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ancient space programs possible?

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posted on Jan, 7 2014 @ 10:34 PM
reply to post by LABTECH767

Let me clarify this a little, where as a wormhole is a essentialy an interconnection between two points in TSC not necessarily the same reality this is a field effect, remember at the EH the universal field or if you preferre superstring is so taught through the process of spaghettification that there is no longer any difference between the parrallel realitys within that localized region and such force of unifying gravity is upon it that surely at the terminus of the EH and the Singularity they become fused or connected in a torsion field, thus the force of the connection creates a direct link (now as you may know the concept of parrallel reality is that they are not in a different universe but a alternative field or time stream and this is actually cancelled out) so from that point of formation it is hypothetically reasonable to assume a gravity wave travelling somewhere near the speed of light would be emitted that would litteraly combine those now contiguous realitys into a homogenous whole and discard or orphan that which could not be combined, like this a man is walking down the left side of the street with his paper in his right hand in one reality but in the exact parrall he either chose the right side or held the paper in his left hand and the combinant would leave the man either non the wiser or suddenly thinking odd I could have sworn I had it in the other hand, shrugging and forgetting all about it, anyway wierd things happen even without quantum theory, what about the okla mine in gabon that has caused controversy ever since 1972 when the uranium they mined turned out to be processed, it was in a nice neat line in the seam like ancient fuel rods and as there was naturally occuring uranium in the area it has since been suggested but like the alternative theorys never proven that this was a natural reactor that formed through natural process and not just natural but one that produced fission for 100.000 years approximately 1.8 billion years ago but the neat arrangement of the processed uranium and it's plutonium content (Which requires a dedicated type of artificial reactor to enrich the isotopic composition of the element) has also made many people claim that this was an ancient structure in the form of an ancient nuclear reactor that is simply so old we can not detect it as only the uranium is left (now I personally accept the natural reactor idea as another discovered not that long ago and about 650,000,000 years old is enough to corroborate it for me but what if).

Just another tangent and one you will forgive me as something that may be of import just occured when thinkin on this, and to woodcarver forgive me for momentarily going off thread as I will likely forget this if I do not write it down (have a memory like swiss cheese).

As you know harte there is a theory that galaxys only exist due to the presence of black holes at there cores which enabled enough energy and matter to be held long enough in there gravity field for the galaxys to coalesce, well taking what I have hypothesized above and considering that not all energy may be destroyed when parrallels are unified is occured to me that perhaps the very beginning of the universe spread the energy of the TSC over multiple parrallels from the get go and these super black holes together with the relatively uniform early universe may have allowed them to compress the energy from multiple parrallels into there accretion discs thus forcing the formation of mass, Hmm just a thought and in it's early stage though the implications for even my interpretation of big bang theory would be staggering, I do hope a fully fledged theoretical physicist is thinking on this as it may be too important.

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posted on Jan, 8 2014 @ 09:54 AM
reply to post by amazing

It amuses me that you people never wondered why the Earth had 'random' pockets if strong radiation that seemed to have no cause.

Say we gave your ancestors nuclear technology so that they would avoid poisoning the Earth with fossil fuels.
Then to our dismay upon returning, We find out that humans are incapable of having power without war...
The planet in ruins, We clean up our mistakes, taking away all traces of what we once gave, apart from some of the lingering fallout that unfortunately misses being scrubbed..

If that were true, I would indeed be very disappointed that you have now taken the exact same path to ruin, even without our interference.

posted on Jan, 8 2014 @ 10:04 AM

Ah but harte I am taking both Einsteinien and Quantum mechanics theory which so far have not been properly combined as you know and no this is not a wormhole, imagine if you will that all percieved reality is simple a standing wave form at right angles to the percieved flow of Time space

Why should we assume this? Just so you can invent your scenario?

Well, I like gravy, so let's just assume that the mix of space and time is a roux in the multiverse's cast iron skillet... LOL

and consider that the possible parrallel universe theory (which is a quantum theory, an atom randomly goes left in one universe and in the parrallel universe it goes right.

I know you're talking about the "Many Worlds" interpretation of QM here, but that is not where the parallel universes in this discussion arise.



Sorry, I got the threads confused here!
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