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Oliver Stone: Obama’s “Lack of Spine” is Stunning

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posted on Feb, 17 2014 @ 08:36 AM
Oliver Stone, the director who made the classic movie JFK, told the unmitigated truth when he labeled the con-man and liar Barack Obama a spineless president.

“During a panel discussion entitled ‘Imperial Overreach and the National Security State” which took place at the International Students for Liberty Conference in Washington, D.C., Stone accused Obama of breaking all of his pre-election promises. “Something happened because none of the things he promised . . . transparency, a government that would reconsider the war on terror and these programs . . . none of that happened, none of it,” said Stone. “The man stunned us with a lack of spine,” the director added. “He is a weak man.”

This describes Obama, a man without any moral compass, to the tee.

Anyone who looks beyond the surface can see Obama has no real core beliefs, the perfect kind of president the ptb want. Obama will give a good speech but never follows up on anything because he doesn’t have the inner moral beliefs and only has the spine for having Jayzee or Kanye West at the white house SO HE AND THE FAMILY CAN LIVE THE PRESIDENTIAL LIFE STYLE WHILE THE COUNTRY ROTS.

Asserting that Obama sold immediately when he “took the private option over the public option,” Stone noted that Obama’s choice of advisors, Robert Gates, whom he labeled a “criminal,” and Hillary Clinton, made it clear right away that President Obama would be a completely different entity than candidate Obama. “On everything he backed down,” Stone said. “I was stunned.” This is by no means the first time that Stone has publicly chastised Obama. Last year, Stone told a Tokyo audience that Obama was a “snake” for “institutionalizing” illegal National Security Agency spy programs. “He’s a snake. And we have to turn on him,” said the filmmaker. Stone also spoke out against the administration’s plan to launch a military intervention in Syria before it was averted at the last minute back in September.

Obama’s sinking approval rating has been characterized by low income Americans and those who lean Democrat abandoning their support for the President. A December Gallup poll found that support for Obama amongst Hispanics had dropped a whopping 23 per cent over the previous 12 months. Stone is a good example of a leftist who has refused to betray his principles just because a Democrat is in the White House, unlike the deluge of Obama cheerleaders who vehemently attacked George W. Bush over the attack on Iraq but have remained silent about Obama’s abhorrent drone strike policy. Watch the full panel discussion from Saturday’s event featuring Stone below.

Indeed Obama is an example of the reality that ALL the recent presidents are devoid of any sincere moral principles and vapid inside their hearts and souls.

Like Reagan, Bush, Clinton, and the other Bush...and now this lowly con-man, hypocrite, murderer and liar Barack Obama may be the worst since he gave the sheep the most hope…what a joke.

The reality is that ever since Kennedy the PTB are making sure that any president will be an ambitious jerk without sincere principles, one without independent wealth like Kennedy had whose father raised him to tell the elite to kiss his butt.

Ever since Kennedy there is a conscious effort by the PTB to select ONLY ambitious knaves like Obama, Bush, Clinton and that crook Chris Christie( good he has been exposed) are the ONLY kind of moral trash we have to choose from.

This is prime proof that the murder of JFK was a water shed event. A ritualistic murder and coup d'etat indicating that Kennedy would be the last president who had any degree or semblance of sincerity and independence and that forthwith ONLY the kind we know recently will be available to vote for.

What is the solution to this dilemma of the American people where we don’t even have moral and independent people to choose from anymore to elect as president?

posted on Feb, 17 2014 @ 08:43 AM
Wow, that has to make him pretty unpopular in Hollywood doesn't it?
Aren't they all just suppose to love everything Democrat?

Good for him for having the courage to say it though.

posted on Feb, 17 2014 @ 08:53 AM
reply to post by chiefsmom

The Hollywood people? All they want is to be invited to the White House when Jayzee or Kanye West is giving a concert. They only give lip service to progressive causes; though on ONLY gay rights do they have any sincere beliefs. Though there are many like Oliver in Hollywood.
Even on this issue Obama had to be brought along by Biden. Obama has NO REAL MORAL PRINCIPLES BUT AMBITION TO LIVE THE PRESIDENTIAL LIFESTYLE.

Credit to Oliver Stone!

posted on Feb, 17 2014 @ 08:58 AM
I like it!, a man who tells it, as it is!, the usa needs more people like oliver stone, someone like him in the running, would be a great challenge for oh-smarma. Good post

posted on Feb, 17 2014 @ 09:30 AM
reply to post by Willtell

G,day mate. Me bethinks barry wont be happy. oliver stone had better watch his back or more to the point his front.
A tree just might jump out onto the road and attack his car.

posted on Feb, 17 2014 @ 09:33 AM
reply to post by Willtell

S&F Willtell!!!

Glad to see you are finally seeing thru the fog of the partisan brainwashing of the 2 headed one party monster!

First time I think I agreed with you!

We no longer have true elections in this country. All we get to do is pick which globalist puppet is selected for us.

posted on Feb, 17 2014 @ 09:36 AM
reply to post by seeker1963

Thanks but I have always felt this way.
I don’t do parties or groups I deal in issues.

posted on Feb, 17 2014 @ 09:43 AM
The problem with this is that there is no solution to the fact that we CAN’T elect any kind of half way decent human being anymore!

What is the solution to this?

Massive education? But how are we to get the funds to do that?

Revolution? That is suicide!

A new party? That won't work because the ptb are slick enough to have created the two headed monster of the duopoly of the GOP( conservative) and the Dems( liberal) so any new party would only give advantage to one or the other.

My solution is education. Convince people to vote ISSUES ONLY.

Forget labels and extremism.

Adapt a law like in Canada to outlaw lies in campaigns.

posted on Feb, 17 2014 @ 10:07 AM
reply to post by Willtell

He's right on with his assessment of Obama. At least he has more backbone to call Obama out about his empty promises than our own media.

The public has to stop backing the two party system. Start voting for 3rd party candidates. Having said that, have you ever met a politician that didn't lie?

posted on Feb, 17 2014 @ 10:12 AM

reply to post by seeker1963

Thanks but I have always felt this way.
I don’t do parties or groups I deal in issues.

Well, the issues are pretty much split along party lines, so even if you deal in issues, you're in support of one party or another.

posted on Feb, 17 2014 @ 10:13 AM

more Partisan rhetoric.

Democrat this, Republican that.

It doesn't matter.

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posted on Feb, 17 2014 @ 11:04 AM
reply to post by Willtell

Surface details in the world of politics are like headlines titles on ATS, startling and quickly drawing attention to the topic, but hardly every containing the true gist of the situation behind the info.

Beyond the façade of politics in the US is a determined plan to destroy the nation as we want it to be (more or less) and replace it with something less free even as we wage war around the globe under the guise of creating freedom and democracy.
With our wealth and military might, we have been chosen to be the police force of the world. The goal is not dominance of the world as with the old USSR, but a dominance of modern (read Western) thought above tribal savagery and extreme and repulsive applications of some major religions. The eventual goal is to level the field of humanity to one homogeneous, united mass incapable of mounting mass slaughter merely for the sake of domination of people and resources. (And in itself, not a bad idea for humanity as it currently stands.)

The political parties are the same in what they do, not what they say they will do. There is no better evidence for that in what Stone pointed out and in a thousand other ways that he didn't mention. Obama does have a purpose, however, he does have a spine. He is doing the bidding, with a vengeance, of the secret powers that control the whole show because that agenda co-insides exactly with his driving need to actively destroy every thing he hates about America. And they knew he was the man for the job. (That term, "hate" is thrown around a lot these days, but it precisely fits Obama's MO.) He was, indeed, the man for the job. Bush and Chaney weren't mean at the task and neither would Romney have been. Romney was never allowed personally to work at winning. He was a shill. His failure and that of various aspects of his party failed to aggressively confront Obama on half a dozen major issues and/or chose to favor old party planks. Because of that, most of the American public were kept in the dark about Obama's past that would readily displayed his identifiable intentions and more importantly, would even have prevented him from running for office on several counts! That situation could not have happen simply by a lack of an all-out strategy by the republicans. The fight was fixed from the first round, the slogan of "Change" was the goal of the game by the secret controllers. The slogan is doing quite well in thousands of ways by regulations and laws that should not exist in the by the very essence of what is America. Is it racist to observe that a white man couldn't have gotten away with it? [Ponce on it!) Regardless, it is happening almost as if there had been a master plan waiting in the wings for the right person to be in position to apply Change via an "in your face" manner of implementation. Obama is definitely the right person for the job.

(I consider myself a progressive independent with some unique ideas about where the world is headed. I did want a revamping of the whole business of politics in government, but I've watched and learned over the decades that such a version of utopia is forbidden in the present world and regardless of pledges of the candidates, none of them can deliver what they preach--not that such was intended anyway. I had not expected such a drastic and hurried make-over--an overly nice term--to the destruction of my country. What happens in the next few years will be of no great consequence to me given my age, but I fear for those younger expecting one America to be there for them and finding day after day the prospects of something entirely different.)

posted on Feb, 17 2014 @ 12:18 PM
Of little significance?

posted on Feb, 17 2014 @ 02:14 PM
reply to post by Aliensun

There’s not much you said I don’t agree with, though I might add that the PTB in elections, I feel, make sure they have both sides of the fence on their side so whatever side wins means they win also...its rigged now to elect either Satan or the devil, some choice.

I believe they have issues such as gay rights, abortion, contraception and so on so the candidates can PRETEND to fight over and whatever is decided on these issues the PTB don’t care. These kinds of issues exist so the sheep can be persuaded that the candidates have sincere beliefs, though nothing is further from the truth.

On other matters though both parties have the same agenda though even here they pretend (such as Obama with his foreign policy deceptions he advocated while running) and WILL DO EXACTLY what the hidden powers want.

Foreign policy and domestic human rights issues are an example of the uniformity they have. The proof of this is that Obama has carried on the same policies as Bush and in fact even worse in regards to constitutional issues, eventhough he pretended that he would be different.

As for the canard “change” you will recall that the reprobate Bill Clinton used the same rhetoric to get elected and of course he changed nothing

In the end what may be the thing that is worst for this country will be the greed and avarice they allow to run rampant that started with Ronald Reagan who let all the wolves get to the sheep and now their having a grand feast.

posted on Feb, 17 2014 @ 02:19 PM
reply to post by babybunnies

That’s one way the system is rigged.

But if the GOP want to cut social security and the dems don’t what is an old woman on SS supposed to do…follow Alex Jones as she starves to death.

posted on Feb, 17 2014 @ 02:26 PM
reply to post by WeRpeons

I don’t expect saints in politics but these guys recently are degrees worst than what we may have had before Kennedy was murdered.

I think more than anything that assassination was a message to politicians to behave when you get in office or else.

The Military Industrial, Intelligence, Corporate and Banking, and Oil and Gas complex will take you out if you get out of line.

If you study closely all the people Kennedy pissed off you will see all of the above groups.

I knew Obama wouldn’t be brave enough to go against any of these powers.

They are all afraid to really go against these powers.

Anybody would!

So we have a real serious problem here that is not easily solved

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