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To anyone that can contact the dead

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posted on Jul, 5 2014 @ 06:28 AM
a reply to: rickymouse

Sounds like one of those water proof / fire proof boxes that you can get to lock important papers inside for safe keeping.

I would wonder if Dimithae has anything like that stashed around the house somewhere. It wouldn't hurt to do a search to see.

Unless it is referencing a box in an abstract way as in step outside of the box and get your toes wet ?

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posted on Jul, 5 2014 @ 12:21 PM
a reply to: leolady

Actually I don't have anything like that. Now did he? I have no idea. We didn't live together. Maybe he had one at his family home. I have no way of knowing at this time. Thanks for your input. I will be going down to his grave soon to put flowers and champagne on it (he always brought me these things when he would find me), and I'm hoping that if there is anything he left at his house for me, his kids will be honest and give it to me. Not knowing his kids, I have no idea if they will or not. I've known in some families that relatives won't really honor a deceased wishes. Its just not important to them for some reason. I'm hoping that isn't the case here. Thanks for all your answers. Hoping to know what is what soon.

posted on Jul, 7 2014 @ 08:51 AM

originally posted by: noonebutme
So, hang on - how does this work then?

How is it someone over the internet can contact your recently deceased friend simply by the name..?

Surely there are other deceased people named Darrel? How do you know you're talking to the right one?

Is the psychic asking Darrel if the person he's watching over uses ATS ?! Or knows the persons username?

Here, maybe this will help.

  1. Only the Material Realm deals in spatial proximity. That realm doesn't have things like near and far.
  2. The OP established the Identity of the situation, and primary to that Identity is the identity of the individual (Darrel) who the OP presented as the central character concerning his question.
  3. All intellectual responses to this very specific situation (and the OP's question concerning it) have been "tagged" with an informational attribute that assigns the fact of that intellectual response to the factual informational continuum associated with the OP's original statement and question concerning that statement.
  4. Inhabitants of this Informational Realm (traditionally referred to as the Spiritual Realm) communicate with one another via informational continuums (these continuums are comprised of Residual Fact Sets that are contextually entangled in the same way that these posts are entangled with the OP's original statement and question)
  5. This is why Internet posts can be directly associated with one another from the perspective of inhabitants of the "afterlife" Informational Realm. Each post is the physical representation of a material person's expression in direct response to - and therefore contextually entangle with - a very specific informational continuum that persists and is examined by those informational beings with immediate access to the continuum in question.

This may come across as counter-intuitive, but this is how non-material physical reality is structured. The Material Realm is immeasurably broad, but only as "deep" as the quantum instant of Now. The Informational Realm (constantly emerging as a direct result of the Material Realm's relentless change) is as broad as the Material Realm, yet as deep as the entire history of the Material Realm, from the instant of genesis to this very instant.

All of that information is freely available to those "passed" human beings, and while most (on this side and on that side) have no idea that it exists, there are some who use bits of it to assist others with their efforts to communicate with their loved ones from time to time. I'm sure that this Internet communication tool has opened up new possibilities and challenges, but for the human beings of the Informational Realm, the basics have remained the same.
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posted on Jul, 7 2014 @ 12:53 PM
a reply to: NorEaster
Couldn't have said it better! Wait,what was that again? Just kidding. Anyway I still haven't had an answer from Darrel yet to clarify this situation. I guess in time I will get it. Thanks all for helping me with this. If anyone else has anything to add to this,I'm all ears. But I have a feeling I may not be getting anything until I can contact him myself. Just so you all know, I truly am female.
I miss this man and wish I could have had the time together we should have.But I was stubborn and missed my chance like a fool. Thats what I get for getting caught up in my own pain and nursing it. Maybe in the next life we can finally be together like we wanted all these years.

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