I would say wait till marriage.

100% this. The fact that she has herpes is probably making her desperate to be with anyone she can. As you said, you've only known her a short time... And she really, really wants to have sex. I'm willing to bet she's been laying the wooing on pretty heavy to try to hook you in (and trying to seduce you into having sex so that you can willfully infect yourself and you'll both then be on equal ground, with you therefore having nothing to lose), because she knows nobody wants someone with sexual diseases.
Don't do it, you can't get rid of herpes. It's with you for life. And once you have it, it's pretty much her or no one else, because no woman is going to say "Oh, I don't mind getting herpes, you seem like a nice enough guy!".

Either wait til you're married, or run fast.
What a #ing crock of #. Have you thought that maybe she is actually really interested in you?? People wank on about herpes like it's the end of the world.. Jeeze if your careful and use a condom and she knows she doesn't have an outbreak. it's not even a big deal at all. Hey I can't even read the future but I bet you'll die, and it won't be from herpes.. There's only 3.7 Billion people affected from it. Good luck dying from the stress of trying to avoid it! It's such a stigmatized condition, you might miss out on an epic relationship because of nothing.

I personally don't have it, so don't think I'm tryin to defend being someone who does. But jeez whats the point! Take precautions and you'll be fine, just about as bad as christians preaching abstinence then rooting prozzies and little kids. Don't be stupid research it for yourself.
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posted on Oct, 29 2015 @ 08:58 AM
Also DON'T take advice form someone like Trollz.. obviously... Don't take sexual advice from someone who's never had sex, haha.

posted on Oct, 29 2015 @ 05:58 PM
a reply to: Skinon

Thanks, I didn't take their advice.

I ended up going for it and have no regrets. Also still herpes free.

She is totally worth it even if I end up catching it.

posted on Oct, 30 2015 @ 03:12 AM
How would you know if you haven't had an out break. You could be carrying the virus as we speak, but without an outbreak, it is virtually impossible to know.

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