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Cops kill guy who is Unstable 15 mins From Ferguson, Mo.**--Warning-- Actual Shooting on Video**

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posted on Aug, 24 2014 @ 03:49 PM
Here are a few examples of *brave* LEOs working with someone with a knife (WARNING: ALL VIDEOS HAVE POTENTIALLY DISTURBING AND/OR GRAPHIC FOOTAGE)

This looks like a pretty effective tasering of a man with a big@ss knife through winter clothing, although it took a little BRAVERY on the LEO's part.

Here's another, and dude got the benefit of being talked to for 4 minutes while he made threatening moves towards LEOs and was clearly ready to attack, but once again, the taser worked (skip to 4:00 for the arrest). Maybe cops in STL should police in groups of 6 if a man with a knife is so scary to them? :/

Here's one where dude is clearly nuts and very threatening, but LEOs feel it's enough to bum-rush him even while he swings the knife at them (skip to about 2:15 for the scene)

And another, where *security officers* were brave enough to tackle a man with a knife in the middle of a busy sidewalk filled with nightclub patrons (who, it should be mentioned, also weren't so quivering that they shot him to death let alone even leave their tables) (skip to about 1:00 for the take-down):

Here's a guy who gets to threaten a dude for minutes with a knife and tell him he's going to eff him up, and the LEO stays calm and waits for backup, even though the guy has been waving a knife for minutes in an aggravated and deadly manner. In fact, the dude he's threatening doesn't even seem as quivering as the LEOs in STL. Maybe it's because he's holding a Pomeranian.

Here's one where a dude lunges at LEOs with a knife multiple times, even managing to kill one of them, and is eventually shot by the LEOs but not before about 10 minutes of trying to talk him down and arrest him. Again, the LEOs took an important step in attempting to arrest him peacefully: BACKING UP WHEN HE ADVANCED ON THEM.

And lastly, just for the lulz, here's how a tiny Chinese woman reacts to a man with meat cleaver, and an unarmed citizen disarms him:

But I guess "stand your ground" is the new norm here in America. LEOs don't need to take evasive actions to ensure a peaceful arrest is the end result. They get a pass to just kill anyone that threatens them, because the whole world is their "castle." :/

posted on Aug, 24 2014 @ 03:55 PM

originally posted by: Bone75
a reply to: Aazadan

How many seconds did it take him to get within 5-7 feet of the officer? This time stamp thing is a ridiculous argument.

About the same. If you're implying the 21 foot rule that applies to drawing, aiming, and firing a holstered weapon not already having a gun drawn on someone. Furthermore if you pay attention to the surroundings the cops could have easily backed up. There were vehicles for cover, a street, and so on. Instead one of the cops inches forward to try and provoke an incident. In the end the suspect never moved quickly. He was walking.

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