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Ufo chasing off another Ufo-puzzling sighting

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posted on Sep, 21 2014 @ 05:50 AM
a reply to: hammanderr
If you think I´m a blind believer then you may reconsider.
Turth is, without real good equipment and the knowledge to use it (nightvision, telescope, camera) you will end up getting useless pictures. The chances that you will be behind all this equipment when there will be questionable movement in the sky, are very low. That´s meant with hassle.

posted on Sep, 21 2014 @ 05:53 AM
Hi DexterRiley-here are some links,which I promised-the 1st one is about ancient stone structures in this region,discovered by a pilot,Johan Heine,who brought the info to a local guy named Michael Tellinger.Tellinger wrote books about this,does guided tours of the area,and also overseas tours where he shares the info,and some theories-very fascinating stuff:

This is a more comprehensive summary:

I'm on my bb so I will be making more than one post,my bb tends to freeze and reboot often when on ATS, I don't want to write a long reply and lose it,so I'm doing it piecemeal.areply to: DexterRiley

posted on Sep, 21 2014 @ 06:50 AM
Hi verschickter,thank you very much for your relies on this thread,a nice Sunday to you.a reply to: verschickter

posted on Sep, 21 2014 @ 07:30 AM
Interesting stuff. First ufo could've been a new player in town scared off by either government made ufo or another race here..

could be a good race trying to help humanity.. who knows. .

a reply to: Raxoxane

posted on Sep, 21 2014 @ 07:59 AM
a reply to: verschickter

"Turth is, without real good equipment and the knowledge to use it (nightvision, telescope, camera) you will end up getting useless pictures."

Perhaps. But I posted a link on the last page to a YouTube videographer who uses cutting edge software filters and contrast programs, to turn too-fast-and-fuzzy UFO videos into slower and sharper images that finally make sense.

Also, once people understand that there are multiple ET species in craft on and over Earth all the time, and some are enemies of each other, these "UFO attack" videos finally make sense. You just have to adjust your thinking to the ET's Advanced Tech, and understand how fast their "attacks" are, and why most people viewing the unfiltered, unslowed videos just see bouncing/fleeing light balls.

posted on Sep, 21 2014 @ 08:07 AM
a reply to: vivid1975

"...could be a good race trying to help humanity.. who knows..."

The very best list of ETs is the Russian "Red Book", which includes some pictures and photos. As a private citizen you can't find The Red Book, especially since the Russians are said to always be updating it. However, if you go to YouTube, there are some videos with older images and species' definitions from the "Red Book." Please notice how many of the visiting ETs are listed as "kidnappers and enslavers." I'm not trying to be an alarmist, since there ARE some positive and spiritual ETs out there - but most aren't visiting or interacting with Earth. So using a flashlight to "flash" signals to any ole' UFO you see overhead ... is a really bad idea.

posted on Sep, 21 2014 @ 08:16 AM
Dex,here is a link to what i mentioned as re the legend passed down from the sangomas-i'm sure you have heard of/seen pictures of the white lions of Timbavati-according to old legends-they appeared as a result of an ancient aliens-scenario,because of a visitation by an ET race:

These 2 links refer to the alleged true origins of the white lions of Timbavati,which is situated next to the Kruger National Park,my country's most famous and prime nature reserve,which is not too far from where we live.Btw-we do live on a goldmine.I have also heard the theory that goldmines seem to attract ufo activity-the only thing is,i cannot imagine how they would go about getting hold of it.The husband has mentioned to me that lately,there is less "tonnage coming from underground".There's a chopper that comes for the gold around once a week-but there are times when it comes more seldomly,like once in 10 days or 2 weeks.Production from underground seem to drop off at times,though with me knowing sweet fanny adams about goldmining,i cannot even begin to propose a link between production,tonnage coming up or lack there-of,and ufo activity.

Here is another link i think you may find of interest,btw-this is the abduction account of the spiritual leader of South Africa's shamans,Mr Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa,a wise and humble man:

Now,because David Icke was involved with connecting the interviewer with Mr.Mutwa,to a lot of folks this will be where Mr.Mutwa;s entire account is written of as nonsense.I myself has read little of what Icke has to say,i know he has a lot to say about reptilians,and seems to be a man with either a devout set of believers,or on the other end of the spectrum,a larger amount of people who considers him a total frootloop-to be fair i will say nothing about Icke,as i just have'nt had the time to read much of what he has to say,about his theories.Mr.Mutwa is in my eyes,a wise,honest,respectable and reliable man.The way he talks and expresses himself,is the way of the African Elder,though,and i find it hauntingly beautiful-he takes him time to get to his point sometimes,it's not the way of speech Westerners are used to,but nonetheless,it's imo a very worthwhile read.

As to your question about times of day of activity seen,and time of year:
I can definitely tell you that activity steps up during the winter months.Not to say that it disappears during the summer months-just summer is our storm season-it often rains for days on end,lots of massive thunderstorms here in a typical summer season-so one would not be outside to see anything.Also a lot of overcast nights.So i have personally experienced that activity is at it's height during the winter months here,with June/July often having the most activity,and the more "spectacular' type of sighting.Whether i just don't get to see so much activity due to weather conditions in summer,i cannot say-so as far as i Can tell-definitely winter is the busiest time. As to the time of day,it varies greatly-again,i tend to be outside most often as the sun goes down and the stars come out,it is a spiritual time for me-but i have seen activity at all times of night.

During times when i would spend time outside in the early hours,around 1-3 am i have also had sightings,so i cannot say that it's more pronounced at a given hour of the day,just that the time i mostly spend outside is during earlier evening,as after my spiritual hour or two,i have to go in and fix dinner,do laundry etc ,and i cannot say what occurs when i'm indoors.But yes,late at night and in the wee hours there has been activity also.

Aside from seeing a ufo when i was about 3,going on 4 years old,growing up in a suburb of Cape Town,and a few years later a light seeming to follow our car on a lonely rural road-the ufo sightings have started occuring after we moved to this region,11 years ago,with most occuring in the last 4 years.Why that is,i don't know,but it may very well have to do with this specific region.We(the husband and myself) have reason to believe that there may be an alien base in the region-but forgive me for this-and i genuinely am sorry-but i strongly feel i should leave this subject well enough alone-and it's not like i have a shed of tangible proof,even if i had been inclined to talk about it.

I was in bed one night,about to fall asleep when my mother came excitedly into the room,and told me she wanted to see the amazing "star" This would've been 1968/69.She carried me outside in her arms-and i recall that the moon was in it's waxing crescent phase,and there was a large shining starlike object next to it.Thing is,this "star" was the same size as the waxing crescent moon,which patently was impossible,as it would've made global news coverage-so in retrospect i think it may have indicated proximity.Another thing i recall very prominently,after all these years,is that this thing looked like the gold or silver stars a teacher would stick in your school books if she reckoned you did your work well.I can still see it in front of me like it happened yesterday-my adoptive mother was a very simple-minded woman-i honestly think she believed she was seeing some nice but highly unusual astronomical phenom.We lived in an industrial area,on the property of the company that employed my father,an agent for John Deere agricultural machines,and agricultural irrigation systems.Where many strange things happened to me.Which made sense later in life,when i became aware that i am an abductee-but in those days i ascribed everything,no matter how surreal and strange,to the paranormal/supernatural as in ghostly-supernatural.

The time the light followed our car at night on the rural road,i remember seeing my father's face in the driver's mirror,and he looked worried and afraid.There had always been rumours of strange lights on that road,so i was worried too,but more because He looked afraid,the light illuminated the car so that i could see his eyes in the mirror and i could see the fear in his eyes.Then nothing further,my memory stops at seeing his fear-filled eyes.

What you said about that sighting of the orange lights,reminding you of a military parade,does sum it up-because it was really mathematical in it's precision,although i would say even more precise than any earthly military could ever get it right.I have wondered about the implications of that "parade" but due to personal circumstances,i find precious little disturbing,when it comes to sightings-because it is really imo just the tip of the iceberg.What i find disturbing is the interference in and manipulation of the lives of abductees,including myself-because that is like The Truman Show-without the happy ending.

Thanks again for your reply,and feel free to ask anything,if any questions occur to you afterwards,i will do my best to answer to the best of my limited abilities.Nice Sunday to you:-)

reply to: DexterRiley

posted on Sep, 21 2014 @ 08:26 AM
Hi vivid1975-yes it would make sense that there are some "good" factions-or at least those whose agenda does not happen to include harm to the human race.I just find it more and more difficult to believe that there are races out there who both have our best interests at heart AND the political will to practically lend a helping hand.I have often read that the "good" races have a "non-interference" policy towards interfering in earthly affairs(or the affairs of any other planet) And as i watch this trainwreck of a planet,dashing headlong into a nightmarish future,i feel that there comes a time when non-interference,when/if you have the means to stop the destruction,the trainwreck taking place right before your eyes-and your policy remains to be uninvolved,it is akin to watching a small child in the path of a Mack truck and standing idly by.Because contrary to what the more optimistic folks believe-this race Cannot save themselves.It is too late.Well that's how i feel,from what i have observed in the almost 50 years i've been here.Thanks for your reply:-)a reply to: vivid1975

posted on Sep, 21 2014 @ 08:49 AM
Hi MKMoniker-your last line made me think,of course,of the orange ufo i used to "play with" few years ago.Thing is,of all the activity i have seen-the orange ufo gave me a really comfortable and good feeling.Hard to describe but it felt like it was here specifically for me-but not in a bad or threatening or sinister way-and as i am an abductee,with much reason to be bitter,resentful and absolutely mistrusting of any ufo's/aliens-that specific ufo brought a warm feeling to my heart,even joy,though it did become frustrating that there could not be any communication that left me any the wiser about the multitudes of unanswered questions i have,as i think anyone has,who can relate to this topic from personal experience.

In general,though,your advice that it's not a good idea is most likely correct.Had it not been for a deep and to this day,abiding feeling that it was not a hostile and dangerous craft,i would also have just watched,and not attempted any interaction.The orange ufo is something different..there is a spiritual dimension to sighting of this particular ufo.Well to me personally,but htere is a thread on here:

On this thread others have also stated that they did not feel apprehension about it,it was not something that caused them to be alarmed.Vivid1975 spoke of alien races who do not have harm to the human race as part of their agenda,may even be benevolent.To me,this craft felt absolutely benevolent.Maybe not of practical help or a source of much wanted info,but benevolent nonetheless. reply to: MKMoniker

posted on Sep, 21 2014 @ 10:38 AM
Hi MKM,here is a link to a thread on this site:

Unfortunately the thread died an early death,but it's interesting anyway.

I found this site about South African ufo reports-and the most seem to be over the region where i live,close to the Swaziland border and Mpumalanga Province,also Gauteng Province.Pretoria seems to have it's fair share of sightings.

Here's something i found,a statement from cosmonaut Victor Afanasyev,during the Saljut mission,witnessed over South Africa,towards the Indian Ocean,not so far from this region of SA:

Thanks again for your replies:-)!

a reply to: MKMoniker

posted on Sep, 21 2014 @ 11:56 AM
a reply to: Raxoxane

Hi Roxoxane!

Thanks for the nice reply. The "orange orbs" are a mystery. They all seemed to appear at one time. Here in the U.S., they first appeared around Tampa, Florida, which has some kind of dimensional anomaly I haven't figured out yet. (I'm thinking a Time Travel Portal, but I still don't know.)

And dimensional vortices that open/close many times seem related (in a natural state) with lightning activity, which is well known in Florida. (Tesla researched lightning there, and one university does work for the government on lightning activity.) Just look at this real-time map of Florida. At 11:45A CST, a small line of showers from the Gulf was tracking AROUND the Tampa Bay/St. Petersburg area:

The orange orbs may also be a different phenomenon from the "fireballs/meteorites" that enter our atmosphere. This activity too has seen an uptick in the recent years. This may also have an ET connection, due to the needle-craft/weapon seen entering these fireballs to destroy them from within in three quick blasts, before impact on Earth. (Russia's fireball was well documented on YouTube.) There have also been fireballs spotted flying parallel to Earth, which obviously brings up the idea of intelligent control.

It is also possible that the "orange orbs" are an unmanned, surveillance type phenomenon. If you are an abductee, and you felt a connection to one "orange orb", perhaps it was sent to observe you and document your well-being, thus your interpretation of it as "friendly."

Thanks again for replying, and for the links.

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posted on Sep, 22 2014 @ 07:04 AM
a reply to: MKMoniker

Interesting stuff. I hadn't thought about it like that. I always thought they were "playing". But I can see what you mean! For a good minute or two, one object always stays on the left hand side, the other on the right. Then, at 2:55, the one on the "left" creeps over and tries to be the one on the "right". Although there's video interference there, if you look closely just before the interference, you'll see the formerly right one make a very quick manoeuver to make sure it's still the one on the right. Very peculiar
That part seems like a bit of a battle of sorts

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posted on Sep, 22 2014 @ 09:01 AM
a reply to: markymint

To be honest the playing thing seems about right. They do seem to play

posted on Sep, 22 2014 @ 10:15 AM
a reply to: markymint

Yes, I do think this was a battle tactic with these two "shooting" UFOs. At the beginning of the video, they are one behind the other. The first/lead UFO seems to be shooting to the left, and back/second UFO seems to be shooting to the right. By the last half of the video, both UFOs are side by side, nearly parallel, obviously no "chasing" involved. If you watch the video again, you will clearly see bright-bits going out on each side as they pass by.

They also have no exact "course", since they meander up and down and around in almost a switch-back pattern. If they were clearly "chasing" each other, the lead craft would have boogied up-and-gone as fast as possible. No, they are clearly on a "mission" to find/shoot bright-bits, and looping back and forth while in tandem formation lets them cover their mission-territory as fast as possible. (And sometimes they fire at a hardened, extra-bright-bit, that may jitter but not go out. They never hesitate, just keep going.)

Curiously, around 2:37 mark, the camera pixels out just before the craft come nearly together, and there seems to be an exchange-of-information between the craft. The video camera had more pixel-problems during the rest of the clip. Did the craft know they were being watched, and scanned the videographers for verification? Which caused the brief pixel-problems?

In a military sense, faking a "chase scene" with a couple craft could possibly fool some other craft nearby. But I'm most curious about the fact that they mostly used this formation for each craft to focus on shooting left or right as they pass the bright-bits. Did their craft not have a 360-degree firing range? Or were they going too fast to switch weaponry-sides? And it was quicker and easier to just fly tandem with one craft shooting left and the other shooting only to the right? (The bright-bits are obviously stationary and unmanned. Yet the tandem-shooters want to get away before whoever owns a shot bright-bit comes to investigate. So they are always moving, and not in a straight line or decipherable pattern.)

As far as what the "bright bits" were, it's hard to tell in only 2-dimensions. I'd guess orbital satellites (and ETs have satellites in orbit over Earth, just like we "natives" do). Here's a curious story of a NASA "carbon satellite" they lost in July 2009 - when this video was shot:
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posted on Sep, 22 2014 @ 10:51 AM
a reply to: markymint

Here are some other "shooting UFO" YouTube clips, to get a better idea of how these craft "shoot" each other above the Earth. Some are YouTube clips (which may be photo-shopped, but I don't think so), and some are from TV stations.
At the :06 second mark, you can see red falling/tumbling objects coming down near three stationary lights, that wink out as the reddish objects go past them.
This starts out as just a large orb being circled by a smaller orb - then the large orb explodes. This was shot on December 20, 2012.
An interesting video, that may not be a hoax. The cloud does seem to lose some mass after the explosion. If this is real, the neon-lit explosion may hint at a type of explosive only known to the ETs.
This one looks pretty real too. The UFO streaks out so fast, it's hard to tell if the cloud streamer after it is from its exit - or it shot something inside the cloud.
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posted on Sep, 22 2014 @ 11:38 AM
a reply to: markymint

More on extra-terrestrial satellites over Earth:
That's NOT an accurate depiction of the Black Knight in top photo.

And some of "our" satellites are now armed as well:

Wonder if India's 'kill vehicle' is aimed at "enemies" on Earth - or from off?

posted on Sep, 22 2014 @ 01:33 PM
I have just watched a video of " Simon Parkes Bases" on you tube..about an hour long..and he talks about a radar that covers 2 thirds of the planet, by taking pictures, and if they see a ship that they do not recognise as a race they are doing business with..then they shoot at it.

a reply to: Raxoxane

posted on Sep, 22 2014 @ 04:28 PM
a reply to: vivid1975

If the military has radar that can cover 2/3s of the planet, and UFOs can travel so fast, I wondered how they can so quickly ID the "friendly ETs" from the enemies?

I think I found the answer:

posted on Sep, 22 2014 @ 09:36 PM
Hi MKM,now that you mention it-South Africa is a severe-lightning risk country:;jsessionid=432A8276629B3DAF56A32E3D46255773.present 1.bdfm

And the Mpumalanga Lowveld (lowlands)where we live has a very high strike density-the storms here can be massive,and even frightening in their intensity.Very severe storms,and there have been instances where they seem to go on for an inordinately long time.I remember an occasion when visiting with friends just outside the mystical hamlet of Kaapse Hoop,when the strikes were so intense,the entire sky would be white as far as the eye could see,it was rather unnnerving,looked cataclysmic.Kaapse Hoop is a strange place,well-known for hauntings of a supernatural nature,ghostly activity-in fact there was a Tv doccie made about it,I should try and find a link to it.So yesthis region is known in my country,for its massive thunderstorms and high number of lightning strikes per annum.

What you said about the fireballs-made me remember a brief sighting I had one night,some months ago.In the North sector of the sky,a burst of light caught the corner of my eye,and this was a strange sight,but because it was so brief I have'nt thought of it much:a fiery bright red round ball,looked like it was moving on a "track".The ball was visible,but also visible was this tunnel or track-stripes in the sky-in front of it,and behind and underneath and above it.Like it was in a tunnel made up of red stripes.But it was a very brief sighting-for about 3 seconds,then the whole thing just vanished like it was never there.Idk,maybe that was a natural phenom,just strange the way it appeared and then vanished,Also it was'nt travelling in a downward trajectory,but a perfectly straight line.I made a drawing of it to show a friend,I should look for it,and post it.a reply to: MKMoniker

posted on Sep, 22 2014 @ 09:58 PM
Markymint and MKMoniker thank you for your replies and interesting links! And I've heard of the Black Knight satellite,there's a thread about it here on this site.I started reading the thread,though I did'nt have time to finish all of it then. I recall some members were adamant that it was a hoax or a misidentification of space debris-i really should get around to reading more on that-i find the idea of the BK sat deeply creepy,though,if true,but fascinating nonetheless. Thank you both again for your replies and links,much appreciated!a reply to: MKMoniker

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