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Help! I am being tortured by an evil entity.

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posted on Jan, 20 2014 @ 02:47 PM
First, the suggestion to go the "western medical" route really isnt a bad one.. There are many things in this arena that they do not understand, however, it can identify certain things that other routes will not. They will allow you (and your doctors) to get specific data from different scans and images on how you work. Use your discernment when it comes to the actual treatment, especially pharmaceuticals, but getting this information about yourself should be an option that is very, very seriously considered. Just think of it as gathering as much information as you can about the subject.

While you are doing the above;

Meditation is a good thing, regardless of any other issues. Focus on the act of being more than trying to "gain" something.

You can also imagine a shield of light surrounding you and your living space. You must have faith that nothing can cross it from that "realm," and give it continuous renewal by thinking about the light more than what is being blocked out. This can work for both "spiritual" and "physical" issues like this. Neuroplasticity is a very interesting thing.

posted on Jan, 20 2014 @ 02:54 PM
reply to post by Segenam

Thank you Segenam.

I am not religious, and I do not pray. But I tried once to find God and ask him for help. I probably didn't do it right and I have no intention of being converted to religion. So it didn't work.

I know someone with a similiar problem and neither the doctors nor their drugs could help her.

posted on Jan, 20 2014 @ 03:26 PM
reply to post by BlueMule

I too understand, Wicca helped me deal with annoying entity's.

To anyone being or feeling attacked try this, i dont follow exactly what most Wiccans do, i change things to suit myself and my environment,I live in North Queensland near the ocean, to mark out the pentagram of life and protection try this, before you go to sleep while laying in bed use your pointed finger, arm stretchered out as far as it can go and visualize what each Element does and how it works.

For example Fire is (Sun) photosynthesis, warmth, Light ect ect. Earth is nutrients, plant growth, mountains ect ect. Water is cleansing, refreshing, waterfalls, lakes and streams. Air carries pollen, we breath it, flight ect ect. Spirit is us, our deceased loved ones, the plants the animals its everything.

this is my layout i use,

North for the element of Fire, because that is where the equator is.
South West for the element of Earth, because in Australia South is more fertile and better for farming.
East for the element of Water, because that's where im closest to the ocean.
West for the element of Air, because the air sweeps across the desert.
South East for the element of Spirit, to me Spirit is everywhere in all living things so it doesn't matter where you place it.

I always start at North arm stretched with pointed finger, in your thoughts say to yourself and visualize the Element as you point to it.

keeping straight lines as you go, point North say: Light of Fire without you there is no life.
Move your finger S/W say: Nutrients of Earth without you there is no life.
then East say: Cleansing of water without you there is no life.
Move across to the West say: Breath of Air without you there is no life.
then go S/E say: love of Spirit without you there is no life.
then head back to North joining up your pentagram from there you'll form a circle connecting each Element, i always go anti clockwise because i like to flow with the Goddess of the Earth, as that is the way she turns, to me the Earth is alive and has a thinking and feeling conscious, as do all planets, moons and stars.

Now as your forming the circle say: Together you are all connected to form the circle of life, under the Elemental pentagram i am protected from all negativity and negative entity's, no harm can come to me and mine. close down your communication with the Elements by thanking them.

If you feel you need that extra edge you can call upon your chosen God/dess to watch over while you sleep, you can also call upon your deceased loved ones and those who truly love you for protection.

Im attached to our moon so i call upon the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone (grandmother in modern terms) i say something like this to them : High Priestesses of the moon guard me with your reflective light or hide me in your shadows if need be.

so i if you feel your at your wits end and have tried every things else give it a go and i hope it helps.

Love and harmony

posted on Jan, 20 2014 @ 04:22 PM
reply to post by twsnhr013

cool ... wasnt looking to convert .. i dont actually follow a religion myself .. but i do talk with god loads .. and am sure, sometimes i see the things i say materialise ... whether it be god... my mind reaching out to the universe via quntum physics .. law of attraction .. however .. i do seem to be getting looked after .. as tho someone is directly listening to what i say

was just meanin you could maybe ask god, over and above anything else you may do .. i figured for the few minutes a day or so .. couldnt do any harm .. but fair enough

i also like what serdgiam says .. about meditating .. but more so the shield of light .. i shoulda thought to say that
but ive read many times, that some of these entities hate the mention of god ..

posted on Jan, 20 2014 @ 04:27 PM
I had the exact same dream...


posted on Jan, 20 2014 @ 04:30 PM
reply to post by snypwsd

I agree smudging also works.
but i feel it will work best if you do it yourself, its your house while your their its your space OWN IT.

i prefer sage you can buy it really cheap and it lasts a long time, i prefer to undo the twine around it and pull it apart and work with it loose as i need it.

place a few leaves in a natural bowl or shell, set it alight then extinguishing any flames to let it smoulder, using a feather (i wipe my feather over with crushed Amber as well)

i walk in an anticlockwise direction going from room to room and sometimes i even go around the outside on the property line, it can get very exhausting and can drain your energy pretty fast because as your walking your also releasing and stretching out your aura, your energy.

here is a little chant to help you focus on what your task.

Breath of Earth cleanse this house/home/room/space/property (say whatever best describes and feels best for you) and protect it always, banish/prevent/reflect (again use what word best suits you) all negativity and all negative entity's that enter this house, protect it always.

repeat this during the whole time while using your feather to help disperse the smoke.

i also use brooms to cross the entrance doors, as i place the broom i force my energy into it and at the door itself, say: No harm shall come to me and mine for my will prevents it.

note: it doesn't matter what you say as long as you mean it.

Love and harmony

posted on Jan, 21 2014 @ 12:54 AM
reply to post by twsnhr013

Ive seen the spiders and the shadow people. So has my wife, brother, cousin, and grandmother...often on the same nights. This is not a psychological problem. Its demonic harrassement. They can induce the bio-chemical reaction that causes sleep paralysis and take advantage of it to tourture you. Its definately not a shared psychosis.

The only advice I can offer is what works for me everytime. First accept Christ as personal savior, and then rebute the entities in Jesus' name any time it happens. Residual paralysis usually must run its course, but using Jesus' name will stop the attack and protect you on the spot.

I must warn you, using Jesus' name as non-believe can rapidly escalate the attack.

Hope this helps.

posted on Jan, 21 2014 @ 11:08 AM
reply to post by twsnhr013

i've heard of others describe the things you have as well. those things you talk about on the ceiling hanging down specifically. i've heard of them taking a bloby amorphous form on ceilings and then turning into things like spiders to move around the house. these entities are essentially negative leeches. they feed off of fear, pain and other negative emotions, shame, depression etc.

i would guess that taking any approach involving trying to fight them would only feed them further. for example you describe in your dream fighting waves upon waves of these spiders only for them to keep coming and increasing in size and number until you chop one in half that is the size of a planet. they are feeding off of you fighting them and violence only aids their cause against you.

it doesnt matter what religion you chose but, you need to find SOMETHING that you BELIEVE in to protect you.

as others have mentioned in this thread visualization can be extremely powerful. violet light, can be used for protection, filtering negative energy much like white light. i personally use violet and find it to be extremely effective for this sort of thing. you can imagine yourself in an orb of violet light that penetrates and permeates you. you can go even further by imaging this orb of violet light being coated by a mirror that faces outward. it might sound weird or foreign but, it will work if you believe. this same method can also be used to protect anything, pets, other family members, your house etc.

you have to think that for every negative force there is an equal opposing positive force. and i'm a firm believer that the existence of any negative entity is only proof that there is a more powerful positive entity in existence because i believe that light is always stronger that dark, love always stronger than hate etc. so to me the existence of the demonic proves the existence of god. you need to keep a positive, strong, firm mindset during all of this. in my experience negative entities that i would classify as demonic seem to really respond to the lords prayer and saint michaels prayer prayer, the latter especially for the demonic. I always thought prayers were hooey and there was a time i thought all religion was bogus, dumb, mind control. but, i cant argue with the results. these prayers and the belief in them have saved me many times over.

smudging with sage does work as well as others have mentioned, so that definitely cant hurt, it also helps to visualize the smoke as white light spreading throughout the house clearing out the dark and the negative. that smoke needs to go into every corner and inch of your house, think of it as a smoke extermination. you need to leave no space unturned for these things to hide when you are doing you smudging. also it can't hurt to use lavender during the smudge as well on all the entrances and windows in the house. lastly, when you are doing to sage you need to leave one entrance slightly open for this things to leave through. this is important because they need an exit, there are times when ive done smudging and have literally heard an entity make it's exit known by pounding on a door or window on its way out, angry that its been kicked out.
while you are doing the smudging you can say the following during the entire time which i believe covers everything you could be fighting against.

"i cleanse this space/portal(windows/doors) of any negative entity, energy or thought-form", you can add that it's not welcome, that is has to leave your house etc but, i believe you need to cover all your bases with your language and make your intent clear and firm.

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posted on Jan, 21 2014 @ 09:42 PM
To keep it basic, you are being accosted by the force of anti-christ or the devil. Yes, its real and active. Like someone already said here for every force their is an equal and opposite force. I agree. "they" are trying to oppress/program you according to the way they understand reality. You, if you choose to do so will counter-program your mind to neutralize their efforts.

I am no expert and keep things simple. If your dream takes you to a bad place learn to wake up. When they torture you in your waking hours use what spiritual practice you are drawn to ie. the bible, mantras, meditation, prayer, course in miracles, the urantia book, the power of now, presence, the void, magic, shamanism; whatever works for you. And don't forget the good old fashioned rosary, though they hate any mention of those names and like someone above said "will escalate the attack". Really, whatever works for you. I assume Christ is working with you through any of these forms.

Figure out what side you are on and then commit. Know there are others like you out there. I feel like this sounds a bit crazy and melodramatic but you know how it can be. peace.

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posted on Jan, 22 2014 @ 08:11 AM
If it is feeding off negative energy then I'm screwed. I could be calm and peaceful all I want but it won't matter. I've lived in total chaos most of my life. My mom, grandmother and brothers are always fighting. There's plenty of anger, aggression, pain and malice to go around. So if I starve it, it will just get it from someone else then come back and attack me. Might even be the reason why it's attacking me and not them, because they are already generating enough negative energy for its liking.

As for fighting it, I have to keep up a resistance to it. In the dream, I didn't cut it with violence or malice. I simply cut it. Instead, what I should have done was wake up and get away before it could touch me rather than continue the dream and fight it. After it made a connection, things became much worse. I do have a lot of hidden energy that I keep to myself so I have to be careful not to fight it violently, aggressively or maliciously. Currently, I am abstaining from slicing it, used arm wrestling to dominate it and am now moving into using repulsion without touching it.

posted on Jan, 22 2014 @ 11:47 AM
reply to post by twsnhr013

i understand what you are saying about having other people in the house generating negative energy that it could be harnessing, that makes sense. it will certainly use that as fuel as you are probably not the only target in the house. they are being targeted as well but, probably have no idea. if that's the case i would reaffirm that you need to cleanse the space, i think that part is important since it seems like it has taken residence in your home. You can try it first yourself, with the sage, lavender, holy water, sea salt around the perimeter of the property, i've even seen success with people incorporating the burring of blessed saint medals on the four corners of the property. And if your personal efforts do not work then you need to reach out to someone in your area perhaps a priest or a native american who has experience with performing a cleansing for the property, blessing the property.

The avoidance tactic might work for saving you from the encounters in your sleep but, i have a feeling that it wouldn't stop it from holding up in your home or leeching off of your other family members.

Just a thought, have you ever tried to bind "it" in your dreams or immobilize it, maybe by visualizing a barrier or ball of white light around it?

What i'm thinking also is that these negative entities take refuge in the lower astral, which is low vibration, dense and mirky with creatures like this. if you yourself were to raise yourself out of the lower astral the creature would not be able to follow you because it cannot exist at a higher vibration. that is why i previously suggested that you envelop yourself with violet light which is associated with the crown chakra and a much higher level of consciousness and vibration. visualizing this in your dream and in daily waking life should have a positive effect on your situation. these visualization are a lot more powerful than they sound and it certainly can't hurt to try it out for a while and adjust your approach accordingly.

posted on Jan, 22 2014 @ 01:58 PM
reply to post by twsnhr013

I do not know if this will help. I have also had experiences with seeing these beings around, also the spiders on the wall on numerous occasions. When I was living in Australia I had numerous dreams of a dark man that keep trying to find me in my dreams. This went on some years. Since moving to Holland I experienced an episode of Psychosis where I went missing for 7 hours when I thought it was only gone an hour. I had voices in my head from these beings which were tormenting me. I had on several occasions experienced spiritual things occur in these times. When I confronted the doctors about the spiritual side they dismissed it totally. They said that I should get more focused in this world rather than a world that I was creating in my head. I however believe in the spiritual world and know that the voices I was hearing and the beings I was seeing in my head were from there. I have been taking medication but it does not work to help the situation. The beings are still there and do not go away.

The only thing that seems to help on my part is to ignore the beings as much as I can. Then the visions (hallucinations) seem to go into the background a bit. These beings seem to want as much attention as possible. If you ignore their demands and their attempts to attack you, it might start to go into the background. Ignoring is a good way of putting your foot down and taking control of what comes near you and whether you want to associate with it or not. It is helping me to get more grounded. I am taking control of what comes into my head and what I choose to focus on. The more attention you give these beings, the more they will be eager to want to control over you. Mind over matter basically.

posted on Jan, 22 2014 @ 03:44 PM
I know what it feels like ,i was attacked nearly every day and night for months i dont know what started it, but got very fed up with it ,you have to examine yourself and your surroundings ,possessions ,music ,drugs ,alcohol, people you know etc ,check you dont own anything thats been used in black magic ,seances etc ,a family i knew were given a tablecloth used in black magic ,they were constantly fighting, on each others nerves ,irrtitable etc despite being a religious christian family ,they eventually burnt it and it stopped .get rid of any music you might have that might be to do with the occult the first time i got attacked which was 32 years was listening to black sabbath while i was going to sleep, and it hasnt stopped since [started to get this feeling yesterday when i was going to sleep] , dont drink to excess or take drugs, they will always try to get at you in a vulnerable state .Maybe move out of the place you live in, one flat i lived in was particularly bad .Swearing a lot can also attract them.One other thing i knew a girl i met overseas and was keen on ,her ex told her he would kill her if she had another boyfriend ,being a country with shamans, i believe he got a curse put on her, as things just got so bad for me from then on its was shocking ,attacks got very bad from that moment on ,like they were doing their utmost best to stop me being anywhere near her, eventually ended when someone else was determined and did take her from me ,hope this helps ,one other thing i did i used to open a bible to james 2;7 ''You believe in God ? you are doing very well ,and yet the demons believe and shudder '' i had that next to my bed ,evidently they didnt like it because they would leave alone when i did that

posted on Jan, 23 2014 @ 08:51 AM
It is terrible for anyone to have to experience this.

posted on Jan, 23 2014 @ 12:44 PM

It is terrible for anyone to have to experience this.

I feel sad for you twsnhr. I hope that you find a way to rid of your problem soon. Just don't give up, it will get better. Sending strength and courage your way.

posted on Jan, 29 2014 @ 11:49 AM
reply to post by twsnhr013

Hi Twsnhr013,

I've experienced similar things in dreams (and also much worse in what seemed/seems like waking life which I won't share here).

The other night I was dreaming. I was with a small group of people at a university. There was a teacher and a few students. We were all instructed to get into an elevator as we were going to an underground base. Once I was in the elevator something didn't feel right so I got off, the rest of the people went down. Then shortly after I walked down the hall, and out from the elevator comes this black shadowy being, asking me if I want to go visit area 51 down the elevator. I knew I was dreaming and started screaming within the dream to wake myself up. I had to ask my partner if I was making any noise because I felt I was making so much noise (like some psychic warrior generating a spirit bomb).

My feeling is these 'beings' have more to do with what is going on inside the body than some outside force. Regardless of what it really is, don't give up. If you feel like they are battling for your mind, you probably are. Remember within each of us is the creator, take refuge in knowing your divine connection and use this to neutralize your fear of these tormentors.

While they made feed off of your emotions, they are not invulnerable. If you can remember to in your dream, use light on them, i hear that light cuts shadows like butter

speaking of light, how much sunshine do you take in?

posted on Jan, 29 2014 @ 07:38 PM
I find fire works better than light. There are also some other things I've found helpful. When there is a harmful effect with unknown cause, engaging in a visual battle seems to help. Being able to open and close the third eye at will helps when they are bombarding it with images. Focusing the inner energy and pushing it against the wall of the mind while holding a hand on that wall helps break some illusions. Focusing on the point of the wall they are attacking and pushing them back with will and intent helps repel some attacks; then using energy from the hand chakra to heal that area helps block them further. Determining the line of fire by examining the point and angle of intrusion, pointing at it outside of but close to the head, then saying "bad" seems to help. And when a being of sadness or positive energy is nearby it often causes some temporary relief.

posted on Jan, 30 2014 @ 02:53 PM
The dreams about spiders are rationally explainable. In fact; I have had dreams in which they start perfectly normal and I see mostly one single spider; in a bush or against a wall. Then; after a while they become more and more until I suddenly start noticing that there are thousands of them everywhere around me in close proximity even.

The reason for this to happen is two folds; First of all it is a primal fear of humans. Even thou I do not fear spiders when awake; the instinct simply triggers this primal fear.
The second reason is that sometimes spiders (Which are nocturnal creatures) simply walk over our bodies and even our faces simply because. Maybe it notices your heat or sleep movement or thinks there are leftovers on your teeth. I actually woke up one night dreaming that a spider walked over my face and saw a big house spider a meter away from my face against the wall. The brain does notice it when a spider walks over you and this can influance your dream.

So dreaming about spiders is normal. Others have this for other animals like snakes, mice or bats. Just whatever you encounter the most in daily life probably.

About the second part; While this is a weird one it is actually explainable due to things like stress. When I started my current job several years ago I would be semi-awake due to all the information my brain had to process. Causing me to actually perform my job in my sleep. When my brain finally did it automatically and no longer had to recess the information at work I started to sleep like normal again. This is the brains way of working. You say it is lasting for years now.
I have found out that if you work late and get only one or two hours free from a busy day before sleeping the brain copes with processing issues and lets you partly relive your past workday in your sleep. Since it is a stressfull day most likely between people you can't stand this probably influences your dream negatively. My advise would be to take another job; or resolve the issue at work and take more time between work and sleep.

Having said that; Dreaming always creeps me out since I hardly dream at all. I do dream actively but only when the day was unusually stressful or busy. Mostly I don't dream at all. Night is just an 'almost-devoid-of-time-gap' for me. But this is due to complex issues of another kind.

posted on Jan, 30 2014 @ 10:03 PM
sounds like to me that you got a typical demonoid problem, probably caused by certain haters in your life who want to see bad things happen to you, its ok , theyll be taken care of by the religiousation of their demise of their witch practices

posted on Jan, 30 2014 @ 10:57 PM
You are experiencing these entities in your dreams because on some level you are matching their vibration, my advice is to keep centered...and focus on raising your vibration through meditation and setting intention/prayer. You can do this with the aid of Higher Beings....don't hesitate to call upon Archangel Michael as this is a being always ready to help and with energy very potent. Rest assured these beings have no power over you and attempt to intensify fear within you by bringing out the fears that you already have and attempting to intensify your weaknesses.

I have had similar dreams where beings have disguised themselves as people I know and as soon as I confront them for what they are they melt into their more natural form and I wake up. Often I would wake up feeling their presence in the room which is how I knew I was experiencing lower astral beings.

Its going to take some soon as the fearful thoughts come to you...recognize them...and just let them pass. Don't deny may even show gratitude for being presented with an experience that allows you to better understand the beauty of the path in which you have chosen; for the darkness give contrast so we may better appreciate the beauty of Joy and Compassion.

As you are strong in your mental/emotional discipline these beings will begin to loose interest in you. You may look at it this way: You are in a building with many stories...the higher up you are in levels the higher in vibration you are if these beings are at the say...3rd floor you may choose to go up to the 4th, it may be that at the 4th floor you still hear them banging on the ceiling trying to get your attention, yet since you are a floor above them..their ruckus is muffled and not of great concern...the higher you go the less they affect you..until they are non-existent in your reality.

Take Care


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