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Plan for 100% compliance. Police state imminent.

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posted on Jan, 5 2015 @ 09:24 PM
This type of thing always reminds me of this:-

“When an opponent declares, "I will not come over to your side," I calmly say, "Your child belongs to us already... What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.”


In other words... Complain all you want. The children will know no better.

posted on Jan, 5 2015 @ 11:41 PM
a reply to: projectbane

What's YOUR back ground?
MINE is recon.
SORRY if you can't understand logic broken down by threat and response but CIVILIANS talk too much to scouts anyway.

posted on Jan, 5 2015 @ 11:43 PM
Dust off THIS puppy for the genuises who haven't a clue...THIS is about gun confiscation but the op would be similar.

posted on Jan, 6 2015 @ 02:26 AM
I dont know if this is news but the NSA most likely has more information on each of us than we ourselves do lolz

posted on Jan, 6 2015 @ 09:39 AM
I would have thought it obvious by now that the illuminati is REAL... doubt it?

Then consider the following; first take a long hard look at the leaks going around on the web thanks to Ed...

Now let me "illuminate" you!

The reason the disclosures covered a picture of a UFO...

The deal is that the Berkley distributions that make up BSD & Linux have a broken compiler, it's broken by design, to allow any aspiring hacktavist the opportunity to poke the software full of holes using the GDB debugger.

The truth may startle you, in fact you'd be hard pressed to find the truth but it exists...

You see large government corporations an the spy agencies that fund them have been in bed for many many years, they're interest was never about securing your computer platform, if thats what you believe then your nieve. Just pause for a moment to reflect on the truth, when Windows XPSP3 got retired, it was done so because too many people had spent far too long finding and fixing all the bugs in the operating system itself, such as the buggy Kernel, sand-boxing the applications, improving the default firewall and removing the iExplore and the WSH - Windows Scripting Host!

So allow me to introduce you to Illuminati OS...

The huge titan computer and it's tiny off-branches all running D-Wave use this, because this is a super-computer OS, in-fact the thing thats raping you right about now, on google android, one of its interfaces is called O short for the Octopus developed by a hacker called: Nemo!

If you want privacy, you want freedom, then it's always been within your grasp! You see the lucrative thing about this operating system and its off-shots is, it's an agnostic invisible networking protocol, yeap, thats what the Secret service go around calling SIPRNET right there, thats the Secure Internet Router Protocol! aka: SIPDIS and what's more all communications from it to it's little buddies are 100% secure, because it's a grid computer platform based on the bell-la-padula secure module of secure computing design, an its all encrypted from start to finish, the password itself is held in the NVRam or non-volatile memory, so if you password protect the bios, then password protect the file system with crypt-setup if some other happy twit comes along an pulls out the battery to bypass the password, the file system is toast!

It's not linux, although it can emulate it with a non-broken compiler thats had it's compiler repaired. truth is in fact it disappeared off the radar back in 2002 just after the 9/11 bombing's and has only recently re-appeared! Because the programmers that maintain it, are sick an tired of listening to the .gov's waffling bull-#..

An they get lied too by some of it's own maintainers who promise that one day, it'll be popular and it'll be widely used, that hasnt happened and the opposite is true, that nearly half the people who develop or maintain this OS are dead.. Suicides and such.. So if you want to cut your teeth on a real hacking operating system, that secures your communications from start to finish, this is the best place to start!

Oh and there is no web-browser, because web-browsers are for Kids!

In fact all 9 prism providers are members of the Lucrative Bildenburg Group... God bless the GNU, exposing giant pyramids, all seeing eyeballs & freemasons and bull-s-h-i-t where-ever it happens to find it!

The NSA are funded by idiots and financed by morons, who wouldn't know a secure operating system if it bit them on the arse-hole!

The software they use to query that Giant data-base is called RIOT an it's made by Raytheon along with crap like XKeyScore and blah, blah, blah, blah... Welcome to RIO and the worship of the Owl of Minerva and the Goddess Athene.. Still think the illuminati is just a fantasy?

Then you didnt "Follow the White Rabbit!"

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posted on Jan, 6 2015 @ 12:19 PM
Wait a minute, you mean all the software all the operating systems baring 9 are Broken on Purpose?


Why would anyone do that....

Ask your congressman!

Or better yet ask Intel, the CIA, Oracle and Microsoft!

How much money, did Billy Gates the Turd make again, screwing everybody over and in contrast how much money did the original developers get trying to make a better world for everybody..

Perspective can be a real bitch!

Never fear Windows 11 is nearly here, with Sparticus (SPARTAN) as hailed by the illuminati for your next rolling release!

They did it all on purpose, it was all by design? Yeap! Zionism? Yeap! Matrix is REAL? Yeap! *Bastards* Yeap!

"ahhh Mr Anderson, we've had our eye's on you for quite some time!"

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posted on Jan, 6 2015 @ 01:40 PM
What scares me, is that there are soooo many petty rules and regulations. It wouldnt take much for a regular citizen to become a criminal. Collecting Rain water is against the law. I hope my grand kids dont get caught sticking their tongue out to catch rain drops.

I know that is a ridicules example, but it seems these ambiguous petty laws are already used against a regular person. (Like the confiscation laws, they can and do, just take your stuff) So, interpreting the law will depend on the "power trip, or agenda" of those who have put themselves in "charge" over the populace, and what they or their agencies agenda happens to be.
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posted on Jan, 6 2015 @ 02:02 PM
a reply to: misskat1

Never was a more true word spoken in Jest... The hackers are always one step ahead of the curve though, you can trust us on that.. It's HMAC ie: its the next generation of cryptographical standards, an should those be found wanting, then they can always get a free upgrade, the N.I.S.T publishes those algorithms for the world, not just for some big fat cat and his super-PC... Although it's interesting to watch how some big companies seem to fly around the security exchange commission at present... But not for long.. 35 billion in losses will bring them and there Jewish friends to heel.

Argh, they're helping terrorism and perverts, no they're not, they're giving them the finger because there breaking the Law and they know it!

Does this look like a simple operating system to grasp, like, windex, easily??

The real question is for how log the securities exchange commission will stand for it and after the EU found itself the hacking victim of Reign, oh trust me, they wont be renewing there Microsoft contract, but if the next PC I see on the shelf is nothing but Google android, then yeap, there going to have a problem as in the hacking collective, that knows there on the thieve will all scream.. No!

posted on Jan, 6 2015 @ 09:32 PM
Good luck landing eh? Thousands of foreign troops already occupy the mainland and have been training with branches of military for years now on how to efficienty take out large groups of people like you.

There is a lot of video evidence proving this

I'm at work and can't get to every source but heres a quick one I could find.

I admire your chest beating and all but I think its misplaced. You stand a snowflakes chance in hell of going up against and beating these forces. I'm NOT at all for them, quite the contrary and please don't get me wrong ( The Jesuits running it all ) but uhhhh yeah.....

.a reply to: cavtrooper7

posted on Jan, 6 2015 @ 09:50 PM
a reply to: theyknowwhoyouare

In one word and final, NOAHIDE.

posted on Jan, 7 2015 @ 12:48 AM
Without delving into the morality of either side, I'd just like to point out that technology cuts both ways, and it's not infallible–I don't think we'll ever be able to police with anything near like 100% compliance.

Police infiltrate Twitter? Twitter-using gangs use Twitter to punk police, shifting their real comms elsewhere. Police put a 24/7 "eye in the sky" on watch? Cartels hack the video feed and replace it with innocuous behavior while pulling off the ultimate heist, or do it the old-fashioned way and simply bribe whoever is doing the video that day. There is always a learning curve, of course, but no matter the countermeasures, devious minds always figure out a way to commit crime and get away with it. (Or at least *think* they can get away with it.)

And if you think about it, we have the technology today to stop successful car theft and house theft with close to 100% success. A covert tracking device on your car will get most thieves caught red-handed. (Unless they're really sophisticated and use a GPS jammer, which would be high-tech indeed.) An alarm system, bars, a big dog and a shotgun or pepper spray for the really ambitious burglars, and house robberies would be a thing of the past. These are easy and pretty cheap to implement, and can be accomplished without the government's aid. Interesting, no?

posted on Jan, 7 2015 @ 02:28 AM
a reply to: StalkerSolent

The key's to the giant pyramid of money are hidden in plain sight actually it's pretty easy to find..

Listen carefully to the words...


All very real and very well known software titles!

Why the hell do you think some jack-ass would waste 7 million in cash to run for office, the Job has it's perks, they all get rich.. In peace they profit, but in war they profit profit even more!

Georgia Guide stones.. R.C - Christian

The shell interface is called RC and Rio is located in Bohemian Grove where they secretly worship the Owl.

What Snowden stumbled upon was the very real Illuminati and exposed them for the world to see!

Go poke that in the eye's of Nicolas Cage & National Treasure...

9 - Freemasons and the Declaration of Independence!

LOL - The New World Order! - With Eric Emmerson Schmidt in the Driving Seat!

They dont want the entire public to use Plan-9 because it's a secure computer platform and if everybody was using it, there entire false economy built up around advertising and marketing would cease to exist over-night, they wouldn't make any money from selling you fake anti-virus products or fake firewall products... There entire little empire would crumble into the dust!

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posted on Jan, 7 2015 @ 05:33 AM
Welcome to the World of Information Technology, nothing but a huge Fraud from start to Finish!

You've really got to just kick back and admire the huge deal of thought that went into it!
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posted on Jan, 7 2015 @ 05:40 AM
a reply to: theyknowwhoyouare

There's a huge difference between 100% detection and 100% compliance.

Sure, the microphone network can detect a gunshot, but it cannot detect who fired the shot, which in any case is not compliance with the law, just detection of infractions of the law.

posted on Jan, 7 2015 @ 05:49 AM

posted on Jan, 7 2015 @ 05:52 AM
You have all seen Sci-Fi films like this.
1984 will see small compared to what to come.

will life be worth living with NO freedom?

posted on Jan, 7 2015 @ 12:02 PM
a reply to: wyrmboy12

You know little of what you speak I have been into conspracies since the 70s. THAT is why you are still HERE.

ONE big overt move and it would end,maybe you can't comprehend it.
How a bunch of people walk to face trouble instead of thinking of it.
Maybe you don't get the numbers or the conviction, WHATEVER. WE are the power if we would just even participate .more than 25%.
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posted on Jan, 7 2015 @ 03:03 PM

originally posted by: wyrmboy12
Good luck landing eh? Thousands of foreign troops already occupy the mainland and have been training with branches of military for years now on how to efficienty take out large groups of people like you.

There is a lot of video evidence proving this

I'm at work and can't get to every source but heres a quick one I could find.

I admire your chest beating and all but I think its misplaced. You stand a snowflakes chance in hell of going up against and beating these forces. I'm NOT at all for them, quite the contrary and please don't get me wrong ( The Jesuits running it all ) but uhhhh yeah.....

.a reply to: cavtrooper7

Well they need to just bring it on then and see whether or not there's anyone out here that has a grasp of what he's saying, don't they?

Come on, boys - off yer asses and on yer feet! Come get some!

posted on Jan, 8 2015 @ 06:55 AM
Well here's something for all to ponder if they doubt it's true, the Goddess Athene was Cursed by her sister and turned into a Giant what? ........

An it's called the World Wide what? ...

Bohemian Grove ... bears the inscription "Weaving Spiders do not Come here!"

Liberty Bell and the "Key in Silence" undetected... Passing in front of the House of ".... & Stow..."

It's not however the building housing the Liberty Bell that you should look at, you should instead turn your gaze to Bell-Laboratories where the building is a huge Pyramid structure with two pillars either side of the Cap-Stone at the top and as the Sun passes over Bell-Labs the shadow falls across the top and the windows glint with eerie light and its said that it's three feet think concrete walls cause that entire part of the complex to be so Silent, you can listen to your own heart beating in the Silence!

You see in some people's world they believe you should have no privacy or security, whilst they keep all the privacy and secrecy and collaborate amongst themselves about how they can control a giant empire of money, an only and exclusively for themselves but unfortunately that's not quite how the world works.

When the european commission was asked why they had built there new head-quarters and modeled it upon the tower of Babylon they replied, "because we shall succeed where babylon failed!" an likewise any programmer worth there salt will succeed and Babylon shall fall.
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posted on Jan, 8 2015 @ 03:48 PM
So dont delay, download your free copy of the anti-illuminati OS today...

echo garbage >dev/sdC0/nvram
echo auth/changeuser
echo auth/enable

edit your NDB Local and your authorized selectors on your local network, those that are not authorized - will automatically be ignored...

If you need stronger authentication it can e-hard coded in with Inferno & MatrixSSL then sit back and *Profit!* from some real privacy!

Did Google really think it was going somewhere with that Java-Scripted Linux *PROPRIETARY* Robotic Handset?

First we saw WAR

Then we saw Pestilance

Then there was Famine

An lastly came the Pale horse with Death sitting on him!

An lo the army from hell followed after and babylon fell....

An lastly the DEAD rose up out of there Grave!

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