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The real true history of Man

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posted on Nov, 10 2009 @ 07:42 PM
"In those days, when the children of man had multiplied, it happened that there were born unto them handsome and beautiful daughters. And the angels, the children of heaven , saw them and desired them; and they said to one another, 'Come, let us choose wives for ourselves from among the daughters of man and beget us children.' And Semyaz, being their leader, said unto them,'I fear that perhaps you will not consent that this deed should be done, and I alone will become (responsible) for this great sin.' But they all responded to him, 'Let us all swear an oath and bind everyone among us by a curse not to abandon this suggestion but to do the deed.' Then they all swore together and bound one another by (the curse) And they were altogether two hundred;" - 1 Enoch 6:1-7

"they took wives unto themselves, and everyone (respectively) chose one woman for himself, and they began to go unto them. And they taught them magical medicine, incantations, the cutting of roots, and taught them (about) plants. And the women became pregnant and gave birth to great giants whose heights were three hundred cubits. These (giants) consumed the produce of all the people until the people detested feeding them. So the giants turned against (the people) in order to eat them." - 1 Enoch 7:1-5

The Angels then taught women charms, enchantments, the cutting of roots, and the knowledge of plants. They taught men how to make various weapons and armor, and also arts and sciences. These acts led to an increase in lawlessness and warfare. The men of earth then cried out to heaven, and the 4 archangels (Michael, Uriel, Raphael, and Gabriel) cried out to God. In response, God sent Uriel to warn Noah that there would soon be a flood that would destroy the wickedness on earth.

Raphael was commanded to bind Azazel hand and foot, and to cast him into the a hole in the desert (Duda'el) that the Lord had made. Raphael threw rugged and sharp rocks and covered Azazel's face so that he would not see light. Michael was commanded to bound Semyaza and his associates in the valleys of the earth. They will remain there until the day of judgment when he will be cast into the fire.

The Bible speaks of these Fallen ones in many books not just one. The Fallen ones are told of by the Sumerians, They called them Gods.

THIS perplexing question may just be answered due to deciphering skills of Zecharia Sitchin , a linguist in command of many ancient languages who has set the scientific world on its ear with his astounding interpretations of ancient Sumerian writings. In 1976, Sitchin's first book, The Twelfth Planet , began an odyssey that has literally transformed the field of ancient history; in 1993 came the sixth book in his Earth Chronicle series, When Time Began. Among other mind boggling assertions, this book links the complex calendar of Stonehenge and the puzzling ruins of Tiahuanacu in Peru to the ancient culture of the Sumerians, and by extension, to the Nibiruans, who are also called the Anunnaki (Those who came from heaven to earth) . These are the folks Sitchin and many others now insist not only created the Sumerian culture, but who also genetically created human beings (Homo Sapiens) as we know them by splicing their DNA with anthropoid ape-woman. And yes, they live on this mysterious 12th planet, Nibiru . (Theorized today as "Planet X")

TO DATE, Sitchin has deciphered more then 2,000 clay cylinders from that ancient land on the Persian Gulf that existed some 6,000 years ago. Some of these fragments, which date to 4,000 B.C., are in museums around the world. One fragment in particular, presently in Germany, indicates that Earth is the "seventh planet", counting in from Pluto. The time frame here is four millennia before modern astronomy confirmed the existence of Pluto as an actual planet in our solar system! So how did an ancient race of people know this fact? Sitchin says it is because these ancient people did not come from Earth, but from Nibiru . Profound family squabbles eventually caused the Nibiruans to abandon planet Earth, leaving human beings to fend for themselves. These early humans would never possess the ability to travel among the stars like their creators, nor would they possess the immortality of their creators. Eons later, however, we humans finally have sent an intelligently designed satellite probe beyond the confines of our solar system. Are we repeating our past? This is but one of the perplexing questions Sitchin investigates in the Earth Chronicles. Not only an eminent archaeologist, Sitchin is also a formidable analyst of ancient cultures, in fact, perhaps the best and most acknowledged ever. (He's even had meetings at the Vatican due to thier "Extreme" interest in his research)

The reason Sitchin was motivated to learn to read cuneiform tablets was his initial curiosity as a boy concerning the meaning of "Nefilim", an enigmatic group mentioned in the Old Testament. Translated, "Nefilim" means "those who came down." "Came down from where" is the starting point that makes the Earth Chronicles better reading than any Sherlock Holmes mystery. In order to unlock the mystery, Sitchin takes on a journey all around the world to ancient cities and former civilizations.

So there is the proof in the pudding!! God created us. The Watchers who are suppose to watch over us, Two hundred of them came to earth and mated with our beautiful women, taught us science that will lead to our own demise and created Crazy Giants that tried to kill all us humans. God wiped out the giants with the Great Flood, Tossed the 200 Watchers in hell but the science survived.

Need more proof?

Azazel was one of the 200 watchers (or Igigi) sent to Mount Hermon (also called Sion), that fell madly in lust for fair human women in the days of Jared. This is told of in Genesis 6:2-9; the books of Enoch; the book of Jasher; and the book of Jubilees. Enoch says they appeared almost like 'white men' of various size. Their offspring were the Nephilim (Titans or giants). Azazel mainly but also with his friends taught their new wives and enormous offspring sorcery, astrology, weather, and lots of very highly classified information from Heaven (like merkabahs, mind control spells,etc). Think of it a minute. A pure antediluvian race from Adam living up to 300-900 years old each(Genesis 5) just learning how their world around them worked, but on top of that the watchers gave their Titanic children enough technology and power to control the entire original supercontinent called Pangaea. In fact, they did. This combination had in almost no time created a Golden Age (for the Aristocrats and a nightmare for the lower class) - a mixture of technology and spirituality this planet hasn't seen again to this day. They built the crystal skulls, Stonehenge, and all the pyramids from South America through Bosnia to China. The watchers were punished immediately as told of in 2 Peter 2:4, Jude 6, and the books of Enoch. The devouring Nephilims and others were destroyed later in the Great Flood where they tried to climb mountains and hover over the water until the merkabahs (actually a bit less glorious version called a Vimana) eventually crashed into the sea.

But it was said some found safe refuge in a secret place of the Earth. This is how some of the giant line still survived down to men like the sons of Anak (Annunaki), the Rephaim, Zuzummim, Goliath from Gath, and King Og of Bashan not to mention some of the technology that wasn't lost for good (supposely) until tyrant King Nimrod (Sargon or Enmerkar) rebelled with his Tower of Babel in Eridu. It was going to be so high he boasted no flood would ever reach him and their heavenly wonder-toys again. Needless to say, God destroyed the Tower, confused all speech, divided Pangea, and scattered all the people in the time of Peleg whose name meant "divided". So bye! bye! Atlantis, Lemuria, Mu, and Ultima Thule (Hyperborea).

Now a few millennia later come the Nazis with their "knowledge"of their white Aryan ancestry. Using the occult black arts to conjure demons, their father satan, and using the gorgeous but evil withces of the Vril Society as mediums to contact the imprisoned watchers to find out where the antediluvian technology was hidden... Tibet? Tunnels in the Andes?? Bolivia??? Even a strange void in Anarctica?!?! So the Nazis built Base 211 down there. America had Admiral Byrd fly to the North Pole and sure enough he found Job's 'empty place' in the North (Job 26:7) and their own stash of antediluvian goods.

The Germans engineered the Nazi Bell prototype, then a real vimana- the Haunebu model, followed by another- the Vril model. They were seen during WW2 and were called foo fighters or wonderweapons. At the end of the war, America formed Operation Paperclip and tried to get as many of the German scientists and occultists before the Soviets could. They then sent Phil Schnieder and the boys behind the 'green door' to dig up the watchers from gloomy Tartarus just like the prophet foresaw (Amos 9:2) followed by digging DUMBs (deep underground military bases) to carry on experiments with the rediscovered hightech artifacts with watcher help of course. After being toasted, they now appear as tall grays, short grays, and orangish grays that all wreak of sulfur!

I just had to post this because it was so good!!

Courtesy of by The Shïƒt

posted on Nov, 10 2009 @ 08:16 PM
Interesting read. It has always interested me how ufology and ancient scriptures could coexist.

"And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken." Luke 21;25,26

Link from HERE. The Author is Chuck Missler. He is a Christian thinker and I thought his articles rang well with the rest of the content.

Perhaps the most well-known researcher in this area is Dr. John E. Mack, who is professor of psychiatry at The Cambridge Hospital, Harvard Medical School. A contributor to over 150 articles in professional (peer-reviewed) journals and a former Pulitzer Prize winner, he certainly appears to have impressive credentials. He has been involved in almost a hundred of these cases personally, and has shocked the professional community by declaring that he believes these beings may be real and that they appear to have an agenda to develop a hybrid race!

The strangest connection the Bible and other ancient texts have with modern ufology is that fact that the Bible says on numerous occasions, that these nephilim will return.

posted on Nov, 10 2009 @ 09:26 PM
reply to post by Sky watcher

Pangea the super continent was 250 million years ago, and your skipping from that time to Noah to a few thousand years ago doesn't make any sense. I do follow you that the Gods where most likely aliens that made man from the splicing from a human female primate. But if you could clarify the time line from Pangea and then Noah would help. I think this story doesn't go that far back. I think that it goes back maybe maybe as far as we humans started to look like present day humans sans hair. There's a man named Lloyd Pye that you should check on on youtube. He has a collection of videos on their that follows what your saying and he got me really thinking about how humans came into being. He focused mainly on the primate issue and such. His website is:

It will really get you thinking once you see his youtube videos about human creation.

posted on Nov, 10 2009 @ 11:55 PM
reply to post by Sky watcher

this was posted earlier you might find it interesting, another piece to the puzzle ... others have also claimed they will return.

old gods stir ATS

what interests me is that these events have been talked about in numerous sources and make it as if all has been decided already. that is why i do not worry. i have no influence over the events of the world, but i do have influence over the events that go on in my world and there i can do my best to make it a better place.

posted on Nov, 11 2009 @ 12:03 AM
reply to post by hoghead cheese

this coincides with the OP and yourslef i believe the source to be a translation by Sitchin

Book of Enki

and here's another

Our Forgotten History

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posted on Nov, 15 2009 @ 06:52 PM

Originally posted by DINSTAAR
Interesting read. It has always interested me how ufology and ancient scriptures could coexist.

The strangest connection the Bible and other ancient texts have with modern ufology is that fact that the Bible says on numerous occasions, that these nephilim will return.

I have since learned some more info, Zecharia Sitchin is wrong and not a real expert in reading ancient text or interpreting them.

Elohim in the book of Enoch are truly Fallen Angels and the Nephilim are their offspring, the giants who wrecked earth. Sumerians called them Anunnaki gods because thats what Elohim are gods

Sitchin assumes "Nephilim" comes from the Hebrew word "naphal" (as opposed to ARAMAIC - see below) which usually means "to fall." He then forces the meaning "to come down" onto the word, creating his "to come down from above" translation. "Nephilim" - in the form we find it in the Hebrew Bible - COULD come from Hebrew "naphal," but it could ONLY be translated one way in light of the spelling - "those who are fallen" (i.e., either "fallen in battle" - which is out of the question given the context of Genesis 6 - or "spiritually fallen" / evil - which fits the context IF the sons of God are evil). To see that the sons of God in Genesis 6 were evil divine beings and this cohabitation was evil, one needs only to turn to either Jude 6-7 and II Peter 2:4-6, or the Book of Enoch.

The scholarly reasons for my assertion are demonstrated in the PDF file on the Nephilim. In short, if you care about the grammar of Hebrew, Sitchin's word meanings CAN'T be correct.

The best reading I have seen on the subject. Sitchin ignores known bible word translation. The Bible is right, fallen angels interfered with us humans and created giants who nearly wiped us out.

The point here is brief. Note two obvious facts from the plain English:

(1) The people are not building the shem; they are building “a city and a tower” (verse 4). The Hebrew words here are not shem in either case, they are ‘ir (“city”; pronounced ghir) and migdal (“tower”). The word shem comes later in the verse, and is the purpose for building the city and tower – to make a great name for themselves, just what the Akkadian word shumu means!

(2) The tower is being built with brick and mortar (verse 3) – what rocket ships are made of bricks and mortar?

Again, Mr. Sitchin’s supporters could claim some sort of Christian or Jewish conspiracy to obscure the construction of a rocket ship. If so, then the Sumerians themselves started the cover-up (leaving only Mr. Sitchin correct). Here’s their version, from Enuma Elish (Tablet VI: lines 59-64):

The Anunnaki set to with hoes

(Unusual tools for rocket-building!)

One full year they made its bricks

(A rocket made of bricks! Sounds like a building to me)

There is no evidence that Niburu exsist as a planet at all and as far as I can find it may be Wormwood because Niburu is described in ancient Astrolobe as a star that is dim, A Brown Dwarf star just like Wormwood.

The ancient meaning for Niburu is a crossing, the crossing from heaven to earth. Heaven comes to us after Wormwood nearly wipes us out so maybe that is the connection.

posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 02:14 AM
reply to post by Sky watcher

I love what you are writing about here because therein is the implication that our world has deliberately been hidden from us, andd the real truth regarding our origins and everything henceforth. It is wonderful and I wish you would write more.

posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 02:17 PM
The story (claims paragraph) is interesting but the only true history of the human race is found in the Ming-Lou-Cho chorincles , please conulstei mi sig fore morri informati

All other people posting "true" histories of your human race are liars, hoaxers, skeptic agents and nWo disinfo agents

posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 02:41 PM
True history of mankind?

Let’s say we subscribe to Sitchen’s beliefs or hypothesis. It would mean:-

1. Mankind had been created with a purpose solely for resources.

2. The differences for races may be accounted for such, as based on confounded anthropological studies due to shortage of evidence:-

a. Mongoliods:- miners, due to their short statures and small focusing eyes, suitable for underground work.

b. African blacks – farmers/tillers of the land for agricultural purposes, and given dark pigmentation to protect their bodies from the exposure of the sun.

c. Aryans – closest likeness to the Nephlim, to serve as house servants so as not to be too much of a disruption to their lifestyles.

I based such profiling upon the unscientific but racist colonizing history mankind in Asia. Very often, the indigenous people that could assimilate closest to the colonials were the house servants, the differing migrants were put to work in the fields or mines.

For example, in Indonesia, Malaysia, or Indochina, where there were a mix of Asians, made up of migrant Chinese and Indians, and indigenous Malays, invariably, the malays served the colonial masters in their abodes, the migrant Chinese and Indians in the fields,

3. Once the Nephlim left Planet Earth, either due to disgust or they had their fill of resources, the Mongoliods, Africans and Aryans were left to their own devices.

They intermingled and form societies on their own, in poor replications of the Nephlim, but eventually evolved over time to rule Earth in different mingled ethnic groups to the present.

Again, I must add my hypothesis is based upon the colonization history of mankind in Asia by Europe. Once the French or the British left, the ethnic groups intermingled and based their societies upon the foundations left by the colonizers.

History had been repeated. In a famous biblical quote, “In His likeness and image, man was created.” So too had perceptions and systems been replicated.

I leave you to ponder, as food for thought, on my hypothesis of the true history of man, as a contribution for discussion.

( Hitler would have me shot if he was alive today and realized that the Aryan superiority came from the roots of house servants!)

posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 03:13 PM
reply to post by Sky watcher

"And the women became pregnant and gave birth to great giants whose heights were three hundred cubits" 1 cubit = 45.72 centimeters which means the full grown offspring was 137 meters tall. That is impressive indeed !

posted on Feb, 25 2010 @ 04:07 PM
The most important conclusion that, in my opinion, can be drawn from Sitchin's translations is that the Anunnaki are not gods, but people who exploited their inferior creations for their own benefit. They might actually have been renegades of their own society, hence their description as "Fallen". Perhaps they were finally dragged back to Nibiru to answer for their crimes, and now the rest of their kind are content to leave us along until we come to them.

posted on Feb, 26 2010 @ 10:08 AM
This is my most enjoyed theory to discuss, even though I believe it is more than a theory; I take it as the truth...

When you take religio out of the bible, you can start to clearly see that the bible is a book of extra-terrestrial creation ( of mankind), encounters, and describes motherships, space travel and DNA cloning. Sitchin is right.

The Egyptians put so much 'evidence' in their hyroglyphics: they drew spaceships, images of the 'gods (who were the Anunnaki, a tall dark skinned race that came from Nibiru), and they also drew accurate pictures of our solar system!!!!!

I could go on for hours, but this is enough for now...

Star and Flag!!!

posted on Feb, 26 2010 @ 11:06 AM
Have you ever read the Terra Papers??? The Hopi-Indian's creation story coincides quite nicely to Sitchin's Sumerian version. It filled in a lot of gaps for me. Very much a worthwhile read...

The Terra Papers

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