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The Dreams that Changed my Life

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posted on Apr, 7 2012 @ 10:24 AM
I first started coming to ATS in 2008. It was a passing interest that I didn't think much of. I had a passion for 9/11 truth and a few run ins with 2012 theories, but at the time, I was not too savvy with the conspiracy community.

During that time, I was in college, and I was going through a dark time in my life. I was diagnosed with major depression and to be candid there were many thoughts of suicide. I guess you could say my emotional spectrum was not right at the time. Things just were not going in life as I had planned and it finally started to catch up with me. My friends from high school were moving on with their lives and my one best friend that I did have was deployed to Iraq in the US Army. I looked forward to his infrequent calls and updates.

But at the same time, his life changed as well. Where he was once a true, gung-ho patriot, the things he was involved in with the military over their only fueled his rage against them, and mine as well. He was not afraid to share the stories with me of the "missions" he went on to provide the sheiks in the region copious amounts of gold and American money simply just to keep them happy, and the treatment of civilians by other soldiers, stories that he didn't witness personally but quickly reached his ears. He told me how he watched as soldiers gave starving children pork to eat and as they struggled not to because their religion forbade it, and on numerous occasions, how when children where playing with a soccer ball in the street, a soldier would grab the ball and stab it with a knife and walk away laughing. Needless to say, all of the military were not like this, but it sure painted a picture of why the foreign countries hated American forces quite so much if not only for the initial fact of us invading them in the first place. But I digress...

As time went on, life for me became harder as financial woes began to mount and personal problems began to unhinge me. Being a devout atheist since 2004, I did in June of 2008 what I hadn't done in four years and that was prayed to the God I gave up that I was raised to believe in. And then, on that night, be it on account of my prayer or just because that was the night that it was meant to be - the dream was sent to me.

I was looking to the ground. Grass. Dead grass. It was dark, but not night time, the sun was covered by clouds. I looked to my body and upon my body was a white robe, drenched in blood. In my right hand was a sword, the blade too was covered in blood. I looked up. There was a road before me. There we no cars, only bodies on either side. Dead, mangled bodies. I looked to my hands; there was blood upon them, and I asked out like - "Did I do this?" A moment passed a voice spoke to me in my head, but it was so loud it was as if it was coming from the sky itself:

"Many will die for the price of freedom - but even more will die if you do nothing."

I shuddered and there was the neighing of a horse. I looked up and there was my friend upon it. He too was in a white robe brandishing a sword and he too was covered in blood. I looked to the ground and closed my eyes.

When I opened them again I was inside a building. It was a building I had never seen before, but I knew where I was going. I walked through a series of halls and entered a room. There upon a couch rested my friend. I grabbed his shoulder and shook him awake. He sat up immediately and told him that we had to go. I reached my hand forward and he took it. I closed my eyes once more and felt the wind pick up and the temperature rise. When I opened my eyes again, the view was breathtaking from atop the Pyramid of Cheops.

After taking in the view I turned to the sky and looked to the stars. There in the heavens, brighter then ever was Orion's belt with Sirius burning brighter than I have ever seen. I stared at them for what seemed like hours, contemplating what I saw and finally I turned to my friend and told him, "It's time."

And then I awoke.

So normally I wouldn't care. I thought it was a little weird, sure, but I went about my day as normal as ever and I pretty much let it pass into the back of my mind. Then, later that night, I got an unexpected call from my friend in Iraq. He told me how the night before he was reading The Bible and how his life matched up so much with this one character, who I cannot quite place at this time. He said that before he went to sleep he too prayed and that night he dreamed... and he went on to describe a dream that involved the both of us in white robes covered in blood surrounded by the bodies of people.

And from that point on we both knew that whatever was coming, we were meant for a bigger part in the picture of things. We began to "see" things and our studies began. In late 2008 he came home and we began compiling a collection of knowledge. We began studying religions and arcane arts of all types and we opened our minds to all possibilities. Soon a meager collection of books became a collection of over 300 volumes of the most unique and metaphysically exhausting books known to mankind, and we studied them all. We began meditating on our thoughts and trying to figure out as we might what we should do and soon enough one more dream came to each of us, though this time it was not the same.

For my friend he was to start a church for all and create a shelter. He would learn the skills needed to survive off the grid and soon enough would do so himself. In the end - he would fight. In his dream was a great earthquake and many were killed. In the sky were three moons, the full with a waxing and waning crescent on either side.

For me, I too would learn the skills for survival. But I was told that when the time comes for people to revolt, and they are unable to find a leader, I must lead the people to freedom. And I asked, "Why me?" And I was told, "Because you understand what it is to live in a cage."

Since that time in early 2009 there have been no more dreams and no more voices... no more messages and no more premonitions. That was all we were left with and that was all we continue to follow. Three years later it becomes hard to continue on that path with no reassurance that is was even real, but how can I argue? The path, regardless of the reality of its creation or not - led me down the path of truth. It opened my eyes to corruption in the world and turned me to a person that I can look in the mirror and smile about. I no longer need to be sad about not having a good paying job are a fairy tale relationship, because being at the bottom I realized this isn't so bad. This life is pretty good... and one day, when we are actually free, it is going to be even better.

No one is going to deny to my friend and I what happened, just as no one is going to deny to me the changes that I see in this world and that are obviously occurring in the year we live. No atheist is going to convince me that there is simply NOTHING spiritual that exists in the universe and no pacifist is going to convince me that peaceful dissent is going to change anything in this country or this world. No amount of money is going to bring happiness. No amount of war is going to bring world peace.

2012 is among us and the seeds of change are here. The only question is if the phoenix will be reborn from the ashes of global chaos - or if revolution will truly need to take a foothold when the year is up. That is why we will simply have to wait and see.

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posted on Apr, 7 2012 @ 04:36 PM
I'm not sure how coherant my reply to this will be or if it will even be to relavent.

I want to touch for a moment on the fact you state that you say since the 2nd set of dreams you 2 share that you have not had similar occurances to offer assurance. I feel like the path you are on is ment to be your reassurance. For if now you have found a since of love for yourself and a meaning of purpose that it continues in you each day and you like what you see in the mirror and know it's the truth what more assuance would you need?

As for dream's that point you towards a truer purpose I have had many since I was a child, but to go into them in depth is not my purpose here. I will only say that I have found that they can be spaced out and be years apart or be nightly for a week. And I have found that they are on somewhat of an "as needed" bases. And that many dreams may seem at first irrealivent and fall into the back of the mind into almost a forgotten space, but they are still their and you may find yourself recalling them as your true purpose becomes closer. Some may term what I am trying to describe as dejaVu, and I see the similarities but I think that it is more of an implantet message to be read and interpurted only at the time of action. So you may very well be storing more inside you that will become aparant as time proceeds.

Your story here is very intresting though and am happy that you chose to share it. Hope that what I wrote can be inturpreted into something useful.

posted on Apr, 8 2012 @ 12:41 PM
reply to post by matt47274

Thanks for the reply. I will continue to follow my path unless something comes along to stop me in my tracks.

It seems no one seems interested enough to garner another reply, so I will let it rest at this. As usual, not enough race war, ignorance, doom and gloom, ect to warrant any discussion.

posted on Apr, 8 2012 @ 02:08 PM
reply to post by gwydionblack

I have noticed that the general discussions tend to go towards the negative as you say. But thats part of what makes this site so intresting, for all the calls that are sent out within the words of the thread to "wake up" it seems so few can realize its what they make it. What should we wake up to, the truth as they know it? or the truth that is to us? I watch so many become concerned in trying to convince through the words of an argument as to how and the way things are and should be. When its funny that if they just went out and "performed" the way they see it and it is good others will mimic and may find it themselves. They in turn better themselves to what they teach, give exposure to it and find others following without having to even engage them in a conversation. Monkey see monkey I know that you know this but it's funny, they know this too and fail to realize it. Why else do they think so many people are using copyrighted material to express personal feelings.

I am still quite young I guess in the worlds eyes and am still trying to figure out a lot of things, How to enable a dependent person into independence would be a great lesson to learn.

posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 06:38 PM
reply to post by gwydionblack

I also had a dream that changed my life in 1994. The next day there were way too many coincidences and it blew my "atheistic world view".

My dream was like 2 weeks of life experience packed into a single dream. When I woke up I felt like I had lived the experience but regained my reality-sense as I got up and into my day.

In the dream I was sitting at my desk feeling thankful because the building-shakes from the trucks hitting pot-holes out front wasn't as bad. Then a real earth-quake hit while the fire-alarm went off. The other 1/2 building collapsed while I was going down the fire escape.

Rather than stand around the parking lot outside the building I went for my car and started for home. But then a light-ball-orb flew over and then 2 A-10 airplanes in hot persuit. Just after a flash, all the Traffic stopped and vehicles stopped and I quickly decided to get out of my car and start running for home. I left my car on the bridge.

After about 1/4 mile, something felt wierd, disorienting but I shook it off while looking back. Then I saw everyone in the traffic jam where I had been started fighting and killing eachother. I kept on running and avoiding small groups along the way who were also fighting.

When I got to my apartment my girlfriend said "well I've decided not to kill you because you love the earth but you don't belong here and you're going to have to go where you do". I prepared a travel bag and got my 76 harley running. It worked because it had points rather than electronic ignition. I was in Nashua NH and was heading for Binghamton NY.

The journey 'home' took a long long time. EVERY bridge was out but i did actually manage to drive the Harley across the shallow waters, sometimes having lots of trouble and one time even hoisting it out with a rope/pully (the rt 9 bridge across NH-VT).

I went the long way around albany and avoided gass-stops anywhere near howe's cavern.

I also had 'spiritual knowledge' of where to go and where to avoid. Especially that NYC was a radiation pit.

When I finally did get to binghamton and arrived at my daughter/X's house, there were 9 women in a prayr circle so I parked the bike and waited.

My X came over to me and said "the killing is over now and you can do anything you want to. Your value is in sharing your travels and experiences by looking in peoples eyes. They can read your mind and you transmit because you're a male. "...

It was clear the new-age had begun and that it was based on a female-coven sort of cellular culture. I traveled to several places I knew and saw who was left alive among the family and friends I had known.

As I kept wondering about 1 friend in particular that was when I woke up.

-----and yea, the next day at work was full of similar events, fire-alarm induced by building vibrations, 2 A-10s flying over, and several "telepathic" experiences of others reading my mind. Plus my director gave me a bible as a Christmas present.

My "atheistic" world view had broken and I started looking for answers and reading. it took over 500 books and 5 years to find satisfying answers. I've been happy ever since.

posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 07:14 PM

Originally posted by gwydionblack
reply to post by matt47274

Thanks for the reply. I will continue to follow my path unless something comes along to stop me in my tracks.
It seems no one seems interested enough to garner another reply, so I will let it rest at this. As usual, not enough race war, ignorance, doom and gloom, ect to warrant any discussion.

In 1994 one of the first things I learned is how negatively most people would react to my dream-story. Several books from early on were of great help. In particular The Celestine Prophesy helped me not only to communicate better but to discern whether people were interested in my ideas or instead forcing their own. To only share within the space of a dialog. Another gr8 book was "The 5th Sacred Thing". I recently re-read that one and its getting made into a movie. And yet another was a simple dream-work book describing how to remember dreams via journal'ing.

After dream-journaling for a few months it got quite easy to remember my dreams. And that has become a primary prayr-connection for me to communicate with "God". I FEEL like God communicates with me via my dreams, mostly in analogy-form via dreams.

Like my first dream can be interpreted in the context of my life at the time, it also had aspects that directly associated to the state of the world. By fixing my own issues as illuminated, the conditions of the world seemed to change. Not just my immediate context either, but more like the whole world-system. That early dream-work was back in 1995 and that did seem a time when it became more acceptable for people to admit seeing UFOs, believing in a holy spirit, and documented experiments in prayr power, and stuff like that. But there were certainly dangers too - especially inside a defense company where the manager of security was drunk on his power to "investigate" people. I got a warning not to talk about "channeling from Kurt Kobain" any more. I passed it off as just an analogy figure of speach and that worked.

Meanwhile a Sr Manager had shared his UFO sighting experience in the same smoke room in front of about a dozen of us - complete with other names, the name of the air-base and so-on.

Immediately after that they started passing rules to eliminate the smoke rooms and eventually smoking on-site. The conflict between "The Powers That Be" and "the seekers" became apparent. The seekers had the power till they became known and then got rail-roaded. Me too. Seems going along to get along lasts about 5 years for me... playing dumb is hard.

Oh dream/journal/lucid, etc:
One thing I learned is that most peolpe don't remember many dreams and when they do they don't mean anything they can figure out unless its a wopper. But like the "lucid dreaming" literature indicates, getting into the journaling and analysis of dreams gets one connected to a higher power... rather than sudden revelations that are mind-blowing and earth-shaking, then "settle in" to more immediate God-dialog. Some call that channeling, etc. The point is to make a point of REMEMBERING dreams. Once you get to that capability you can work with their meanings. Another point is that I've FELT the effect of taking action on the basis of dreams - and its ALWAYSE been positive, way-better than any of the negative scenery during the dreams.

For example, after the 'big dream' in my post above I actually made a phone call to discuss my dream with a person in the dream - that was the moment in which the fire alarm went off, without the earthquake. hmmmm -- not like I can prove my action changed anything - but enough to amplify that sense, hmmmm.

And I get that sort of experience more often these days. Not as big and disterbing as that night. Just more as a person who dreams and then wonders what that recent dream might mean... or if there's a clear-thing to it, sometimes take action. A recent one turned a devastating consequence into just a negative night.

I'm convinced dreams have meaning, and that meaning isn't confined to ourselves or our immediate situation. I think God moves events in this world via the true believers among us. And I appreciate your courage to change your life, read 300 books, and share with us here on ATS. I lost count of my own reading list well over 500 books. I reached 500 books in 1998, and still like reading.

Hope that helps, and may God continue to bless you and your friend. I've lost some of my best friends and... well nuf said about lost friends (jerks, or was it me? etc).

posted on Apr, 10 2012 @ 06:58 AM
First of all I would like to express my appreciation for this site, as it seems that everyone here is serious about what they have to share. I have also had unusual experiences, especially lately and right now I would like to share one in particular which I have been baffled by. Kindly feel free to give your input as I am unable to fathom it by myself. The experience I am about to share here happened to me a few months back, but have not been able to share with many people for obvious reasons. I tried sharing it with my older sister but all I got was 'You watch too much tv'.

One night after doing my daily meditation I went to bed. Everything was normal, as it should have been. So I went to sleep peacefully. It was at 3am when I suddenly woke up from my sleep a little scared, paranoid and very sweaty, my heart beating very fast I could have sworn I was having an anxiety attack. I did my yoga breathing exercise which should have calmed me down as it would any one, but in this case things were getting worse. I did not know why I had woken up, but figured that it's just normal now because I always wake up at 3am for no apparent reason. So to me this was just one of those '3am routines' of mine....but here is the weird part...

Now I do not always manage to fall back to asleep after waking up abruptly. Some times it is possible for me, but this time as much as I tried I could not. So I switched the light on because I hate sitting in the dark when sleeping alone. I lay there for about 5 minutes, still awake and hoping to go back to sleep when all of a sudden I felt what I can only describe as an electric current through my brain (if that makes sense)...and suddenly there was what appeared to be a 'spaceship' in my bedroom....partially parked in the house, mid-air. I know this sounds bogus, but please understand that I too still have a hard time believing what I saw.

Take note that I was wide awake when this was happening. This 'ship' was dark and shiny. I couldn't tell how big it was as I could only see the front. One would have thought that it crashed into my bedroom, mid-air. I was not scared anymore. Actually more puzzled than scared now. Especially when I saw 3 beings through the 'wind screen'. They were huge....hefty. Not muscular or anything, I do not know how to describe them. They were wearing long navy blue robes with bronze sashes, and a gold coat of arms on the left of their chests. I won't lie, I thought that for a second there I was seeing Morpheus from The Matrix because they seemed to carry themselves like him. The robes even convinced me.

The 3 beings were tall. Very tall, and hefty. They had big and oblong heads, and were brown in complexion. Not like our Earthly brown skin tones, but more of a uniform, unblemished perfect, almost chocolate brown. I don't know how to describe it. They were looking at me, as if unaware that I could see them. Then the one in the middle fixated on me, spoke while looking at me and said 'it is time', his lips did not move though, then turned to the one on his right and nodded, then the one on the left took off after the 'instruction'. Please bear in mind I was wide awake.

I noticed something about the way he spoke. Now I know they were referring to me, though they were not speaking to me. The words ran through my mind like telepathy, yet very loud I could have sworn the neighbors heard it too. His words literally made the sound of a trumpet. I do not know if that makes any sense. But I swear....He had a trumpet voice...and not metaphorically...but literally. I know this sounds crazy. But they disappeared as magically as they had arrived, yet I could still feel their presence, especially when I started feeling like something was trying to force me to fall back asleep when I was no longer tired or sleepy. Who would want to sleep after that?
Something was literally trying to come over me and make me fall asleep. My eyes were suddenly heavy, even though I knew that I was no longer tired. My body started to feel numb. I tried my hardest to stay awake and managed, then quickly got up to smoke a cigarette, which helped. I stayed up watching tv, afraid to fall asleep. I remember dozing off at 6am.

I will never forget that incident. It paved the way for some other weird experiences in my life, and maybe that is what he meant by 'it's time'. Please bear in mind that I have never seen a UFO, never experienced missing time, never been abducted as far as I know.

posted on Apr, 10 2012 @ 09:16 AM
reply to post by reitze

Thank you for sharing your experience as well. It is always good to here similar occurrences on here, and I am glad to see other people coming to the discussion. My dreams have never been as spiritual and "new age" as yours seemed to be, though I never got into New Age practices until after my initial dream in the first place. I never really knew much about them until some of those books that my friend and I procured and it really opened my eyes to the variety of beliefs out there.

An issue that makes my dreams a little bit more special to me know is the fact that I have been recently diagnosed with severe sleep apnea, and it seems that I have had it for quite some time, perhaps about 6-10 years. In that time frame I honestly don't remember any other dreams besides the few that I have had to coincide with the original I've posted. I have had a few supplemental dreams and the blood stained robe one did reoccur on occasion, however, other than that, based on my tests I have been incapable of dreams up until recently.

And even now that I am on a machine for my sleeping, dreams have returned, but they or more irrational and nonsensical like the ones I had when I was a child. There was definitely more order, urgency, and realism to the dreams that I speak of and that is the only reason I hold them above all the others in my mind.

Once again, interesting stuff, thanks for sharing and thanks for the support. I hope you continue to be happy and finding answers.

posted on Apr, 10 2012 @ 11:25 AM
reply to post by gwydionblack

You're welcome and likewise thank you. Is nice to share similarities when exploring what dreams people have and what they mean.

As far as "new age" and beliefs and stuff like that... I was non-spiritual-agnostic till age 31 in 1994. THAT dream above and the experiences the next day caused a "Wake UP" urgency which directly caused my "reading quest". 500 books later and a cover-to-cover bible read in 1998 gave me a sense of understanding... but then what? well since 1999 I've been living a PERSONAL "Christian" belief and implementing the lifestyle to the best of my ability - though that's certainly not "churched". I've been to lots of churches since 1994 and only a couple have been "comfortable" and that's always seemed temporary... UU churches were great for starting the reading quest and having discussions like this one here. Most Christian churches seem to be involved in false teaching of hate in subtle ways... you have to, cant, its wrong, there aughta be a law... like I said hate preached into a binary minded us/them brainwashing for the masses. The movie, The Book Of Eli showed how evil people see that book as USEFUL for enslaving others.

posted on Apr, 10 2012 @ 08:13 PM
I am always interested to hear about peoples' thought-provoking experiences whilst dreaming as I've been having them for as long as I can recall. It was never anything as terribly surreal as explicit spiritual or extraterrestrial visions, but it always felt the same. It is as if these dreams were pieces of a partially assembled puzzle and I, by chance, remember them when I awaken.

I always felt like I was a captive, or some sort of subject in a prison or facility. In separate dreams I distinctly remember different events: being placed on a train and meeting this girl whom I would vaguely remember later; being captive in a dark cell and subjected to wild and uncontrollably violent thoughts; running through the forest and escaping from this place onto another train. There have been others, but these have been the most memorable and affecting of them.

I've only told them to a few people, but what was curious is that a staunch skeptic friend of mine made the unexpected comment that "they may be thoughts leaking through from another life or time".

Ultimately, these dreams have shaped my thoughts on a daily basis. I am here reading about the experiences of others and sharing my own, and I suppose that is what matters.
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posted on Apr, 11 2012 @ 03:07 AM
These are the posts I truly relish; shared experiences. Personally I don't dream as much as I used to, but the ones I do have I learn from, or turn out to be deja vu. I've got multiple past life memories (very vague, the memories like dreams but real), and I remember an angel opening her arms to open a beautiful, swirling light where my soul came to enter this world (try explaining this to your family when you're 4 :lol
. I've had lots of deja vu, usually at really random moments but definitely precognitive dreams. The one I've had lately was short, but intense. Me and a small group, we all had guns, but we were running like hell through a bunker. Seriously felt like a zombie outbreak (look it up, its practical), but I don't want to misinterpret this as evidence of a future outbreak when dreams are rarely concrete. Anyways. Wherever we were, we booked it to the lower floors (I mean BOOKED it, the adrenaline felt incredibly real), down metal stairs, and into an engine room, shut with one of those doors with the valve you see on a navy ship. We were in the engine room, I remember we needed to stock up on water and quick, because we were each on our last bottle. Now, this IS just a dream, but I've had too many that felt real like this that didn't turn out to be deja vu at some point. SOMETHING is going to happen, soon. Doesn't matter how stocked up you are, or who you are, when SHTF, all you got is who you are.

posted on Apr, 15 2012 @ 06:02 AM
I enjoyed reading this very much. Starred & flagged. This was very well written.

No one is going to deny to my friend and I what happened, just as no one is going to deny to me the changes that I see in this world and that are obviously occurring in the year we live. No atheist is going to convince me that there is simply NOTHING spiritual that exists in the universe and no pacifist is going to convince me that peaceful dissent is going to change anything in this country or this world. No amount of money is going to bring happiness. No amount of war is going to bring world peace. 2012 is among us and the seeds of change are here. The only question is if the phoenix will be reborn from the ashes of global chaos - or if revolution will truly need to take a foothold when the year is up. That is why we will simply have to wait and see.

I agree with this 100%

Things are definitely changing. I used to be very skeptical of most threads on ATS, but now I see the evidence all around me, not only on the news, but in my own locality. The world is changing, things have gotten out of control (politically, economically, and environmentally) and I think we are definitely at the breaking point now. It just seems so strange to me that everything started getting really bad between the transition of 2011 and 2012. I never used to believe that anything was going to happen in 2012, but now I'm starting to really wonder if there may be some validity to this. In the past decade alone we have all seen the amount of horrendous earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, and hurricanes, and with every year that goes by the disasters seem to get more and more frequent. I don't think anybody can deny that this year is the last straw. The whole planet has hit a level of absurdity that I very much doubt it can recover from. If something is going to happen this year, I don't claim to know what it is. I don't think anybody knows exactly what will happen. But I feel that maybe I used to be too skeptical now that I have taken a good look at what's going on around me.

Incidentally, I was listening to an old archived episode of Coast to Coast AM the other night (I think it was from June 2011.) It was open lines night and one guy phoned in telling George that he works in the warehouse of a pharmaceutical distribution company, and that anti-anxiety medications are flying off the shelves at an alarming rate. George went on to say that in the past two years he has noticed that people everywhere seem very jittery and anxious. This makes me wonder if people can sense or feel that something is imminent, yet they don't know what. Maybe most people are starting to pick up on some kind of subconscious vibe?

Once again, excellent thread OP

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