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So... Do You Remember?

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posted on Oct, 23 2014 @ 03:10 PM

originally posted by: rukia
perhaps some of us remember our purpose for being born...

Can you elaborate on why think this might be true?

I'm just curious, I've been studying this subject for some time now.

I have reached the point where I am convinced that our purpose is extremely important.

Why do so few ever connect with it?

This is just a couple of quotes I have come across:

My children, certainly, would be gravely harmed by my suicide. I was given a glimpse of their future, not the events of their lives but rather energy, and the character that their lives would have. By abandoning my earthly responsibilities, I would influence my children, my oldest son in particular, to make choices that would lead him away from his divine purpose. Before Alex was born, I was told, he had agreed to perform specific tasks during his life on earth. His duty was not revealed to me, but I felt the energy that his life would have up until his young adult years.

I was told that my children were great and powerful spirits and that up to this point in my life, I had not deserved them. I caught a glimpse of how deeply God loves my boys, and how, with my callous disregard for their welfare, I was tampering with the sacred will of God.

Angie Fenimores NDE

We all have scroll prepared by God before we were conceived in our mother’s womb. It’s important we discover what is written on it so we can walk in it and fulfil our Testimony; for it is on this that we will be judged and rewarded. At the end of this life Jesus will compare what we have done with what we should have done with our lives. We have a lifetime to discover what is on our scroll and work it out and achieve it.

Your Scroll and Testimony ~ The Testimony of Your Scroll MP3

In early morning prayer, Jesus dressed in a white long gown and embraced by a very bright light appeared before me and said the following to me: "Before we were born in the world, all of us were given a special mission by God."

Rev. Joshua Do Shick Joe

God is Love. That is His very nature. It was what caused Him to create the universe and to create every one of us. And Love wants the best; God wants the best for us, for each of us. He knows what the best is for each of us, that best is already written on a scroll, if you read Psalm 139 it says that He knew you before you were even born. Already on that scroll in heaven your whole life is set out, His will for your life, and He wants to reveal it to you. He wants you to know the best. Truth

posted on Oct, 23 2014 @ 03:18 PM

originally posted by: EveStreet
Past lives and/or another existence? .

I remember the death of my life just before this one. I was a child in London during WWII and I died in a Nazi air raid. I have had recurring dreams about being on the playground and hearing the sirens and my mother ( at that time) and her friends saying to ignore the sirens because nothing ever happened. I remember the style clothing they had on and everything. I was on a piece of playground equipment and everything blew up and I died.

Recurring dreams of this since I was a small child.

posted on Oct, 24 2014 @ 07:54 PM
I have been able to research and visit a past life.

I was killed in a hurricane in New England in 1938. I had gone to my family's beach house on a September day with my sister, house keeper, and mother and sister-in-law. We survived the first part of the hurricane, but the second phase came along after the eye passed and that's when the house was obliterated. We all died. A lot of people died in that storm.

My brother lost almost his entire family that day---and was left with one brother who had been out of town. My brother never quite recovered from this event. It would destroy his life. The town that we lived in we practically owned--as we had several factories there and dairy farms. The town would go into decline because my brother moved after a while and closed down his businesses. The pain was just too great for him. It became an abandoned town for a while.

I have visited the town. I have visited my grave. I even have my college records! I have pictures of myself and my family.

I've written a book about it and hope to have it published soon.

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