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UFO Occupants ~ Drawings,Sketches and Non-Human Reports.

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posted on Dec, 30 2009 @ 02:13 PM
Charles Burn discusses worldwide CE3 reports (1:52)

posted on Jan, 2 2010 @ 10:47 AM

i think i was 12 when i drew this. i never believed in any of this stuff before this "dream"

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posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 09:53 AM
This case is said to be a hoax due to the 'unreliability of the witness' but, as is stated in this this audio interview, the US Military later cordoned off the area with steel metal poles and several soldiers went over the 'landing site' with Geiger counters:

Miner witnesses 13 Foot tall humanoids -Garson Mine,Ontario,1954:

7 July 1954 17:30 - Garson, Ontario, Canada

A miner saw a landed object and a giant man with strange, burning eyes.

A miner in Garson, Canada saw a landed object and a giant man with strange, burning eyes. He fainted. When he regained consciousness, the object and entity had vanished. This case was investigated by the Royal Canadian Air Force.

A miner saw a landed object and a giant man with strange, burning eyes. He fainted. When he regained consciousness, object and entity had vanished.

An object was observed. Physiological effects were noted. Traces found.
One object, about 40 feet across, was observed by one male 25-year-old witness at a mine.

Hynek rating: CE3: Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Entity reports)

posted on Jan, 4 2010 @ 10:32 AM
Similar accounts of UFO Occupants asking for water:


A rare UFO-water case, which was brought to public knowledge by the Houston Post, involved a 1987 sighting in the town of Josserand.

Frank Nichols, a farmer known for his good character, heard a "whirring" sound, similar to some of his farm machinery. He immediately went outside to find out what was happening. He was shocked to see an large, unknown object landed in his cornfield. The flying vessel was decorated with brilliant colored lights.

Having heard the stories of the flying ships in local newspapers, he immediately knew that one of these ships was visiting his farm.Two beings soon emerged, holding buckets. They asked Nichols for water. He obliged them. In all, he saw 6-8 crewmen, who invited him to aboard their ship.

Relating the details of his visit inside the ship, he told newspaper reporters that the components of the vessel were far advanced from anything he had seen before.


Location. Butzbacher Forsthaus Hessen Germany

Date: March 23 1980

Time: 0320A

A farmer was alone in his house when he suddenly heard someone knocking on his window; he stepped out to check and was confronted by two men that asked him for water. The two men wore silvery outfits, had light skin and dark hair, with very attractive features, and looked very similar to each other. The witness brought them a bottle of Seltzer water and asked them if they spoke English. They did not reply and then walked towards a nearby huge dazzling hovering object. The witness panicked and went to notify the police, but both the object and the men had departed when he returned with the authorities.

UFOs & Water Case-Broadwater County Montana, 1940

At an isolated location miner Udo Wartena saw a large disc shaped object about 35 foot high and over 100 feet across hovering above a meadow. The object resembled two soup plates, one inverted over the other and stainless steel in appearance.
Wartena then saw a staircase unfold from the bottom of the craft. Out of it came a man who asked him if the ship could take some water.The man then invited Wartena inside the object.

Wartena accepted and met another man inside that told him they had come from a distant planet and were 609 years old.

They also claimed that they hadn't seen Wartena when they began their descent, since they usually avoided human contact. But they also said they had come "to gather information, leave instructions, or give help where needed."

They told Wartena that their ship was powered "by hydrogen extracted from water, that created its own gravitational field." When Wartena left the ship, it rose straight into the air and quickly disappeared.

Source and references:
HUMCAT addition # 3034. Source: Warren P Alston, Fate April 1998

Unusual UFO reports of objects 'taking on water'

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posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 07:58 AM
Similar accounts of UFO Occupants collecting water with 'hose like' apparatus or a 'vacuum cleaner' like object:

UFOs & Water Case, Guaiuba, Brazil, 03-23-1978.

67-year old Joao Inacio Ribeiro was walking along the oceanfront when he saw a circular object about 10 meters in diameter approach from the sea. It had brilliant blue, yellow, green, and lilac colored lights. On its upper section it had a sort of cabin or cupola with 3 circular windows.
The craft approached, stopped, and hovered above the waters, causing the area directly below the object to become agitated and choppy. Ribeiro then saw two short humanoids appear on top of the craft.

The figures were about 1 meter in height, and wore gray colored tight fitting outfits.

The beings were baldheaded, with small noses and mouths and huge black eyes. One carried something resembling a walking cane; the other had what appeared to be a vacuum cleaner like object.

Both beings then began operating the vacuum like object seemingly extracting water from the ocean. After 10 minutes they re-entered the object.

Moments later the object descended to 10 meters above the waters causing them to become even more turbulent, creating large waves and foam.
Source: Revista Brasileira de Ufologia

UFOs & Water Case, Voronov, Russia, 1969

Heinrich Ivanovich was driving his motorcycle along the Kama River near a wooded area. On the side of the road he noticed a man who suddenly raised his hand as if saluting.
Ivanovich slowed his motorbike and approached the stranger.As he approached he noticed a strange disc-shaped object on the ground close to the stranger. The stranger wore a grayish-metallic overall with thick-soled boots.

The man did not wear a hat and had a short haircut. On his left hand he held a hose-like implement, which was apparently extracting water from the Kama River.

At the end of the encounter the stranger asked Ivanovich to stay back from the object and to just observe it take off. The object had a semi-transparent green colored globular dome on top..
Source and references:
Ravil Ishkakov, Chairman of Tatar Republic committee, on the study of the phenomena of nature.

Lake Superior -1914:

The year was 1914 and Kiehl and two other young Americans were exploring Lake Superior when a boating accident left them marooned on the shore of Georgian Bay.
They were picked up by a French Canadian couple with three small children in a large rowboat and were on their way again when the boat sprang a leak and the party stopped to make repairs.

But all that was preliminary to the main event. While repairs were being made, one of the children noticed a deer at waterline staring out over the lake. Following the deer's gaze, she saw an unusual craft resting on the water and pointed it out to her mother who then called to the rest of the party.

According to Kiehl, the air was still and the craft sat motionless in the water about 450 feet from shore. Its shape was that of a globe except that it was slightly flattened on top and had some sort of square substructure around the bottom.
Two man-like beings, four feet tall or less and clad in tight-fitting iridescent suits of greenish-purple, were standing on this "deck" manipulating a green hose in the water.

After a moment three other small men appeared at the upper part of the craft. Like the first two, they wore box-shaped yellow headpieces but their clothing was khaki-colored. These three worked on what looked like three pipes emerging with them from the top of the globe and then disappeared, along with the pipes, back into the craft..


UFOs & Water, 1960, Syracuse New York

An electronics engineer was fishing when he heard a shrill, whirring sound and saw a round object, with a rotating light on top, land on the shore.
The sound gradually stopped, an opening became visible, and two dwarfs with oversized heads came out with a hose and pumped water from the river.
Later they appeared to play like children. Their bodies glowed with lights of changing colors.

UFOs & Water Case, Palmas, Tocantis, Brazil, 03-22-2001

Vinicius Da Silva and Marta Rosenthal were returning home from a day of fishing in the River Tocantis when they felt a bump in one of the tires. Thinking he had a flat, Vinicius stopped the vehicle and went to check.
He could not find anything wrong with the tire but suddenly heard Marta screaming and saw her pointing to the right side of the road.There, only a few meters away, hovering over the water was a metallic object with small windows along its edge.

Standing outside the object on a ledge was a humanoid figure of about 1.30 meters in height.

The figure was holding something resembling a hose and was apparently sucking water from the river and into the craft. After about two minutes the humanoid pulled up the hose from the river and re-entered the object.
The craft then became very bright and shot away horizontally into the sky.

UFOs & Water Case, Pardo River, Brazil, 11-04-1954

On November 4, 1954, Jose Alves of Pontal was fishing in the Pardo River near Pontal. The area was deserted, the night quiet with only a slight breeze blowing from the east.
Suddenly Alves spotted a strange craft in the sky, apparently heading toward him. He watched, transfixed, as it closed in with a wobbling motion and landed.

It was so near he could have touched it, he said. The object appearing as two washbowls placed together, looked to be about ten to fifteen feet in diameter. He was too frightened to run.

Three little men, clad in white clothing with close-fitting skull caps, emerged from a window-like opening in the side of the small craft. Their skin appeared to be quite dark.

Alves stood terror-stricken, watching the small creatures collect samples of grass, herbs and leaves of trees; one of them filled a shiny metal tube with river water.

Then, as suddenly as they had come, they jumped back into their machine, which took off vertically as swiftly and as silently as it had come. Residents of Pontal, who heard Alves's story when he came back to town, told the press that he was a quiet man who lived only for "his work and his family."
He had never heard of flying saucers and he was sure the little men were some kind of devils.
Source and references:
Flying Saucers: The Startling Evidence, by C. Lorenzen p. 50-51, © 1966

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posted on Jan, 5 2010 @ 09:00 AM
More very strange humanoid reports from the El Yunque rainforest, Puerto Rico:

August 1992

The first of these two cases was the one when, at 5 pm one evening in August 1992, near the junction with Highway No. 191, close to the Colinas del Yunque Housing Settlement, a number of people - adults and children - encountered two humanoid beings about 4ft high, calmly walking along the road. Señora Soraya Collazo, and her three sons, Saudi, Didier, and Gabriel, and a daughter, all testified to the encounter.

Moreover, these four children - plus several of their friends and playmates - actually followed the two entities on their bicycles, for quite a few minutes! Then, finally, the little humanoids turned off the road into the thick woodland and vanished, and the children broke off their pursuit and turned back.

We interviewed Señora Collazo and all of her children - each one separately.They all stated that the entities had greyish-green coloured skin, rather large heads, dark almond-shaped eyes rather deeply set, and noses that were scarcely detectable. Their mouths were thin slits, without lips, and, just like the thing in the photo taken by Ruiz and Berríos, their hair looked as though light brown-creamy coloured, and swept upwards, as in what is called the “punk hair-do”.

February 1991:

...The second other earlier case, which we will now describe, was that of two policemen* and their wives, who also met two entities.

It was during the last days of February 1991, and at about 3.00 o’clock in the early morning, just by the car-park next to the Forestry Service’s booth where they sell souvenir photos and maps of the Yunque. (This booth stands just in front of the swimming-pool beside the 191 Highway).

Of the Police party, we interviewed Officer Luis Torres and his wife Margarita, who live at San Isidro, in the Municipal Area of Canóvanas.

They had been with a group of friends, visiting the Yunque, and at 3.00am as stated, they were astounded to see two extraordinarily strange beings a short distance from them, walking down the main road.

They described the entities as about 3 1/2 ft. high, with big heads and huge dark eyes, slender in build, and with long arms. They were dressed in what looked like “ninja-type costumes”, as they are called in Puerto Rico. (That is to say, like leotards, such as are used in exercises and gymnastics). Sr. Torres said these garments covered the entire body except for the face and the hands.

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posted on Jan, 8 2010 @ 02:47 AM
I've just finished reading Travis Walton's book Fire In The Sky so thought I would post these.

In the book (but not included in the film) Travis describes seeing human looking entities wearing "space helmets".



On the cover of Mike Oram's book: Does It Rain In Other Dimensions? We see a drawing of one of the entities that he refers to as the "Tulip" people.


Also in the Mike's book he desribes during one abduction being strapped into a machine he calls The Biomechanical Being.


Very interesting thread btw!

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posted on Jan, 8 2010 @ 04:35 AM


posted on Jan, 8 2010 @ 04:38 AM
I am new here
and if i don't interfering
I would help You collect new pictures and cases

posted on Jan, 8 2010 @ 05:08 PM

Originally posted by karl 12
Northern Maine - August 20, 1976:


The Allagash Incident

Allagash incident, already posted by you but this vid has some very good (spooky) drawings in it.

posted on Jan, 9 2010 @ 12:44 PM
Thanks for the replies -some mighty fine additions there.

There is some interesting testimony at the link below regarding the Roswell incident -


And other 'coincedences' from 1947:


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posted on Jan, 9 2010 @ 01:46 PM
RAF Airman Witnesses strange humanoid and object - East Anglia,1943:

John Warren was an armourer serving in the RAF during World War II. At the time of his encounter, he was stationed in Norfolk at RAF Ludham, a radar facility close to the large airfield at RAF Coltishall.One night in May of 1943 (John could not give an exact date), Mr Warren had been to North Walsham, a town roughly nine miles from RAF Ludham, and had got a lift in a truck to Catfield, a village about three and a half miles from his camp.

A little over a mile from the camp, he noticed a light in one of the fields that bordered the narrow, country lane. As he drew closer, he saw a figure standing in the field. Not expecting to encounter anybody that late at night, John became a little nervous and quickened his pace slightly. As he drew closer, he noticed that the figure was wearing what appeared to be a greyish-white ‘boiler suit’. Attached to the front of the suit was a box that cast a greenish glow onto the face of the figure. The face was visible beneath the helmet that John likened to an old-fashioned divers’ helmet.

The figure stared at John as he approached, with a smile on its face that terrified the young airman. He said the face was round, without any noticeable cheekbones or chin.

As he passed the figure, which was standing behind the bushes that bordered the field and about thirty to a hundred yards away from John, he saw a large, domed object in the field behind this grinning entity. A second figure was moving around, doing something with the ground, as though taking samples.

The domed object reminded John of a large bell tent. It was stony-grey in colour and gave off no light.

John passed their location and kept on going, walking quickly, terrified, but not running for his life. He glanced back and saw that both figures were now doing something in the ground around the ‘bell tent’. Then he looked forward again and kept going until he reached RAF Ludham.

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posted on Jan, 9 2010 @ 02:10 PM
Hi buddy, here is one case I could not find earlier, but today I stumbled unexpected on it.
It’s from Linda Moulton Howe’s site.
Marvelous posts so far.

Soul Transfers from Body to Body
[ Editor's Note: The first week of March 1991, I received a brown, legal-sized envelope by Certified Mail postmarked February 28, 1991, from Porterville, California. The envelope contained an audiocassette, letter and drawings from a woman named Linda Porter then 45-years-old, having been born in 1946.

The incidents and drawings from her life time of interaction with non-humans is detailed in my book, Glimpses of Other Realities, Vol. II: High Strangeness - see Earthfiles Shop. One of Linda's experiences relates directly to Chapter 8 from In League With A UFO © 1997 by Lou Baldin.

Linda Porter: “I was shown at some time a room with very tall, clear tube-like containers or cylinders on a raised platform, which seemed to be at the center of the room. Inside these tubes - standing upright, naked and appearing to be asleep - were humans, or at least they looked human to me. They looked like they were in some kind of suspended animation.

“I don't think they were dead because their color was too good. They were floating in what appeared to be a purple gas. It was very thick and hard to see through, but it swirled around so much that you could see the people as it moved. I was never told anything, at least that I remember. It was just like I was taken into the room, showed them, and then brought back out, and that was it. I don't remember asking questions, and I don't remember the non-humans saying anything.


Linda Porter said she was taken by a “grey-skinned scientist” to a room
where three people were in tubes. She felt the people were alive, but in a state of suspended animation and that the man on far right in tubes was a younger clone she later saw activated by a “soul transfer” from his older body that died nearby. Drawing by Linda Porter for Howe © 1991.

“There was a praying mantis being and light-filled room. I remember the being slowly coming around the corner and facing me. He stood very still and simply waited, as if he knew how frightening he appeared to me. Eventually he began to talk to me, although as yet, I do not have any memory of what was said. He seemed to possess a great deal of dignity and gave the impression of being quite old.

“After he finished saying whatever he had to say, I turned around and he walked me to this room (filled with dense light). The memory ends with me about to enter the room and the thought, ‘Translated into the Light.’ Whatever that means, it has to do with what happened.”


Linda Porter's drawing of praying mantis being and light-filled room
she remembered from a 1963 abduction experience in Covina, California,
when Linda was 17-years-old. She thought what happened in the light-filled room was connected to her later "soul transfer" into a healthier clone
of her body. Drawing by Linda Porter for Howe © 1991.

"I was taken abaord the craft that all of this occurred on. Even though it began with the praying mantis type, the alien who was actually with me through all this was whitish, about five feet tall (maybe a little taller), and had huge eyes with black pupils.

“I was taken into the ‘room of light’ and shown a man about 46-years-old who was very close to death. He was lying in a rectangular container.
“I do not remember the mechanics of how this was done, but his soul was then lifted up out of his dying body! It left the body in the area of the solar plexus (abdomen). It was about two and one--half feet long, five inches wide and was a breathtakingly beautiful, soft, iridescent yellow with a white, glowing inner core that radiated a very gentle heat. There was a pastel orange layer around the yellow.

“The soul floated across the room to another body taken from one of the tubes. The tube body looked like the man would have appeared at about 25 years of age. The new body appeared empty. I don't know any other way to describe it - like an empty container. The 'old body' was now bluish in color and obviously dead.


Linda Porter's depiction of dying man's bright “soul light” lifting out of his body, floating to younger cloned version of the man now in suspended animation outside the tube, descending through top of clone's head and settling into solar plexus. Drawing by Linda Porter for Howe © 1991. X-Files

posted on Jan, 9 2010 @ 03:19 PM
reply to post by karl 12

Great thread Karl, I have been meaning to reply to this for a while, but been busy with the holidays and all. EXCELLENT compilation here, some of these cases I was not aware of, there are truly multiple astounding cases out there, worldwide. IMHO, just by probability alone, with all these cases and reports at least some nearly have to be true IMO.

I noticed earlier in the thread you mentioned the Gundiah-Mackay abduction in Australia. Although there is limited reports on descriptions of the entities this thread on the incident may be helpful:

Abduction In Australia| The Controversial Gundiah-Mackay Abduction Incident

Nice work as usual my friend... S/F...

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posted on Jan, 10 2010 @ 11:40 AM

Originally posted by jkrog08
Great thread Karl, I have been meaning to reply to this for a while, but been busy with the holidays and all. EXCELLENT compilation here, some of these cases I was not aware of, there are truly multiple astounding cases out there, worldwide. IMHO, just by probability alone, with all these cases and reports at least some nearly have to be true IMO.

Jkrog, I think you've raised an important point there - many of these CE3 cases probably go unreported due to the ridicule factor but there are some incidents which are very compelling indeed - particularly when they involve aspects like ground trace evidence,electromagnetic effects or multiple (and separately located) witnesses.

The UFO Occupant accounts listed on this thread are probably just the tip of the iceberg but even if just one of the reports is not delusion or hoax then its something which needs to be looked at very seriously.


Another report from Texas:

Woman Has Close Encounter With Entity With Red Eyes - December 16, 2006, Crosby, Texas

It was Saturday, December 16, 2006. I left my cousin's Christmas party at 10 pm. She lives a few miles down the road and it takes roughly 15 to 20 minutes to get to the stables from her house..

It was standing at the edge of the trees (which line both sides of the road) about 7 feet away from the car on the drivers side. Using the height of my car, it was about 6 feet tall, completely black except for the eyes. It was very skinny and had 1 thumb and 2 finger-like appendages. Although I never seen it move, it was facing me the whole time as I passed it. As far as its head, it was wide at the top and very narrow at the bottom (or chin).

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posted on Jan, 10 2010 @ 11:51 AM
Here is an excerpt from a thread, it discusses the three main types of postulated Greys, as well a few other reported alien creatures. Figured it may be helpful.


Type A Greys

This is the most common type. They are about four to four and a half foot tall, with large heads and wraparound eyes, a slit mouth and no visible nose.
In spite of the apparent physical similarities, the group of Type A Greys actually consists of several different species of Greys, that aren't necessarily related, and that come from different parts of our Galaxy. The Zetas, e.g., come from the Reticulum constellation, and are believed to be of a humanoid descent, whereas other races, e.g. those coming from Draco, Orion and Ursa Major, are believed to be reptilian species.

These are the most commonly reported Greys and many think they are the 'worker and scientist' class.Some think they are clones(some think all Greys are) or bio-mechanical drones.
Type B Greys

Quite often the greys of Type A and Type C are accompanied by one or more greys of Type B: the Tall Greys. The Type B greys look very similar to the Type A greys, but they are a lot taller. Often abductees refer to these Tall Greys as 'the doctor,' because they seems to be in charge of the medical procedures taking place during the abduction event.
Two separate types of Tall Greys are known:
B1) the 'large nosed' tall greys, or the "Eban." They are 6 to 9 feet tall and are believed to come from the Betelgeuse system in the Orion Constellation.
B2) the common tall greys: They are 6-7 feet tall, and are basically taller versions of type A or C, even though sometimes they are said to have reproductive organs. They also seem to have something that resembles a (small) nose. They are believed to come from the same constellations as the Type A and C greys.

These Greys are commonly thought to be the 'leaders' of the race and are rumored to have been the ones at the treaty signing in California.Some say they have very thin white hair suggesting either a Human-Grey genetic hybrid program or that the Greys(at least the 'talls')are of a human-like evolutionary origin.
Type C Greys

Sometimes people also mention greys of Type C. The Type C greys are the shortest, about three and a half foot tall. They are believed to be the most dangerous of all grey species. They come from Rigel (per J.D. Stone, V. Valerian) and Bellatrix in the Orion constellation, and are saurian / reptilian in nature.

I have heard rumors that these creatures have a 'sulfuric type smell'similar to burnt matches and abductees report that you can smell them before you see them.After I read that I am always paranoid if I smell a burnt match,lol.These are the Greys you see pictures of that commonly have short,stubby,and wrinkly(aged looking) faces.

Other Types

This classification in 3 types is a simplification of the actual situation. V. Valerian has done extensive research in these matters and distinguishes up to 22 different types of greys. Other Grey species that have been encountered too are, e.g.:
- The Orange (see: 'Orange, The')
- The Bellatrix mercenaries: a genetic hybrid race between reptilian greys and insectoids, engineered solely for war-faring purposes.
Several sources also mention all kind of hybrid humanoid/Grey races. (See, e.g., 'Essassani').
It should be noted that not all authors are convinced that all Greys are extra-terrestrials. John Mack, Jacques Vallee, Withley Strieber and Graham Hancock, e.g., point at the similarities between the abduction realm and the realms of the fairies and the spirit world that shamans visit. They suggest that greys may be part of a parallel realm or another dimension that has always existed and that always had interaction with our reality.
It should also be noted that it is perfectly possible that if such realm exists, that extra-terrestrials might use it to travel to Earth. This indeed is what Shamans all over the world claim. Shamans in Latin America and sangomas in Africa even make a clear distinction between the inhabitants of the other realm, and the aliens that use that realm to come and visit us.
Last but not least: a) remote viewers who tried to discover where the greys are coming from mention that they are coming from three different time eras, i.e. that most of them are coming from different times in the future.
b) some authors believe Greys are not aliens but future humans or future humanoids.
c) some sources mention a "cyborg" type of grey: a small grey that seems to be partly biological (and presumably cloned) and partly mechanical. The remains of some of these would have been found at crash sites.
copyright © 1996-2008 Manuel Lamiroy

The Orange
(Sorry I had another,better picture but lost it so this will have to do)

At least two, probably three, alien races have been called "The Orange".
1. The Orange would be a reptilian or a hybrid reptilian species. Some think they may be a hybrid sub-species of the greys. One whistleblower, though, claims to have seen documents that state that the Orange are the ones that created the smaller Greys.
The Branton material: "They are said to be "based below the west slope of Mt. Archuleta near 'the Diamond'. Some suggest that the 'Orange' are a so-called 'hybrid' race with PARTIAL reptilian-like features yet possessing human-like reproductive organs and even certain artificial or cybernetic features. It is possible that the 'Orange' consist of hu-brids and re-brids in that some or most of them may possess a human soul- matrix and therefore may be 'human', although information on the 'Orange' is presently sketchy. They have also been described as being involved in the scenarios taking place in the tunnels below the Nevada Military Complex as well. William Cooper briefly mentioned the 'Orange' based on memories of top secret documents he had read while in Navy Intelligence: (...)"
Note that other sources, too, confirm the existence of bases with Orange residents.
The Branton material adds that "The 'Orange' -- which sources seem to indicate 'may' actually be a double term used to describe two different types of entities, a reptilian hominoid group with scaly orange skin and a more human-like group with 'red' hair -- may have established themselves in Orion or Barnard's Star."
Other sources, too, locate this reptilian "Orange" race in the Orion system (and confirm that they are related to the Greys). One source, however ("Matthew") says these reptilian hybrid "orange" are from Sirius. (?)
Also note that the alien pictured on Whitley Strieber's Communion looks like an "Orange."
2. As indicated in The Branton material, the "Orange" is also used for a race of "red haired humans" that would come from Barnard's star. It's not clear whether this would be a separate race, or whether these are the same as the Lyran Redheads, mentioned below.

3. The Lyran Redheads are one of the many races that originated in the Lyran constellation.
Lyssa Royal: "Their hair was red to strawberry blonde in color. The skin tone very, very fair; these entities had a difficulty exposing their skin to certain frequencies of natural light, due to the planet they sprang from. Some of these were also giant in stature, though there were some who were average human size. Eye color was generally light to what you would now consider green, though it is a different quality of green than you see upon your world. These entities were some of the first Lyran pioneers. (Pioneers is a very kind word, for there are many worlds that consider the red-haired ones to be the invaders, marauders and the basic havoc-wreckers of the Lyran genotype)."

A lot of people aren't to familiar with this reported species so I thought I would touch on them as well.

Hybrids of A Human Kind


"A hybrid is anything derived from heterogeneous sources or composed of elements of different or incongruous kinds. The hybrids spoken of in UFO literature are primarily a cross between Earth human and Zeta Reticuli beings. The specific process that is used to create these hybrids has not yet been revealed. It uses not only genetic splicing and cloning, but a form of light plasma engineering technology with which humans are unfamiliar." (PoL)
Known types of hybrids, thus far:
Grey / human
Essassani: Orion Greys and humans
Bellatrix mercenaries: reptilian greys and insect-like beings
hybrid ELs: physical humanoids and non-physical ELs
Orange: according to the Branton material a cross between humanoids and reptilian greys
Procyon: Blonds from Procyon would have cross-bred with earth humans


posted on Jan, 10 2010 @ 11:54 AM
Hybrids are a major part in the Grey saga of Ufology as it is commonly believed that is the Greys true purpose,to combine the best of them and the best of us in order to save their dying race.A large number of abductees report genetic experiments done on them while on board the ship(like sexual implantation,fetus extraction,blood tests,etc).Also it is reported that the Greys have a major genetics laboratory in co-op with dark factions of Earth humans(NWO?) underneath Dulce,New Mexico.For more on the Dulce Base see Brantons Papers.Very,very mind provoking and still highly debated to this day.

Belletrix Mercenaries

Bellatrix (Gamma Orion) is one of the main stars in the constellation of Orion, and lies at a distance of approximately 112 light years. It is seen from the Northern hemisphere on Earth as the right shoulder of the Hunter. This system is the home of dynoid and reptoid civilizations, or, to put it in other words, of lizzies and reptilians. It is also said to be the home of several species of Greys. (Types A, B and C. Type C is apparently only found in the Bellatrix and Rigel systems).
The negative image people sometimes associate with Orion mainly has to do with Bellatrix (which is Latin for 'fighter' or 'warrior'). The lizzie-inhabitants of the Bellatrix system focus upon expansion and colonization. Other keywords to describe its civilization are oppression and control. They have an extremely advanced technology. Stories about abductions and implants as controlling devices that are linked to Orion, nearly always have to do with Bellatrix.
The Branton material mentions "a huge colony of hybrid Reptilian-insectoid mercenaries, the result of Reticulan genetic engineering" in the Bellatrix system. It also mentions a lizard-like race, "snake men," as well as a dinoid civilization.
Bellatrix also functions as a link between the Orion Empire and the Draconian Empire

Here is a 'family' portrat (already posted earlier I think but here it is again


Excerpt taken from: The Three Different Types of Greys

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The type B one looks alot like a zetan actually. The zetans are the most negative of the greys, they are strongly aligned to the controller, the reptilians/annanukis (there are neutral and even positive reptilians and there are greys that though will be pirates and harvest dna are trying to break away from the control and others.).

I don't see that as one of the Orion groups.

I'm more interested in all the different human species in the galaxy, there are so many as well.

Aldebarans are connected to lemuria and Telos, (from my own personal exerience I now know, so I'm not sharing something I'm able to prove more an experential knowing of something and I'm hoping others know something too and can share and thereby flesh it out even more.). The image is of a tall blond man, possibly close to 8 feet tall.

Orion is reported to have the greys and a renegade grouping called the Orion Priesthood, perhaps they are neutral by our standards. But they model a way out of the war from what others have said to me, that human and reptilian species can coexit peacefully. And they gained in becoming a real force in the galaxy.

There are many systems I am interested in.

Now these are instead pics of the annanuki, I think hybrid forms, in any case, that their bloodline came through Sumeria, Ancient Egypt, the 12 tribes of Judah and to the modern illumanati bloodlines and royal families.

the pictures there show the elongated skulls discovered and a remaking of an egyptian royal skull.

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Spacevisitor,thanks for that addition matey -thats one freaky account.

Heres another strange one from Washington:

Campers Have Terrifying Encounter With Unknown Beings

Photo of Campsite Taken at Later Time:

Drawing of One of Beings as Seen Through the Tent:

August 15, 2000 - 14 Miles Northeast of North Bend by Middle Fork of Snoquamie River - Washington.

The witnesses were on a camping trip on the West Slopes of the Cascade Mountains near the Middle Fork of the Snoquamie River. The witnesses were sleeping at the time when the encounter began. The campsite had three tents oriented north to south. At the southern-most tent one of the witnesses woke about 4 am because of sounds (like someone stepping on twigs.) He could see silouettes of beings (humanlike shape with large heads). The beings made a chirping like sound (also described as a sound made by dolphins.) The witness then saw laser lights project through the tent. He thought this strange because lasers won't generally go through both sides of a tent. One of the beings poked a finger into the tent (from the outside of the tent). The witness became frightened and hit the finger with the back of his hand. The witness then woke on of the other witness in the tent. (Three witnesses were staying in the south-most tent.) The third witness staying in the south-most tent did not awaken. The witness that had been woken up had a pistol and took his pistol and flashlight outside to see what was happening. Nothing was found and a complete search was made of the campground. The witnesses stayed up for awhile and built a campfire. After sometime (exact time not known) they returned to bed. In a only a minute or two the beings returned. One of the witnesses remembers grabbing his pistol, but the next thing that they both remember is awakening about 5 hours later (at around 9 am). They both arose not remembering anything more. One of the other campers in the north-most tent asked them if they saw the lights the night before. (He remembered seeing laser type lights and bright white lights.) Both of the witnesses then became quite terrified and remembered their encounters during the night, but were mystified in why they couldn't recall anything after the second encounter.


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Very interesting account. It has always been interesting to me that A LOT of UFO incidents seem to come from mountainous areas in the American West, or other areas of the world. Here is a great thread by Skyfloating about some strange beings encountered for many centuries in the Untersberg mountain area:

  • Untersberg: The Mystery Mountain

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