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The "Jinn" and Electromagnetic Pollution

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posted on Aug, 25 2014 @ 11:15 PM
a reply to: CharlieSpeirs

NOT too crazy about them and their JESUITS either they kind of STARTED this mess.
I was raised in a prodestant faith called the methodists but their bickering about how some people DRESSED and their lack of honorable Character in MY church caused mr to define my prime creator as I choose and If I'm wrong and THEY are accurate I'm BETTER off in hell.
AKA guess I'm a heretic.

posted on Aug, 26 2014 @ 07:40 AM
a reply to: KellyPrettyBear

Apologies for the part I played Kelly, I'd still like this thread to look deeper into the electromagnetic element as a pathway or conduit for Jinn...

We are all energetic beings in the end... Maybe even we need that EM on a certain level as with the light spectrum we use for the sensation of sight...
I'd be surprised if deeper it wasn't part of the EM field as well!!!

Frequencies & wavelengths, even touch may be some sort of EM sensation that manifests on more levels than one with the 5 Senses of the zeitgeist and the other Senses we pick up as we grow older and wiser...
It's all their, it's the conduit we must find...
What's to say it isn't EM!!!
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posted on Sep, 12 2014 @ 01:49 PM
The word Jin in Japanese relates to benevolence which one of the 7 traits Bushido aspires to master, and not only that, it goes against the nature of a cold calculating swordsman. While in chinese, gold.

What!? *Shrug shoulders*

posted on Mar, 25 2016 @ 08:16 PM
hi these stories about the jinn are just like the archons of the gnostic writings found in 1945 but not fully disclosed till guess what 1947, everything i look at seems to be linked to these archons, also i keep notice how the ISIS are this evil group and we should hate but this is wrong to our unconsious as this is the egyptian god of nature and daughter god of the earth, also another symbol we should turn against the swastika which means too be good in the ancient world another archetype that our unconscious would know is true and good, but the projection of the hidden hand is evil putting us in turmoil within, i feel that our conscious mind could be getting flung images left right and centre from media etc, that are odds with the archtypal images that the unconscious knows as truth. im just ranting here but theres alot of sense when u look into jungs archetypes and his study into the unconscious mind.

sorry for the grammer its late

posted on Jul, 22 2019 @ 04:50 PM
awesome read... in summary, JINN wheel and deal their way into our dimension - which is less em and more material - via contracts, plain and simple!

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