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Women No Longer Care

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posted on Apr, 9 2014 @ 08:33 PM
reply to post by theworldisnotenough

My second job is making starships in 3D for major motion pictures and television. I see nothing wrong with me being a concept artist and designer for these shows, and the MEN I work along side also think that I am a very good designer (in fact Andy Probert loves my designs and is enjoying some guilty pleasure of looking at some that I have not made public yet) I also know many women that are animators and post production artists, as well as composting artists, and writers, the stuff they pump out looks no different than the stuff the guys push out, in fact if you didn't know who wrote it, you'd never know who was behind the pen or the tablet or the 3D Program.

in fact I would like for you to tell me HOW THIS corrupts any children...:

posted on Apr, 14 2014 @ 10:18 AM
Brian Adams really really really loved a woman!

Im not giving any more stars out, to either side, because this is getting retarded!

You people have just beat a dead horse, its now rotting and a puddle. Agree to disagree, how bout it?

Lets just drink, and some of you are right, lets just be human.

posted on Apr, 14 2014 @ 10:31 AM
reply to post by greyer

I had to go back to the opening post because I forgot what was the point of this thread.

The opening point is a personal opinion because what drives/compels a woman with children to work hard at a lower paying job than a man, or to strive for success (become a strong role model) - to care - is to provide for her children and her children's future success (higher education), the same as a man would have been compelled - to care - to do in bygone days.

Now what drives a single woman to be successful, well, since we are voicing personal opinions, it is known that with success comes that feeling of accomplishment, being useful and productive, a good paycheck, which in turn buys not only necessities of life, but a few luxuries as well. Success also gives one the free choice to help and share, monetarily, with those less fortunate in the world (which may satisfy that nurturing nature that seems to be inherent in most women).

Also, touching on the not wanting to marry part, well the statistics show that both genders in the existing and upcoming younger generations feel marriage simply does not serve any practial purpose in their lives.

posted on May, 2 2014 @ 11:33 AM
I just want to say that the world is filled to the brim of people like you who live by the guidelines of apathy. In utter disgust you are probably thinking 'why is this guy saying this to me?' That is the point, you are filled with so much hate and negativity that is forces dishonesty to grow out of your soul and deplete any hope of existing love for struggling humanity. Instead you new agers have the idea that dominance and power like a dictator is the smartest way of being to choose in this world so you look down on others filled with hate. I am the last spiritual being in an evil world that walks all over the spirit. So for no reason you girls have judged me wrongly and hated me my whole life without showing me one little tiny bit of love. I don't care because I don't need evil egotistical hypocrites to trick me and control my life like they do to my friends that are married and drain all the happiness from their innocent souls.

I now know the deepest epitome of the word unfair. You hate me, you hate me, and you hate me. No matter who I am, or what is inside of my mind or my heart, nothing matters, because you reject spirituality, you reject love, and every goal you have in every day is nothing but evil - meant to bring people down in some shape or form. Every single day I experience this in direct form - this is not a dream, this is the complete truth.

So do it! Start telling me how much I am wrong and how much you hate me!!! Because there is nothing good in your soul!!

posted on May, 2 2014 @ 11:55 AM

originally posted by: vkey08My second job is making starships in 3D for major motion pictures and television. I see nothing wrong with me being a concept artist and designer for these shows, and the MEN I work along side also think that I am a very good designer

in fact I would like for you to tell me HOW THIS corrupts any children...:

Utter complete ignorance. This is about the way people talk, the amount of compassion they have. And they way this is being presented, the way MEN is capitalized. It is rude, it is obnoxious, it is still trying to be BETTER than the opposite sex.

See how they capitalized 'HOW THIS?' That is because it gives them emotion. She has too much emotion and pride to not be capitalized. Same as when MEN was capitalized - it is for the same unconscious delusional reason - a reason of negativity, resentment, and hatred when it comes down to the root cause.

Really the whole world has gone inside of a blender. It is all over. There is no more love. There is only stupid ego. Imagine all of the females of the world using their nails to slide down a chalk board - that is how they make me feel, around 3 billion screeching noises - BECAUSE YOU DARN IGNORANT SOULS DON"T CONSIDER YOURSELVES AS EQUAL ANYMORE BUT ARROGANT. Like a female group of lions - it is all pride. It is all evil, it is all negative.

(To the mods I apologize for making such generalizations, a woman in reality is actually the same as a savior because love is the best healing power there is, but I have broken over and over because love appears to be extinct at least for me, even in the last 2 days and I have been wrongly judged and hated on for no reason other than that egotistical pride and obnoxiousness.)

posted on May, 3 2014 @ 07:18 AM
a reply to: greyer

Actually, it was more to prove a point that the guys I showed this thread to (the ones I currently work with) thought that some of the comments from other guys were absolute bunkum, as far as the how this? it was meant as a point, that the poster I was replying to was somehow claiming that women working in the field I do part time, are somehow emasculating the male population to think their way, nothing more nothing less.

So to attack me without knowing even an iota about how I think or how I happen to type things out, is very presumptuous of you, and also you claim negativity when it was us (the girls) that were attacked first in this thread, and really attacked if you read back (unless it was you who made the original comment I was responding to, in which case I stand by my statements even more)

I don't look at gender when I am dealing with people, unless it's an issue of outright disparity. Otherwise, if you are qualified and can do the job, who says you cannot.

I don't see anything wrong with that, I don't see anything prideful about that, and I really don't see anything arrogant about that. We are equal to the guys in many ways, and not in others (that goes the same in reverse as well) but it doesn't mean because you've had some bad experiences in the past few days with gals that every single one of us feels "pride" and is "obnoxious", we're just really really sick of being put down and men claiming we are trying to somehow rule the world, honestly, I could care who rules the world, just let me do what i like to do.

On the other hand, maybe I should try to take over the known world.....

posted on May, 3 2014 @ 07:24 AM
a reply to: windword

Are we getting a sandwich then?

posted on May, 3 2014 @ 08:28 AM
a reply to: greyer

I didn't see this post when I replied, had I seen it I would have responded a tad differently, that is to say, you are projecting a lot of your own negative experiences on everyone else. I don't know you, so I cannot hate you, I can dislike your verbiage, which I do, as it is very confrontational, and all because what, you have had a few bad relationships?

I can no longer count the disastrous relationships I've had on my hands, it's part of life. Move on, and move up, it's that simple. Sitting there wallowing in the past will only make you bitter and give you lots and lots of headaches.. it hurts , it really does, but look in the mirror, relationships are two way streets, not one way, I've made my fair share of mistakes in them, I know that, and accept my responsibility in some of mine going south and fast, once you can do that, you will understand how to have a healthy relationship.. and then you will be much happier.

I have to stress this again, a relationship is a two way street, once you start having more and more that go wrong, it's time to start accepting responsibility of your own part in how they went bad rather than always saying "the evil girls never respect me or give me love, but i give them love" One, or two that fail because of one person is not a concern, many, and I quote you:

So for no reason you girls have judged me wrongly and hated me my whole life without showing me one little tiny bit of love.

Seems to me that maybe how you show love may be the issue? Hm?

(yeah I'm so obnoxious and hate filled that I would give that advice just to make you even more miserable, right? Although, if you ask around here, I am one of the most evil sadistic b's that lives..... so there's that as well)

posted on May, 5 2014 @ 01:51 PM

originally posted by: vkey08
a reply to: greyer

Actually, it was more to prove a point that the guys I showed this thread to (the ones I currently work with) thought that some of the comments from other guys were absolute bunkum

That was a negative thing to do. You're taking a rant and exploiting it when they have no idea what I experience, just so all of you can be more judgemental.

I don't care what you do or how you think about this computer screen, I know you're not nice and you wouldn't have been if I didn't post the rant also.

Anybody else who judges me is nothing more than wrong, but it is what I face every day so I am used to it now. Girls just trying to do negative things always as you do. I am so used to people judging me wrongly now. It is not about being self centered - I wish they were self centered, but they are centered towards some imaginary wrong thing about me. For the ones who are self centered, well they are full of apathy also.

Why can't you just realize - there is good and bad - and why can't you just be good? It is in your felion nature.

So the over all the point still stands. I am a nice person who is non-judgemental, and continuously shown that other people (mostly females) are not nice and are judgemental while being wrong. So I will let you get the last word in and let's both stop talking, because I don't want to hear from you because of abuse and you don't want to hear from me because of denial. I am a peaceful person who unconditionally loves everyone and show it by my actions everyday. You are a rotten wicked soul who only feels at peace after you have put someone down or hurt them in some way.

The fact that I wrote a rant saying people don't love and then receive hateful feedback just means I am right, how would that make me change my mind of think that I am wrong? So this is really a rant thread for you now. You are ranting to me about how I am right. Keep being ignorant. Keep being stupid. Keep being an idiot with a rotten soul. For my part I won't post anymore threads so you can keep up to all that.

posted on May, 5 2014 @ 01:55 PM
Thanks for making me more aware - I know you don't care. What is that in your soul that makes you feel and act that way?

posted on May, 5 2014 @ 02:36 PM
a reply to: greyer

If I didn't care about people (and by extension my fellow humans) I never would have spent 15 years as a Social Worker/Investigator for Civil Rights Crimes, which is what I meant by "you do not know anything about me" I never would have been a vocal advocate (and still am) for the rights of disabled children, and proper schooling for them, and I certainly wouldn't have taken the opportunity to give some advice.

What I read in all of what you have written, and please correct me if I am wrong, is that you were as you see it, unjustly judged by girls all your life. That you feel that every woman on the planet is out for one thing and one thing only to judge you in such a way that makes you feel awful (or some derivative of said)..

My response (the second one after I saw your other post) was to in a roundabout way ask, why you feel that you have zero responsibility in how others see/judge you. It seems to me that something is missing from this equation and that you have zero regard for how you present yourself. You claim that all you ever have done is "give love" and got "judged" in return. (Please don't take this next part the wrong way I am in no way assuming or insinuating that you are like this particular man but it's a good example that I can use)

This is an example of someone else that used to use that line of reasoning to rant about women, he was about 27 years old, had a string of bad relationships and by the time I came across him he was sitting in a pool of blood next to the girl he had just beaten to death for asking him if he would pick up dinner that night. He said that was controlling/unjustly judging him a slave to her, when in fact she was planning his surprise birthday party, and he just lost it thinking she was being mean. It wasn't until in court that all of his and her friends paraded up on the stand that he realized that the way he came across, was probably just as responsible for his mindset as the people that he was associating with. He hung himself in jail the next day.

Again, I am not comparing you with this person, just the sentiment that they had. It's always sad when someone comes on and claims they are always being treated X way without them being able to see maybe that they also come across that way, just a little something to think about, and you would be well advised to do so, you come across like someone who's going to snap someday, and I just hope I'm not around to see it...

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