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The Shed 2

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posted on Oct, 14 2014 @ 06:03 PM
a reply to: Night Star

I'm just sayin'. A library is free (for the most part anyway, you do pay through taxes). I haven't bought a book in years that costs me more than .50 cents. And I am surrounded by books. I donate books all the time.

My last tour of Iraq, I actually stuffed sandbags full of donated books that were destined for the burn pit and surrounded my CHU (Container Housing Unit) with them. Bullets and shrapnel has a harder time getting through bound paper, than it does sand. So I guess you could say that Books have saved my life from time to time. (BTW, Soldiers don't read a lot of Danielle Steele novels...LOL)

I cut the cord quite awhile ago concerning cable and went the NetFlix/Hulu route. (Though there are other providers out there just as cheap, Roku, etc.)

In todays age of tight budgets, ya gotta cut corners when you can.

posted on Oct, 14 2014 @ 10:55 PM
a reply to: TDawgRex

I don't have cable t.v. I have no transportation to get to the library, though Linda and I did go and buy a couple of books from there last summer for 50 cents each. My library doesn't have a big selection of scifi/fantasy books. I hate Danielle Steel! LOL I hate romance novels! Boy meets girl, boy and girl hate each other then fall in love and live happily ever after. LOL

posted on Oct, 14 2014 @ 11:41 PM
Hi Guys!!! I just lost a very long post for here. Man, That's just my luck!!! LOL!!!

Basically said I am happy to be back, since leaving last Friday.

and @>~ Cody!!! Hey Bro!!! It's very nice to see You back around here!!!
I have missed you!!

>@~ Gordy, I say the same for You bud!!! Missed You and Glad to see You back on the boards!!!

>@~ Night!!! HI!!! Nice Transition for getting us back on the High Seas!!! I am currently reading, "PIRATES!" from Celia Reese. Great story about this Gal leaving the Posh life and going Pirate!!! A Very good read!!!

>@~ TDawg and Kat, HELLO Guys!!!!!! Nice chatter about SnowMobiles/QuadRunners!! I would go for the John Deere Quad!! Very versatile machine there!!! My Family and I lived in Moline Illinois for over 23 years. It was the Home of John Deere himself!!! We lived about 10 blocks or so from the Home He built a long time ago!!! Very Cool!!!

>@~ True!!! Hey Man!!! How are You doing!!!
Good to see you doing some charity by getting that Phone back to it's owner!!
A Very Heartfelt Human gesture!!! Good Man!!!!!!

Nice to be back!!!

I am hoping Jacy, Jane, and everyone else I have not mentioned, or seen here for a time, are doing well.

I Truly I hope the best for You guys, and Miss You ALL. Come Back!!!!!!......

(CC where are You?!)

posted on Oct, 14 2014 @ 11:46 PM
a reply to: SyxPak

CC, where are you? Hahahaha! You live in the same house, go look in another room. LOL

Good to see you're back Syx! LOVE the latest avatar!!

posted on Oct, 14 2014 @ 11:55 PM
I know it's not Halloween yet but these are too cute to only use for one day.

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posted on Oct, 15 2014 @ 12:15 AM
a reply to: Night Star

LOL Night!!! I know, right?! Just have to go down the hall to see Her!!! LOL!!!

Thanx on the Avatar! I thought He was a Kool Halloween type theme avvy. I have been trying to find some kool images of Dragons in a Halloween atmosphere. Not easy!! There are not very many neat images so far, that I have seen. I find some that are kinda kool, but are too long/wide for use here. I would have to do some photo manipulations on them, and so far I have no Image manipulator on this hard drive. ( Note to self, Go look for one!!!)
If you stumble on on any neat Dragon/Halloween images, let me know!?

Those two pics You posted are cute! Too cute to hold back, eh? LOL!!!

posted on Oct, 15 2014 @ 04:41 AM
Good Morning Folks,

This is my second try to post, I lost the first one. (Dang, Dontcha just hate it when that happens?)

I mentioned a awhile back I was woken up by this scary sound. Well it was the sound a big dog screaming. It was a very blood curdling scream. I figured it was a wolf on cyot, or puma on wolf or cyot, etc...

So today is the start of wolf hunting up here. There are 150 tags. Well I go to this site to find out when, where and how, and they have this page that tells you problems they have had with wolves. There was a tracker or hunting dog killed on the 3rd, it was killed in Minocqua which is right down the road from me.
Well, now that I know what the sound was. I will be sleeping better. Heck I thought maybe I was dreaming, I really didn't know what to think, because no one else heard it. (I sleep with my window open).

Now I'm thinking motion lites.

We've got floods but what good are they. Anybody know if they make a flood that you can use both ways, or do you have to have a set of both?

Cody, Sorry to hear about the car troubles. That sucks and its scary too when you have to spend money you don't have. I know nothing about cars. except big one on the right makes it go and the one on the left stops it. LOL

Hey Syx, Yea, I'm still thinking snowmobiles. Tonight we are going to check one out. But I worry about maintenance. We'll see.

True, He didn't even buy you brewski? That was a very nice thing you did.

And to everyone else, I hope you all have a wonderful day. Dawg, don't work too hard.

Night, I will talk to ya later.

Well I'm gonna lurk around for a while. Maybe I will catch some of you.
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posted on Oct, 15 2014 @ 04:50 AM
a reply to: SyxPak

Good day Syx!

It's my belief that you have to do right by folk.

I am just getting ready to have a driving lesson at the moment! Hope you are having a good time of it, and that CC is doing well also!

posted on Oct, 15 2014 @ 05:26 AM
a reply to: TrueBrit

Good luck with your driving lesson.

May your lights always be green, and your favorite songs be playing.

posted on Oct, 15 2014 @ 05:30 AM
a reply to: TrueBrit

a reply to: crappiekat

Hey you two! How are You doing so far today?
Kat I hope you choose a good PowerSled for this winter. I think we are going to have a wild winter, with lots of snow, and very cold weather.
( I do hope I am wrong on that!)

@True: Good Luck on Your driving today! I hope all goes well for You!! I also believe in helping others, and hoping that they will return the favor by helping someone else in need! It would be a great world if everyone would be that way, I believe.

I Just finished an addition to the Story. Night led the way onto the waters in a large ship. I took it from there......

posted on Oct, 15 2014 @ 05:32 AM
The full Moon illuminated the late night skies, the Ship, and the waters that the Ship was cutting through. The cool air felt good as Syx, CC, and a large group of Fixers walked the deck, looking out across the splashing waves of the ocean. It looked like the white heads were gathering strength and were getting larger as the night wore on.

"Is there a storm approaching?" Syx asked number 73.

73 replied, "I do believe you may be right Syx! The waves often grow as a storm comes near."

"Let us warn the others, and get this ship ready for the onslaught!" 39 said.

The group of about 50 Fixers started to spread out across the deck of the ship, gathering all the loose items, and putting them into the storage room, below the deck. Chairs, tables, and barrels of Rum were being carried by the little people. They were so small the it took a dozen or so of them to lift and carry each item, and proceed with their tasks.
It was a sight to behold! It appeared that the items were moving by themselves!!

"Out there! Look at the storm front approaching!!" 17 yelled to the others. "It will be upon us in about a half an hour! We must hurry!"

Syx ran below deck to give warning to the rest of His Friends. He was grateful for having them in His life. Each of them would do anything to help the rest of the group in situations of danger. They would listen and give good advice for anyone who had a problem. What a great gathering of souls they are!

"Everyone please listen now!" Syx said as he entered the large room, and neared the table surrounded by his Friends.
"We must prepare for a storm that is going to be upon us in a short time! I think we should go down to the third floor below deck. It will be a good place to ride this out!"

"I do believe we will need this!" True said as he raised a bottle of Rum out on front of him. He began to gather the bottles that were scattered on the table. He took the Spiced Rum, and some of other flavors and was putting them into his pockets of His long black trenchcoat. He must have had 12 or 13 pockets inside His coat. When He finished filling His pockets He said, " Let us be off! Down below with these bottles we will be safe and comfortable! I believe we may even forget that this ship will be battered by this storm. I have plenty of liquid pleasure for everyone here!" He said as he opened his coat wide for all to see.

Everyone else grabbed the rest of the bottles, and baskets of food that were on the table. They headed across the room to the stairwell that lead below.

Just as all were safely in the lower deck room, the storm hit the ship with a fierce pounding of rain and high winds. The ship was pushed sideways, across the churning waters. Waves that were three times the height of the ship slammed down on the main upper deck! Water rushed down the stairway into the room that was filled with people only moments before. It filled the room to the ceiling. The large table and the chairs were all floating aimlessly in the swirling flood waters.
Some of the water rushed back out and up the stairwell. The room was still mostly under water. It filled the stair well that lead down to the third floor below. The strong door held back the flood waters that slammed into it.

" I am glad we built this door as strong as we did!" Someone in the group said. "Now True, won't you dispense those bottles to the rest of us?"

"It will be my pleasure!" True responded smiling widely as he opened his coat, walking towards the group that had seated themselves around a large table.
"Now let us examine the Map, so we may find our way."

The Map was laid out on the table and everyone seemed fascinated at the sight. Raised bottles clinked together as they all saw where they needed to go.

Somebody loudly said, "Here here, let this be our destiny!!"

Cheers were heard throughout the room. Some were high fiving and back slapping their Friends. Hugs of happiness were also given to anyone near enough to each other to receive them.

The air was soon filled with laughter and talk of what they might be encountering, when they find the target of their journey. The storm raged outside, but did not bother anyone as they were all occupied in conversations of what lay ahead......

posted on Oct, 15 2014 @ 05:34 AM
a reply to: SyxPak

Ok what is a powersled? Like a gator?

I'll have to go look it up.

I'm watching this ebola thing. Another healthcare worker.

posted on Oct, 15 2014 @ 05:39 AM
a reply to: crappiekat

PowerSled is what I sometimes call a snowmobile Kat!! LOL!!!
I have some odd terms for things sometimes.
I should write a dictionary of those words!


posted on Oct, 15 2014 @ 05:40 AM
a reply to: SyxPak

The story is slowly coming back together.

I personally don't drink when I'm out on the boat. Then I have to pee, and that can be problem. LOL

posted on Oct, 15 2014 @ 05:41 AM
a reply to: SyxPak

Oh Ok, LOL

Well, I will let you all know how it goes tonite.

posted on Oct, 15 2014 @ 05:42 AM
a reply to: SyxPak

Can't say that I can say any differently there Syx.

I haven't been on here since last Wednesday myself. Been a little busy getting ready for this coming weekend with the annual New River Excursion train coming up for the next two weekends. Doesn't help the fact that I have been going here, there, everywhere both morning, noon, and night. Feel like I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Just have to get through these next two weekends of madness.

As for the photos......... here they are.

Standing on top of the overlook at Grandview State Park just outside of Beckley, West Virginia. The fog starts to descend upon the New River Valley as the moon shines bright on this clear Wednesday night of last week.

Just as the fog starts to settle in and make for one of those creepy October nights. Somewhere along the New River just west of Hinton, WV stands a little place called CW Cabin. One of those places where, up until recently, time has not touched in the least bit. In this photo, we now see a sign of change and things to come as one of the new "Darth Vaders" has popped up over on the right.

posted on Oct, 15 2014 @ 05:42 AM
a reply to: crappiekat

Ok that You don't drink at sea. But we must have the Rum!
It has been part of our story, from the very beginning I believe! LOL!!!

posted on Oct, 15 2014 @ 05:45 AM
a reply to: gimmefootball400

How Ya doing Gimme?! I love those Pictures! Very nice catches on film there!! Good to see You here!

posted on Oct, 15 2014 @ 05:47 AM
a reply to: crappiekat
a reply to: SyxPak
a reply to: TrueBrit

CK - Every time I talk to family up there in Wisconsin, I'm always amazed at how fast wildlife is coming back. Wolves, Bear, Puma, Bobcats, and of course, the Turkeys were next to impossible to be seen, much less heard. And now they are a daily occurrence.

A lot of that can be attributed to the death of the family farm though and the fields are returning to forest. Many of the alfalfa fields that I worked as a kid are now woods. Such is the cycle of life.

Syx – Good to see you back as well. I was thinking that your confuser crashed again.

True - Holy Smokes! Those driving lesons are taking a long time aren’t they? I thought you’d be done with them by now. I was actually going to ask you how it all turned out.

OH! And Good Morning to everyone!

posted on Oct, 15 2014 @ 05:47 AM
a reply to: SyxPak

Oh Wait.

I have found a product called "P-Mate" for myself and our other female crew.

Let the rum FLOW....


( I'm working on learning how to post pic's) More fun with pics

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