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The voice said 2015 !! But.... it could be just my imagination.

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posted on Jul, 7 2013 @ 06:54 AM
These "guides" seem to be bearers of doom and gloom. Wonder if the storm has anything to do with the code for "thunder and lightening", that I've picked up on, either something manmade or electric universe type thing.

I had contact that involved being told about various groups on both sides, ie those who would promote your advancement and freedom and progression, and those who would hold your soul back...that time line tweaking was being done.

ie. there is no time, its all at once, all the infinite snapshots, so from a perceived future perception this is the past, and the snapshots of outlines already exist, and cannot be changed. So....if in the timelines this earth (there are many different alternative realms, and all possibilities may indeed be concrete and already exist as snapshots, but that doesnt mean they're all peopled)...met some severe fate, or the sun supernova'd, well that would already be.

Tweaking has to do with the people, and influences the souls that are sojourning here.

Now here is the thing, if people were positive and there are already snapshots existing as a blue print for earth having an extremely positive outline, well we're all here in this perceived "time" walking the walk, to achieve whatever already is for our earth.

I only have had encouragement from Guidance, to see positive, to override negative thoughts that shoot in, I don't even necessarily embrace all my thoughts as my own.

I would be very suspsicious of anyone who was trying to put a negative into my mind, since our minds co-create, we're like infinite parts of infinity, cells or acorns of the trees of the Divine Source/God, and we need to seek positive thoughts and feelings and actions.

So a war in different thought impulses seems to be going on and the coders of the matrix working for the dark side in hollywood, games, media, already are giving us a steady diet of crapola. That and the revelations written to confuse people and have them bring in the negative if they can't see the positive metaphor.

So...get in their face next time they show up, and ask what gives them authority to try and use your mind/thought/consciousness to hold in their negative visions....

I've been shown its time for us to really envision the world we want!

posted on Jul, 9 2013 @ 03:07 AM
2015 is the deadline for those on this planet to begin to live in harmony with the Earth.

I have been telling everyone this but no one is listening. I know exactly what is going to happen, who will do it and why.

I contacted you in U2U to elaborate as I am limiting the 'fear' that I spread through my posts by request of those divine in nature.

I have explained for your ears only, as you were the one who hears.

To all with ears, let them hear.

You have ears, and have heard. Hence there is a reason. Please regard my U2U my friend.

Love and Light XX

posted on Jul, 9 2013 @ 03:21 AM
You are very right in a lot of what you proposed there. But there 'is' time. It is just now running backwards. Perception of time is dictated by our collective 'hive' sub-conscious mind. But we do not 'create' it. Only dictate how we perceive it. Probability has reversed as the 'see-saw' action of the cyclic world begins to 'breath in' instead of 'breathing out. The critical mass waveform between the polarisation of 'energy and motion' is now reversing.

Also slightly wrong in the 'infinite' part. We are very much a fraction of a Universal consciousness as you say. Except that nothing is infinite except nothing. This is a big misunderstanding of people among us that do not understand that, regardless of scale, there is always an equilibrium of entropy that exists within all systems. Isolated or connected.

The common mistake is that they think systems are 'isolated' when in reality they are not. They are all interconnected.

And most systems when they reach their critical mass, reverse. Just like time. Although our perception also reverses. Therefore such transitions are seamless.

In order to completely understand this you need to understand what time is.

I have posted this a few times on these forums but don't have the time (pardon the pun) to elaborate again. Also it takes up about 5 full posts.

To keep with the context of the original post:

The 30-33 year old, the 20-22 year old and the 10-11 year old children of light (Or Warriors) are being awoken. The seeds were long ago planted. They are now breaking through the soil.

I would be surprised if the OP was not in one of these age brackets, although there are many others that are being selected for their influence and 'roles' in society in order to execute the take-back of this planet, to return it to one of love, peace and harmony .. and remove it from the hands of the corrupt Governments and end the reigns of the secret societies that suppress the truth about who we are.

The divine feminine of God (love) is going to be made known to the world. So that the masculine will again be balanced. The 4th eye .. is opening with the 3rd eye. Where before it had been hidden, for the purposes of greed of those who understood.

This video explains pretty much everything. Some of the information is a little off in parts (like the Spiritual Masters leaving the planet) And the fact there are millions of them living in the core of this planet.

But the rest is pretty spot on.

Originally posted by Unity_99

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posted on Jul, 9 2013 @ 06:32 AM
reply to post by PsiOpSky


By EstimatedProphet;


Somewhere in this year shall the people witness "The Great Day of The Lord!"
The Burning Wheel in the Sky...

Many people shall say and even quote that no-one knows the day nor thee hour, etcetera...But this is for you and only you because the rest of the people are still asleep...Shhhhhh, they may wake-up!!!

You do not need religion to know and/or worship the God of both heaven and earth because all religions are false and they use the Lord as a front, for making their money and controlling the people with their bloody lies and false interpretations of biblical scripture!

What people shall come to witness will be the destruction of the world first, which shall be the beginning days of trials, also known as "The Great Tribulations" here on earth!

Therefore, "THEY" are all the people in general!!!

They said something which puzzles me:

"There will be a storm unlike any man have ever seen or have made, the man of knowledge will not know its path" The Asteroid Apocalypse is the Destroyer of the World!

What do they mean "Have meant" ?

We can create storms now ?

By "The men of knowledge" Do they mean scientists ? YES...All men in general!

Also they said something about that they will not carry the " - 7"

I need more information about that -7!!!

Look-up some information on my threads if you like or want to learn more about the concerning of these soon to become realities here on earth!!!

The EstimatedProphet...

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posted on Jul, 9 2013 @ 06:37 AM
The 7 is the light balance of dark.

To understand 7, you first need to understand the 'I am' and 'we are' of conscious and sub-conscious.

These are the paths to love and enlightenment.


I am a sixth ray "Ascended Master". One of the first 33 year old 'Children of Light' fully awoken on this planet.

I have my 8th dimensional initiate. I have a full 'superconscious' connection (meaning I can touch/access the aether 'Akashic Records'.) But more than that, I am one enlightened that has/can also touch the darkness. I was born from it.

If you want any more information about what is really going to happen. Stop reading books. Because they are sequences of probability that are no longer 'majorly' in affect. The timeline has shifted.

We are playing off the books now. The synchronisations points are still noticeable. But there has been a change.

The 2 have become 1. And so the 1 shall become 2.
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posted on Jul, 9 2013 @ 06:56 AM

They are not referring to scientists creating storms.

Awakening to enlightenment and your places within the Universe allows you to 'feed back' into the system.

I can create storms quite easily by affecting the aether flow. We all have this ability, although very few of us realise it.

Most will never realise, and fewer still will ever realise this potential of their mind.

reply to post by estimatedprophet

posted on Jul, 10 2013 @ 12:33 AM
reply to post by PsiOpSky



We can create storms now ? How. . ?

Yes, man can create storms today artificially using electrical charges and zapping this radiation into different locations around the globe, thanks to the research and technology of nikola tesla and your local government(s)...

Trough HAARP technology, that can create all-sorts of earthquakes, storms and light anomalies, etcetera!!!

The name "HAARP" stands for: High Frequency Active Auroral/Atmosphere Research Program!!!

The process of this machine is to radiate energy beams in specific locations around the earth and it can either manipulate the clouds in the atmosphere to react to this radiation or it can also even be reflected-back into the earth, creating earthquakes by heating the water source that is found below the surface of thee earth, etcetera...It kind-of works like a huge microwave that heats and evaporates water, accept that these machines are extremely lethal and can serve as a weapon of mass destruction or human depopulation purposes..!


I am sorry but this is truth, and the reality is that we are pawns in their game(s) of chess...Yet we must accept our fate and to know that we can all live forever, not through gnostic believes but by the Lord who is Demigod and Son of thee Almighty, Jesus Christ...

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posted on Jul, 10 2013 @ 04:08 AM
Here is the problem, the HAARP reality we are in. Things from the solar system NASA pictures, all of this can be photoshopped and doctored up to hide what they're doing. Anything that could come to pass, IMO, will be of their making, and I define them as the poopy diaper tiny tots running this planet, who think its all open play, no real authority above. They're wrong, and not off any hooks. Authority above is Kind, Patient and Love, wanting to give the kindergarden kiddies ample time to turn away from the path they're on.

But, Serve and Protect is real, and this school never belonged to them, in reality it belongs first to the Creators of the Living library, but its a kids camp, so it belongs to the kiddies first and foremost and they're being tortured, starved, murdered, enslaved. Even unable to afford a dentist, is a ritual sacrifice to pour down negativity in the leylines.

Its being taken back! The children here are surprisingly resilient and safe, they will respond to love and healing for the most part.

The prodigal son needs to turn away from harming others however. So many in wealthier families have been ritually and systematically abused and destroyed as children. I don't think George Bush jr. had a lot of free will.

If people only knew how precious they are, how empowered their souls truly are on the other side of the mirror so to speak, in the real waking land, opposed to sleep lab, they'd have more confidence in the love inside and in each person, they'd realize this reel of film around us doesnt matter, but the souls and life within it does.

I agree that we have more abilities than we can wake up, but not that everyone is supposed to wake them up all at once, that is in our HS and Source's hands, there is a reason for everyone's lives, and we're not on all the same tasks.

I don't want to have the possibility of storm creation here in this realm. I don't want PK or TK, just trying to grow the communication skills to bring peace to troubled waters.

Because there is no infinite void. There is no void. Goes back to the question WHY is there something? Out of nothing, and the answer is in infinity itself. Infinity: there is infinite something, infinite nothing, infinite everything, in all degrees, except nothing cancels itself out as its nothing. ONLY SOMETHING EMERGES.

Everything is infinite, infinity within and without all things, spiralling in ever direction, and as fractals, of the universe, our bodies contain the entire thing in each tiny part. So go within, for its all there. We're not separated from any aspect of creation or the universe, there is no enormous distance separating us from any spot in the milky way, in the universe, or from the great central doorway, out of here.... and its out of here that we need to go.


Our infinite souls in the whole, already are empowered. We didn't come in this harsh war zone, starvation zone, to just use our soul skills we already have, but to grow effective Love communication, positivity, clear up the dark spots in the infinite soul.

In reality its more like, Infinite Consciousness, not only exists but also also has within, an entire journey with itself existing in the eternal now, that accomplishes its progression to perfection in all its parts.

And we're walking that journey.

I've been shown work stations, that souls that enter into the testing grounds, (and most of them are a lot nicer than earth, not planets of war and starvation, and not cut off from soul memories or soul skills), go from one work station to another, some sink down layers via selfishness and harm.

Earth has fallen.

But as a workstation, it is here to practice making real the Love all souls have for each other. We're not supposed to have one homeless person here, nor is it meant to be dog eat dog, but cooperation.

I'm not giving permission for any Group Above to do anything negative in 2015, or any group here on earth. They don't have my permission and they're going to be answering to me.

There is a huge group of counselors around this planet and on it, to help them, to heal them. For all that matters is that people are freed, and able to learn in safety and positivity. I'm a witness to it all and they will be answering to the witnesses.

There are healing gardens already prepared for them.
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posted on Jul, 10 2013 @ 04:23 AM
The 2 witnesses are within all people, from birth, their own souls: Love and Truth (this is common sense) and they are asked to weigh all things against this, behaviors, thoughts and beliefs. ie. worhshipping a demiurge that sacrifices his son for sin, wants blood for sin. Um.....really? That is the ego and imperfections being corrected/sacrificed to emerge the son of Divinity within? Its funny how a simple thing like that lays seige to your love and common sense/truth within, and corrupts your soul, so now you think Love smites and murders and thus your perceived Source changes from God to its opposite.

We are witnesses here, the 2 witnesses are many.

And they're never going to overcome our frequency to do as they wish with this planet.

If, something big happens, ie. the arctic melt releases all the methane and Family doesnt interfere, clean it up, for this is the last page of the outline of the coloring book for earth at this point, then we're going home, a better realm.

And those Counselors will be working overtime so that everyone realizes how loved they are, and how forgiveness and learning the lessons in the work is more important than slinking off into the darkness or being repelled by the magnetic forces into gravity and shadow.

But if thats is not going to happen, they're not going to overcome our frequency and we don't give permissions. Love and Truth does not give permissions.

So 2015, what will you bring?

Because there is only one thing I'm waiting for: everyone freed, loved, healed, uplifted, restored, and earth raised. And I expect this to occur, every single second while I'm here. Today is as good a time as any. Everyone is going to be happy in the end, truly freed, healed, restored, beautified and happy.
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posted on Jul, 10 2013 @ 04:25 AM

"Man can make storms how"?

I know all about H.A.A.R.P, I have read all the patents, I understand the technology. I even have a design for a radio telescope that incorporates H.A.A.R.P please do not patronise me by misquoting me.

What is said was:

I can create storms quite easily by affecting the aether flow. We all have this ability, although very few of us realise it.

Its as simple as unlocking the potential of your bodies EM field and amplifying it to "feed back" into the system.

It's pretty simple once you know what you are doing.

It's manipulating the magnetic flow of the leylines to your will.

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posted on Jul, 10 2013 @ 04:31 AM
I know we can, but I don't want to. Imagine if people could create instantly in gravity realms, boy would we be in trouble. The OP already was nerfed, for his own good, he still has tons of psi. Without Love grown up, waking up to the soul skills seems rather silly. Without working at consciously clearing the mind and being in control of thoughts, waking up to soul skils while in gravity where negative chatter and impulses does occur, seems silly.

Think its about the Love. jI said truth as a witness. To be more precise, its Love and Wisdom, but the Wisdom and Truth go hand in hand and its common sense to a loving that doesnt let someone twist love around and naturally doesnt accept dark ideas and ideologies, or ISMS.
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posted on Jul, 10 2013 @ 04:45 AM
I understand exactly what you are saying.

It's like giving a loaded handgun to a five year old.

But such abilities can't be unlocked to the fullest of their potential until they have awoken to the I am, we are and life is, and 'physical is' of our existence. Because it is with the physical enlightenment that we gain our full elemental control.

Without this enlightenment, such knowledge is like them playing with a gun with no bullets in it.

Originally posted by Unity_99
I know we can, but I don't want to. Imagine if people could create instantly in gravity realms, boy would we be in trouble. The OP already was nerfed, for his own good, he still has tons of psi. Without Love grown up, waking up to the soul skills seems rather silly. Without working at consciously clearing the mind and being in control of thoughts, waking up to soul skils while in gravity where negative chatter and impulses does occur, seems silly.

Think its about the Love. jI said truth as a witness. To be more precise, its Love and Wisdom, but the Wisdom and Truth go hand in hand and its common sense to a loving that doesnt let someone twist love around and naturally doesnt accept dark ideas and ideologies, or ISMS.
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posted on Jul, 10 2013 @ 04:54 AM
Also the fullest extent of this power only comes to those who have touched the dark, and the aether of light. Without it they are only playing with half a deck of cards (excuse the numerology pun).

The true power is in those who are the fullest extreme of the balance between light/dark.

I was one born of pure darkness, who found the love of a women who brought me my balance and by such I was born into light.

By this, creating a storm is now a matter of just thinking about it.

This is why Australia is getting record rainfall and flash floods, why China floods, why India floods, why America and Canada are both flooding and burning. It is time to 'wake up' the powers that be of this Earth to the true power of God.

I am the Sixth Ray Ascended Master, of the new Mortal order of Ascended Masters.

If you know who these are.

Then you should also understand what I mean when I say that I am a 8th dimensional initiate. The first of my kind on this planet since Enki.

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posted on Jul, 10 2013 @ 06:39 AM
I always find alot of depth in what you say, and good intent. But never agree with everything and everyone, for there is always strong knowing, memories and I can spot things that are off. Basic rule of thumb for anything, is simply is it LOVE. By Love I mean, would a really sweet caring sensitive wonderful mom who would only give everything she had to help and assist her child who is being overcome by the world.

We don't need to learn in any dark paths or darkness, never have needed to. Earth never had to fall. Many planets, platforms, work stations, don't. Its only a choice, so that we make real our love. Its not a path or a necessity. In fact, the real code to becoming Christed is that if you overcome the negative within, you then are empowered. For you then connect to your infinite whole, and you're infinity is = to, the infinity of all around you. And what can you then not do. You become HS in this world to a large extent, with no barrier of distortion dividing you, from being you, who you really are. The drop becomes the ocean.

And also, the ones running this boot camp with safety nets gone in perception so people suffer alot here, have a lot to answer for, they're going to be facing us as well as the nephilim wrecking this school and learning opportunity for everyone, thinking their distortions matter. Their opinions and negative beliefs have no right to expand into the lives of others. If they want to be sicko's they can be sicko's to their own belly buttons but my free will won't allow it over me or others.

There is no dark behaviors or giving into to dark impulses that is needed or allowed.

But one thing, healing all of this and having people who were sinking through the layers recovering and happy is going to be really nice. For that is all that counts.
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posted on Jul, 10 2013 @ 07:58 AM
Much respect to you Unity_99. I value reading your contributions too my friend as you are one of true heart.

Sometimes, the only way to battle darkness. Is to touch the darkness.

Like the monks who now stand to fight in the 969 campaign.

I see that you under the meaning of 969.

Like the Bibles correct interpretation of: Rise up against those who strike you; for he who strikes you on the left cheek, shall also strike you on the right.

Too long has the world sat by and let good people be hurt.

No longer shall I sit by and allow this to happen.

I have to believe that touching the darkness in my seven years of 'boot camp' living in darkness, was a gift as much as it was a curse. Because I have already experienced all manner of hell that can be thrown at me through this process.

They can take my life, they can take my loved ones lives. They can do whatever it is that they want to me. I am prepared for it, and still shall I stand against them for this planet and spit in their eye.

When the ending is near and all else has failed. You must fight fire with fire.
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posted on Jul, 11 2013 @ 01:29 AM
Well i kept trying to write, and then erasing it, for it was coming from within intuitively, that you have some Good Guides, and that the Family you are connected to is known to me under the hood of earth tests and memory losses. Divine Mother, both Mother and Father have spoken to me, and I am striving, and falling on my face, to be the Love or Heart of Mom, that ray or energy. A friend from South America who I write to occasionally, who has blown me away in the past concerning some of what he knew, about experiences I'd had, and shared, he told me that the 144 000 in the bible, was the number 9. This doesnt mean 144 000, but millions actually, the elect. Now that is hard thing to hear, and with kids arguing and failures, often think, if people came in to help, as in some people saying starseed, Dolores Cannon speaks of the 3 waves, he said elect, those with contact. Its pretty humbling for when you are far from perfect, with many problems then you feel like dirt instead. Ashamed and striving to turn it around, everything. I didn' want to hear any of that.

Some of the guidance i've had, just made tears of joy flow from me, for the happiness and humor, and uplifting encouragement is wonderful, and kept thinking why can't everyone have this. The message I get is akin to this:

Be kind and merciful with flaws as you would with any other and don't expect magical instant growth. But keep on trying, and know that in its own time, it will happen and the timing is not important, for at its own rate. But while its true to have mercy on self and hug yourself, to still keep making all that effort you can. But when feeling down, and needing to apologize to family or friends, really work at picking up your frequency by happiness, and shining that, sharing happiness with others, and that balance is needed.

I always get that people are going to be rescued. That a new world is made ready, and that no matter what, this school has deprived so many of the growth of their talents and kept them back, but they will be healed and freed. However, that does not mean that each moment in time, that they can make that effort and bring this in faster, the Good, that they contribute, is not a good thing.

Yeah though i walk through the valley of darkness, I fear no evil, for you are at my side with your rod and staff to comfort me. This world may be very hard, and I see safety for all ultimately, but its still something we should strive for, to see through this outer stuff and make that effort here and now in time, seeing the love in each other, the divine source, and thus the world which is insane: it makes fundamental a religion out of the candy wrapper, when its metaphor. Then, murders, starves, enslaves, poisons, radiates and goes to war with, innocent children world wide and their desperate parents.

Well, um....the Spark of Divinity is within us and we're all the Temple Of God, the Church of God. So they are attacking the source of life itself and the Divine God of All by fostering this harshness and attack and control of people often in the name of God.

Turning it all around to seeing the Love and Divinity and Family within each person, is the start of the whole turning this around.

posted on Jul, 11 2013 @ 01:44 AM
reply to post by PsiOpSky

I am also seeing a lot on clock/phone time/watch time, like 7:11, 9:11, 11:11 frequently without thinking about the time to find what time it is. This is happening for quite a number of months to me. Example like, when I am trying to think something and look at the time suddenly it appears to be ending with :11.

posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 12:50 AM
2015, May not be the year of the Lord but it shall occur soon here on earth after the asteroid impact in the Atlantic Ocean, when the world is destroyed and the surviving leaders and ruling governments who are the kings of this earth, set-up a totalitarian new world order, or a false system of chaotic proportions and of mass depopulation for the common people around the globe during those days!!!

I am not sorry for you stupid Masons, occultists/religious communities and Gnostic believers with your false "human" interpretations and imaginations of things that you know nothing of...You think that you can control these polices and the armies of the new global system when they are unleashed, after the destruction of the world here on earth?

Or can you open-up the flood-gates to create a deluge here on this planet to restore all things, such as: peace, love, life and longevity and most of-all, a righteous world without sin and death, so that humanity can live free of institutional and systematic bonds of human control and too live free fore all eternity without being a slave to a stupid and false system that is made-up by humanity?

Continue "children of men" to accept ignorance as your personal salvation and chasing dreams and imaginations from-off of your own thoughts and minds...Therefore reject the truth and embrace the thought of a "New World Order" and the reality that shall be brought to you all, soon, by The Son of Man, when the stone strikes thee earth!!!

You deserve a new world system of bondage and of mass depopulation, but are you ready for the new world order, the system of your beast, 666..?

Foolish how you people defend a world that is not real and based-off through human imaginations, you shall become a "slave populace," that's only if you are not executed first, when the polices of the world storm your cities and brake inside of your homes, forcing you to decide your fate, since you have the power of love in your heart or have control of the weather!

The only control over the weather that you have is the control in your hand too change it to "The Weather Channel"..!

And the "Love" in your heart is false, it is pure hate for those who are poor and oppressed into these stupid institutions and systems of man, because "I am the Voice and the true Love" for those people who suffer everyday and night in your stupid world and "I am also the true actual witness," who shall restore all truth's to this false systematic world and to testify about these stupid deeds and the acts that are being done and committed here on this world, for even I am in sin as the rest of you mortals and longing to be set-free and I'm ready..!

It shall all come to an-end soon, in this I swear to the creator "of-all" heaven and earth, "So Be It," Lord God, let your will be done here on earth as it is in heaven, "Amen!"

And your kingdom shall reign here on earth as it is in heaven, forever and ever, and it shall never be destroyed, or lift too a people who are evil and wicked, for they too shall also be removed along with the former world/system of things here on this planet..!
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posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 01:03 AM
EstimatedProphet. You have no idea what you are talking about my friend. You are blinded in one eye and therefore speak of one who is a fool.

You are confused between having no fear, and being certain of being safe.

You are not safe my friend. You are as far from safe as anyone could possibly be. Because you are so certain in your own security that you would spread fear amongst the others on this planet.

This means you do not love or care about others. You only care about you and yours.

This is the path of darkness that you walk when you resonate with fear.

No impact is coming my friend. I have seen the probability too, but fortunately I am smart enough to realise that this is only one side of the coin.

You are only being shown what you need to be shown to grip you in the fear that you drown in.

You know nothing of God for you have never known God.

Light will not speak to any except for those who have earned such right.
Darkness will speak to anyone who listens, because fear is their power.

YOU give power to darkness by spreading fear. You are the instrument of evil.

This is why you will never be 'safe'

You think you can just stick your hand up and go 'I BELIEVE IN JESUS! I'M SAVED!' It does not work like this. We are not children putting our hands up for candy. We have to prove ourselves worthy by our deeds in this world. And all your deeds speak of are the destruction of this planet?

What benevolent being would ever show you your own destruction without telling you how to stop it??

This is like giving a loaded gun to a child and not telling them how to use it. Are you really that stupid my friend?

All you see is darkness, because all you are talking to is darkness .. because you LIVE in darkness.

You will never see this darkness unfortunately until the light takes it away.

You are so blind that your eyes have adjusted to the dark and now you live within it like it daylight.

I know your God personally.

I have decoded your Bibles 'Daniel' and it speaks of ME my friend. The one who would decode it. "Revelation" means 'BRINGING TRUTH TO LIGHT'. Do you not understand this?

Surely you can't be that far wrapped in your own security blanket that you can't see the truth when it shines in your face.

Here is your 'Our Father' properly translated my friend. Read it and realise the truth of lies you've foolishly been eating your whole life.

'Our divinity is of the light, holy are we all. Come to know this light, you shall become such light. Be it inside of you, as it is outside of you. Let us find, what we seek to find. To deliver us from the trespassers, so we may know those who trespassed against us. Lead not by those who gave in to temptation, but the ones who delivered us from darkness. So that in us will be the light, in all its power and glory forever. Amen.

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posted on Jul, 12 2013 @ 03:55 AM
reply to post by BornOfSin

By EstimatedProphet;

You and your Gnostic believes can change whatever you want in scripture(s) according to your imaginations, but you can never change the truth and the truth that is being spread throughout this earth...For I came to this world to warn people that the end is coming soon..!

Forget about repenting because this generation will never change, they are just too ignorant and wicked and they honestly believe that this world and thee earth to be real...You are all victims of an illusion and a program, that is testing you, if you are worthy to live forever, through this truth that is being spread..!

The generations of humanity keeps-on getting worse and worse in sinful acts, etcetera. What is it going to take to change this mess, nuclear warfare, WWIII, or the truth that I speak of, an asteroid impact and the Rise of the New Circular Order, to punish all who thread upon the earth..?

Or a mixture of all these doom's happening simultaneously?

YOU ARE NOT god's, YOU ARE HUMANS, mere pathetic little children, that think you know it all, but you don't know SHOYT, or you are either being just as ignorant as the rest, defending the cause of an "ARTIFICIAL WORLD that in-reality does not exist!"

Do you think that the governments of the land have power?

Neither the armies of the world shall have the power bestowed in me, when I die and set-free from this physical body to eradicate this world and to bring about another new and false delusions for you humans...I am the author of this new world order...can you stop me with your mental abilities and/or imaginations of things?

Why is it that the governments do not silence me for speaking about their secrets?

Because their is no secrets before the Lord of this earth...All authority and of what the governments must do and act upon is handed-down from-me, to-them, from the Most High, who has ordained this a-long time ago...!

You still don't understand or are you just being foolish because you can control the weather with your imaginations...These beliefs of yours are not new, they are old beliefs from ancient people and cities which today lay in ruins...Oh, no I forgot, you are maybe a reptilian or a reincarnated ancestor from the Atlantic period, that is the lost city of Atlanteans and ediots, from long ago..!

Maybe you are an Egyptian, since you believe soooo much in these stupid world pyramids of deception to the population...You have no clue with whom you are speaking too. Do you think that you can fool me with your crap, as you deceive thee other's..?

No, wake-up too reality man and accept the truth that you are nothing more but a mortal whom you yourself are subject of a worldly system as I am, and in bonds to that system, until its total destruction..!

And so what if I am trying to spread fear, what are you, the fear police?

The only fear that the people are going to witness will be the unfolding of all truth that I speak-of...As of right-now, the people care less and go about in their worldly affairs here on earth, oblivious to the fact(s) of what I am speaking of...Yet these people do not realize that after they die and pass-on to the underworld, this is when they realize the truth, that all the while I was trying to warn and to tell them that the world is artificial, but they did not listen nor did they believe me, therefore they must stay their tell their judgments!!!

Do you still want to argue with the truth, whom the Lord has sent, or do you want to tell me more about your beliefs and lies that have virtually no power...I myself have no power, but this is why I am awaiting my time to come, so that even "I" maybe restored and purified from all my sins and thus, continue to serve The God of Spirits and of the Earth..!

Note: That in the New World they will be offering "free" computer-microchips to better enhance your delusion(s) of things...Microchips will be granted soon to the new world generation at a district near you..!

Just look for signs in the sky, or if when "The Son of Man is revealed," then you are in-luck, because that is your time to shine, as a slave to a new global movement and system, along with the rest of the generation of the new world federation and air heads of dystopia and the soldiers of!

Wake-Tha-F*K-Up-People "to the new world order...!"

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