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I might be making a Religion

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posted on Oct, 16 2014 @ 07:46 PM
a reply to: deadeyedick

The universe is huge and consiousness goes to great lengths for self preservation.

It may be that what created us does not have a home anymore, Once a species outlive a planet all you can do is roam space nomadically from galaxy to galaxy trying to find peace and seek greater answers to the mysteries of life.

Even when all this technology becomes available to humans we still won't know what exist in the universe with certaintly. So The adventure in its happy and sad time continues as echos of the passed manifest from place to place. With species that should of died had they not gained the ability to travel the stars.

Consiousness is the only outlet for mass to escape the transient stages that resets information such as the concept of Oblivion.
Since mass contains energy, and we consume food in order to replenish dead and decaying mass, almost every cell in our body is replaced by existing matter from the outside world several times in our life. So if consiousness wasn't a mechism of intent for mass to escape demise i don't know what else is.

Ores just don't smelt themselves and power grids don't just form from non-manipulated mass. Consiousness is what causes the most rapid shifts in elemental and molecular substances into varying compounds. And it's never by accident.
Life produces copies of itself, Converting non-animate mass into animate mass.

The universe has always held the energy needed to spawn life, And there is plenty of *intent* for mass to leave at least some shred of a *memory* behind. I'v said this before, We are the mind soul and body of Earth. What ever history we carry from here on will always have Earth in mind. If we escape our own demise and the demise of the planet itself we will be the only living enbodyment able to recreate our reflected memory of Earth, The materials gathered here the stories and lore, knowledge. On this little blue dot, viewed from space seems like nothing much is going on. But we all know what its like here living on the surface. We have definitions of good and evil because we understand pain and loss, unjust action as well as kindness and compasion, we experience things such as tyrany and war. We see loved ones pass on. It's not easy wondering why mass is always in transition. But that is the way of the universe, Everything shifts. Everything moves on, albite sometimes takes a very long time. But the gears of the stars are turning well the planets are spinning.

We can't have the answers for the entire universe because there is simply to much that is unexplored.
But the least we can do is do what consiousness was meant to do and that is preserve and spread.

posted on Oct, 16 2014 @ 07:55 PM
a reply to: AnuTyr
gotta love metallica!

What you are calling the universe is just another planet that has no stars in the sky. Realitive size is the key factor.

posted on Oct, 16 2014 @ 10:14 PM
The universe is alive, but it is striving to become more wise. That wisdom is the transformation of darkness into Light. The Alpha and Omega, The Eternal and Infinite Light reveals itself through the darkness as the darkness becomes aware of its true nature (generosity/spirit rather than selfishness/ego). Jesus Christ taught selfless love and that is why he is a good example of what it means to be "The Light of The World".

We are also "The Light of The World" and Jesus taught us to do good deeds and our light will shine and it will Glorify our Father in Heaven. Also: The kingdom of heaven is within you, but it is important to make sure that the light within you is not actually darkness.

Agape - Selfless Love - Generosity

May the eternal Light continue to shine through all existence as all existence gains more wisdom about its true nature which leads to peace.

posted on Oct, 17 2014 @ 07:05 AM

originally posted by: AnuTyr
a reply to: Prezbo369
Because they interfere with electrical devices, Cameras won't work and if they don't want to be filmed they won't be.

How convenient...

They can move faster than you can see seemingly teleporting, So the moment you pull out your phone you won't be able to capture anything and then your battery will get drained.

How tricksy!

They don't want to be revealed to the masses, just to you and a few people one at a time at your house?

I was making the reference to the cross because people would want to *test* my abilities. I could of easily said put on a stake like a witch but i thought the cross was appropriate seeing how i have such a christian name, it would probably be the outlet of the mobs wrath.

Mob? lol this isn't Frankenstein, it's 2014 for gawds sake.

Go to a university/college and show them.

I have my reasons for remaining anonymous.

Because youre......Batman?

im also not rich so im not gunna just show up at your place to prove to you that these aliens exist. I'm sure you could find some yourself pretty easily if you go out and look.

Yep, all those other people in the world looking for aliens just aren't trying hard enough!.......and I thought this was purely down to you having some sort of......abilities/powers to summon/channel them?

They are always interested in showing themselves to those who do not know of their existance in a personal way.

Personal Aliens?

They must have a lot of time on their hands.

Just ask a najavo what they think about skinwalkers and how real they are and you might not be told very much but enough to know that there arn't skeptics out there.

Ask a native? do all of them know of these aliens that come to your house?

And there's a skeptic right here!

I'm sorry, but this is just too silly to take seriously. You've not put much thought into it.

posted on Oct, 17 2014 @ 02:40 PM

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posted on Oct, 17 2014 @ 04:19 PM
a reply to: arpgme

I believe that the * empty * space are made of highly condensed particles crushed by black holes. So all that darkness is really just condensed light/mass.

There is no Darkness in me only brimming condensed energy, that is my belief anyways.
The Darkness is to emphesize the condensed nature of mass on all levels. From its invisible nature to isolating mass in subduction zones called galaxies.

I know that perfection lies in becoming the Horizon, the parallel From light to dark and everything inbetween.
Almost anything is possible. And humans are constantly pushing the limits of possibility.

The universe is full in infinite amount of stories, Look at Earth at all the things we have here. It's hard to imagine what else is happening out there, if what is happen here is possible. Life isn't quite as mundane as the majority want to paint it.

posted on Oct, 17 2014 @ 05:05 PM
a reply to: Prezbo369

i wasn't being serious about the powers lol that's why i worded it the way i did. uhhh powers? Well if you consider getting a specific E.Ts attention to be a super power it's a pretty mundane power, It's not even a power its because of a couple factors.

During my experiences i played the roll of Observer, so my state of mind was just wanting to see and experience something beyond the rigid view of the world and its superiority to claims of unique probable cause of existance where the perspective is the universe is fresh and new and we are the first things to crawl out of the primordial soup. Hazza. No way the universe has been existing eternally that would be insain. We would have to consider the possibilities of some Extremely advanced species existing out there, but again we use our reasoning based on distance because our rocket fuels only go so fast so it must be that if aliens do come here it would theoretically take thousands of years dying and repopulating over several generations on the same ship just to reach us because our logic dictacts that nothing else out there can have unfathomable superior technology because were humans and we can make statements about the universe with 100% certainty because we have been to every corner of it! our aging space junk flying out of our solar system and into the great yonder will provide the answers! Even if we have to ignore 75% of the results because they are to blurry or the constitution of the planet/object in question is 'not what we are looking for' so we pick and choose from the collected pool of data because that's just what we do. We only accept results that are signifigant to our beliefs.

Its not hard to encounter E.T. Just go places tell you not to go and you will find them.
If someone has some legend about some shapeshifting creature living nearby. It's probably a good place to start looking.

I live in a Town that has Transformers/shapeshifters written into their creation mythology.
So where i live would technically be a hotbed for such activity. Try some place like skinwalker ranch or devil tower.

You don't have to be so agressive it's just the internet. And people go off about what ever they want on here.
i had previously broke T and C on another account a while ago and im keeping up not breaching any T and C because i love ATS even if i said a couple things i regret on some guest threads. If you don't like a nice si-fi story ( since you are a harsh skeptic you won't view as anything else but) then why are you attacking me.

I was clearly saying that anyone can make contact with these entities. I was saying that there is nothing special about me, that i just am. I'm a person who had some stange experiences with other people and during my experiences i saw technology and some supernatural abilities. I scoured the internet but the linking attributes i witnessed were not matching up with the lore regurgitated on the web. I don't know of any religion, organization hell even species of E.T like this that are written about in detail. Most people just think these are demons or poltergiests when they encounter them because they don't always see a craft or UFOs before the initial encounter.

If you are truely skeptical of the supernatural then you won't see the connections because you will be blindsided by your stubern perception that only narrowly allows acceptance through what ever outlets are open.
And im not a channeller. I can't have aliens speak through me and i don't communicate with a voice in my head that in such a case would be a *person* on another planet or something. Maybe that stuff exists maybe it doesn't I don't know.

I'm just being fully honest here and this so far as been my life since i turned 18, If you are serious about wanting an experience your gunna need to get out of the city, and find somewhere quiet where there is no light pollution. If you already have such a place, Then go outside and observe the sky. You have to get noticed first before you can call them down. And yes they do appear to people constantly.
What do you think the phantom dog is? I'm sure you could have plenty of fun looking up phantom dog stories, or alien big cats.
But people DO encounter them, which is why i said that there are people who arn't skeptics out there to this sort of thing. And beyond that, the other religious factions that DO believe in these things paint and label them as Evil entities from another dimension working for Satan or something. The problem with that is they never accept them as aliens from another world so they are labeled demonic. Now if i just show up in front of people and start calling these things down in front of cameras i'm pretty a lot of these fanatics won't be to happy. Also i don't feel like making friends with a padded room, I don't feel like being persicuted for my beliefs which is why i made the reference to the stake and the cross because that is the mobs mentality of persicution. In reality i would just have pills crammed down my throat even tho i don't suffer from auditoral or visual hallucinations. So if you can understand my plight dear sir/miss i have my reasons for not trusting society.

As for the aliens having time on their hands, They are pretty close to being immortal. So i guess they have all the time they could possibly need. The question is Why would something with intergalatic space travel linger around earth for hundreds of thousands of years? Because these entities can be traced back through history since the dawn of time (Human time). In cave paintings ect.

i'm not the wizard of Oz i don't know where you live or who you are. So bringing an E.T to you would be somewhat difficult on my part because 1. I have to get their attention 2. Have to call them down. 3. then ask them to show up at your place ( i would need visual memories of the location but of course i don't, aliens can't read google maps)
4. It's inconvinent for them to come to me to come to you and is not nessisary at all.

All i can say is if you hunt these things down you won't be wasting your time. Its such a real phenomenon that there is real cultural taboo about making contact with such entities. People give warning and other crap because they are afraid.
Now why would people a decent portion of the population be terrorfied by such a thing? I think you are viewing this all wrong and the reasons why they don't appear on film is because they are made of highly condensed energy, So when you film it it won't even come out right, the tap will get static the battery will drain ect. They arn't here to provide us with fame and Wealth. And they don't want to be filmed. If they could be filmed they would been filmed had they wanted to be.

They are not made of solid mass like you and me so when they travell on *foot* they can move faster than we can detect. That's why they are described by other witnesses as agile and impossible to catch. That is their hallmark.

Well thanks for coming and asking your questions and such, I'm sure it wasn't enough answers provided for you but honestly. You know what you were reading and the obscure nature of it will have flimsy evidence at best.
That's the point of a religion, you need faith in order for the signs to come. Or at the very least some commitment in seeking answers besides questioning people on the internet. Go out there and try some of this yourself.

posted on Oct, 17 2014 @ 05:30 PM
a reply to: Wifibrains

That first video is trippy, when i clicked it it was playing the ATS link in the background and i thought the actual audio was voices layered ontop of voices and i was like wahhhhhhhtt thheeeeee but then i found out after the video ended that the ATS one was playing at the same time.

The visual effects are what made me think it was part of the audio lol.

As for ordinary things in the Dark that's pretty cool how they refined the light to better show an image at night compared to using thermal imaging.

There are many spectums of entropy to use for mapping our surroundings. Sound can be used as well as vibration and light tempiture mapping ect theres many methods of viewing into * the darkness*. The Sun being the most popular.

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posted on Oct, 17 2014 @ 05:58 PM
a reply to: AnuTyr

Please could you give description of the "ships" Are they also non solid? Have you fathomed any capabilities of the technology you have seen?

posted on Oct, 17 2014 @ 06:02 PM
a reply to: AnuTyr

posted on Oct, 17 2014 @ 06:09 PM
a reply to: Wifibrains

The Ship is in my avatar, Tho i did make a close up reprisentation some years ago. I have the photo one second.

That's what i saw, it was slowly gliding over a florecent street light. My friend and i were outside on his belchony when we saw this.

The lights don't have to be illuminated, they can turn them on or off. Usually they have the lights on when flying around in the sky to get noticed by people, So they can later make appearences to those who take notice.

They can see you from their ships in the same way a sattelite can view a street from the ground. But the image would be of a different quality type as the technology is different. So if you stare at them they WILL notice you.

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posted on Oct, 17 2014 @ 06:26 PM
a reply to: AnuTyr

Ok, thanks for the reply.

So it's metallic?

Is does resemble some "UFO" in art depicting circles in the sky.

What about the entities? Would they not be beings in a solid ship?
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posted on Oct, 17 2014 @ 06:34 PM
a reply to: Wifibrains

The ship is what carries them. They can't fly around in space without a craft.
also the crafts are shaped from exotic materials, Since they cannot be poisoned of killed by radiation they can harvest exotic materials from any region of the universe without harm.

So the crafts are not only transportation but a type of war machine as well, crafted from materials that flesh and blood creatures would have extreme difficulty in obtaining.

The craft can create a bendable wormhole, From underneith the ship, and it *drops* into this wormhole and bends it in order to teleport in another direction of the sky. So the ship themsleves do hold some * Non physical * attributes but the ships themselves are solid.

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posted on Oct, 17 2014 @ 06:51 PM
a reply to: AnuTyr

May I ask about the physical interaction?

What happens? How do they appear, communicate ect?

posted on Oct, 17 2014 @ 07:26 PM
a reply to: Wifibrains

they communicate through emotion but they can read your thoughts, so they know your intentions. They project emotional wavelenghths through some sort of electromagnetic pulses that interfere with electronics.

They can cause EMPs, they can power electronics without it being plugged in such as radios or steroes.
During my interaction i heard some loud 1930s music blaring from an old folks home as suspecious as that sounds its the truth lol. it was around 12 PM during that time 11 something somewhere between there because we started sky watching at 10:40 PM. Both my friend and i had just gotten off an 8 hour shift at a coffee and donute shop here in canada known as Tim Hortons.

So the whole thing started with seeing lights appear from behind the mountain, previous to this i had been observing UFOs over summer outside. Just by skywatching and looking at sattelites and moving objects ect till something move erratic like any person would looking for UFOs and meteor showers. It was over a period of 3 weeks that i had been observing them on a daily basis, the activity intensified in the sky each with each passing day. I told my friend about this at work and we set up a date to do a sleep over so we could skywatch. He wasn't fully sure that E.T were actually here but he was open to the possibility. It's when those lights popped up, they were the same light i had been observing for the passed few weeks during that time. They would slowly light up then start to dim out then they would jump across the sky at almost the same time they faded out and repeat the process. Sometimes the transition was really fast sometimes it showed a pattern. But the lights never blinked, which made them noticable, fading in and out over a period of 5 seconds usually.

this whole experience lasted from the moment those lights appeared to about 4 AM when the alien left the road.
This thing was standing on the road for maybe 15-20 minutes in total during the whole experience. Appearing at some points and then walking hiding behind something and not coming back out from where it hid.

we saw these light heading towards the west in the direction of my house, my friend and i talked for what seemed like 5 minutes before we spotted a light coming from what seemed like high altitude as the light was dim but held a solid yellow light, it passed over head at a speed that i guess could be compared to the ISS. it flew behind the townhouse complex, behind the complex is just forest followed by a river and then forest and mountain. Theres nothing over there.
A few minutes later we heard a bunch of cannadian geese honking from that direction then a few seconds later all these dogs and animals start making noise within the whole block. I could hear my friends dog inside barking, this went on for what seemed like a solid minute till it all died down at once.

We were a little weirded out, and were leaning on the railing. When my friend says hey look at that weird cat and to the right of us skimping directly beside the carport, which is below the belchony is this elongated jet black cat with a small head and a long black tail. it ran from right to left and hide under a nabours carport. We thought the cat looked weird but beyond that we didn't suspect aliens. Some minutes passed by and we see the black cat again appear from a carport farther up the road on the left side and run towards this winabeggo that was parked facing my friends apartment. probably about 20-30 feet away. we are pretty much one story above the ground and we can see both side of this winabego but the cat thing didnt come back out. we were keeping an eye out for that cat thing when this 1930s music starts blaring from the old folks home, we only have one radio station here so it could of been a record player. It was some female singer with trumpets but the music was sort of shaky, then it starts skipping. This music is blaring thru the walls and we can hear everything clearly the trumpets the drums the singer ect. The weird thing is it was skipping for what seemed like 2 minutes. we were pretty freaked out because we didn't know why it was skipping and why no one was going to turn it off. It was tuesday a work day and everyone was sleeping. And i mean everyone but us in that area. It was unsettling.

The music stops, and my friend and i are looking at each other talking about what the hell that was all about.
He wanted to go inside but i told him that if we stayed outside we would see something. So he inclinded and i said keep a watch the road and see if that cat thing comes back out, im gunna see if more lights show up in the sky.

And well i was looking towards the left side of that light post these stars disappeared in a black background then this circular saucer fadded into view as it slowly approached gliding over the street light and spinning very slowly. I wacked my friend with my right arm well pointing with my left at it and both our jaws dropped.
So that's how i know what their craft looks like, it was illuminated by the street light for a breif moment until it fadded out of view as it got out of reach of the light then was completely invisible.

We both were really excited because we got what we wanted. We saw something that proved it was an alien craft ( At least to us because frankly, Humans don't fly saucers as far as i know)

i never thought i'd actually see one and felt like the top of my wishlist was fullfilled. But then we heard something moving behind the fense and we became suddenly nervous, my friend was really happy he saw one but what followed after this event has made him traumatized.

posted on Oct, 17 2014 @ 07:47 PM
a reply to: AnuTyr

There has been more closer interaction since then? You gave a nondescription in in the op. Abduction? (voluntary?) clothing, shape, size, ect....

What makes you "feel" they are our creators?

Sorry for all the questions I will have more

posted on Oct, 17 2014 @ 08:11 PM
we talked for about 3 minutes, durning my discussion i said if something big is going on in this town right now and this is really aliens we should hear some jets. after that 3 minutes we heard multipul jets in the background echoing off the mountain walls in the distance.

that's when we started talking about first contact, If this really was aliens and that thing shows up on the road we should walk up to it being benevolent, if its molevolent and tries to grab us we can huck our chairs at it and run inside. It was our best options. that's when that cat thing appears from the right side of the road farther up. SO either this thing scaled a fense without us seeing it do it or there is something more to this creature. It walks towards the left bathed in the orange glow of the street light in the distance and the florecent street light on the other side of the fense.
For some reason this thing walked directly in the way of the florecent street light which is a white light. I was sort of just zoning out on the road before i saw the cat thing walk into view, so well i was zoning out i saw it run into this light then its jet black form melded from the front to the back into a pale mass. When i focused my eyes on it it was some pale faceless humanoid crouching down directly in this light. My friend yells WHAT THE !@#$ and the thing motions its head towards us and then i feel an intense emotion of dread and fear bombing my skin, but my own feelings internally were wonder and amazement. Then the feeling shifted into a comforting feeling almost as suddenly as the dread came it fell away and it was the most odd soothing feeling iv ever felt. Tranquil, safe. Like i could watch and absolutly nothing would happen to me.

Then the creature motioned and its body grew in size as it crawled on all fours towards the left.
That creature really freaked out my friend, I'm being totally honest here there are *negative* aspects to them because you need to understand these are ALIENS. They are scientists, warriors, Engineers. What they do here is similar but different to what other E.T Do here. They do Abduct people, But they will never hurt you ( well i guess some idiots out there have hurt themselves trying to 'damage them')
So just a pre warning, Medical examinations do occure. And i witnessed one.
There's not much you can do to stop them anyways if they really wanted to take someone they would just do it.

So im just gunna throw this out there. After it walked away a 10 seconds passed by and we heard what sounded like a baby scream from one of the buildings on the left side. And not to soon after i heard this sound of a wooshing car in the distance but this woosh didn't fade away it just got louder, followed by some high pitch vibrating sound like from air conditioner. The wind increased, i had long hair at the time so i had to hold it back from whipping in my face, then this sound became more noticable it was a Shhhhh shhhhhh shhhhh shhhhh shhhhh shhhhh like the serious Si-fi saucer sound sort of it was unreal. My friend grabbed my hand and pulled me inside his house, and i followed him because i wanted to make sure he was safe we ran upstairs to his bedroom on the third floor and oppened the window. The sound faded to a distance. Then me and my friend debated if it took a baby or not. As you can see this event traumatized my friend. As it is a very traumatizing experience in the sense that we had no control over what was happening, my friend suggested grabbing a camera and trying to film but at the time i told him it wasn't a good idea because that alien saw us, it was looking directly at us. So maybe trying to film it is going to piss it off a little.

i was peering out the window with binoculars looking for a craft or more aliens or the sky falling, at this point anything was possible.

So i look back at the time, and it says 2:31, the exact same time we entered the room. The clock was seeming to not want to change, it was an digital clock with red numbers. His room was dark when we came in and it was the only light source i noticed lol so looking back at this thing i say to my friend hey isn't that the same time we came inside. And hes start muttering omg man it is, dude it can stop time * he grabs my shirt with both hands and pulls me in * It can stop time man it can stop time what are we going to do. I DONT KNOW! but i wanna keep looking. And then he says, it didnt take that baby. Then i say to him yes it did, he then says NO and i say YES and now were arguing over if it abducted a baby or not. I look back at the clock and it now says 2:32. I say to him hey the clocks working again. lets wait and see what else happens. As soon as it hit 3 AM we hear the SHH SHH SHHH sound from the craft outside getting louder. Then we hear this pewwwwwwww lazer beam sound and i hear the baby crying outside, i stick my head out the window and the sound is echoing off the walls of the complex structures, suddenly the crying is muffled within closed walls then ceases. I put my hand up to my mouth jaw gaping wide eyed looking at my friend and hes doing the same for some reason. I don't know why that's a human instinct. 15 minutes passes by and my friend is hanging halfway out the window and he says HEY see that weird black dog it came from under my porch man i sware. So i pull away the binoculars and i see this jet black dog walking along the left side of the houses.

i then look back in the binoculars and its this jet black wolfworg like dog with a big bushy tail only it lacked internal detail like fur shining. I only only see the outline of a canine like 3D shadow that was blacker than the pitch black from under the carports, it stood out clearly.

It stopped walking and turned its head towards the window seemingly looking directly at me, i didn't see any eyes i couldnt even see the snout all i could see were the outline of ears and the edges of its bushy face. It then continued to walk slowly up the road till it reached this garbage bin, it hide half of its body exposing the other half. Then it vanished. Poof Gone. No lights no smoke nothing, and i hear my friend hit the back wall and i look at him and his hiding in the corner saying it TELEPORTED MAN... IT TELEPORTED... and i pull down the binoculars and its standing in the same place where it shapeshifted, directly under the light, this time its facing the other direction and is still somehow a pitch black wolf even tho its being lite by florecent light, its staring at me and im staring at it. It was amazing.
Then my friend pulls the blinds to his window and says STOP LOOKING OUT THERE MAN, im going to sleep!
I say to him, dude an aliens on your road and your going to sleep right now?

I want it to go away ! then he crawls into bed. I peer out the window and its still standing there, my friend slaps my hand and is like stop looking. But i don't stop. hahaha i continue to look out the window then the thing walks away towards the alley way. Its 3:45 AM, So after it left from view i got really paranoid. I grabbed my friends katana from his closet * its a wooden katana lol* and sat on his bed facing the door until it started getting light out. at 4 AM i heard trains and car traffic so i decided to go to sleep. We woke up questioned people in the morning if they saw heard anything. No one in the area saw or heard anything.

(Pretty rediculous considering all the ruckkus outside)

posted on Oct, 17 2014 @ 08:32 PM
a reply to: Wifibrains

because of the extreme emotional aspect of it all, Isin't that a trademark of humans? Wouldn't we expect our creators to be powerful emotional beings as well?

posted on Oct, 17 2014 @ 08:34 PM
a reply to: AnuTyr

I will give yall a couple clues that the spirits may help you pick up on if they choose.
When you take certaain plants into your body it changes your ressonance frequency. We call it a buzz but that is just one part of the journey because it is all about the fabric when you count sheep. It becomes a trinity. Upon arrival you will find a whole new world that you have been picking up on. Do no harm.

posted on Oct, 17 2014 @ 08:38 PM
a reply to: deadeyedick

I'm not here to do harm to anyways, So why would i embelish my experience with flowery imagery when the experience is exactly what it is.

And this is not the first one i have had
but it defenantly ranks up there as the most extreme.

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