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Pope Francis endorses "the beings of the universe"

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posted on Nov, 4 2014 @ 05:06 AM
The Cardinals of the Roman catholic church are especially responsible. Those are the people who have chosen pope Francis as pope. Supposedly, they knew something if not all of his plans of reforms. And they agreed on that by choosing him pope.

Although they could, there aren't any cardinals speaking now of ET reality, angels=ET or you name it. They have to do their part.
Indeed, Jesus never created the cardinalate office and that is not another sacrament beyond the bishop's ordination. The Church passed centuries history without the need of cardinalate. Still, in their today's position that no one denies to them to be rightfully obtained, they have their heavy duty to support the pope. Well, let they do it faster and better!

What use for today's world if the ET disclosure happens one month after the Chastisement of fire (call it whatever). Isn't it better to happen one month before it and to save maximum people. And even if we say there will be no chastisement (theory that I cannot buy). Even so, whole generations passed without that happening. Who needed WW2 or other unhappy events in recent history? Who needs another generation to pass by in crisis, only because certain people don't want it happen?

The pope said well. Now more people have to speak in that same mode.

Frankly, when the ET come I will not give even a cent for so called teachings of people who preferred their own narrow minded interests over and over again in history. Who didn't denounce open an loud enough the burning of Giordano Bruno for saying there are other worlds, and imprisonment of Galileo for saying the earth is rotating around the sun. Those are gross historic errors, the tip of the iceberg. The hierarchy in the 20th century was obliged to definitely reject those errors of their history. They didn't with some very little exceptions (some vague talk of John Paul II on some occasions).

If it is true we are going into Chastisement and if they know it, they will be guilty even more. They will remain in the history of survivng humanity forever as those who didn't help humanity when it needed it most.

If I have ever to vote for a Church structure, I wouldn't vote for such kind of structure and officers who betraying the flock try to escape each one individually making hideous schemes behind scene.

We are witnesses (on media) how they quarreled between each other on the Vatican Synod of Family this October.

Why didn't they instead say clearly to the flock AND TO THE WORLD the truth of the Angels in the Gospel? That Jesus talked to Angels and was helped by Angels? That books were burnt because they contained that (and other) parts of Jesus' life that were inconvenient in the Dark Ages? The Pharisees could be proud of their heritage today.

When Francis makes a difference, he is immediately called the false prophet by a bunch of fanatics. When the only rescue way for humanity (with or without chastisement) is being denied so loudly and nobody speaks of that possibility with very few exceptions. Leaders for whom not the salvation of the world, not the future of the world, but their own interests are more important.

The idea that is launched in media that pope Francis may resign before he is ill or another grave reason, may come as a wrong signal to the old guard that they could still save their powers should Francis leave. Let they know, their time is over. If Francis leaves, Malachi said, no more popes. I don't know how exactly the things will evolve. But not to aid the pope in a moment when he wants to make the difference in the big mess called "roman catholic church" means to betray him, the successor of Peter. I leave that open ended and it is definitely not I who will decide that.

Without knowing for certain what lies ahead of humanity, a planetary disaster or an era of peace, I can say for certain the evil leaders will lose any power the moment the ET appear in the public contact. It will be the end for them. And the more clever of them know it. Perhaps some of them pack their bags for shelters or other locations when they will lose their reign, one way or another. I pray that moment comes now, not after another 3 years. (they may want to stick it to 1917-2017 if they play some illuminati plan with dates).

The antichrist could appear only when the Gospel is being brought to the "Ends of the Universe". And those are words of Jesus just before He Ascended. Words that were deceitfully changed thru centuries into words less and less significant: "world", "earth". No, the universe doesn't end at China and South America, because otherwise Jesus would have come by now. How is possible many good people to be so uninformed in the information age and to hold pre-Galileo beliefs, I don't know. Thanks God they are not majority.
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posted on Nov, 5 2014 @ 03:54 AM
After the historic move of pope Francis to acknowledge the existence of the "beings of the Universe", let the Catholic church find moral strength to declassify the already leaked online diary of St John 23.

He allegedly met with extraterrestrials at least once in the presence of cardinal Capovilla. Separately, he had visions of ET restoring the earth after nuclear war, together with visions of the Madonna.

St John 23 had a contact of 3rd kind when a saucer landed in the garden of Castel Gandolfo and the humanoid ET who came out of it had a private talk with the pope.

On another occasion, George Adamski, alleged ET contactee, visited John 23 shortly before his death in the papal palace. Allegedly Adamski brought a package of ET origin, a cup with healing liquid, that John 23 thanked for but refused to drink and be cured.

All of that and more is freely available online, and I quoted the exact sources in my thread about St John 23.

posted on Oct, 17 2016 @ 06:35 AM
With the recent Wikileaks release of Podesta emails with Dr Edgar Mitchel, astronaut and moon walker, about the possibility of ET contact, the idea of pope Francis to endorse that gets a much bigger significance and real life dimensions.

posted on Oct, 17 2016 @ 07:45 AM
the thing that pisses me off about this is that they are willing to adopt evolution and science into their religious view of the world but refuse to update and evolve their understanding of a religion which is set in stone

if they acknowledge that the human experience and understanding of the universe which god created is continually in flux then so too should our human understanding of religion!

we arent using science text books that are 3000 years old so why stick to a book written so long ago with only a snap shot of what religion meant to humans then!

its completely different!

posted on Oct, 17 2016 @ 02:03 PM
a reply to: sapien82

The idea here is, of course, that when you have something that seems to explain things to your satisfaction, you don't throw it away just because it has reached a certain age.

And science has said many things about how things work, but precious little about why, apart from a certain vague hint about there being no "why" in the first place.

we arent using science text books that are 3000 years old

I can agree that the text books are perhaps upgraded, sometimes more succesfully than others, but a lot of the principles and a lot of the knowledge seems to be hanging in there still. Even if most of it isn't 3000 years old.

To pick one at random, a lot of people involved in things more or less scientific seems to be awfully attached to a principle attributed to a certain Fransiscan munk who lived in Ockham, England in the Dark Ages. Even on this forum his principle is much quoted, if not always verbatim.

I guess if it works you don't change it.
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posted on Oct, 17 2016 @ 02:07 PM
Double post of astounding weirdness...
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