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I might be making a Religion

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posted on Oct, 17 2014 @ 08:44 PM
a reply to: AnuTyr

"I might be making my "own" religion"

Yes..... you are just like everyone else on the planet.The amalgamation of all of your experiences form your belief in faith of "your" Belief System(BS) religion...and just like everyone elses BS religion yours is false also... albeit much more filled with fantasy.Best of luck getting anyone to "believe your BS because they can only "believe" "their own BS.That's the way the world works.

posted on Oct, 17 2014 @ 08:47 PM
a reply to: AnuTyr

I just threw the harm thing in as a precaution. Likely no one will never figure out what i just pointed to but just in case it is important to note that once you prepare your body for lets call it travel to get a more in depth look at what you saw then at that point you can reach out and physicaly touch them but they can also touch you. You struck the right cord for me in the description of what they travel in. If viewed in the right light it is a sphinx. I was watching pinkfloyd and noticed that they also seen the sphinx as the one building the bricks for the wall of perception. I enjoy reading you and wifi much.

posted on Oct, 17 2014 @ 09:21 PM
a reply to: deadeyedick

thank you for your kind words
Yes they are very similar to a sphinx. Sort of like a bridge from the blissful ignorant world of youthful knowledge into the steeps of the netherealm. Travelling the duat in their boats fueled by the eternal fire of Akers light.

There is a depiction of what you described in artwork i saw recently. It was from a thread way back in 2010.

My experience is pretty horrorfying yes and im glad there are still people out there who would look past it and see something greater is happening and has been brewing for centries for all this build up to finally reach a climax.

We don't have just our own clocks and calanders we set for agendas, the planets and stars have agendas too. Just like how when the Earth decides the plates need to shift it will happen. With all the activity happening on Earth right now. We would need something short of a miracle to save us from annihlation. Knowing that there are *lifeboats* *anchored* around our planet in case of such an emergancy should be somewhat reassuring for people.

Everyone has their own path tho, And there are other aliens out there besides these ones abducting people and setting up contact. These guys are not exactly well known and are elusive, often contradicted for being spirits or poltergiests/demons. So are obviously not a first choice for anyone who has no idea what they are.
But if you want something protecting you, i would suggest picking them as it would be hard to oppose them. Such as protecting us from other E.T like they have been for thousands of years during our development. But people in the passed just thought they were demons and witches, so how could they of elivated humanity when all humanity has done is condemn them? Sounds kinda like a familar story about a certain fallen humanity if you think about it. How they turned from God. Of course i have no idea if the 2 are related from scripture or not but all i know is if you want an exit plan. get in good standing with these entities and you will have the protective canines and felines watching your doorstep.

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posted on Oct, 18 2014 @ 12:42 PM
a reply to: AnuTyr

posted on Oct, 19 2014 @ 10:27 AM
a reply to: AnuTyr

All I can say is good luck.

There are many people who started their own religion. But hey, at least you got aliens to protect you. Now the question is this, these aliens, do you know whether they are good or bad? What criteria do you use in judging their honesty and integrity? If you tell me that's what they tell you, then how do you know they are being truthful to you?

And how do you know they are really aliens, they could be manifested demons who are playing a game on you. How do you know?

posted on Oct, 20 2014 @ 05:17 AM
a reply to: WarminIndy

Well i havn't been hurt by them or grabbed, The most that has happened is the experiences themselves being displays of bizzar abilities.

You can't know if they are good or bad, But i'v never had any of the Abductions physically happening to me.

It did exactly what i wanted it to. Showed me what it was, what it can do and why they are here. Legend has it you have to invite them inside in order for them to come in. But it can do pretty much what ever it wants. The difference between this and descriptions of other E.T is you can't shoot them.

Sometimes they will just stand there and let you shoot them to no effect. It's kinda brought upon them tho the moment they pick up a gun they are asking for a negative encounter. Any stories we here about this no one is ever hurt. Only as far as Animal and cattle mutilations. I never saw any mutiliations but i know they do it from sources in the web. Crop circles, they have the ability to move incredibly fast. Demons don't fly around in ships. They hide in tombs and abandoned houses lol im just steriotyping.
I believe poltergiests exist and so do spirits but this is neither and if can be described is like both a spirit and a living entity at the same time. Since spirits are forms of consious animated matter like heavy electrons ect (I have no real clue what the actual particle is i just know is created when charges collide in the brain) These beings are made of somewhat the same process that a spirit is forged only the substance is chosen within an isolated chamber that extracts the mass and energy from the body and memory and with a special computer rearanges the mass under the pressures of a stable artifical black hole. Since the recipe is very specific, non nessisary particles that would otherwise get tossed into the alchemy pot would corrupt the desired product so this technology in order to create nano anti-mass would need to be something that will redefine how the way physicists believe the universe operates. I am just guessing all that but its pretty obvious they are non-solid beings as they can physically shapeshift and change into different states of mass. It's as if they are a living image. Like they take the image they want and display it. Because to my understand they are made of tiny dots that are all interacting with each other but each dot is consious, They appear blacker than black can be so that is where the association of black matter comes from. Besides the fact they can teleport and absorb kenetic blows to null effect.

I imagine if you hit one of these things with a car, it would either dematerialize through the car or will send the car flying off the road as a sort of immovable object, Since density of black matter is considered the universes true *Daimond* But acts as lubercation for physical mass as well as an sort of substance that creates type of ocean consisting of particles that are neither of the 4 states of matter, Liquid gas solid energy but exists as a 5th state which is non-interacting *Invisible* Until viewed in greater surface area. Like we view the nightsky from space. you can't exactly cut it apart or destroy it through conventional means. But like i said in all honest i have no idea. But the ability of the ship to *skip* across the sky as if cutting the distance time by phasing in and out of *reality*.
You would need some serious technology to beable to display that much energy.

It costs a lot of energy to open a worm hole and even more energy guiding it in other directions besides a straight line.
Good or bad that's not really something you would want to be against. Because the ability to rapidly teleport puts aircraft at a weekness.

That means such ships can dodge attacks and appear as a sort of *shadow steping*

Like in world of warcraft with rogues ability shadow step. Shadow step lets the rogue teleport behind the opponent with no chance of dodging. Their crafts can cloak, but pretty sure most crafts can cloak. I know that humans are working on cloaking technology so it can't be to unique among visiting species.

I just know that they fit the bill for the description of *Underworld* And knowing mythology from the around the world.
There are legends of entities and statues that would in all reference would be pointing to these guys in my belief they are guardians of the under world. like the 2 lions that sit at the entrences of doorways.

The second experience i had with these beings is summoning one on a school feild in front of 2 other friends. The first friend was not there during that time as he lives downtown and i did this about a block away from my house. I live close to an elementary school lol. We were watching a meteor shower. We heard some weird whistle come from the woods beyond the soccer/baseball feild. I did a mimic of the whistle then it whistled back. It was 1:40 am or something so i thought maybe it was a person messing with us or a sasquatch. But i had a feeling it could of been the aliens i saw prior almost exactly 12 months ago a week from the same day. I decided to shout some biblical crap. Lol, I am not claiming to be this character but at the time it felt appropriate. I said * I AM YAHWEH MAKE YOUR PRESENCE KNOWN TO US* I don't know why i said that, i wasn't even entirely sure what a Yahweh was but looking back on it now i don't know what to think about it. I saw this video of this guy who calls himself prophet Yahweh and summons ufos but i said the prayer wrong. Oh well But 2-3 minutes later this shifty looking black rainbow smokey cloud thing appears directly in front of me. It was clear outside and was a full moon, the silver glow bathing the trees and grass glinting with its beam.

I was standing up and staring out the feild so its not like it just walked up and suddenly appeared in my vision. This being appeared as if behind an invisible pole like cartoon characters.

Both my friends are laying on the ground beside me and im standing in the middle of them well they were looking in the sky for the meteor shower and thats when i say here guys don't freak out... look. And they were both on their feet backaway saying stuff like ITS A WILD ANIMAL, that thing snuck up on us! WHAT THE !@#$ is that? IM OUTA HERE lol Then they ran away. Well the melding mass that hung low to the ground was making its way towards the right side. It looked like a camoed out fox but its shape wasn't even totally reconizable because patches of grass were showing thru the otherside and being replaced by greish black fur and tinging on a gasoline color then melding back out again it was really cool looking. I ran and cought up with my friends then shouted at them HEY GUYS. Do you realize what i said back there, Then my one friend looked all wide eyed well the girl that was with us was creeped out and wanted to go home. She asked us to walk her back so we did. Me and my buddy went back tho. repeated and heard electric zaps appearing from different places over thefeildandtrees

Maybe the name Yahweh prevoked it to come? I don't know but iv kept these details secret for a while because at the time i didnt know i was claiming to be God hahaha but now that i know i keep that to myself. You know i never wanted any part of society until i had my experiences.
I am just a man i am not a God. I was born just like the rest of you. But i guess i accept my paranormal destinydundun

posted on Oct, 20 2014 @ 05:39 AM
maybe telling that part of the encounter is not such a good idea but whatever. Iv already claimed E.T contact, i don't think throwing in those details will strech it beyond any more believable than it already is. So take it for what it is i guess aliens respond to biblical names and other crap like that because the oppertunity presents itself?

I'v got paradolia and think i'm the Sphinx cuz the face looks like mine when i look at it. I guess my view point on reality is a little abnormal. And my experiences have kinda put a messiah complex impression on me even tho i never actually thought i was or think i am. It's just all really kinda hilarious in the sense how everything is playing out. I guess i might i guess i might not i don't know. But its worth making a religion over hahahaha Since it's something that presented itself into my life peice by peice. basically i can only make the same promise anyone else would should anything interesting happen. As in if i were to get a spaceship somehow i would use it to help humanity and defend it. But i'm not entirely sure where i parked my saucer hahahah if i have one.

rest assured if i figure out something cool humanity will be the first to benifit from it. As is right now my life is relatively chill, but all of this has given me a purpose in life. Before i felt like i lacked purpose and if i died it would have little effect on the world and thus the universe. Now i feel like we actually have a fighting chance in surviving any cataklysm. There has to be other E.T out there besides these guys so i guess people have options as to who they go to. I'v always wanted to be a warewolf, But i guess space warebeasts are cooler lol. I don't want your money people. I don't want to be worshipped ( Unless i convert into an immortal shapeshifter, in that case i would require everyone to kneel to KING SHAPESHIFTA!! jokes, But im being totally serious) As a human I have no superpowers. I can die just like anyone else here can. But the moment that becoming immortal presents itself to me i will seize it. And THEN humanity can have a reason for worshipping something or w.e. Just total submission to the master plan of rebuilding my army. (Already thinking of live action starcraft) But that's just me over analyzing things all considered lol. I know just as well that this all could be some elaborate *Joke* but to me the coincidences start to get erie when there becomes to many to say it's all just by chance. I can't cure your dog or your sick grandmother so im not Jesus. it's just weird an E.T came when i said the YHWH trademark.

Whatever it is what is. And im not ready to accept that i'm God because the mundane truth is i bleed and get hurt. Was born of a woman, and can't turn water into wine or any of that other garbage. So whoever i am. Is that not dude. As i am me. And that dude was that guy who did that thing on a cross. And that was not me. lol. I am just here now i guess in the 21st centry? Just like every one of you. My mom gave me a really long name. So i guess i have that. And im living on a planet thats orbiting a sun caught in the gravity of massive black hole called a galaxy. I don't know much about this God buisness i just seriously doubt im the cause of all of its existance. Because that's arrogrant annoying and pretty insain. And im already crossing a bunch of lines here.

Im 23 years old so i'm allow to be a little out of it and *creative* i suppose but my experiences are literally how described them to you, i didnt fudge them at all. IT is what is, but since they respond to gods name im assuming they are benevolent. And when say say God or Jesus or w.e and tell them to leave they do. So they must be associated with the creator that's where my logic draws that line.

lmao thought of this album

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posted on Oct, 20 2014 @ 07:55 AM

originally posted by: AnuTyr
a reply to: Prezbo369
i wasn't being serious about the powers lol that's why i worded it the way i did. uhhh powers? Well if you consider getting a specific E.Ts attention to be a super power it's a pretty mundane power, It's not even a power its because of a couple factors.

Alright then, your claimed 'ability' to bring forth extraterrestrial creatures....

We only accept results that are signifigant to our beliefs.

You might, but other people go where the evidence leads them.

Its not hard to encounter E.T. Just go places tell you not to go and you will find them.

What like caves, old wells etc?

If someone has some legend about some shapeshifting creature living nearby. It's probably a good place to start looking.

Specifically that kind of myth?

I live in a Town that has Transformers/shapeshifters written into their creation mythology.

.....your town has creation mythology? where roughly do you live? the US? if so do you mean the native americans had such mythology?

If you don't like a nice si-fi story ( since you are a harsh skeptic you won't view as anything else but) then why are you attacking me.

I'm not attacking you.....don't play the victim, i'm attacking your claims.

I love sci-fi and I want claims such as your to be true, more than you could know.

I was clearly saying that anyone can make contact with these entities. I was saying that there is nothing special about me, that i just am. I'm a person who had some stange experiences with other people and during my experiences i saw technology and some supernatural abilities. I scoured the internet but the linking attributes i witnessed were not matching up with the lore regurgitated on the web. I don't know of any religion, organization hell even species of E.T like this that are written about in detail. Most people just think these are demons or poltergiests when they encounter them because they don't always see a craft or UFOs before the initial encounter.

You're just someone that's managed to contact intelligent extraterrestrial life (without leaving your hometown no less) that hasn't been recorded in any detail, even in this day of the internet and people making constant (if flimsy) claims...

If you are truely skeptical of the supernatural then you won't see the connections because you will be blindsided by your stubern perception that only narrowly allows acceptance through what ever outlets are open.

So they're not only intelligent extraterrestrial shapeshifting life forms, but their also supernatural? they also have connections to Atlantis?

And im not a channeller. I can't have aliens speak through me and i don't communicate with a voice in my head that in such a case would be a *person* on another planet or something. Maybe that stuff exists maybe it doesn't I don't know.

Yeah that would just be silly.

Now if i just show up in front of people and start calling these things down in front of cameras i'm pretty a lot of these fanatics won't be to happy.

So what? your alien comrades would surely help out even if these fanatics got made after the fact.

Also i don't feel like making friends with a padded room, I don't feel like being persicuted for my beliefs which is why i made the reference to the stake and the cross because that is the mobs mentality of persicution.

Why would you be committed to a mental institution if you just demonstrated (on camera) the existence of intelligent aliens on earth? And how is this your belief? you claim these things exist so surely it's knowledge?

In reality i would just have pills crammed down my throat even tho i don't suffer from auditoral or visual hallucinations. So if you can understand my plight dear sir/miss i have my reasons for not trusting society.

Sorry no I do not understand, this seems like a weak excuse considering you could do this anonymously.

As for the aliens having time on their hands, They are pretty close to being immortal. So i guess they have all the time they could possibly need. The question is Why would something with intergalatic space travel linger around earth for hundreds of thousands of years? Because these entities can be traced back through history since the dawn of time (Human time). In cave paintings ect.

Haven't you asked these immortal, shapeshifting, supernatural, intelligent extraterrestrial life forms why?

i'm not the wizard of Oz i don't know where you live or who you are. So bringing an E.T to you would be somewhat difficult on my part because 1. I have to get their attention 2. Have to call them down. 3. then ask them to show up at your place ( i would need visual memories of the location but of course i don't, aliens can't read google maps)
4. It's inconvinent for them to come to me to come to you and is not nessisary at all.

Supernatural, shape shifting aliens would need to use google maps.......but are unable....see its things like this that make your claims anemic.

That's the point of a religion, you need faith in order for the signs to come. Or at the very least some commitment in seeking answers besides questioning people on the internet. Go out there and try some of this yourself.

Faith isnt a good thing, its believing claims for no good reason, its gullibility. Which is just as well considering how camera shy they are.

Like I said, I want such fantastical things to exist, but claims like this just sink in amongst the thousand of other poorly thought out claims being made every single day. You have to present something other than just your word.

posted on Oct, 20 2014 @ 01:54 PM
a reply to: AnuTyr

posted on Oct, 20 2014 @ 03:32 PM
a reply to: Prezbo369

Il admit this isn't the first time iv been here.

Iv been withholding this information because i don't want to break T and C but since this will aid in well guess having some sort of an aliby. I made that thread in 2012.

And here is something i made in 2009 2 days after my initial experience.

Heres a question i posted on Yahoo answers trying to find some answers as to what i saw and experienced but people just laughed at me hahahaha i don't care tho.

I think you are a good person and your question were legit questions as you do seem curious in my claims.
Well like i said i have flimsy evidence at best but i DO have evidence non the less. If you were to come here you could speak to witnesses of such claims face to face. Which is why a lot of people in my town know i can call these things down and why people somewhat avoid me because they don't want to be be stalked by pitch black shapeshifting entities.

i just woke up so im going to go through your questions as best as i can. But i hope that these 2 links here can help build up some credibility as iv held these experiences in the public view for approx 5 years and havn't changed my story around.

It happened exactly how i described it with a few minor details i left out in the recounting i did in this thread but non the less all the elements are there.

I hope you enjoy it because as you mentioned you want this stuff to be real, It is. 100%.
I am being 100% commited to E.T because as i mentioned before it give me a purpose and fills the emptyness inside me with meaning. That's what purpose does. My intiation into the unknown occured when i turned 18, im 23 now so my first experience was 5 years ago. I still remeber it like it was yesterday. Kinda hard to forget seeing an alien when society has to struggle to prove their existance.
I didn't film or capture any photos because i was afraid of offending something that may have the potencial to render the recording mechanisms obsolete anyways.

I figured it could mess with the recording if we tried and all we would be doing is pissing it off. They want to be see, not be analyzed by the masses on the media. That time will come but it wasn't meant to happen in 2009 i believe. This occured in the summer in july so its just a little over 5 years now.

Im trying to go thru your questions but im a little groggy. Il post the creation myth in my next reply because it's a little long but it is rather interesting. It has to do with the survivors of the flood and of course the Thunderbird and some shapeshifters that assist the Thunderbird in building society for the native american people by aiding in new child births. Which is quite odd considering the possibility of it abducting a baby. The similarties are very strange. As the Transformers ask the man called * The First One* to wait outside, So he didn't see his wife giving birth, He only saw the baby after it was delivered. The weird thing is they go and gather a bunch of materials, Similar to that of the pheonix myth in Greece and Egypt where the pheonix gathers natural objects in order to build a nest to rebirth. I wasn't born in this town i just live here. I move from Ontatio to British Columbia when i was 11 years old. So iv been here for half my life.

As for the Atlantis claim, i wouldn't be surprised. A giant sphinx object lingering among ruins of pyramids. I believe those are remnants of the civilization that created Atlantis, And could of been created before or after the cataklysm. All i know is it was over 10,000 years ago and beyond.

I was quite a skeptic myself of religion before my first experience. I didn't believe in God in the traditonal sense i always thought some higher intelligence created us. I wanted to believe it so bad, it the time i was losing faith in humanity and believed that we would all face extermination by our own hand. It wasn't until i confronted something that isn't even flesh and blood that my viewpoint of one world government changed. I know these entities are not greys because they lack eyes. They can only make the distinction of eyes through light. So from myths legends and eye witness testimony these beings can appear with glowing eyes such as red yellow white blue green orange and of course black ( featureless) it is within context to call them living images because they shapeshift into various forms or images but are animated with animals or man animal crosses as being their primary forms they choose. I don't know if they can turn into mail boxs or w.e iv never seen them into into inanimate objects before all the forms i saw were animal like, all of them beasts- mamilian such as felines canines, ape-like, and humanlike. I imagine they can take the forms of horses, goats, rams, sheep, deer, moose elk, Birds Anything really. Sometimes non-existant of mythical creatures like black unicorns, Gryphons such as lions or wolves with wings that fly ( Hey people see them, my family saw something described as a *Griffon* streak across the highway road. They wernt sure what it was but said it had the body of a bipedal creature with wings that could fly. lol i didn't see it myself but my family saw it on the day before last halloween.

Would be cool if we humans could have these abilities. People could take the shape of their iconic animal figures. We could jump off a mountain and shapeshift into a form that can fly, we could shapeshift into an aquatic animal in order to swim with speed. We could shapeshift into a canine or feline for agile travel on foot.

I think if we had the possibility of going towards this spiritual path of supernatural origin we could escape the whole cloning thing that is said to soon plague humanity as humanity seeks a method of transformation the likely candidate of the masses is cyborgs and genetic manipulation, Cloning i think if there was a time to start showing their presence it would be now. When our society needs it the most before we corrupt ourselves through out presuit of longevity and immunity to disease, as well as a manufactured method of reincarnation such as cloning. We can go towards a better path, A more sacred path where the power of the flesh is left behind for the power of the spirit. For spirit conquers the flesh as spirit is what controls the flesh. If we go for this android future we will be living for the flesh and not for the spirit.

We would have to leave emotions behind in such a case as machines have no emotions.
But with spirit we can keep all of those things that make us human. Without sacrifising our needs of longevity and our needs of preservation. When scientists achieve the destiny that our bretherin in space have we will know where our origins lay. This will become a splitting issue in society, Transhumanists will have to choose between becoming nuts and bolts or becoming forged in the infinite fire through spirit.

I honestly have no idea tho, But i want these gifts for us to be real. Religion has been hinting towards these things for quite some time so i have my faith in that the only reason why we still exist on this planet is because these beings are protecting it. And would require a massive invasion force to stop. or a world wide cataklysm where they would be preocupied with saving people, To busy to fight off the invaders.

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posted on Oct, 20 2014 @ 04:48 PM
Squamish History

Oral history

Squamish oral history traces back to "founding fathers" of their people. An aged-informat of the Squamish people named Mel̓ḵw’s, said to be over 100 years old, was interviewed by Charles Hill-Tout in 1897. He recited oral history on the origins of the world, and talked about how "water was everywhere". But the tops of the mountains came out of the sea and land was formed. The first man to appear was named "X̱i7lánexw".[1] He was given a wife, an adze, and a salmon trap. X̱i7lánexw and his wife populated the land and the Squamish descend from these ancestors. Dominic Charlie told a similar story in 1965 about the origins of his people.[2]

Their oral history talks about the Great Flood also. In a story said to happen at Chʼiyáḵmesh (which is where the name of the Cheakamus River comes from), in the Squamish Valley, a man who survived the flood was walking down the river, feeling depressed about the loss of his people from the flood. Then the Thunderbird helped him and gave him food. He continued down the river, with his food gathered by the Thunderbird, when the Thunderbird told him where to stay, and that he would give him a wife. That is where the people of Chʼiyáḵmesh came from.[3][4] In another story of the first ancestors, two men first appeared at Chekw’élhp and Sch’enḵ,[5][6] located at what is now known as Gibsons, British Columbia. The first man to appear here was Tseḵanchtn, then the second man appeared named Sx̱eláltn. The people repopulated the land with large families and many Squamish people claim descent from these ancestors.[7]


A central part of Sḵwx̱wú7mesh history in their oral culture is the stories of supernatural deities often called The Transformers. These Transformers, were three brothers, sent by the Creator or keke7nex siyam. These three beings had supernatural powers, often using them to "transform" individuals into creatures, stone figures, or other supernatural event.

The First One

In a story told by Dominic Charlie in 1965, he related about the first origins of his people.[2] Their very first ancestor was a man named X̱i7lánexw , translated as The First One. He was born in a village near Squamish, British Columbia. X̱i7lánexw did not know that his wife was with child, but he knew that someone or something was coming. He knew of something coming because of a bird that goes ahead of three supernatural men. These three men, called the Transformers, told the Rave, "You go tell everybody we are coming." The first man understand the bird and he responded by getting ready with his canoe. Near the mouth of the Cheakamus River, is a small mountain, and a little bay that fit his canoe. He tied his canoe here and took out his pole, a long shaft used to pull along the river. He put moss around the pole, then placed the pole down. So when the fish touch the pole, their slime was wiped on the moss. He knew that the Transformers were coming further down river. He grabbed the pole and waited for a fish to touch it, then would pull out the pole and see where the salmon touched. He took the slime and put it in a wooden plate and put his pole down again. Then he heard the three brothers coming.

The Transformer brothers also knew where he was, but he didn't look and just held his pole steady. The brothers came and landed on the side of the canoe. They asked the man, "What are you doing?" He responded, "Oh, you are my grandchildren. Oh this here, this is my food that I am going to feed you with." He tells the three men, "I have a house right here, right there in that little bay. You bring your canoe over and come up ashore." He pulled up his pole and had a lot of the moss ready. In the house, he had a big fire ready and a mountain of rock underneath, already hot. He took some sticks and grabbed the hot rocks and put them in a bowl that was filled with water. When the rocks were dropped in, the water began to boil. He took the boiling water and placed the moss inside and then made soup. The tells the men to have a seat on his bench with his big hyu7kem plate. This was the first hyu7kem plate made because he knew these men were coming. It made this plate really fancy, and fed them with three Mountain Goat horn spoons. The three men ate the moss.

His wife was always rolling around in pain, and X̱i7lánexw says to the men, whom he called his grandchildren, "I don't know what is wrong with my wife grandchildren. The lead man knew what was wrong, for he was the great Transformer. He knows she is going to have a baby. He tells his two other brothers, "You fellows go across and get that tree bark, those green trees over there." He scraped off the bark and then asked X̱i7lánexw if he had a bowl plate and told him to put three rocks in to boil the water. They took the bark of the willow tree, then gave it to the woman to drink. The lead brother told his younger brothers, "You better take your grandfather outside", which they did while the oldest brother stayed with X̱i7lánexw 's wife. Not long after, they heard a baby's cry. He fixed the baby up and taught the woman how to take care of it, and told him about the medicine. He told the man that when he came him, that he had a baby boy. The first baby was a boy, and the next a girl. These two grew up together and married each other. The next baby was a girl, then a boy, and these did the same. This is where all the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh came from.

The Defiant One
Main article: Siwash Rock

The most well known story is of Slhx̱i7lsh or Siwash Rock. The story passed down tells of a men committed to his marriage, trained for the coming of his future child by taking morning swims in the water near Ambleside Park in what is now West Vancouver. During his lap returning, the Transformers in their canoe blocked his passage. They told him he had to move and that he could not pass, but his determination told him he would do what he must for his wife and future child. The Transformers were amazed at his defiance of them as the emissaries of the Great Spirit, and decided upon his fate. He would be transformed into the rock outcropping for all future generations to remember his sacrifice for cleanliness and fatherhood. His wife was also transformed into a rock, which is nearby Siwash Rock.

The Two Sisters
Main article: The Lions (Peaks)

A story tells about two sister who were daughters of a highly respected siyam or leader in the people. This siyam was at war with a northern people. But the two daughters convinced him to end the war with the northern people. The Transformers seen this act of selflessness and transformed them into two sister mountains for the people to remember their deed. These two mountains are the Lions of Vancouver.

Theres also a story about a dragonslayer as well. You can read the rest in the wiki link or find articles online with better detail into these creation myths.
But reminicent of Atlantis? Ancient flood? Sounds like some biblical story we are all familiar with. lol.

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posted on Oct, 20 2014 @ 05:05 PM
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hahahhaha i love yah wifi hahahahaha i laughed so hard when i saw this.

And nice song
as for the previous video you posted i saw the giver and read the book in middle school.
It was actually a school assignment to read it in the canadian education system. Its funny its like they want us to know about our facists future coming lol.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

posted on Oct, 25 2014 @ 01:22 PM
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posted on Jun, 26 2015 @ 05:48 AM
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A shadow man put poison in my mouth. I though I was going to die at the time, but my writing seems to have improved since.

Funny that. I misspelled writing as riting. Rite. Riting. Spell. Spelling.

posted on Jun, 26 2015 @ 05:59 AM

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Cool story bro. Let's see how long it lasts.

I agree. It just needs more dragons.

posted on Jul, 3 2015 @ 09:38 AM
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I'm intrested.. After synching my Firefox bookmarks, I lost everything linking back to any of your posts, damn I nearly went insane trying to find them again.
Anyway now that I have found it once again, I don't think I'll ever loose it.
Anyway I hope you can pm me some contact email, or IRC channel where you usually hangout since there's a lot I want to discuss with u overtime.
Thanks in advance.

posted on Jul, 4 2015 @ 08:24 PM
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Have you started this new religion yet?, i might want to join now.

posted on Jul, 8 2015 @ 03:27 PM
I havn't started yet. Havn't found enough humans to do this. But now that you ask il go about this as Legitly as possible.

Should i start with a facebook page? lol

Write a bible?

And making humans fight each other is lame. This religion will be different. The only war humans should be fighting is against Alien invaders that seek our total destruction. Not fighting for *God* In other lands. But since war exists, as well as corruption. It is what society will do until the direction is changed.

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