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ghosts and paranormal investigaters

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posted on Jan, 6 2014 @ 12:41 PM
The paranormal field i have been in it for a little over 2 years i finally started my own group after a bad experience with a group in my area.They were in it for the thrill and not to help people that really bothered me and my wife. We went to a clients house and they were playing with a ouija board and some very nasty things started to happen about 3 months down the road well the group went in not only taunted but made fun of the entity and made things worse for the client i can honestly say that for me paranormal investigators should be professional not just in it for the thrills i love investigating and i love to help people but its hard when you have a group that makes things so hard.I have had many experiences nothing exorcist wise of course but have had some bone chilling experiences non the less. does anyone have experiences of their own with bad paranormal groups?

posted on Jan, 6 2014 @ 12:51 PM
reply to post by killer4281

My wife and I once thought it might be cool to join a group...
what turned us off right away were these huge membership fees they wanted!
and what for???
I would have had to provide my own transportation buy my own equipment then come up with my own places to investigate...

We most certainly were not going to pay dues for that...

posted on Jan, 6 2014 @ 12:53 PM
Oh yeah! Nearly every one on TV haha. But in all seriousness I've never met anyone in a group. We sure could've used it when my wife and I were living at her parents' house last year though. We had a very malicious entity there. My brother-in-law was into Satanism when he was younger and he did some sort of summoning ritual in their backyard so the things been there for years. It would torment my daughter and my wife. Then when I moved in it started on me. Just standing at the end of the bed staring at us while we slept. So I called it out and it disappeared. I lay my head down feeling triumphant, but not 10 minutes later the thing grabbed my foot and i tried kicking it off but it finally let go when I rebuked it in the name of Jesus. So now we moved to Kansas and it didn't follow us, but I just recently learned I live an hour from Stull Cemetery so that freaks me out too haha. But anyways I'd like to get into paranormal investigating. I think it'd be pretty cool. How many client have you had and what kind of experiences?

posted on Jan, 6 2014 @ 01:02 PM
reply to post by killer4281

yeah, i feel theres a few groups out there that re in it for the thrill, let them get on with it, they'l come off worse in the long run. i was with a friend and his son doing some graveyards but it all stopped, i don't know why, but we were both forgetting to tell the dead to stay where they were and not follow us home we both ended up with half the graveyard at our homes! nothing nasty though apart from picking on my dog. i love ghosts/spirits even the nasty ones make it worthwhile, i've had them most my life and believe me anyone who says the dead can't hurt you, steer clear from! you will find alot of them are just bullies, i believe we are the same in death as we were in life, we do not change.

ouija boards..... i have never got one to work and i would love to, i can't comment on them but in another way i feel evp is just the same as ouija boards.

posted on Jan, 6 2014 @ 01:08 PM
reply to post by killer4281

I was an active investigator from 1996-2005. Keyword: Investigator. I never offered help other than proving the people experiencing things weren't crazy by gathering evidence, or helping to come to a logical (mundane) conclusion. I was in it for the proof, that's it. But I never tried to stir the pot so to speak by playing with things like the Ouija board. In fact, I stay far from it and encourage others to not play with it either.

At most, the group we had was five investigators. We never charged a cent to investigate a place or for any of our members to join. We all pitched in to buy gear, gas and whatever else we needed.

People need to realize that ghosts are people too. The only thing that makes them different from you and I are the lack of a physical body. They still deserve the same respect as you would show anyone living. That was a big deal to me. I never offered a spirit help if I didn't have any intentions on doing it. I never tried to provoke anything or anyone either. But you will find people like you mentioned killer4281 that are in it for the kicks. You'll also find other groups that are more or less a "club" that requires a membership fee. They're not serious and I urge others to go a different route.

Back when I first started out, there weren't many paranormal researchers in my neck of the woods. However, as time went on I experienced more and more "thrill seekers" playing around acting like investigators. I've come across a couple of individuals who were nothing more than vandals looking for a good time under the guise of being an investigator. These people make people like you and I look bad.
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posted on Jan, 6 2014 @ 02:51 PM
Here is my problem with paranormal investigators...Most of them are "in it for the thrills," as you put it. People who have a legitimate paranormal problem get in touch with these groups thinking they can help them solve their problems, but usually they only make it worse. Only a small percentage of paranormal groups can actually help those who have paranormal problems. Groups like TAPS, who have a popular television show, I cannot remember ever seeing an episode where they helped someone get rid of their paranormal problem.

And it CAN be done in most instances. That is the sad thing. So anyone who is thinking about forming a ghost hunting team, you should realize that you are making the situation worse, not helping. If you want to get thrills from doing it, then do NOT go into someone's home to "investigate." Stick to places that are not inhabited, except of course for the ghosts, lol.

And many of these new investigators do not realize the potential effects of their actions. Entities follow people home relatively frequently, especially ghost hunters, who are doing more than "passing through" a haunted location. But entities have even latched on to people who were just "passing through." It may be exciting, but it is definitely not a game by any stretch of the imagination. This is not directed at the user who started this thread by the way, unless the information does indeed apply.

posted on Jan, 6 2014 @ 03:17 PM
reply to post by JiggyPotamus

Absolutely. I can't tell you enough how upset I get when I hear groups like TAPS or the crew of Ghost Adventures ask if people (spirits) need help, get a reply and then do absolutely nothing as they asked these questions to illicit a response. It's like walking up to a homeless person and asking them if they want some food getting their hopes up and then walking away.

I never offered help and I have always made that clear in the few cases where I was asked to investigate a persons home. I stated up front that all I can personally do is help gather evidence of a haunting. I did have a "little black book" filled with names of various mediums that have come recommended to me that I would offer if they needed help "evicting" a spirit. But that's as far as I went.

As for safety, a lot of people do not realize that a spirit isn't always "trapped" at a location. I've known people who have went thrill seeking ask me for help as they brought something back with them. (Thankfully nothing bad.) Plus, there are other dangers associated with investigating both paranormal and normal.

It can be exciting, but if all you want is a thrill, turn off your lights at home and pop in a horror movie.

Just wanted to add that I quit in 2005 due to reasons I don't care to explain. But let's just say that something happened that scared me to the point where I left the investigations all together. Even to this day I can't talk about it, it gives me too much anxiety.

So please, think twice before you run out to try to find something.
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posted on Jan, 6 2014 @ 04:21 PM
reply to post by Auricom

i agree, ghost adventures really does my head in and i too had a horrific experience, i know that some can be really nasty, the ones i had a visit from had not lived before.

posted on Jan, 6 2014 @ 05:13 PM
I've always been curious about paranormal investigators. I think there are more people in it for the thrills nowadays since there's been many shows about it. I've had some experiences that I will never forget that left me shook.

posted on Jan, 6 2014 @ 07:09 PM
there are alot of groups like that i have always been in contact with the dead i have always been able to sense them since i was just a little child and even now i can sense them and can hear them i meditate everyday and i do protect myself but i dont like ghost adventures taps or any of them really i think amy from the dead files said it best when she said people who are in it for the thrills do the dead no good and its not healthy for the living or the dead

posted on Jan, 6 2014 @ 07:39 PM
I've tried to put a group together but all I met were arrogant jerks who are in it for the thrill. I'm in it to prove that we survive death. I've also had trouble investigating places because of the things that other paranormal groups have done while there, so some places have stopped allowing paranormal investigations. It ended up with it being just me. I go into the darkest places, by myself, and investigate myself. If you can imagine me in the pitch black darkness, sitting against the wall at a civil war battlefield, just content as can be! lol that's me! I have stopped for a while because something followed me home. Luckily, it left,---or I drove it out. Whichever the case. I might start going again once we get outta these freezing temp's!

posted on Jan, 6 2014 @ 08:02 PM
reply to post by killer4281

I've experienced quite a few things just investigating my local cemeteries, parks, and other places that have that "feel" of being haunted. To keep things short - one of the cemeteries I investigated apparently had something (or somethings) in it that weren't too pleased to find me snooping around. Originally, I just wanted to see if I could catch a glimpse of the residential ghost, but that quickly escalated to a quick trip out of there. Were it my house, I'd stand my ground until the entity left - Keep trying to tell myself that whatever entity(ies) were causing the disturbance were only doing the same thing; only difference was that there was a hint at cruelty, because it was only happening to me.

If you're not into the thrills, then my advice is that you leave all the gadgets (with exception of a digital camera, or an older film camera, and a hand-help voice recorder). In other words, no EM-detector, Ouija board, White noise machine, etc. Even though it doesn't seem like it, you're body is a better ghost detector. Also, do the investigations during the day, as entities in general aren't picky about when they come out. Never could understand why about 95% of cemetery investigations had to take place in the dark - you're hunting ghosts; leave the vampire and werewolf hunting to Van Helsing.


PS: An ouija isn't the source of a haunting - I broke all superstitions with using my board, including throwing it away, and sleeping with it in my room (with the planchette on it), and not closing the sessions. To make matters worse, it was bought used off of ebay - Also challenged any entities present to show themselves, and nothing. Fact is, I'm sure that there were entities in the area, but they found it more amusing to not show themselves and watch me get frustrated with it.

posted on Jan, 6 2014 @ 08:16 PM
reply to post by Auricom

I hope one day you can explain what made you stop investigating. Bringing it up and not giving details is not fair.

Just kidding. However, talking about it may make you feel better.

posted on Jan, 7 2014 @ 12:06 PM
reply to post by killer4281

Hey there, I have had paranormal experiences for as long as I can remember (so much so that paranormal is my normal)
... my first vividly remembered incident being when I was 3yrs old ... obviously I didn't realize I was interacting with a spirit at the time because it looked as solid as you and I do and when he left he turned and walked away he didn't disappear in a puff of smoke ... it was only when my gran died when I was 21yrs old and I came across a photograph of the 'man' who had spoken to me when I was so young ... that I discovered the man in the photograph was an uncle who had died 8yrs before I was born.

My experiences are way too many to mention here in a thread ... some minimal others life-changing.

As my username suggests I am a practicing Witch who has followed the traditional and 'solitary' path for over 25yrs ... I have never felt inclined to belong to a coven and it is the same with my paranormal investigations ... I never felt the urge to join a group.

However, I was approached many times to help people and even to show them how to understand and investigate the paranormal themselves ... as a result of these requests I created W.I.S.P.S (Woodwytch Investigations of Supernatural & Paranormal Source) ... no money ever changes hands between members or clients and we never advertise ... clients find us when they need us via verbal recommendation of previous clients.

What most people don't understand is that Paranormal Investigation can be very boring and laborious ... and very often with nothing to show at the end of an investigation. When we are asked to investigate the first lesson to remember is that however convincingly paranormal something might seem ... 9 times out of 10 there is a logical and quite often mundane explanation for it ... but the occasions that you do encounter genuine paranormal activity more than make up for it.

I would have to say that we (W.I.S.P.S) have been very lucky (if that's the right word) with some of our investigations.

But whenever this topic comes up there is always one case in particular that always comes to the top of the pile ... and that definitely came under the heading of 'life-changing' for all of us who were involved. In spite of all my lifetime of experience I personally had never come across anything quite like the entity that we had to deal with in what became known to us as 'The Red-Eyes Case'.

And whilst client confidentiality is vital I was given permission to write about the case on here (changing names etc) in order to try and get some help/advise ... and even though I had to withhold many of the details from the thread and the actions that we took to finally resolve the case the members of ATS did not let me down.

The case began relatively straightforward and we thought we had dealt with it ... only for it to return in a different guise some time later to try and fool us ... and it was only when we called it's attempt at deception out that it really showed it's true colours ... very scary but eventually we succeeded.

I made two threads about this case to cover the two parts of the case but it was the second thread that covered the stronger parts of the investigation and the help that ATS members offer (the first thread got a little side-tracked by a couple of 'young-minded' members who mistook the thread for a game of 'angels and demons' *rolls eyes lol

Here are the links for both if you're interested;

1/ Demon Identification Help Required

2/ The Messenger -Dirken Ridge - Update Of The Demon Identification (Red-Eyes) Case

S&F for you. Woody )O(

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