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Light Beings

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posted on May, 3 2003 @ 10:28 AM
What are these?
A few years ago while I was staying with a family member in Pigeon Forge Tenn, we took the weekend up to Cherokee NC Indian reservation we shopped, ate, saw the sights and while we were browsing in one of the native owned stores there, the owner of the store walked up to us and sparked up some unusual conversation, he was very friendly and warm and infact he even seemed familiar to both of us. Anyway before we left he said he had a book he wanted me to read, so we waited while he went and got it from the back. He came back, handed me the book and told me he knew he would see us again and thus get the book back. Anyway, long story short...we got home I read the book, and ironicly, it made alot of sense with a few things that I had been wondering about, with dreams and all...anyway the book touched on alot of things about shapeshifting, spirits and ways of the Native Americans like every now and then it would be thrown in certain paragraphs, then it got me thinking..Well a few months later we received a phone call from the man who owned the book(we gave him our #) he told us he'd like for us to come up and visit as he had some things he wanted to talk to us about-once again, the funny thing was is that weekend was a big pow-wow and we were planning to go anyway, so we said we'd meet him there and we did..we ended up staying and talking and walking with him till like 3am! He told us alot about his ways and people and all, and yes I gave him the book back hehe! Ok so now you are probably like, "why the story?" and I'm getting there, as they are related..he took us to a lookout area where you could just see mountains beyond mountains and told us a story about light beings-I know, weird...right? We just stood there in awe of the things he was telling us and how this could totally be related to "aliens", he just never said that word though, he referred to them always as light beings. So we were listening and then he just stopped talking and asked us to look out into the mountains, we did and we all watched these "things" like flashes of gold almost lights-and no they weren't fireflies(I've seen those before) these were different, larger and brighter. We watched in silence for a while then they just disappeared....we felt really different afterwards too...for instance, the drive home we were both very quiet, then I asked her if she felt funny...she said yes she did, but couldn't explain it, ok it was almost like coming out of a meditative state, yet you're somewhat still in it?? Anyway, I have no clue why I'm even thinking about this, as it was a few years ago-actually about 10 years ago. I just figured someone here might be able to tell me what these light beings are and why we were called by this person to learn and watch them...I really didn't sense anything evil at all with the man or the lights and even now I don't..but it's got me wondering about it none the less..and heres something else odd, neither of us remembered what he told us prior to seeing the "lights" and even now we don''s hard to describe, because we know he was telling us about them in details, but can't really remember what he actually said?? And I'm definately one to recall an important conversation between me and someone else..with great details.
So anyone have any thoughts here? Ever heard of this?
I never saw or heard from the man again, but I do remember his name "Omar" and I've never forgotten our meeting him and any significance it might have...

*Also I'm at a loss where this should go, as it could relate to a few different if it needs to be moved then please do so*

posted on May, 3 2003 @ 12:31 PM
hmmmmm Majestica..... was just chatting to '' blade runner'' and he mentioned seeing lights and things..........maybe he can tell you about it.....

posted on May, 3 2003 @ 08:05 PM
Hi Magestica,

Very special and important experience were truly blessed to have met this man...though I do believe it was a destined meeting - or more than likely fate/God/whomever just gave the dice a little nudge and 'organised' events so that you would meet him...for there was definitely a message, a lesson, a re-affirming perhaps within it.

What does it mean? Well...think thats up to you to make sense of was meant for all we can do is just respond with any 'gut-feelings' about it.

I do believe that our journeys in life can be quite funny sometimes...we often meet people who hold a little bit of the puzzle...and we tend to know when we have, sometimes immediately through the connection we feel...or soon after when we reflect back and think "Yes...thank you...that was another step I needed to make in my journey". There are guides, helpers etc all along the way in our journeys...people who may point you in the right direction...people who may simply provide a new enlightenment via a different perspective...people who are just there also to provide a break from the journey, a healing and welcome rest...encouragement and support to reaffirm you are on the right path. Sometimes our spirit guides aren't necessarily in spirit form...when you consider we all are essentially spirit within, then it is natural to see that our spirit guides can also still be physically living and breathing, walking along right next to us in this world.

Okay...gut feelings on what it MIGHT mean...and I say 'might', as said before only you can really find the meaning in it...for it was meant for you...

Perhaps this man was sent to you (or you sent to him) to let you know that even in darkness there is reaffirm to you that the side of light does exist, is there, is watching and will aid you if called upon (will also aid you even when you don't know it). Perhaps it was just confirmation of what you already knew...and via that confirmation came a renewal of strength. Maybe it was Gods/whomevers way of saying "I am here...always have been and always will be" sorta thing. Sometimes we need that.

Why were you and your family member 'feeling funny'? Well...I'd say it was a pretty mind-blowing thing for a start...though I do suspect (and again, this is only a gut-feeling) that one of the reasons you don't remember what was said by the guy, before you saw the light-beings, was that this guy who was showing you them was likely chanting...maybe inaudibly...chanting? Well, just the only word I can find to describe a means of what those spiritual leaders/elders within my own culture do to access a different plane, to see the spirit plane easier, and to provide oneself (or those with them) a measure of spiritual protection from any spirit attacks during the experience.

I am loathe to use the word incantation...but in a way it is about creating 'a window' to see...or often the 'chants' are shows of respect to the spirits, to let them know they are honoured, to let them know you mean them no harm or animosity...sometimes they are like a "Hello dear friends...please show yourselves" kinda thing. So in a way maybe it wasn't you the PHYSICAL person seeing those things...but you the SPIRITUAL person...a semi-OBE if you will...except you remain within your body, just a little bit separated so as to separate yourself from the purely physical realm and thus allow you to experience the spiritual one that was there. The 'funny feeling' you and your family member experienced could well have been the residual experience of having been semi-separated from your physical bodies for a have been experiencing things on a level of spirit. Hope that makes some sort of sense to you.

What were the light beings? Hard to say...I wasn't there to see them so wouldn't be able to maybe identify them. But were they real...oh definitely. There are definitely areas in this world which serve as like focal points for the spirit world...areas where the 'windows' (even doorways) are either already there, or are easier to access. Here in NZ there is a place right at the northern tip of the North Island...a place called Cape Reinga. Now - this place has special importance to us Maori is an immensely spiritual place...and the power of it is amazing. It is important because it is where we Maori believe our spirits head to when we pass on...and from that point, Cape Reinga, our spirits dive off into the ocean and swim/fly off to a place we call 'Hawaiiki'...not to be confused with Hawaii...Hawaiiki is where we believe we orginated from, our ancestral/spiritual home. That place, Cape Reinga is also called 'Te Rerenga Wairua'...or the 'flight of the spirits'. There are many many stories of people who have been driving along in the area...just ambling along in their cars and have seen people, sometimes large groups of people, just walking along the side of the road leading to Cape Reinga. Then when the drivers of the cars get past these walkers, they might glance back in the rear-vision mirror and HELLO these people they saw are no longer there.

There are many stories of light-beings within my culture...many yeah I do believe they exist. I also believe they exist due to having experienced them myself. In fact, when I was a child I used to be visited by a pair of them...who would stand at the corner of my bed at night. I believe they were there to watch over me, protect me during the times I needed it.

Ya know...I wonder if you could find this man really wouldn't surprise me if you tried to, and simply couldn't...for sometimes once the message is delivered, once the messengers job is done they simply vanish.

As for the linking of the light-beings with the concept of aliens...I agree...totally agree. Totally believe also that aliens are just our modern interpretation of ancient beings. Also believe aliens are not so much intergallactic as they are interdimensional.

Hope at least some of that had meaning...


posted on May, 4 2003 @ 06:43 AM
I just want to say, this was a really nice insight you shared here. I never sensed anything evil as I said up there...but it always crosses my mind...I guess because you just never know really...But what you've added makes perfect sense. Are you sure you weren't there?
Anyway, just seems like you very well could have, by your gut instinct

It's very interesting that you mentioned that he may have been chanting prior or during us seeing those lights...THE freaky thing is, is that when I read that, I remembered he WAS chanting!! I know he had been talking too, but then he started to sing and that is considered chanting!! Gosh Alien..thank you is not enough here. I wonder what the purpose was? I am of Native American decent, so maybe he just wanted me to remember my blood or bring out something? I'm not enough though to use it..I'm only 1/4 creek and crow. My father(if he is my father) is 100% full blood Cicilian(sp). So all the Native is on my mothers side. I don't look either (as you can see in the picture) so I did wonder how this man knew...
That's uncanny how Maori and Native American seem so much alike...I just never knew this at all, until you shared a few things about the simularities. And you've seen them as well...I'm just speechless or in this case typeless lol!
I will ask you more via I'm sure it's more of a personal response I'm looking for...
But thank you so much for taking the time and sharing your thoughts....once again...Geee is there "anything" I can help you with Alien?? I feel I certainly owe you big time..


posted on May, 4 2003 @ 07:06 AM
...there is a reason we Maori and Native Americans seem to be alike...for it is believed we have bloodlinks. NA Indians are believed to be ancestors of the Maori...Maori being like decendents of NA Indian.

It is believed (and spoken of within song/stories) that Maori migrated through a number of continents before settling here in New Zealand...the American continent was but one of them. Which would go a long way towards explaining how many of our cultural beliefs, rituals, traditional way of life etc are so similar...for we are merely branches from the same tree.

I had a feeling this man was chanting...and you are right...he WOULD have been talking at first. Sometimes you might not immediately recognise it while it is being performed...for you see, words are not what are important as such. As they saying goes: 'Its not what you say...its how you say it'. See...what many 'chants' are, are like songs. And songs don't have to be sung...what a 'song' really is, is a melody. So it is possible to perform them while talking away about anything - what you do is focus on the sound...the vibrations...the emphasised inflections and pronunciations of various words/sylables....that is what gives the rhythm, the power.

Heres an example: Recently my work colleagues and I attended a Training Day...the tutor there was a very spiritual man, a Maori man, and we got to talking about various spiritual things. He recounted an incident where he was present as a friend of his 'cleansed' a house of a spirit. His friend first started speaking in Maori...then switched to Japanese...yes...Japanese. After the 'cleansing' was done, he asked his friend why he switched to Japanese as the troublesome spirit within the house was Maori. His friend said that it didn't matter what language was being spoken...for it was HOW it being said that mattered...the wairua (spirit) that was being focussed within the words...that held the power and did the work.

That said...singing is a great medium for containing and delivering wairua/spirit...for it is melodic and a lot easier to create the 'flow' and 'feel' needed to accomplish the intended aim. I wish you could hear some of the songs we Maori have...which are sung at births, and particularly during death...the songs are SOOO powerful...the way the words link, and fly and just glide around can feel the spirit within them. Probably a lot like NA Indian do as you may already be familiar with what I speak of.

...oh, and I just wanna make a comment on what you say here, and forgive me if I misinterpret anything: "I am of Native American decent, so maybe he just wanted me to remember my blood or bring out something? I'm not enough though to use it..I'm only 1/4 creek and crow. "

...was talking with a friend a while ago (opps, here we go with another long story...hehehe), and this friend doesn't have any Maori blood within them...or at least within their immediate family...that they know of. But this person 'feels' Maori, and identifies more with Maori people than with Europeans...indeed knowing this person, if it wasn't for their skin colour and outward physical appearance I would totally believe they were Maori. See...being something isn't necessary about how much blood you have in you...being something is simply about BEING. Its an internal thing...a spiritual thing...not whats on the outside or the physical at all. Hey...I know plenty of Maori who are no more 'Maori' than a full-blooded English man. Blood doesn't necessarily make you one of those who blood you share. So a 1/4, a 1/20th, a 1/100th...its all about what YOU identify with that matters.


[Edited on 4-5-2003 by alien]

posted on May, 4 2003 @ 01:11 PM
I never knew that about the maori being actually connected in the chain of NA bloodlines..think I need to go back and read deeper into the NA history. I have all kinds of even rare NA books that were passed on to me by my great aunt(she passed away 2 years ago) and she just knew I'd treasure those books, and think of her everytime I picked one up-which are both true. So yes you are right, my bloodline isn't strong there-paper wise-but it has been continued on within many family members and so in a way, just by keeping the insight of it and carrying it on to younger generations, it keeps it alive so to speak..and even keeps it strong. So many of my 'ways' are definately connected in a big way to my NA bloodline. In fact I'm the first born in more then 50 years or so, that 'it' has come out very strong in-did that make sense? I'm sure you can tell though, by how I find meaning in every little thing. For instance, if I take a walk outside, and a feather from a bird drops in my path, I'll pick it up, because I feel that it was 'meant' for me you know how many different feathers I have in collection-lol ALOT...and each time and each feather represents a different feeling or meaning to me..good or bad. Heres and interesting story-oh boy right..during the time I was reading that book from the NA man, I was outside on the porch listening to NA music and talking on the phone, well I see a little head peek up at me from the bottom of the stares and I said Yikes! Hold on theres a snake!! I ended up hanging up the phone and looked closer and it was actually a turtle-his head looked like a snake though..anyway I swear to you, he was trying his darndist to get up those stairs, I watched him attempt a few times then I thought, poor little guy...he probably needs water(we lived a little less then a mile or so from a creek/stream) so I put on my shoes and picked him up and carried him back to the water, and it's funny-but I'll share-I talked to him the whole way and he never put his head in...he just looked at me. I felt so close to nature that day, like I was part of it or something-can't explain really-but there was meaning to that, yet it was so small of an incedent...I'll never forget his little face
So you see, I feel very much NA in that sense...people laugh at me(not meanly) all the time because of some of the things I do and find meaning in...I swear I could go live on an Indian Reservation and feel right at home...sitting outside by a fire and singing and dancing to NA music and telling I'd love that! Ok I don't know if that story was necessary but, I felt like sharing it with you..
I would love to hear some maori music too!! I'm sure it's beautiful as I can meaningful even if I didn't understand the words..
Thank you Alien so much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to reply to my posts...I will hold your words dear you know I will..

posted on May, 4 2003 @ 09:54 PM
They are spook lights.

I've heard of them in missouri, they have substance but during WW2 was when they were most strenuously studied, by the Army Corp of Engineers, and they turned up nothing.

It's as if they are a rainbow but like I said, they do have substance, my Grandma's Sister had one bounce off the hood of her car one late night.

But no one can seem to catch one heh...I'm assuming in NC they were in a swampy area? They are in a swampy area in Missouri.

In Missouri though I've heard of them being blues, purples, yellows.

Have fun

posted on Aug, 17 2004 @ 08:42 AM
While searching for another thread (the flaiming alien picture), I found this...


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