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Christian militias to fight ISIS?

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posted on Sep, 1 2014 @ 06:04 AM
a reply to: halfoldman

The simple response to the possibility of setting up Christian militia to counter Muslim extremism, is an emphatic no.

The reason? There are several, but let us start with the most relevant. Historically, there is good evidence to suggest that whenever people band together beneath an icon of faith, with the intention of doing violence, no matter how understandable, it darkens the name of the faith, and with specific focus toward Christianity, it has already had its opportunity to learn that lesson, and indeed learned it to a level which qualifies it for an eternal professorship in the subject.

Humans are imperfect by their nature, fallen, according to the Christian faith, and so God tells us "Thou shalt not kill." He tells us this because we do not take to such thinking naturally, as fallen as we are. He knows that in extremis, even the most peaceful person can be driven to do violence to his or her fellow human beings, and when that occurs, it is something to ask forgiveness from God for, no matter what factors instigate the violence.

It also means that a bunch of folks doing violence, even in defence of themselves and their people, cannot in any legitimate sense, do so in the name of God, or Jesus. You can pray for deliverance, you can pray for your loved ones safety, but you cannot ask God, in good faith, to guide the path of a bullet, or to lend strength to your sword arm, or to a knife thrust. You can ask his forgiveness for the necessity, and pray that you are doing the right thing, but you can never ask God to help you kill other human beings, no matter what their behaviour, beliefs, nation of origin. I realise that in its history, Christianity has had periods where great crusades were raised, and war fought "in the name of God", but what you have to understand is that war fought under such pretext is fought dishonestly, and counter to the word of God, every time, with no exceptions of any kind, for any reason.

Another reason that setting up Christian militia is a bad idea, is that it will further divide the forces arrayed against ISIS to do so. A much better idea, would be for every free person, no matter their faith, creed, colour, or preference in deodorant, who opposes ISIS, to band together as one, multicultural unit. This will bring communities together against the foe, and remind them of the value of community, of sharing freedom as a cause, despite the religious differences amongst such a group. Secularising this war, removing religious conviction from the reason to fight, is crucial, I believe, not just in maintaining the legitimacy of any militia so raised, but also for cementing interfaith relations going forward.

Division, in short, will avail defenders of nothing against a foe as determined, and seemingly capable as ISIS. If there is ever to be victory, and more important, a lasting peace, the peoples living in these affected regions, need to be able to look at one another as equals, need to be able to look back and say to themselves, "these are all my people, who fought with me to protect my life, my family. These are the people I fought to defend the lives of. This is OUR home, and I am proud to live in it beside them."

posted on Sep, 1 2014 @ 06:59 AM

originally posted by: NthOther
Yay. Let's bring back Christian terrorism. Because, you know, fighting fire with fire jives so well with what Jesus taught.

It was an 'Eye for an Eye' , oops, wrong testament. It was 'Turn the other cheek a blind eye....'

Is the Vatican’s Response to Airstrikes Against Islamic State a Major Policy Reversal?
Is the Vatican’s Response to Airstrikes Against Islamic State a Major Policy Reversal?

The ongoing plight of Christians in Iraq has led the Vatican to break its usual peace policy by seemingly offering approval of targeted airstrikes aimed at stemming the growth and destruction of the Islamic State, a terror group that is murdering religious minorities and driving scores of individuals and families from their homes.

Despite disapproving of the U.S.-led Iraq invasion in 2003, some Vatican officials are taking a very different approach to the current crisis, with Silvano Tomasi, ambassador to the U.N., offering support for the U.S. airstrikes that were recently launched against ISIS targets in Iraq, according to AFP.

The Vatican is apparently worried that the situation in Iraq, which appears to be spiraling out of control, will amount to genocide of Christians and other minority groups who are being purged from portions of the region by Islamic militants.

And in a letter Pope Francis sent to U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon, the pontiff called the international community to take action, though he did not explicitly mention airstrikes and focused on international law.

“The violent attacks that are sweeping across northern Iraq cannot but awaken the consciences of all men and women of goodwill to concrete acts of solidarity by protecting those affected or threatened by violence and assuring the necessary and urgent assistance for the many displaced people as well as their safe return to their cities and their homes,”

Pope Francis

posted on Sep, 1 2014 @ 08:23 AM
a reply to: NthOther

Matthew 10:34

Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.

posted on Sep, 1 2014 @ 08:46 AM
a reply to: drz400

Aside from the masked curses, your post was insightful. Even reading from my Christian perspective.

posted on Sep, 1 2014 @ 09:02 AM

“In the End we will remember not the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends.”
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posted on Sep, 1 2014 @ 12:48 PM
There is no such things as operating under the guise of Humanitarian Global concerns in todays cyber/data world, there is NO lag-time between things happening and the World knowing they happened.

There is no room for conspiracys or religous engagements,this is a simple matter of which religon would be based upon historical and outdated doctrinal interpretations the first to make a wrong move in todays world,the first one getting Anti-Humanitarian was ALWAYS going to be made an example of by the Global Community this is Humanitarian evolution, how it processes religons in totality,Humanitys NEEDS change and so do its Doctrines to suit the direction and focus we ALL wish to pursue,with Global Real-Time communication we KNOW WHAT WE ALL WANT NOW.

This is Humanitys message that no ones God will destroy us from this planet we all share,NO ONES GOD will challenge ALL OF HUMANITY and once that Warhorn is Blown and a call to arms AGAINST Humanity happens there is only one outcome we can expect,Humanity of course will never lose these battles,for it is humanitys growing pains which catalyse them .

NO RELIGON has an Earthly Authority more impactfull than the Global Humanitarian Community,and it is the task of the people supporting different religons to ensure that their belief systems seamlessly work with and in support Global Humanitys wants and needs.Never against them to preserve doctrinal structures.

Right now we are at a critical Humnitarian TRANSITION point where soon ALL OF GLOBAL HUMANITY will have a FORMAL VOTED UPON REAL-TIME VOICE.Once thaat happens this game is over for religous people who incorporate the killing of other humans IN ANY WAYS into their doctrinal teachings.Religous leaders are masters of perspective and interpretations and they are ALWAYS evolving and de-volving Doctrinal influences,this is how they manage their flocks.The Leaders who envision their Doctrines flourishing into the furure MIGHT want to speed up the removal of those doctrinal edicts which condone in ANY WAY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES KILLING TO SUPPORT OR PRESERVE THEIR BELIEF SYSTEMS.

Right now there is no Global 911 to call so people are still working with the soon-to-be gone Humanitarian gameplan.

If there is no greater power to call when someone is trying to kill people who carry your belief system ,anyone would re-interpret their doctrines to survive,it has been a clear LACK of Global oversight and IMPACTS on behalf of a connected cohesive Humanity PROTECTING ALL BELIEF SYSTEMS FROM DEATH that has been Humanitys Achilles Heel.This HAS been an intentionally contrived and maintained dynamic,one which benefitted ALL STAKEHOLDERS or religons in the past it gave them free-will to kill in the names of their doctrines on the basis of survival,they have superimposed their humanitarian right to survive with their right to support and carry forward a murderous doctrine,you may defend yourself from death,but NEVER IN THE NAME OF YOUR GODS,only in the name of Humanity,we were ALL BORN ONTO ONE TEAM.....Team Humanity... before we found religon,this means religon is NOT OUR CAPTAIN it is our linemate,HUMANITY is our Captain,and her words are our Coach.

It is time for our Captain to step forward and make herself known,time for a Global Humanitarian future,defined by the voices of the earths entire population in real-time,as we can now finally action.

It somehow seems natural that a rebel religous group mis-representing the Doctrinal laws and interpretations of the majority of the Group would be the spark that begins this Humanitarian evolution we are about to go through ANYWAYS.The Muslim PEOPLE do not have to be marked by history as the first major group to learn this new lesson,SOMEONE is going to be the first Penguin off the Ice-burg,who says it has to be the Global Muslim Communitty?ISIS thats who,they are trying to split the Muslim Community in half,because it is strong ,to strong to manipulate as one cohesive group.The Global Muslim Community has a RIGHT to be a part of Humanitys evolution in a peacefull progressive sharing way as ALL beilief systems do,they are an important part of Humanitys growth and future,as are ALL groups of HUMANITARIAN people who DO NOT ENDORSE KILLING IN THE NAME OF THEIR DOCTRINES .

The more I think about it the more I fail to understand how upper leadership in the Muslim Community does not see what is happening,it is divide and conqour being actioned from within,by a rebel group that threatens the Muslim People future role in Humanitarian growth and progress.Why would this be allowed to happen when MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of Muslims Globally work so hard every single day of their lives to be a part of Humanitys Team.

I think an organised response from within the Muslim Community MUST happen soon and NOT be advertised to the World,we simply need to not see or hear from this rebel group,however the Muslim people defining Doctrinal laws choose to enable this dynamic ,they MUST DO SO ASAP.

It will NOT be Christians engaging this rebel group ,it will be the GLOBAL COMMUNITY ACTING ON BEHALF OF HUMANITY.

No one is going to let this small group of extremest murders define the fate of the entire Muslim Community,that community is importnt to Humanity but ISIS and any group like them are not considered to be a part of that Muslim Community by the World,those days are LONG GONE where Humanity could be manipulted this easily by a small group trying to ignite trouble.

The longer it takes the MUSLIM COMMUNITY to self-police this rebel group the more it "seems like" they agree with them and endorse their views,the message must be made ABUNDANTLY CLEAR that ISIS and ANY who support them will be met with terminal resistance by the GLOBAL COMMUNITY BASED ON GLOBAL SECURITY AND WELL BEING CONCERNS.


No women and no children and it is to late,the rule has been broken and the actions FLAUNTED under the nose of the entire World.

Now it isnt a matter of IF ISIS is destroyed,it is a matter of WHO helps do it,and THIS action or lack thereof will DEFINE everyones intentions,either you ARE a part of Global Humanity,or you stand alone AGAINST THEM.No group will ever be able to terrorise Humanity again in the near future,we are seeing the beginnings of a Global Police effort like none recorded in our history.

Everything changes, Humanity changes,rules change, the weather changes ,people change, and all we need to make sure of is that these changes are forward impactfull and support HUMANITYS SURVIVAL AND WELL BEING.NOTHING else can be allowed to overshadow this single Humanitarian focus. In the past religous doctrines provided ways for large groups of people to independantly support Humanitarian growth and survival ,this was enabled by the use and following of Doctrinal laws,which under those circumstances were a solid management plan.,this was actioned because we DID NOT HAVE REAL-TIME GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS and could NOT accomplish Global Management strategies ....BUT THINGS we CAN effect Global Real-Time communications,this dis-enfranchises the NEED for Doctrinal laws which supported the Humanitarian focuses being generated with good intentions by MANY small groups Globally in the past.


NO BLAME FOR HUMANITARIAN GROWING PAINS from the past because the INTENTIONS back then were HUMANITARIAN,however trying to utilise these tactics of death and fear mongering are NO LONGER HUMANITARIAN OPTIONS,if these tactics are used today the INTENTIONS are NOT HUMANITARIAN.

This is really about ALL organised religons learning their true history,and purposes and reasons for how they behaved in the past and it is also about learning what HUMANITY needs from these same religons in the FUTURE,we STILL NEED THEM, but we need them to grow and evolve WITH and FOR us,not hold us back in a dark and unlearned past.

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