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'US completely infiltrated by Israeli spies'

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posted on Feb, 2 2015 @ 05:40 PM

I am amazed as well.

I would have expected some people to be more concerned about their GD own government spying on them.
a reply to: neo96

And that's the problem.

The 800 lb gorillas behind each curtain, all of them. Our curtains.

Guess who?

You're learning, but no one can force you to retain what your senses are telling you.

Of course you are biased. It's tough to have your team spend decades doing all this surveillance work, and have it all come tumbling down. Team israel must monitor all this chatter coming through the wires. Are we talking about your team? Does team israel like what it's gathering through the earpiece?

Let me guess…

OK then.

Right here in America, we are aware of the 'privacy of our own home' and all e devices-to Israel to NSA pipeline, you know, data collection for future persecution cloaked as prosecution, once your team changes culture and law, to make it criminal in nature, of course; and you've got that neat-o militant police state comprised of mars bars morons and tanks, and with extreme power complexes which result in death for not following a cop's commands, snuffing out lives of innocents, all based on anonymous tips, which is great for breeding rats.

And your team is doing this in all the world, wherever they are allowed to nest, which is usually in government positions.

You shyster you. And with your team in charge, worldwide, no one can hate anything!

What an asinine plan. Yeah. That'll work.
Time to hate what you tell us to hate now, is it?
Everything else is off limits, because it just might include team israel.

Yes. We love you. Feel better?

Oh, and you'll need more lying bastard police with shining stars. To falsify testimonies for the arrest reports. Just ruining lives, one at a time, based on NSA hit lists of political beliefs, you know, which clash with yours…it's called persecution, in case you didn't realize.

God knows what they'll do with drones, sky net, facial recognition and friend or foe lists, and my sources are indicating that thoughts are no longer free…so so much for that frontier being sacrosanct, or even a reasonable expectation of privacy even in our thoughts.

At last, you and your kind will be safe. Safe to roll in it. Wealth. Power. Media. Fame.
World subjugation of the goyim at long last!

It all belongs to you, team israel!

But what if it doesn't?

I call it technofascism. It means using advances in technology to enslave and subjugate the spirit of man, to your own team's advantage, to outshine even the dreaded nazi regime with subterfuge and brute force, rather than to advance leisure and culture and civilization. What the hell do you expect here? A rosy picture of the future?

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posted on Feb, 2 2015 @ 06:52 PM

originally posted by: neo96
Is there a point ?

During world war 2 this country was 'inflitrated' by Germans, and Japanese spies.

Then came along the cold war , and for over 60 years Russian spies were about.

As well and Chinese spies are running around this country.

Iran,North Korea,Saudi also have spies running around.

Someone is crying about them evil 'Isreali's' .

Telling people they are an 'enemy' ?

Thats a joke.

Even bigger that the US has spies running around all over the globe.

From northern Africa, to the middle east to central america to south Ameirca to Europe, and Asia, and all parts in between.

I missed the point here.

The point is they planned 911, if you bothered to read the article.

*not saying I agree, I'm just pointing you're clear feux ignorance and attempt at obfuscation/minimalization.
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