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A very important message from a person who is from the Brotherhood of the snake!

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posted on May, 18 2013 @ 12:24 PM
First what is the brotherhood

I cant post the link as that site is banned at ATS.
anyways use the keywords sambucoll+moon

The moon is not what you think.It has been brought here to control humanity by our creators aka anunnaki.Supposedly the moon was supposed to be dissolved on dec 21 2012.
We are passing through charged particles in this sector of the galaxy from dec 2012.
This is the movement of the solar system relative to our galaxy.
Here is the first link
I went to the moon and know what they are hiding

the second link
Re: My experience on the moon, and coming events.

When you read the links then post

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posted on May, 18 2013 @ 12:27 PM
reply to post by warthog911

How do I get to the links?

posted on May, 18 2013 @ 12:29 PM
reply to post by warthog911

I really want to read the 2 links, very timely, so yes how to get to the links?

posted on May, 18 2013 @ 12:29 PM
reply to post by antar

I have given hints.

a quote
They are more advanced beings, primarily the ones that genetically created us. They never intended us to have enough knowledge to traverse the stars or be anything more than their pets. Clearly this story is alluded to in the bible with Adam and Eve and the forbidden fruit from the tree of knowledge.

I will go a bit further here and reveal that a great entity known as ENKI devised a brotherhood that was to free us and give us this knowledge of the 'gods'. Enki did not agree that we should be kept in such a way. In fact there is many divisions among those beyond on how to deal with us. This ofcourse was the snake in the bible story which was said to have tempted Eve to taste of the forbidden fruit. Why was it forbidden? Because it was the way beyond our creators control beyond a lifestyle of blind submission and a way into independance.

This brotherhood has become fragmented since in many ways. It is known as the brotherhood of the snake. This is the main society I was brought up into. I am from within a segment that I believe is still of the original intent, the highest holographic form of this. Many within my group believe that ENKI is still guiding us and claim to be in constant communication. There are those that believe he has a plan, to return and help free the earth and humans. I have a number of reasons why I think that ENKI has personally left messages within my society for me too. But that is a long story in itself. This should give you enough for now to grasp the basic understanding of it. Those that created us, are very much like us, only their bodies are fully activated unlike ours that was genetically modified to be broken and inactive. ENKI has conveyed a general message that we are able to active it with certain processes. We are working hard on this today to retrieve the knowledge. The creators have as I said more superior senses and cognitive functions. Overal general improvements in abilities which go beyond the dimension we experience. Other than their superior function and bodily DNA there is generally little difference between us. The question at this time is will ENKI and others be able to make their way here to help free us and can we free ourself and for the first time become an independant species and claim our rightful place. The legend of the buddha was actually part of the brotherhood of the snake on earth attempting once again a mission to free us, what is not told to you is that there was a great city once and the Annunaki made war with that city and drove it to destruction, ENKI had to flee, before it could get enough momentum to fee our species.

To the second part of your question, about the pyramids.
You must understand that the pyramids and other structures were designed as a last dieing attempt to convey a message to the future, about the past. This civilization was already under major attack, Entire continents shifted. Great cities of our previous attempts, sunk deep beneath the sea. most of it today could be found below the ice of Antartica. Many have gone on missions to explore This, But often as soon as they find something beneath the ice, they are almost always certaintly killed by 'them' in fear of the truth being discovered. Conveniently they can be made to look like they simply died on their explorations.

The previous civilization before ours, the ones responsible for the pyramids, were much more intelligent are aware than we currently are, or think they they were. After the major catasrophes inflicted by the Anunnaki in an attempt to prevent us becoming independant. We were almost wiped out completely. They set about giving us a brand new start and inflicted on us all the amnesia that was possible.

In the immediate aftermath of the attack, the first priority was to preserve the brotherhood of the snake and stop it being subverted. In addition to this it was determined that their current knowledge was not to go unnoticed in a future which they knew their civlizations achievements would be forgotten. Immediately they set about creating a new map of the earth. Which had by this time completely transformed. After creating the new map of the earth. They set about building the structures that would comprise the exact dimensions in the relation to the stars that would enclose a message. This message is still not fully understood by this civilization but we are getting closer. After the attack, The Annunnaki left again us on our own helpless, but they enclosed the earth with their technologies to stop anyone else interfering. (this has been known as the quarantine) The pyramids were build as a testimony and warning about the Annunnaki.

There is a lot more detail to this but my focus in not on this but on my ecnounter on the moon and it's role in this. This is just to help you understand the context of things.

posted on May, 18 2013 @ 12:29 PM
After the group of survivors built these structures and went underground, the new civilization that began to populate and evolved out of it, forgot all about the event and did no longer remember about the great attack and destruction that had happened. This was partly because of the Annunaki subversion and implementation of amnesia too. This is why the pyramids and other structures became such a mystery.

The fact is, our previous civilization was desperate to escape earth, and escape these creators. The great length they went to to built these structures for the future, is a testimony to their insight and forethought on what they were doing. At the same time they were in hiding from the Anunnaki, it was a great war. It forced the brotherhood of the snake deep underground. This is why we have been so secret. But the time is coming to let everything out of the bag so to speak, and we are again approaching dangerous times. So it was not that the failed at the last minute. It was that they were attacked and responded by trying to leave the last mark they could, as a warning to the next civilization.

This is why they were determine to build something that could not be destroyed that was very noticeable.

posted on May, 18 2013 @ 01:23 PM

Originally posted by warthog911

This is why they were determine to build something that could not be destroyed that was very noticeable.

Are you trying to say that the pyramids are indestructible?

Last I heard that big scar on the side of the great pyramid was caused by a Victorian idiot using some dynamite trying to get inside.

Pretty sure a small nuke or fuel-air bomb placed inside one of the chambers would do a pretty thorough job of annihilating them

posted on May, 18 2013 @ 01:47 PM

Originally posted by warthog911
our creators aka anunnaki...

"Anunnaki" AKA "Nephilim" are CREATED beings.

They are NOT our creators.

In the beginning was the WORD...

posted on May, 18 2013 @ 01:50 PM
i thought lilith came before eve

posted on May, 18 2013 @ 02:00 PM
Do you know how much research I did to completely understand what is contained in that second video
Why didn't you post this a year ago, it would have saved me a sixty hours of research and thinking.
I would have probably blown it off. The spiral around the milky way is exaggerated in this video though, it is more like a skinny spring wobble, from the video it seems big.

Good thread, I wish it were a year or more earlier. S&F Got to google the two words now

posted on May, 18 2013 @ 02:04 PM
That last was totally beside the point, embracing rather thandenying is not the theme here...
The concept is as valid as Sitchins ideas, maybe built on them but whatever good post...keep the information comming.....SNF

posted on May, 18 2013 @ 02:26 PM
To me this sounds backwards. It is a satanic delusion to make people think they can be gods. This is basically the story of the garden of eden with satan as the good guy. Goes back to the original sin of pride.

I know most people won't agree. The world is bad enough. Do you think it would be any better if people thought they were Gods?

posted on May, 18 2013 @ 02:38 PM
so where did you take off from bla bla bla we want more

posted on May, 18 2013 @ 04:20 PM
...what was the important message?

posted on May, 18 2013 @ 04:29 PM
reply to post by warthog911

I'm very interested in hearing about your moon trip!!!

posted on May, 18 2013 @ 04:31 PM

Originally posted by stirling
The concept is as valid as Sitchins ideas, maybe built on them...

Sitchin was an Illuminati puppet and disinformation agent.

He had his offices in Rockefeller Center not without reason.

Most people don’t have a CLUE about how deep this game is being played…

I have long regarded the fact that the late Mr. Sitchen maintained offices in Rockefeller Center with a great deal of suspicion, and have, I must be frank, also entertained his sudden popularity and publications has perhaps being deliberately promoted by a financial elite, a kind of disinformation operation, and as any disinformation specialist will acknowledge, to be effective, the operation must contain elements of truth. Link

Independent researchers conclude Sitchin's translations a fraud

Independent researchers Michael Heiser, PhD and Jonathan Grey also found Mr. Sitchin's translations and story of the planet Nibiru to be fraudulent and a fabrication. Even more damning is that the "Ancient Sumerian Texts" that Zecharia says support all of his claims DON'T EVEN EXIST!!!" Sitchin as an intelligence operative for the Global Elite

Sumerian text! HERE IT COMES… There are NO SUCH texts. Not anywhere! Did you get that? In the entire cuneiform record there is not one single text that says any of these things. These texts do not exist. They are all made up! None of these things existed except in Mr Sitchin’s head..." Sitchin fiction

It's pretty clear Sitchin was a psy' op' he was groomed at the London School of Economics even the curators at the Istanbul museum sold him the 'spaceship' because they knew it was a forgery.? Why do you talk of 'reptilians' when it's Sitchinite fiction? This unfounded unproven babble about off world fantastic nonsense sounds like it's straight out the Stanford or Esalen Institute. Prof' Michael Coe was a CIA agent who invented/promoted the 2012 meme. Keep your feet on the ground or get played... Sitchin was a CIA PSYOP

Now, about that Sumerian Enki document. You have to admit, arguments using ancient clay tablets do, at first, sound scholastic. Even credible. However, in the writings of Sitchin and others, there is not the slightest indication that they understand what they are dealing with.

They appear to be honest but unaware of the sinister forces behind this theory. But sadly, in the process, they are unintentionally leading their students and others astray. The bottom line is this. The weight of evidence suggests that the ancient Sumerian Enki document is a fictious work posing as fact. Sitchin has fallen into the trap of believing it.


“Frankly, the Sumerian text about the Anunnaki was a work of fiction. And due to its clever mixing of some truth with the error, it has been mistaken as fact by some modern writers.

Ancient documents inspired by the Lucifer Legion So it was that, after the Flood, these same deceivers came to the Sumerians in typical disguise as ancient astronauts and in saucers. This is the source of the Sumerian tablet The Epic of Creation in which, may I say with respect, Zecharia Sitchin places his trust, when he speaks of Enki and his astronauts splashing down in the Persian Gulf. Don’t be disappointed if this document turns out to be a farce. How utterly foreign and opposite it is from the account in the Intelligence Report!

Arguments using the Bible and ancient clay tablets may sound very convincing and seem credible. But – it needs to be pointed out - Sitchin’s use of the Bible to support his findings, is, with respect, flawed. Simply, much of what he uses as proof of the visits of extraterrestrials from ancient writings disagrees with that same Bible. The Intelligence Report makes it clear that the story found in those Sumerian tablets emanated from Lucifer himself, hiding his true identity through lies and deceit.

Aliens The Deadly Secret - Jonathan Gray

posted on May, 18 2013 @ 05:22 PM
Ok I'll play. I agree with a good bit of this info. EnKi, as well as his sister Ninhersag were genetic scientists who had a DNA emblem engraved onto the sleeve of their clothing/uniform. This was misinterpreted by "primitive" man as a snake. EnKi (Enkidu of the Epic of Gilgamesh aka Poseidon aka Loki aka Satan) and his brother EnLil, lord of the sky, (aka Zeus aka Thor aka YHVH) had dominion over this planet. EnLil wanted us to be used for the original purpose of a labor force. EnKi, realizing what he had condemned his genetic creation to, gave us the "forbidden knowledge" of math, agriculture, planetary orbit, tool making, the dualistic structure of the physical dimensions we inhabit (good v evil) and the most well known... sex. We could, at our own discretion experience something amazing, wonderful, blissful in the act of sex, whereas before this it is safe to assume that breeding was intentional and methodical as any experiment would be. The humans with their newly acquired knowledge were said to (in Gilgamesh) be too noisy, interrupting their [the gods] rest. In Genesis, God (YHVH, EnLil, Zeus, Thor) was displeased with mankind because he found them to be wicked, and decided to eliminate them by means of a flood. In both tales, after the devastation of the flood, the divine shows regret at the hasty action taken, and vows to never do it again. I think the ideas of Adam and Eve are not meant to be taken as one man and one woman, but Adamic men and women. Noah was one such person. I think the stories of Genesis and Exodus coincide and interrelate more than we were originally taught. Just my 2 cents..
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posted on May, 18 2013 @ 05:43 PM
I agree that the brotherhood of the snake has become spliintered within and amongst itself. These things have a way of repeating, and long ago this civilization was "taken" and given new ideas, perhaps, from the brotherhood, for creation. I think there are other possible answers there, as well,, that the bible, perhaps was partically created from and then added to, but all was to provide a way of dividing and concquering amongst the populus, so that we were more at war with one another than who was controlling us, and making sure we didn't get off this planet.
Then other stories, other mythologies, to present new methodologies and mechanisms of continued enslavement and amnesia.

If you look at it this way, it will start to make you wonder about the entire meaning of the word, alien.
Nevertheless, I find your information very interesting. But I think who/what that has been in control for a very, very long time, is now even divided upon itself.

posted on May, 18 2013 @ 06:23 PM
reply to post by warthog911

I think your attempt at sharing is the closest I have seen at getting to the heart of the matter, with this planet.

I have always had a suspicion concerning what you bring forth, and the reason I believe humanity has continually fell backwards.. Infiltration has always been the way of the snake.....

There are some, such as you, who believe the brotherhood is absolutely rooted in goodness and enlightenment. Well, if that were the case, humanity would have already been reunited by thousands of years, and, living on mars. But that is not what we see. We see blame pointers, pointing to the evil side always interfering, infiltrating, and continuing the evil matrix. As a side note it was discovered who was actually snipping our troops in Iraq, and who they worked for. I will not go into detail about it here, except to say it was one of our best ally's. The old saying goes, keep your friends close, but your enemies closer is quite correct.

Who here actually believes the scenario of "Good Cop, Bad Cop" is something new? Who feels infiltration is new? Who can honestly say the "Grey alien" has a agenda that is clear as glass?

I have read one of your posts on another site and I understand what you were trying to relate, but you fell short. I understand the other type of life style opposite of the "Institutional" model. Yes, my conclusion is also that the moon is artificial, and hollow, and parked outside of our neighborhood for a nefarious reason. But to dissolve a perfectly good space craft is such a waist LOL LOL Why not think Trojan Horse..........

Yes, I too was looking for the moon to take a hike in 2012, but it didn't happen, why? Ahh, yes, those pesky infiltrators that always seem to come up with reasons not to be pro active for humanity. A snake, will always be, a snake!

So you say Enki stays in contact with the brotherhood right? So how does he do this?

Now, let me ask you a question. Where are the majority of "Brotherhood" brothers employed? Why yes, they have low level slave jobs in factories driving fork lifts and stuffing boxes, right? right?

so what is your message to humanity? Give up? Flee the planet, so the originals can come back? Submit to the Enki/ Grey agenda?

There is a lot more detail to this but my focus in not on this but on my ecnounter on the moon and it's role in this. This is just to help you understand the context of things.

So, lets get to the message please.

posted on May, 18 2013 @ 07:15 PM
..the last post says it all

Murgatroid raised some interesting points;
Zech Sitchin fooled Jordan Maxwell, who inherited all of Manly Palmer Hall's research material and created David Icke with the intent on showcasing him in the US but they had a falling out. we can trace this back to Roerich, Blavatsky, etc

posted on May, 18 2013 @ 07:28 PM

Originally posted by All Seeing Eye
so what is your message to humanity? Give up? Flee the planet, so the originals can come back? Submit to the Enki/ Grey agenda? So, lets get to the message please.

VERY good point...

Here is the agenda that always seems to be "forgotten":

  • kidnap
  • lie
  • mutilate
  • probe
  • implant
  • rape
  • impregnate

  • They are inveterate liars and deceivers, and delight in bamboozling and misleading mankind with all manner of nonsense. They are addicted to the abduction or kidnapping of humans.

    The True Nature Of The 'UFO Entities'

    “They are messengers of deception” ~ Jacques Vallee

    The thousands of contacts with the entities indicate that they are liars and put-on artists.

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