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The Silent Tree Falls - Turn Off Comms Tech

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posted on Sep, 21 2014 @ 02:16 AM
I've been absent from this website and pretty much any other media for about nine months dealing with a personal issue.

Four days ago I turned back on my Internet and eventually made my way over here. Despite my personal issue being of a particularly upsetting nature, these past four days I have been more fearful, more paranoid, more frustrated, and generally far more negative, than at any other point during this year.

I knew nothing of ISIS, no person from another ethnicity needed to be feared, no one was going to behead anyone, the police were doing what they've always done, my air was ok to breathe, my choice of food wasn't giving me cancer, my government didn't talk about local issues publicly but in private discussed their grand scheme of killing everyone, and the world wasn't about to end due to the numerous catastrophes on their way.

I used to frequent this site for education purposes and I used to bore my ex partner with passionate declarations of coming madness.

I used to read the paper and hang my head ashamed of the disgraceful morals of some of my fellow humans.

I used to watch the news so I could be even more horrified by the scale of moral indecency achieved in other countries for whatever reason.

I often see such remarks as

"Pictures or it didn't happen" or "where's the proof".

I've realised these past four days these kind of comments are so accurate as to be the only thing people concerned about the future need live by.

I've also answered the philosophical question of whether a tree that falls in the woods makes a sound if no one is around to hear it and it's simple.

The answer is NO, no it does not, in fact it didn't even fall. It was simply always that way.

All of this stuff we debate, we get angry about, we fight over, we wonder, we want to run from, it's all nonsense. It's an illusion allowed to exist by the fact that we are ready and willing to look at it and hear about it.

ISIS did not affect my world until I came here. Why? Because it can't reach my conscious unless I seek it.

Ebola was no concern.

The US was just going about being the US.

And so much more....

I have read so many recycled stories on here the last four days. The same things I was readng about ten years ago starting to pop up and do the rounds with a slight detail altered or a slightly New slant for one reason or another.

It's all nonsense.

There are people in the world who have extraordinarily priveledged positions who overlook all this stuff. I would also imagine they are nobody taut we think they are either, far far more priveledged. They do have an agenda, and they are controlling us.

But their ultimate goal is not scary or important, its not even very secret. Simply, while we keep them serviced, they also want the pathetic trophy of watching as we react exactly as they want us to, when they want us to. That's it. They need us in submission and ensure that first, but only to keep their boring lives entertaining, and the only thing they have is messing with us. What makes it a challenge is sometimes we threaten to do something about it, but if we do they just increase the age rating of their doom porn propaganda. Then they watch as we double check, and finally laugh as we go back to serving and reacting as they want. Then they stay over.

It's a complex web trying to uncover this nonsense, developed over many many years of elitist boredom. But it seems to me they have very little aspiration other than subservience from us and our willing provision of entertainment according to their desires.

It'll never happen for millions of reasons but if we wanted to take back power as a collective we just turn them off. Turn off the TV, the Internet, the radio, bloody smart phones (why gave we become so addicted to things that are clearly designed to make propaganda a possibility 24 hours a day, and locating people simple. It's so The only reality is the one you then view and create for yourself. The other never impacts you because it cant.

How would they hold power over us of we just turned away from them, they couldn't as they have nothing we want to hear or see, thus they affect/scare us on no level and have no method for control.

They would have to knock on everyones door and remind them to be scared and what does someone do in such a scenario? If someone came to my door and reminded me of all the reasons I should be scared and why that meant I needed to do as I was being told (rather like a door to door salesman don't you agree?), I'd tell them to write my house number down and be shore to NEVER knock on it again.

The debate about ISIS for example and whether they faked the beheadings. So now even made up terrorists know they don't have to get their hands dirty. Just create a short scene suggesting something horrific and let the people do the rest for us. Then I saw their movie trailer and I was in tears at how obvious this all really is.


The good thing is you are your own best friend. Nobody needs anyone's permission or validation or to hold their hand, in order that this be done. Either we do it as a collective and wish each other the best, or we do it singularly and you go on scared and believing what you are told is true while I walk away and believe what I see and create.

Well I'm off. Good luck.
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posted on Sep, 21 2014 @ 04:20 AM
BRILLIANT thread, kaptabs316!! I completely agree with all that you've said, and have been feeling this way myself.

"They" could not exist if "We" didn't acknowledge their drama, their propaganda, their stage-plays, at all. I really took notice, this past year of the wheres and whys of how I spend my time. I give no more of it to news, negativity, or anything that doesn't leave me feeling better for having done it. TV was the first to be scrutinized; I am now watching less than 8 hours per week - and furthermore am very judicious on what/where I place those 8 hours. (As an aside, a friend and I both noticed that the new fall programming is extremely dark, which will certainly affect the consciousness of the masses who choose to absorb the programming that "tells lies to your vision".)

So many follow sports teams, follow celebrities, follow twitter, follow ad nauseum - then fawn over those with the money...a world of sycophants in waiting, when all that is accomplished by this, is that those adored live life to the utmost, funded by the naïveté of the masses.

We are willingly giving our energy, our power away - instead of using it to create our own dream reality.

That which you focus on expands - so go forth and expand YOUR world, because you can and have more power than you knew.

The only reality is the one you then view and create for yourself. The other never impacts you because it cant.
How would they hold power over us of we just turned away from them, they couldn't as they have nothing we want to hear or see, thus they affect/scare us on no level and have no method for control.

Here, here!! A thousand S&F to you if I could!

posted on Sep, 21 2014 @ 04:58 AM

originally posted by: kaptabs316
ISIS did not affect my world until I came here. Why? Because it can't reach my conscious unless I seek it.

Ignoring problems doesn't make them go away. You are free to ignore the problem and immerse yourself in willful ignorance. Meanwhile, those who choose to stare this hell that is Earth in the face and look at it for what it is will be the ones with the knowledge of what to do to make sure that the ignorant can remain ignorant and never be aware that a problem existed. You are free to put your blinders on, but just be thankful that not everyone is so willing to turn a blind eye to reality. Because, it is them who keep you safe. If everyone followed your philosophy, your world would be directly and more powerfully affected by the evils of this world that you're choosing to ignore. And you would be the least prepared to cope and deal with it because you didn't condition yourself to reality.
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posted on Sep, 21 2014 @ 05:04 AM
What you've described is the premise of the law of attraction. I'd consider you to be enlightened.

posted on Sep, 21 2014 @ 05:33 AM
a reply to: smithjustinb

I will stick around for the discussion of my thread,.

To you I say this;

I understand why those who are worried need to keep looking, and I also understand how what I'm suggesting seems cowardly or, even, ignorant.

But you've been conditioned to think that so you keep looking.

In the months I've been away (and I believe it really started in earnest followiing 9/11) two major things have changed.

1) Just about EVERYTHING is now scrutinised. No one yet has flat out challenged something and called it a lie but from the cinema shooting, to Sandy hook, to the Boston bombing, to ISIS, everything is questioned re authenticity.

Even the media are talking up conspiracies every now and then. The story makers are losing credibility fast even on the most touching of tragedies, ones that we were conditioned to empathise over and buy hook, line, sinker.

2) The intensity and the depravity of the negative being reported has increased severely and continues to do so the more people question the nonsense put in front of them.

I bought it, reading over the past four days some of the things going on I hadn't been aware of, watching the videos, I freaked out. Its so much more intense, the bad is coming thick and fast and it's worse than ever.

But then I read some of the threads that contained mirror images of news that I remember wondering about a decade ago and realised it's all just recycled nonsense. The news is like watching a film on repeat over and over. They put a few years in between the stories but its all been reported before. Only now, as people have started really started pulling apart the big stories that we are meant to eat up and react to, the overall undertone has been ramped up to sadistic.

The Middle East falling apart.

Russia back as a possible imminent theat.

The already depraved music industry now obviously, and without apology, even more sadistic than usual.

These stories, these illusions have just been cranked up a notch to get people wondering whether second guessing everything is such a good idea.

Well, instead, don't allow them to make you choose. Just turn them off and then actual reality is only what you make it. Seriously, every concern today was a concern in 2007, was a concern in 2002, and so on, just with different degree of panic.

Nothings gong to happen unless that's what you choose to happen because you allow the illusion to be your reality.

I read one thread the other day where posters were saying "I wish they would just hurry up and do it already, come on just unleash the big ending".

Can you believe that? People are so worried by these games that terrorise our minds but never amount to anything, they were begging the so called bad guys for deliverance No matter what hat entailed. It's ludicrous.

Turn them off, turn them all off, and take back control of your lives. They will not do anything you don't want them to, and if you wish it they dont even exist. Create something special for yourself because you will it, it comes just as easy as does what is created for you. That's the secret.
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posted on Sep, 21 2014 @ 06:10 AM
a reply to: kaptabs316

I agree, mostly. It is good that discussion forums exist like ATS, SO THAT PEOPLE CAN BE AWARE. I do not see that discussing these issues makes any difference, other than raising awareness. It's great to be aware of the problems in the world (however depressing they can be), but I think the upgrade to that would be if the awareness were to start making changes in the world. Everybody could know what's wrong, and it will not improve a single one of these issues. Discussion forums have raised awareness of medical issues and conspiracies (GMO food, bad side effects to medications [including death], political issues, etc. etc. etc), but I see very little change in the world.

Awareness of GMO food has started the Non-GMO certified seal of approval, so I'm not saying that it doesn't make a difference whatsover. I would just like to see as more people become aware of the problems in the world, that there start to be tsunamis of improvements as the awareness spreads. How can that be achieved?

posted on Sep, 21 2014 @ 06:46 AM
a reply to: InFriNiTee

What I'm about to say may sound harsh and I've lived for others till now as I'm a good person, but I feel I'm learning somehow, there's a change afoot.

It takes five seconds to be nice to someone, better their day, make them feel good about themselves. So offer a compliment, be interested in other peoples concern, hold the door open, help where you can, love your fellow man (and woman), and mean it.

But in the overall scheme of things concern yourself with creating love, wonder, and majesty for YOU and YOUR dearest. And worry only about that.

The state of the world is NOT your problem, in fact if you choose it, the state of the world is as wonderful (or shocking) as the state of YOUR world. Forget what propoganda tells you to believe. Seriously, concentrate on your concerns and look to create splendor and positivity for yourself. It's easy to love and respect whomever you share time and space with as you go.

Will your life full of love, magic and beauty, but for your benefit (and their own just as much) let others will their own experience within the boundaries they set for themselves. It's not your responsibility to worry about or affect anyone elses success or failure and no one has asked that you do either, despite what we've been guilt tripped into believing.

It's not a bad thing to love yourself first.

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posted on Sep, 21 2014 @ 06:58 AM
interesting...i like your way of thinking...i find myself asking when people ask for pics or sources what they consider to be legitimate and funnily enough i just get a rhetoric answer...never an actual answer just another question....

posted on Sep, 21 2014 @ 07:46 AM
The pursuit of happiness seems to be a concept that people have either lost or have confused with things that don't really create happiness. Let's not forget that people come into to the world without any choice and once they reach the age where they must make their way in it, they have to struggle every day just to survive. You start out with expectations and ideals about life that change after reality slaps you around, you get frustrated, angry, and then bitter. You try to find a silver lining that isn't there or try to look at the bright side, all the while reality chips away at your expectations of a secure and satisfying life.

Ultimately what you want from life is a selfish pursuit and if you put effort into the happiness of others you will be disappointed there as well because unless that good turn comes back to help you somehow, it seems a wasted effort. Take having kids as an example, you provide and sacrifice the best years of your life, putting your interests aside to help them with theirs. They grow up, make a life for themselves, then at some point when you need their help, you feel guilty and continue to make sacrifices. In turn, if a child you brought into this world does help you, they too do so from a sense of obligation and guilt.

Ultimately you're damned if you do and damned if you don't and end up struggling on until you finally die with no one ever acknowledging the life you sacrificed to give the next generation a chance of doing something better with their lives. At some point you have to give up and go for he ride where ever it takes you, or you fight like hell to pursue a happiness that will forever elude you and end up hurting yourself and others in the process. Just give in and except your fate because nothing is ever really under your control and what you want from life makes no difference to the world and never has. Sticking your head in the sand may be the ticket to happiness, but I would expect that to be unsatisfying when reality pulls your head out of the sand and forces you to take a hard look at the real world.

Like my grandmother used to say, "This life, the next one and then what?" The most we can hope is that the ride is at least interesting and be glad when we can stop to catch our breath once and awhile.
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posted on Sep, 21 2014 @ 08:12 PM

originally posted by: kaptabs316
a reply to: smithjustinb

Nothings gong to happen unless that's what you choose to happen because you allow the illusion to be your reality.

No. I don't have mind powers. I can't transform the world with my brain.

posted on Sep, 22 2014 @ 08:06 AM
a reply to: smithjustinb

You dont know how wrong you are.

Your world only exists because of your brain, you can do ANYTHING YOU WILL with your world.


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