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‘Forced’ to fight: Disillusioned British ISIS Fighters Afraid to Come Home

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posted on Sep, 9 2014 @ 02:42 AM
The risk, and probability that they are IS sleeper agents who only want to return to the UK to cause more chaos ad destruction is too high.

I feel bad for them, but I also care too much for m friends and family, to take the risk.


posted on Sep, 9 2014 @ 01:31 PM
I can't believe people think there is even a debate in this. Are people honestly that pathetic and easy minded that they Would even consider Letting them return? It's madness to even consider it a possibility never mind actually doing it. There are enough scum bags in this once great country as it is without letting more back in. They wanted to be part of the Islamic State so let them. The sad thing is our government is that incompetent and pathetic that these horrible pollutants will return and decent honest people will pay the price because of it.

let the bas**rds rot in hell and take with them everything they ever stood for. Let real Muslim people live in peace.

posted on Sep, 9 2014 @ 09:45 PM
a reply to: sg1642

I agree with you in most part, but what you and alot of others havnt yet realised is while your government appears to be "incompetent and pathetic" in general, it certainly is not the case when it comes to immigration.
There currently exists a global plan of islamification through immigration then legislation, unfortunately by the time most wake from their slumber it will be too late! Stop Islam to defeat Sharia!

On topic;
One must ponder which Caliph from what mosque in your neck of the woods is spewing hatred of non muslims and recruiting the impressionable turning them toward jihad and go fight holy war?
They are the true enemies of the state! We should be demanding deportation of these operatives immediately!

posted on Sep, 9 2014 @ 09:55 PM
a reply to: beansidhe

She's a traitor and a flip flopping gutless coward you really want her back? I say let her die in that hell hole.

posted on Sep, 10 2014 @ 02:02 AM
a reply to: lestweforget
It most certainly is the case. Our government and the one before it are extremely incompetent. I can't actually think of a better way to Describe them. Most British cities aren't safe to walk around at night because of immigrant criminals. The country is on its knees and has no pride left in itself. That's because of the government.

posted on Sep, 10 2014 @ 02:35 AM
a reply to: mymymy

So Obama is not an idiot? Is that what you are saying??? Sorry to say but i have a right to bring Obama into this!

You see YOUR BTITISH Jihad Johnny beheaded our American Journalists! That kind of involves the so called idiot right there, don't ya think....And because OBOZO would not give the order to get the hostages when the intel was fresh..British Jihad Johnny murdered American's And why didn't US idiot give that order, because he was too busy giving 3 countries amnesty in America and watching as millions of illegals trampled all over our constitution!

So it stands to reason that an IDIOT who holds the highest office in the world will say to anyone, it's okay that you are a former member of ISIS I'm just gonna look the other way,which btw I am very good at, while you make yourself at home!!

Now that I have shown you the relevance of my post, I will wait for your "idiotic" response!!


posted on Sep, 10 2014 @ 03:25 AM
Do you mean me pax?

If you do then I'm not sure what your argument is because I couldn't agree more. Be it UK or USA, our governments are equally corrupt and pathetic.

ah just seen the reply my apologies.
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posted on Sep, 10 2014 @ 03:33 AM
a reply to: paxnatus

And everything you just blathered on about has absolutely NOTHING to do with this thread. Whatever Obama did or didn't do has NO bearing on the UK's decision to allow or not allow their return. You want to harp on everything Obama so you can fit in here, fine, start the 8 billionth thread and do it there. THIS thread is about BRITISH Jihadists wanting to return to Great Britain. If they were American and wanted to come back here, then your post would have been relevant

posted on Sep, 10 2014 @ 04:03 AM
People blethering about "Obama this", "Obama that", please go away.

This is a tread about the UK, the UK government, and the UK's response to UK citizens who left to join IS and now want to come back. It is zero to do with American politics. While its fine that you compare UK policies to US ones, stop trying to derail it and turn it into an American politics thread.


How would you feel if we descended on your threads, to discuss Tony Blairs war crimes, or David Cameron's rampant rush back to a Victorian class-style society?

Show some respect, even if its only fake respect.

posted on Sep, 13 2014 @ 08:35 AM
Okay, update time:

Just saw an article on the Daily Mail, "Held by ISIS, five jihadi Brits who want to go home: Fighters stripped of weapons and marched to punishment centre."

Source:< br />

A group of disillusioned British jihadists who wanted to return home after fighting for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria have been taken prisoner by their militant commanders.

The men were stripped of their weapons and marched to a punishment centre in the militant-held city of Raqqa in Syria, according to reports.

The five Britons were accompanied by three Frenchmen, two Germans and two Belgians. They had complained that they were spending their time fighting other rebel forces instead of the government of Bashar al-Assad and were concerned that they were killing fellow Muslims.

The men were rounded up after apparently delaying returning to Britain for fear that they would be arrested on arrival.
But security sources say the new development shows that defectors cannot afford to try to bargain with British authorities and should just ‘drop their weapons and leave’.

Until now, IS is thought to have operated an open door policy which has allowed around 250 Britons to return but the start of US air attacks has made militant commanders paranoid that spies could direct attacks.

It means that the formerly welcoming atmosphere for Western militants has now changed to suspicion as the terrorist group begins to turn on its own fighters, according to one security source.

The source said the round-up of Westerners is a new development and it is ‘impossible to predict the outcome’. Haras Rafiq, of the counter-extremism think-tank Quilliam, whose members include former fighters, said: ‘It is very dangerous to expose your identity if you want to come back in case IS find out who you are. Anyone who wants to leave, should just leave.’

He said the authorities should still arrest those who have committed crimes abroad, but there also needed to be an option to help reintegrate any who are able to demonstrate that they have ‘genuinely changed’.

It comes after a group of four Britons nick-named ‘the Beatles’ are thought to have become so integrated with IS that one appeared in videos beheading US hostages James Foley and Steven Sotloff.

IS has spent much of its time carving out a caliphate straddling the border of Syria and Iraq, rather than fighting Assad’s forces. More than 500 Britons have travelled over to join the guerrilla group and around half are thought to have returned, 40 of whom were arrested. About 20 Britons are believed to have been killed in the civil war in Syria.

There's also a video of a British jihadist giving a tour of his living quarters.


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posted on Sep, 13 2014 @ 07:15 PM
This is horrible, what's next? I'm going to take a break from the news for a few days or more. The world has gone crazy imho.


Islamic State extremists have released a video showing the beheading of British captive David Haines.

The father-of-two, an aid worker, was abducted by militants in Syria last year and appeared at the end of a video showing the beheading of US journalist Steven Sotloff earlier this month.

The Foreign Office was working urgently tonight to verify the contents of the video, in which the hostage says he holds David Cameron and Britain's foreign policy responsible for his own execution.

The Prime Minister said: 'The murder of David Haines is an act of pure evil. My heart goes out to his family who have shown extraordinary courage and fortitude.

'We will do everything in our power to hunt down these murderers and ensure they face justice, however long it takes.'

Mr Cameron has returned to his residence at Downing Street and is expected to chair a meeting of the government's emergency response team in the morning.

In the video, titled A Message to the Allies of America, the extremists also threaten to execute another Briton who is paraded before the camera.

The video begins with recent news footage of Prime Minister David Cameron discussing Britain's foreign policy towards Islamic State. It then cuts to the man kneeling in the video, who says: 'My name is David Cawthorne Haines. I would like to declare that I hold you David Cameron entirely responsible for my execution.

'You entered voluntarily into a coalition with the United States against the Islamic State, just as your predecessor Tony Blair did, following a trend amongst our British Prime Minsters who can't find the courage to say no to the Americans.
'Unfortunately it is we the British public that in the end will pay the price for our Parliament's selfish decisions.'

The Islamic State militant, who has a British accent, adds: 'This British man has to the pay the price for your promise Cameron to arm the Peshmerga against the Islamic State.

'Ironically he has spent a decade of his life serving under the same Royal Air Force that is responsible for delivering those arms. 'Your evil alliance with America which continues to strike the Muslims of Iraq and most recently bombed the Haditha Dam will only accelerate your destruction, and playing the role of the obedient lapdog, Cameron, will only drag you and your people into another bloody and unwinnable war.'

The footage then shows what is believed to be the body of Mr Haines.

Another hostage, believed to be British, is then paraded.
The militant adds: 'If you, Cameron, persist in fighting the Islamic State then you like your master Obama, will have the blood of your people on your hands.'

Before Mr Cameron's apparent confirmation of the murder, the Foreign Office said it was 'working urgently to verify' the video, which was removed from Youtube within minutes.

A spokesman said: 'If true this is another disgusting murder. We are offering the family the family every support possible. They ask to be left alone at this time.'
A statement on Youtube said the video had been removed 'as a violation of YouTube's policy on shocking and disgusting content.'

Labour leader Ed Miliband said: 'I am sickened at the disgusting, barbaric killing of David Haines.
'He was somebody whose only purpose was to help innocent people, themselves victims of conflict.'
'That Isil (IS) would choose to kill him says everything about their warped logic and murderous ways.
'Acts like this will not weaken but strengthen the resolve of Britain and the international community to defeat Isil and their ideology. 'My deepest condolences and thoughts are with his family as they cope with this terrible crime. And the hearts of the British people will go out to them.'

Militants from IS have beheaded two American journalists, James Foley and Steven Sotloff, posting the evidence online in gruesome videos featuring a masked jihadist with a British accent. In the video showing Mr Foley's killing, Mr Sotloff was paraded before the camera. Then, in the video which showed the murder of Mr Sotloff, Mr Haines was paraded in the same way.

The latest video was released hours after Mr Haines' family made a direct plea to his captors to contact them.
The Foreign and Commonwealth Office released the statement late on Friday night after saying the extremists had not responded to any such attempts so far.

So horrible, so sad for the world, savages,

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posted on Sep, 13 2014 @ 09:27 PM
Seeing as "Mr. Machine Gunner" has his finger firmly on the trigger in that photo, I'd be interested to know how many of these amatuer goons have killed their own members by accident.

I've seen numerous photos of wannabe's from IS posing with their guns in highly unsafe ways. Pointing at the head of someone next to them, fingers on triggers (never rely on a safety), etc etc. Their training is obviously minimal to nonexistent. This, to me points to the fact that any idiots leaving Western countries to go over there and have a go with the big-tough automatic weapons, are nothing more than cannon fodder for IS to use up as they please.

The IS obviously can't be bothered training them properly.

posted on Sep, 14 2014 @ 01:19 AM
Ringo Starr Speaks on ISIS Jihadists Getting Beatles Nicknames: It’s ‘Against Everything the Beatles Stood For’


The Beatles existed in a turbulent time in world history, during the Vietnam War and Civil Rights movement and men wearing their hair long. And they took stands on all of these things.

So, the frustration likely felt by its two surviving members, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, at the recent news that Islamic State of Islam and al-Sham (ISIS) jihadists have been given Beatles nicknames based on their accents is completely understandable.

Starr has now spoken up about the misappropriation of their first names, and he isn’t happy.

“It’s bulls**t,” Starr said to the London Evening Standard. “What they are doing out there is against everything The Beatles stood for… If we stood for anything we never stood for that.”

The jihadists, named after the Beatles by news media, came into the news more recently after the beheadings of two American journalists, first James Foley and then Steven Sotloff, which surfaced in videos posted to the Internet.

The member of the group that purportedly killed Foley was known as Jihadi John, with the others given the names Ringo and George due to their British accents. It is also thought that Jihadi John was the executioner in the video of Sotloff’s killing.


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posted on Sep, 14 2014 @ 01:28 AM
a reply to: TRiPWiRE

I went back and looked at the photo, Tripwire. You're so right! He's just "playing" with that gun and I would imagine many have been shot by accident.


posted on Sep, 14 2014 @ 07:27 AM
So the woman was 20. She is old enough to know right from wrong. She is old enough to know that going out to join a militant group would end in tears. And she knew of the consequences, ie trying to get home and landing in prison. Age is no excuse unless you are 13 and under. As far as I am concerned this woman and all other british fighters who chose to go are traitors to Britain and have committed treason. I say let them reap their reward. Getting blown straight to Hell. They wont get a harem of virgins. They will instead enjoy torment and eternal damnation. One theory of the afterlife I read about was being haunted by the anguish of the victims whose lives you took. A just punishment I think.

posted on Sep, 15 2014 @ 01:40 PM
a reply to: TRiPWiRE
It's not just Isis it's most of these rebel groups. I think the majority aren't even getting some kind of weapon handling and small arms training I think they just pick a weapon up and get on with it. You'll see a lot of barrels cooking off rounds, blind firing over the head etc etc in the middle east. They get off with it because the majority of the time they are facing a scared and ill disciplined enemy. The fact of the matter is, it doesn't matter how a man handles a weapon if rounds are flying at you then it makes you think twice. Isis are easy pickings.

posted on Sep, 26 2014 @ 07:20 AM
a reply to: mymymy

First of all i fit in just fine, not that it is relevant at all to this topic that you are power tripping about!! My point is once again.....If Obama would drag his feet so much so to let Brits Jihad Johnny behead 2 American journalist, I am asking what makes you so sure Obama then would not offer asylum to the people who went to fight along Is!!!

It's not rocket science!! It's a plausible suggestion!!


posted on Sep, 26 2014 @ 07:29 AM
a reply to: BMorris

Get a freakin grip please!!!!! Are only Brits fighting with IS? Sorry to bust your egotistical bubble, but this is the worlds problem not just the tea totaling Brits!!!!

I dont see Britain opening their gates to welcome in other counties by the millions!!!! That is relevant to this topic WHERE WILL THESE PEOPLE GO IF NOT ALOWED TO RETURN HOME???? IF America is letting anyone in here does it not make perfect sense that the President of America would have no problem letting former fighters of Is here???

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