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The Rosicrucian Initiate Degrees (1-9) lessons thread

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posted on Apr, 18 2015 @ 06:32 PM
Great Topic....... I Love The Subject Matter.

ONE concern I have open to discussion for me is IF they talk about past life regression and awareness and I'm not saying it's real or it isn' concern for past life regression and reincarnation is this...

How come all these current "mediums" can reach and talk to recently deceased loved ones but NO ONE can go back and talk to a person who passed on for more then a 100 years but only say that they did?

"Ohhhhhh You were a GREAT warrior in Israel in 201..THEN your were an Indian in the war in 1002 with the Mongolian Army in Eastern China."

How about.... "If you go to THIS'll find the EIGHTH Scroll Here are the coordinates. Who said there were 7? There were 8. It's in a different location"

That's kinda like Mel Brooks with the 12 commandments as a Jew breaking 2...

"The Lord Gave Me 12 Commandments..He breaks 2 ... TEN ...TEN commandments"

My point is we never get past life confirmation with dated information to validate. Or from anyone that's DEAD or BEEN DEAD.

LOVE the topic..subject matter and content. I want a medium or expert to give us some dates to go back and correct from the dead peoples communications. THEN I'll be impressed.

Just Sayin

posted on Apr, 18 2015 @ 09:37 PM
hah ,before a read furter , just to remind you, after the third line l have to write you , try to trim bs stuff ………… off

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posted on Apr, 19 2015 @ 12:34 AM
Please enjoy an introduction to some of the topics the R+C teaches; an offering to those seekers who may be considering an interest in the Rosicrucian Order.

posted on Apr, 19 2015 @ 12:59 AM
If you want to be "magically" invisible to MOST, yet stop traffic to others, just wear or carry some Modlavite.
Be careful not to get run over by a car...or F* yourself up. It's not for everybody.

posted on Apr, 28 2015 @ 08:56 PM
The hype around rosicrusionism seems to stem from its appeal to early new age thinking, n those earlier but less public in opinion (freemason), but the original txts seem like run of the mill medieval esoterism, hermetic in origin with likely an alchemic lean n a knowledge of Sufism. Read st John of the cross, the cloud of unknowing, or go real early to the gnostics. just remember they all qualify as worthy of a 'secret society' as all are for "those with ears to hear"

posted on Apr, 28 2015 @ 09:13 PM
If you go to a regular college or university, you DO realize that you have to pay for that, right?
A lot more than the R+C charges for membership, I might add.
Then, if you want to go out into the world and teach others what you learned, you must be tested and certified AGAIN to do that. Just knowing what you learned is NOT enough to go teach others, they want to be sure you know HOW to teach it, as well, utilizing tried and true methods developed over centuries. And again, you would have to PAY for that teaching cert. That's just what you'd have to do to learn about then teach say, auto repair, math, or art, through "regular" universities.

Just sayin. I don't know why anyone would expect otherwise from anywhere else.

And yes, you can learn all of those things taught at regular colleges on YouTube as well, but without an instructor, tests, and hands-on experience, do you think you'll really learn as much as going to class, sitting with other students at the same learning level, exchanging experiences and information?

That's where the real value lies in any learning experience.

posted on May, 14 2015 @ 02:17 AM
I thought there was a part or lesson, where you must give up something of value? You just give it away and it's not a charitable donation way it just relinquishing something, I suppose the idea is you will get it back later in some other way .

posted on May, 14 2015 @ 03:48 AM
Thank you very kindly for sharing this information. Overall, this system seems to resonate with my personality, or on a soul-level. I have heard of various secret societies, and I think there can be considerable fog and confusion surrounding a lot of them, thanks partially to the secrecy itself and then also to the conspiracy theories which have sort of littered the web/info-space for decades. It can be very tricky for a young person to make their way through it.

In regards to the actual information being available, either leaked, pirated or just as textbooks and/or videos, I think that is a great thing, and certainly many people could benefit from this knowledge and take it in on their own time. However, I think the actual structure, much like school, would be more beneficial for many, to be able to absorb the information and interact with others of like-mind. But most importantly to be a part of a community, because as we all know, much of the rest of the world is just Wal-Mart and MacDonald's LOL

posted on May, 15 2015 @ 08:38 PM
For quite some time now... I've ALWAYS thought rose was the female... beautiful... desired... but vulnerable.

Rose? Yes... because for men... "It Just Natural" to want. Hence the story of the rose.
The cross... sacred... but comical. It just a line... which men cross. Thus 18-Knight Of The Rose-Cross.

A sad story to me. I imagine... also for lots.

But... hell... I truly could be wrong. But then... there is the gardener.
A comfort to me. But never part of the story.

He has the mind of a man... but can see the mystery of children riddled with careless passion(s). i.e. 1-purple/obsession(s). 2-red/frustration(s). 3-blue/depression(s).
A.K.A The tabernacle. Those emotions destroy pride. And although it does not corrupt... it does lead to a profound but comical... bitterness rather the bitterness. It starts with obsession which often leads frustration. Or red or simply fellow craft. The Mind and body... in unison destroying the idea.... when spit is built up you swallow it... But why I do not know. However... it is simply depression(s). An eradicated idea which once inspired someone who knew you have nowhere to go but up with it .
for betterment and humbleness I wish. But seldom found. To let the idea obsess... so much so... one admires it to much... it is sickness.
It's called rising. But comically. How it ends God has foreseen. What goes up... must come down. A great water for rose... But for proud brazen serpents.... a calamity. He wishes to be looked at on the same way she looks at him. Wise.... (rose is Glorious... a grand architect's master piece)... But bitter. Idea eh... thanks for mortality.
In the blue lodge. Aka house of the blues... or crying if you will or woe is me... or just simply... "the blues!" To know is great... But experience is better. Hope it makes you better.

To want her is natural... to cross the line... is desecration. Rose Cross. Comedy.

Brazen are men sometimes... but they usually change their minds under certain circumstances...

i.e. no.19 grand pontiff or simply gardner. A.K.A. father... or no.20 grand patriarch... a.k.a her father. It's just a tale of punishment viewed by two aspects. The brazen's demise.... or the Gardner's passion.

But... to me... atleast... the rose is mind boggling. So... so... so... much to know about her. Both body
and mind

I'd like to think... she is not for children. But seldom found are the men.

But a brazen crafty serpent is just my ally way.
Trample his head... although it bruises the heal... it is said... it hurts so much... he drops to a knee... then she comes... standing ("Proud!") So close that he can... in pain rest his head on her stomach... and she's gently rubs his head. Hence take a knee. And rise a "Knight".

Or... so... the story goes.

Science of Nature. He desires.... naughty... but true... Hence the rose.

9 nine points?????
Sacred Geometry... the most sacred of shapes and beauty... is that line we all draw and dare not cross...
To do so... leads to the key of life... math. Or aftermath.

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