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Protect the 2nd Amendment PEACEFULLY - pay no taxes!

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posted on Jan, 19 2013 @ 02:20 PM
Another thread on guns, I know, but instead of angry and at times violent vitrol, the insignificant nobody me is trying to help others look for other ways, more peacefully where none gets hurt.

The founding fathers started the revolution with an effective and honest slogan - 'no taxes without representation'.

It was a genuine heartfelt call from England's colony, afterall, why pay taxes when the people in the colony had no say over issues that matters to the livelihood of courageous settlers in the new land?

Similarly, why should today's generation pay taxes if the political parties are merely symbolic and do not represent the will of the People, but subject the People to their personal agendas? And do not bother to consult or listen to more people except to their own sycophants?

During Julius Caesar's time, the senate tried many ways to curtail Caesar's expantionist ambitions of becoming the 2nd Alexander the great. They failed and were seen as petty. Finally, they discovered a way - hinder funding for his dreams, and with no funds to pay for troops and logistics, he would fall.

Caesar do have good intentions, but so did the republic senators whom are happy with their lifestyle in Rome and do not seek for more conquests. His actions in the end caused the tragic end of the republic experiment of Rome, one of the greatest civilisation known in our current history. But this thread is not about Caesar, the point is 'taxes'.

President Obama, like Caesar, do have good intentions. Majority of his gun control bill signed by executive actions are good, except for the few that IS a direct destruction of the 2nd amendment - Assualt weapon ban.

Assualt weapons are not meant for hunting, but protection of americans, their loved ones and nation from domestic and foreign enemies. Today, america is at peace, but no mortal knows the future. The founding fathers had foresight on human nature, and knew one day americans will find that law useful, precious and life saving.

In the 17th century, the musket was a powerful weapon for it created empires and subjugated others who do not have such armaments. Today, the AK 47 rules the world, with just a few insurgents fully capable to hold even nuclear states hostage, such as the Taliban in Pakistan.

Are americans to disarm, or use pistols against well armed power grabbers and criminals, be at their mercy?

No. That ban must be removed.

If not, then there is no point to pay taxes at all. Why should the People pay taxes if it cannot be assured of its own safety? Had violence and murders ended in disarmed states? Are criminals armed with muskets today? Is being knifed and be crippled better than having a gun to stop such violence? Had tyranny not occured in Iran, Syria, China and Democratic Republic of NORTH Korea?

Non- payment of taxes will result in one being fined or tossed into prison. However, can the state, let alone the nation, throw MAJORITY of americans into prison, and bear the economic collapsed of the nation when they cannot be at work? Can the govt even afford to feed the thousand millions in jail, let alone sustain the public employees when there are no tax revenues to fund social expenditures and govt?

Taxes are the revenues that pays for govt's services. If they refuse to be responsible and accountable to the People except to do as they wish, why the need to pay taxes to fund them for their own agendas?

President Obama did not favors to his later fight over the debt ceiling with this gun control bill. Satisfy the few minority but loud and vocal anti-gun lobbyists, but unable to save the lives of 300 million americans if the debt ceiling is not raised, made worse should none be paying taxes.

He may mean well with his gun ban, but it will NOT end violence, and serve no purpose. When human conflicts arises, when there is no gun avaliable, even a penknife will assuage the mad violent anger and caused harm and hurt.

He is president and is supposed to act on behalf of the People wisely, and not to serve his own pet personal agenda or of the few. Is it worth it?

The 1st amendment protects all americans by giving all a voice to speak up freely without fear or favor in order to progress and evolve, to change or be changed.

The 2nd amendment protects the sacred Constitution, People and Nation. If the constitution is attacked, then let it be resolved by all and by any peaceful means, so that none gets hurt or left behind till no other options are left.

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posted on Jan, 19 2013 @ 03:59 PM
Be warned: Preaching tax revolt is a crime. I would love to stand on a pulpit and tell Americans to not file their taxes this year, better yet not file and refuse to pay. Sadly doing so is (from my understanding) not at all legal.

All the bitching about the 2nd amendment is really something coming from Americans that willing waive their Fifth Amendment rights every single year.

Remember the Fifth? It clearly states that No Citizen shall be forced to supply our Government with any document that can be used against us in a Court of Law.

If you willingly file their taxes (under penalty of perjury) while sitting there bitching about your Second Amendment rights being violated, you are nothing more than a hypocrite. I put you in the same category as people that drive 20mph over the speed limit while bitching about lawbreakers.....

Wanna change policy on a fundamental level? Wanna stop illegal wars, drone strikes, domestic surveillance and the TSA? Simple answer, Vote with your wallet, be a real warrior and refuse to file this year. Because if you file taxes you are simply giving "Them" more resources to fight "You" with.

Disclaimer: It is not legal to not pay taxes! If you refuse to file and the IRS bills you, you will still need records to prove deductions. Of course if just 10% of Americans refused to file then the entire system would be flooded and something would have to change.

But all you gun nutters ain't got any real balls do you? All mouth, no logic.

Second disclaimer: I am a big fan of the 2nd Amendment.

posted on Jan, 19 2013 @ 04:16 PM
I see where you are coming from on this op, but this site doesn't even represent 1% of the U.S. population. On top of that a large percentage of this site isn't even American. So there is no logical way you could get the right amount of people to skip out on their taxes to initiate a change. The best you can hope for is that a few people listen to you, but isn't even good because you just booked these people a nice vacation in a federal prison.

That's the biggest problem with most of the solutions presented on this site. They'd only work en masse otherwise the the people involved are quickly prosecuted and forgotten about. Even the legal solutions aren't very effective fortforthis reason because it is real easy to ignore a few protesters knowing that they are barely a fraction of a percent of the total population. The situation feels so hopeless...

posted on Jan, 19 2013 @ 04:24 PM

Originally posted by Krazysh0t
The situation feels so hopeless...

It is.........

posted on Jan, 20 2013 @ 01:21 AM
Well you could go the way of the OPPT and declare yourself a sovereign being. I'm researching how to do this using the OPPT forms but I am skeptical it would work. Still I choose to be free if I'm given a choice so I'll be researching it quite hard for a while.

BTW I don't think it is illegal to try and incite people not to pay taxes if they are illegal taxes.

posted on Jan, 20 2013 @ 06:23 AM

Originally posted by Mamatus
Be warned: Preaching tax revolt is a crime. I would love to stand on a pulpit and tell Americans to not file their taxes this year, better yet not file and refuse to pay. Sadly doing so is (from my understanding) not at all legal.

But all you gun nutters ain't got any real balls do you? All mouth, no logic.

Second disclaimer: I am a big fan of the 2nd Amendment.

Let's look at the logic that you seemed to have missed.

1. The Assualt Weapon ban is a DIRECT offence to the Constitution's 2nd Amendment and what it truly stood for.

2. Any Federal govt or State govt that follows such ban are criminals as they had broken the law of the land - the Constitution itself.

3. Thus, why should americans be paying their hard earned taxes to Criminals, oath breakers and constitultion destroyers?

May the federal govt realized the error they had made, and recind that particular ban in the EA. There is no need for further controversy in USA now, or get majority of americans in further sour mood. It is unnecessary. Blaming gun for violence is a stupid idea dreamt up by the looney tunes anti gun lobbyists living in Disneyland.

4. The purpose of my post is not to incite anything, but to show to anyone, to help anyone who would think, of the consequences of what will happen if the Federal govt resorts to criminality to enforce its agenda.

There are 300million guns in USA. Some will have only one, and some will have more, but it still works out to many hundred millions of americans - a majority owning and bearing arms rightfully and peacefully.

If the federal govt and its minions pushes such a constitution breaking law through, or making it difficult for law abidding citizens to bear arms, that blowback will hurt and harm many citizens, unnecessarily and of no particular effectiveness in stopping violence that occurs in all societies, as proven by those who had disarmed their population.

Only civilians, who are to be and who had been disarmed, will and had been at the at the mercy of power grabbers and criminals, common in all nations. Americans, hundred millions of them, will not stand for it, and will fight back in any way they can.

The purpose of my post is to prevent such a thing from happening, by taking a non-violent proactive approach than a reactive one when it may be too late. May saner heads prevail.
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posted on Jan, 20 2013 @ 07:57 AM
We are in a time where we cannot have a voice, the only way to be heard is together but even then it would only apply locally and that would mean a motivator in every city, town or place where an overseer is appointed (such as a Mayor, governor, or such so that he/she is made aware of the people's demand, but that could bring about brute force against us which in reality is probably the reason most are so "passive" to speak.

I can agree with your concern over our taxes, but they played us first and like said before myself it's something we no longer have a say, I believe most taxes are automatically deducted from pay, some aren't even aware they pay taxes automatically and others are fooled into more taxes but its never enough, we may be a thriving nation but many forget that we are a part of that nation and little by little we are working For the nation, I can't fully agree to halt the pay of taxes I think an alternative way of taxes would be better , such as different kinds of foundations to which we can't freely choose to donate to, of course under law, and manually. But that call is for WE the people.

And the 2nd amendment is permanent and I to believe it should be left alone. A gun is a gun and like all guns , they do the same. I still can't understand why now of all time to choose to appose guns , and specifics at that , iit is a hard say to agree or disagree because its a safety hazard yet a reliable means of protection , I stand for it because it is a necessity in a time of chaos or anarchy in which brute force arises , think about the highly technological stuff we'd have to fight against , riot control even has sonic weapons to put us down almost Instantly I can't imagine what could happen in a state of chaos or anarchy where we could be met against such weapons while all we hold is measly toy, think handgun against nuke. We lose. But on the safety hazard side it's a problem from mentally unstable people to criminals and in between even if its not the gun but whom handles it , it means we need to set up an approach or prevention but a ban will only allow the criminals and those "above" to carry so we will still have the problem except they have the upper hand . So we are met with a time of confusion and change but we have to decide for the better... Which will be hard on everyone.

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