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Time for me to break the ice on a big issue - voices in the head

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posted on Aug, 24 2014 @ 05:37 AM

originally posted by: TheLaughingGod
a reply to: madmac5150

Well, it's an old idea really, and one I've found to be true, being bipolar and not having your moods stabilized is like a continuous cycle of dark nights of the soul mixed with, at least in my experience, manic periods that gets you very tuned in spiritually. Paranormal experiences became the new normal..

A lot of people have touched on these issues, Terrence McKenna talked about schizophrenics in these terms, there's the saying: "the shaman swims in the same ocean in which the schiophrenic drowns".

The goal eventually would be to master these states and perceptions under the tutelage of a master shaman, sadly that kind of spiritual infrastructure is not in place so we end up in mental hospitals.

A shaman is someone who swims in the same ocean as the schizophrenic, but the shaman has thousands and thousands of years of sanctioned technique and tradition to draw upon. In a traditional society, if you exhibited “schizophrenic” tendencies, you are immediately drawn out of the pack and put under the care and tutelage of master shamans. You are told, You are special. Your abilities are very central to the health of our society. You will cure. You will prophesy. You will guide our society in its most fundamental decisions. Contrast this with what a person exhibiting schizophrenic activity in our society is told. They’re told, "You don’t fit in. You are becoming a problem, You don’t pull your own weight. You are not of equal worth to the rest of us. You are sick. You have to go to the hospital. You have to be locked up. You are on a par with prisoners and lost dogs in our society."

"It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society."

Jiddu Krishnamurti

"Mystics are all a bit funny in the head anyway," the priest added cynically, "which is why
the church locks them all up in mental hospitals and euphemistically calls these institutions

- The Illuminatus Trilogy

That Reminds me of an interesting trilogy i read.

The bronze canticles, made by some co-authors of dragonlance. This is just a quote of a short summary. You can read the rest in the link or find more info looking online.

"""""" There's a lot to be said about crazy people. With the plethora of mental disorders, syndromes, and phobias out there these days, one can categorise the man who murmurs about "butchering human cattle" on the bus, the old lady who converses with the lawn gnomes in her yard, and the psychopath whose crimes are plastered on the front pages of our newspapers. I'm sure some of us are inclined to nod politely and avoid eye contact should we be confronted by a person who, according to society's definition, appears to be insane. Sensationalist law dramas on the television would gladly have you believe that people who are "not quite right in the head" are dangerous, unpredictable, and less than human.

Galen Arvad, the central character of Mystic Warrior, is convinced he's not insane. He has the oddest, most vivid dreams, and can speak with inanimate objects while others cannot, but that doesn't mean he's less mentally sound than anyone else. In his little town of Benyn, located in the land of Hrunard, mentally unstable people are referred to as the Elect, and once a year during the Harvest Festival such people are carried off to be taken care of by the members of the Pir Drakonis, Hrunard's one true religion. Sure, Galen's taken care to avoid going to the Election part of the Festival, but that's just to prevent the priests of the Pir from mistaking him for one of the raving lunatics who are picked out of the cheering crowd every year, never to be seen again.

However, through carelessness, Galen is caught by the Pir Guardians and dragged off to the Elections, where he is promptly labelled one of the Elect in front of his disbelieving wife Berkita and his dwarf partner Cephas. As he is taken prisoner along with the other Elect, he comes to discover that his strange dreams are having a magical effect on the real world around him, and that the majority of the Elect share the same mysterious power as he. Through him, we are introduced to the other worlds that Galen's dreams end up transforming, the sparkling, delicate land of the truth-seeking faeries, and a ruined desolation of a planet populated by goblins, imps, and ogres. " """""

The election removes all the *Mystics* or *Lunatics* effected by the bloodline of the *Mad Emperors* Who controlled dragons at one point.

There was an ancient society but it was destroyed and the dragons now rule over it since the Mad Emperors vanished.
The similarities to something legit happening underlining people being labeled insain to that of the *Mystics* in the book being hauled away every year just like how ranting raving people are tossed into mental wards to be doped up and under constant supervision.

OP systemresistor sometimes your pineal gland won't shut off properly.
One of my fears of tampering with lucid dreaming CONSTANTLY. Is that the state will become merged with consious thought, SInce '___' should only be released after the body has reached sleep paralysis.

When Lucid dreams are so often, It is possible to temorairly alter the sleep paralysis trigger for the pineal gland since its so focused. Flexing it like a muscle allows greater adaptability to its uses, As mentioned being able to trigger it even in even after being woken up. It's the combination of waking up constantly well purposefully being mentally consious in a sleep paralysis state to cause lucid dreaming that the mind begins to lose its grasp on the need of sleep paralysis in order for the body to rest properly well you dream.

Unlike many people that encourage OBEs and trying to do all these tricks to remain consious well roaming in the subconsious can get you cought inbetween where your consiousness is trapped and neither concepts can resolve *reality* From the mental and the physical world /time and space.

Take breaks, But by all means don't give up on flexing those muscles that need to be streched. Just don't overwork it to the point where it's spasming and you're losing control, hallucinating and being cought in losses of time.

It's possible you are trying to resolve your soul right now i mentioned before. There were many people who lived in Atlantis long ago, and there are Atlantean souls around on Earth. But remeber who you were in your passed lives are not who you are now. I have seen Atlantis myself in lucid states and the similarities to Atlantis and to now is quite terrorfying. We arn't exactly there yet but we are closely approaching the cusp of the age of Aether.

And as for the Psychic broadcasting system, Its relative to Radius you can't target a single indivual unless you are very close. If you want to target an invidual from a long range.

The Waves in similarity to human waves do not focus like a beam, it has to do with ultra-radio frequencies so other people in the same room as you should hear the same voices you do. The only thing that would make a single target possible is an implant. And i doubt you have some radio implant in your skull. If you think you were abudcted by aliens and have a tranciever in your brain i suggest getting Xrays for implants.

posted on Aug, 24 2014 @ 05:44 AM
Witnessing someone engaged in talking/yelling at the wall and seeing no one else anywhere near that person, BUT being able to hear not just this person , but also those other "voices" this person was speaking to is pretty scary. And telling anyone gets that same "shunning" and expressionless looks from others. Sometimes people you tell something like that to will suddenly say "OH! I totally forgot I have to be at an appointment I'm late I better go!" And you never see them again because they were scared to death after telling them such a thing..

posted on Aug, 24 2014 @ 06:15 AM

originally posted by: SpongeBeard
The important thing is that you're using ATS as an outlet instead of listening to the voices.

I know someone who has voices in his head that cause him no harm at all. They are like friends and help him. They are not all bad as the OP stated..

posted on Aug, 24 2014 @ 08:51 AM
I hear voice(s). They're not governmental. They're the oldest creature in the universe. The creature that created and controls us.

We're dealing with a thing that is all-knowing and all-seeing. It's not cameras and computers. I don't know what it is. I just know it's not benevolent.

posted on Aug, 25 2014 @ 02:02 AM
a reply to: DrunkYogi

I think its very sad, how can isolation, a clincal environment, lack of family/friends and lack of space be "treatment" for such individuals, sure, running around screaming and being destructive might warrant isolation in a ward, however, talking to oneself or just being upset is no reason in my mind to be put into a cell.

What is the harm in talking to oneself in public, does it harm anyone, of course not. Being upset or depressed is fine and only if the person wants to commit suicide should they be monitored and protected from themselves.

I think they have gone too far with it to tell you the truth.

In the conspiracy sense, institutionalisation, and the threat that it poses, might be part of the control - dare not speak about what you experience otherwise you will face being taken away, whilst, the others are having fantastic dreams and engaging with all kinds of programs in thier day-to-day lives.

Obviously, we can't handle it, and they, won't talk about it.

I could have been wise not to exhibit any symptoms if I realised that institutionalisation and medication was a reality, if I were to go back to that day, I would have acted normal, and kept those things to myself, at this stage, It would have been fantastic, alas, I did not, and now I am afraid that the medication has prevented me from experiencing similar phenomenon.
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