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The Goddess, The Angels, The Demons, The Spiritual Connection, The Universe, The Alpha & The Omega..

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posted on May, 30 2014 @ 06:59 AM
a reply to: imnotagree

Why the duality? why white & black? why good & bad? why must we suffer? Is it posible that god couldnt do it other way? Can god make a mistake? because if you create something and that something fight against you, man, you made a mistake...

We cannot destroy the we cannot fight back, but we can fight each other!!!

Plus nobody is perfect, we all make mistakes, were made in the Creators image...

However I could also answer no the Goddess/God didn't make a mistake, unless you count giving free will or the ability to create to the lower level Virus a mistake!!!

I could also add that we suffer due to the Godless...
Not Atheists, but those with power who want more power via means of the 4 Horsemen, or Famine, War, Pestilence & Death!!!

This suffering only happens in the lower levels in my opinion...where these entities have no remorse or empathy!!!
Once we repent and level up, suffering stops and it is our turn to help the levels below to ease and end the suffering...

Good and bad started as agreement & disagreement... Or respect & disrespect...
The Fallen disrespected the lower life forms on the planets and they were fused with them spiritually!!!

As time went by, some worsened... This causes our levels suffering today!!!

A lot of the lower level comes down to Judgement...
If I am to judge somebody, rather than empathise with their struggle, that's where I'm destined to end up in my next go around!!!

eg If I was homophobic, when I pass on if I haven't repented, emphathised and meant it mentally & spiritually, I shall return to this world to live as a Homosexual...

Not as punishment, as a wake up call that none should be judged because we were designed for a reason...

Misogynists will return as Women, Those who judge Atheists will return as Non-Believers, Islamaphobes will be Muslims, Anti-Semites will be Jewish, Racists will be another Colour & or ethnicity, the ultimate test is these... But it does continue on!!!

I know I dragged on, but the questions were important, hopefully this answered them in some way for you to continue your journey righteously!!!

Thanks for the kind words also!!!

Peace imnotagree!!!
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