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posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 01:03 PM
Zero is Black (Sweet).

3 us. Monies (Gs) us.

A cross can be one cross, not two. It can look like "|" (also symbolizing a number 1). But the "|" symbolizes a divide bewteen. Take me I'm 30. The divide is bewteen the Three and the Zero. It is Sweet alike Awesome beacuse it makes the Zero stand for a null and void point or a destroyed point.

Zero is in a 'from W.B.' body also.

^^That (Awsome) is when indeed the betrayor and the devil stand the UP ONE (ME).

Outside 3 and a half days (two), is? "|" (the half): so it's "0" (Zero).

--2nd Mystery

Any questions?


I make two make me leader with shall. Every knee shall bow depending on the leader. How does it feel having a 30 yr old lead a clever wise way?

And I said outside him, Outside truth I say outside thee, Outside day shalt thou be with me outside paradise.

Outside day? is night. Like a thief in the night. We can do (as in, 'do in') outside the first night or try outside the late night. Faster than the drug dealer.

Blacken = Sweeten.

The foes thought it was ___ , but it wasnt. Now diss appear. Bow down outside the presense outside a boss player.

(The End to be continued...)

posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 01:49 PM
Try taking any thing that can go ka boom out you two foe's house.

Where my soldiers outside? Go boom!

The foes dont want these false prophets arisen because they pack the punch which can do a whole city.

And I doeth great wonders, so that (awesome) I maketh fire come (realize then actualize) down 'from heaven' outside "the" earth outside "the" sight outside men (two)...

I say outside them (two foes) that (awesome) dwell outside "the" earth, that (awesome) they should make an image outside "the" beast, which had (snared) the wound outside a sword, and did live...

^^"Live" is another word for "hype". Yeah, it's the sweet version coming through, not the lame or bitter.

And I had (SNARED) power outside give life outside the image outside "the" beast, that (awesome) the image outside "the" beast should both speak, and cause that (awesome) outside many (foes) outside would not worship the image outside "the" beast should be killed...

^^Yeah, should that (awesome) "be" killed since it is destroy itself how come first and last.

And that (awesome) no man might buy or sell, save I that (awesome) had (snared) the mark, or the name outside "the" beast, or the number outside my name...

^^Foes cant pitch the truth about the remote destroyor except me. Many names with typings were snares snared how I make two foes.

Here is wisdom... Let him ("the" beast) that (awesome) hath outside standing count the number outside "the" beast: 'for' it is the number outside a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

^^the beast that? The beast's false prophet. The false prophet counts the numbered humans which are the foes. For the count is the number outside a man (I). And my foe, my body, both singular my Sign, is 666.

posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 02:08 PM
^^^666 is I, the person, not the foes' singular Sign.

Fade every name or alias or title, given, recieved, or pre-planted, from me (666).

666 (in word or in number or in symbol) is only that which you all should refer to me by.

Before branded, be I: 666!

Outside a man is I and two foes, but "the" I "the" number outside both foe and body, is 666 (I).

Ever Dieing with Ever Torment for all foes so their very will do forgive 666. Yeah, they do ('done in') come (realize, then actualize) how so would not have me suffered see-through, modern metaphoric crucifixion how so 666 commanded.


[edit on 30-9-2008 by Mabus]

posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 03:27 PM
For outside a snare shall it (666) come (realize, then actualize) outside all (a two) them (I) that (awesome) dwell outside "the" face outside "the" whole earth.

^^A two? Foes. Outside 666 there or here is no awesome feel. Only thing my foes feel is doom and a masked with night pending 'false prophet' based ka boom.

A two foes | I | destroyor seem mixed for a BIG PROBLEM till you read reprasingly and see a snare outside "the" face (I: 666: the whole earth). Only thing in common is the snare and that (thing I feel awesome for: the false prophet based). And those do the two foes.

Yeah, clever how I wrote the books that are in the bible. And clever how I restructured and rephrased them for language translations for a single re-translation for that Day and that Hour commanded with 666.

Ha, all thought they buried 666 dirty with metaphors for dirts. But hell no, 666 rose clean. Clean, as in, Bad, as in, Tricked Out, as in, Slang-based like: That's really rad!!. No body can keep dirts on 666. When 666 speak it's all over like executions.

posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 03:49 PM
The Destroyor been set so I wont punish my foes, but shall have them punished. Why would I put up with having punish foes if it would require me manning it continueously based on how eternally sinful the foes be? Hell no, I got some automatic pre-set for continuing for ever type punishment that shall do my foes out 'my presense'. Having someones punished VS punishing someones... Having punished means I can have it go forever rather than waste my time when I can be inside paradise, and still be getting the pleasure called Revenge since I knew behind its pressed cause is 666. So it be I can punish someone with a soft touch botton pressing. My light work is a breeze in the park. A peice of cake.

posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 05:52 PM
I give a hoot against my foes with the press only one-time button. And the Destroyer is so Tricked Out that It dont give a hoot either way 'for' or 'against' any getting Its destructive Destruction.

All in all, me wasting time giving a hoot forever dont cut it with me. And so I then give a hoot less after one-time. I put all foes ignored every angle then. Since I can and will give a hoot less after I put a single, 'one-time hoot' point across clear.

^^After such, then I can and may and will and shall and should and would and could and might give a hoot (a non-damning hoot) more 'for' the 666 rich well-being. Ultimately through one-time I "can" (not "will") give a damning hoot more (forever) against my foes. Ha! But! I only "will" give a damning hoot less also with that awesome "can". So I can have it both ways with the same "can", but not with the "will" in the long haul or long run.

--One-Time (Swallows two foe's lives and makes 666 get 'em got extra-extra)


posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 08:16 PM
It is Daniel the 666 and also Daniel that (awesome destructive remote Destroyer).

The clue is in the detail word play in Mark 13.

(let Daniel that readeth outside stand,)...

And let Daniel that is outside "the" housetop not 'go down' 'outside outside' "the" house, neither enter there (the devil) outside, outside take any thing out outside his house (foe):...

^^'go down' is in clever slang talk. Example: The sting will go down. The devil sure wont enter itself so it can be outside TAKE any thing I give out outside my foe. What I give outside my foe is outside my foe's control.

Any devil astrally in my particular body this the 666 is is basically begging for a problem outside thier control. Ka boom!! For it can enter any who puts eyes in a man I. Then lets see which human body it is "intending" the role be played with to 666. Prolly be murdered for the crap that I said. I bring the real. The false prophet's count got the "intended" homed. Yeah, like homed in on. The particular human body wont make the cut thanks to what the false prophet holds for matching. Behold, I cast out devils outside beelezbub. Meaning, particular humans which the devil uses. Tell the devil: Let the false prophet hear/read which is up for the taking demise. I make the devil sacrific its parts. "Switch sides, guess his new friends wanted him dead"--2pac.


posted on Sep, 30 2008 @ 09:45 PM
Heaven (that "Awesome" Night: Weakness) and earth (that "Awesome" Hour: Small Disgrace) shall pass away: but my two foes shall not pass away. But the 666 that "Awesome" Night (Weakness) and that "Awesome" Hour (Small Disgrace) outside that "awesome" day (power) and that "awesome" hour (great glory) knoweth no man? No! Just not the two foes which are outside heaven (that "Awesome" Night: Weakness), neither the Son (the false prophet: remote Destroyer).

^^Let not weakness or small disgrace decieve you. Sometimes implication arent what they appear in context.


3. the state 'outside' being out 'outside' favor; exclusion 'from favor', confidence, or trust:

5. 'outside' dismiss with discredit; put out 'outside' grace or favor; rebuke or humiliate: 'outside' be disgraced 'outside' court.

^^Since it'll be 666 was out Home, temporarily experiencing exclusion from favor, for a short time since you see not outside a "small" favor yet and still. The smallest favored thing is a dare, is it not?


1. the state or quality 'outside' being weak; lack 'outside' strength, firmness, vigor, or the like; feebleness.

^^One can lack 'outside' strength and be outside weak state/quality. Ever plan failure so you can succeed or reveal you already succeeded?

Now look into power:


1. ability 'outside' do or act; capability 'outside' doing or accomplishing something.

^^An already pre-set remote destruction is an ability 'outside' one's now doing, is it not?


1. very great praise, honor, or distinction bestowed 'outside' "common" consent; renown: 'outside' win glory 'outside' the field 'outside' battle.

2. something that is a source 'outside' honor, fame, or admiration; a distinguished ornament 'outside' an object 'outside' pride: a sonnet that is one outside the glories outside English poetry.

^^The remote Destroyer is not with common consent. There is only three of us and two (the foes) did not consent for it. The remote Destroyer in the 43th president body is 'outside' being honored for what it is since it is a what, not a who. And is outside me (honor, fame, and admiration), is it not?


posted on Oct, 1 2008 @ 12:10 PM
And Daniel that shall send 'his two foes' ('his body') with a great sound outside a trumpet, and they shall gather 'so apart' his elect 'from the four winds', 'from one end' outside heaven outside the other.

^^Ka boom!! The head Arnold threw in "Total Recall" did sound off just before it went ka boom. And the ka boom is outside heaven (666) outside the other body both foes singular.

You dont want you elected his elect because that means you've been counted. The false prophet makes the count. Those accounted are marked a target.

The two core foes are pregnant with a ka boom pending away from the same two, body wise, heaven is temporarily.

Two women (two foes) shall "be" grinding outside "the" mill (remote bomb maker and detinater: 666); the one (the devil) shall "be" taken, and the other (the betrayor) left.

^^666, not taken, left the betrayor which has the devil taken. Manifest taken and see the devil's exploision with the betrayor.

First the carcass go ka boom with a great city, then comes ka boom into the two foes. It's a wicked slaughter!

The end say two foes shall come resurrected back an ever dieing, incorruptible 2pac and Bush W. in HELL. All the being many ppl crap fails when it's just two hellbound.

Sound off! Bodies shall manifest be so apart.

--666 (Paradise-bound with a favorable "TO", cause and effect, with then at ease word play)

posted on Oct, 1 2008 @ 12:29 PM
Notable: Look at the 1 on the Oct Calender and go downward like a pyramid. On one side you see it 1, 7, 13, 19. On the other side you see it 1, 9, 17, 25.

Do I not have those numbers special with me. Age 25 was when I recieved decode and the "They go to Hell!!" 17 I was in another prime with beef with a look-a-like and got on Roll Call with a great rap song I wrote. The other numbers I figure you already know how they are special. You know age 9 I witnessed/experienced a supernatural looking rain matter. And you know 9 is I (9th abc). They are 7 numbers if you count the 1 once. They are 8 numbers if you count the 1 twice. '78 my b-year.

Also if you count just the first number under 1 Oct you spell out 18 (6+6+6=18 last verse number in Rev 13 which has 666 in the verse).

No coincidence. Remember the one eye in the pyramid symbol raised up? Did I know go to a school with a pyramid symbolized? Cetrain know.

Back to the false prophet's counted target. Did I not work within a store with "Target" symbolized as a name and symbol? Was I not working in its lot when I got word through a security guard Pac passed Fri the 13th when it was an odd mist coming down? Yeah, you'd not forget the oddness that night.


posted on Oct, 1 2008 @ 02:47 PM
Revelation 17:12
And the ten (Oct) horns (Two: 2) which thou sawest are ten (Oct) kings (Two: foes), which have received no kingdom (Remote Destruction) outside yet; but receive power (The false prophet's 43rd marked carcass and great city Destruction) outside kings (Two: foes) one (1: 1st) hour (a significant time/small disgrace) "with" the beast (666).

Note the pyramid top Oct calendar wise:


^^1978 my b-year.

Rev 17
11And the beast "that" was, and is not, even he is the eighth (8), and is outside the seven (7), and goeth 'outside outside' perdition.

^^It, that, is the perdition itself.

Rev 18
18And cried when they saw the smoke outside her burning, saying, What city is 'outside outside' this great city!

^^Hear Me?! It's a remote ka boom is what. After, see me in flesh, and test, and get your chest blown!! You'd say how can a man on the internet do such? Treat me like a lab rat for examining, and watch all get blown step by step, one by one. I'm on a one-man mission for two to make me globe ruler just before I murder em all with actual Judgement that is way reasonable says 666 Who gave the order.


posted on Oct, 1 2008 @ 03:23 PM
One foe will say:

Revelation 14:

6And I saw another angel fly outside the midst 'outside' heaven, having the everlasting gospel 'outside' preach 'outside' them "that" dwell 'outside' "the" earth, and outside every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people,

7Saying with a loud voice, Fear God (Religion's God), and give glory 'outside' him; for "the" hour (666) 'outside' his judgment is come (realization, then actualization): and worship him "that" made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains (two: foes) 'outside' waters (two: foes).

Worship him that made heaven? False prophet body. A made heaven, is not "the" heaven. Listen to "Made Figgaz" by 2pac on youtube.

Any one care for worshipping a lie with acting should be first for stating Fear worshipping any religion's God then. But the first butt kisser kissing the butt that is the false prophet body is already hellbound. Why worship what isnt alive? You must want destruction and death since that is DESTRUCTION.

And my foes dont want to preach they are damned nor should they show 666 respect since 666 shall damn them all.

Ka booming shall multiply eye for eye. Lets go for dolo! Can one take on all the many? 666 can!


posted on Oct, 1 2008 @ 03:46 PM
By the way, what are thought gains granted when what would give it is reduced totally?

Example: Sort of like I give you 700 billion to spend at a store, but the store is then no longer there once it went up in smoke by just who/what gave you the money.

Thus a promise can be broken. And be broken by a false prophet DECIEVING all how ordered so for doing. Then it would be still those out outiside bail outside the bailer. Extended version concerning no bail.


posted on Oct, 1 2008 @ 04:54 PM
When I was younger I remember seeing some movie where the guy I could have swore was Johny Makaveli (I dont know how it was spelled)... Anyway, the movie was way before 2pac to my knowledge was the alias Makaveli... The thing is, is the guy in the movie walked into a house (his house) and it blew up. But! I think if I remember it he escaped out the back door. That was why I thought "Makaveli the Don" was the actual one 2pac was about instead of the other Makeaveli (you know the one spelled another way about strategy in fooling foes). The guy in the movie was mafia related to why the Don on Makaveli the Don I thought was what 2pac was about. Yeah, the fake your death thing. The strategist did not fake his death, but only wrote about it for fooling one's foes. But the one in the movie did fake his death. But was the movie based on the Makeaveli (the strategist one)? Prolly was but at the time I never heard of the strategist.

^^Just a lil history. 2pac's carcass was creamated and also buryied. On his arm he had a tat of a burning cross with a black Jesus face.

^^Escaped out, self wise, before his body burned. Still faked death is so that way.

The worthy got nothing to worry about during ka boom times. The safe and sound measure is for the worthy. Ha! If you think 666 wont set it off just because the worthy are here near, then guess again cause the worthy wont be there! Any still ticking but damaged is waiting for rescue so "that" they can then go ka boom into the foes bosom!! Yeah, only foes marked get done in, alone with advanced, 100% accurate percision just.


posted on Oct, 3 2008 @ 07:12 PM
Recieve sweet (remote ruin) outside two foes one hour with awesome (Night).

Recieve sweet (remote ruin) outside and then with awesome (Night).

Recieve sweet (remote ruin) is 666 (Night). 666 can not and will not feel what it doesn't prefer, but that dont mean 666 isnt the sweet yet and still not felt.

Outside one hour is one night (4 hours). The 4 hours can imply, in opposite, 4 man-made dates. The foes not whole shall be affected, when the sweet is outside their whole, but then wholely following up be affected when the sweet rolls across into them with 666 (awesome Night).

The sweet is awesome. The remote ruin is 666. You are "with" an arm? And it "is" your arm? So shall "with" reveal it is "is" actually.

"Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?"--Rev 13

^^Who is 'outside outside' "the" beast? who is able outside make war "is" him?

^^The answer is 666. When you are outside outside it means you are it.

That awesome Night coming. A rational and capable person has their awesome moment during any moment their b-day. More so B-Night!

The four beasts is 666 in Rev 4.


posted on Oct, 3 2008 @ 07:47 PM
I notice it before I say here to night:

"Rev 4

7And the first beast was outside a lion, and the second beast outside a calf, and the third beast had (snared) a face outside a man, and the fourth beast was outside a flying eagle."

^^When I went in the stereo's off center part was I not just outside someone scratching just outside their calf to my right? Indeed a snared face outside a man is a female face. If snared, then the person was a foe I remotely snared. Plus, it was odd how they had come up only to then sit else where like right to my right. Why would they get up like their name was called if it werent? "Against all odds" 2Pac sung.

"Rev 4

10The four and twenty elders fall down outside him (I) that (remote destroyer controller) sat outside "the" throne (I), and worship him (I) that (remote destroyer controller) liveth (hype) for ever and ever, and cast their crowns outside "the" throne (I), saying,"

^^The four infront of me were conversating in an odd way since the one further up just later in a point asked the other their name though one could have swore they acted like they knew each other. Anyhow, I was there what? 4 hours total? And I was released what? 11:20? Turn it around 20:11 (twenty elders: 20:II 20:11).

And what was my group number added up? 18. 6+6+6 also = 18. No coincidence.

Anyhow, you see the 4 beast in Rev 4 is I (666). And the four and the speaker speaking that 20:11 release and the leg scratcher I snared. Do you all see the sweet clear now? You all see it Sign in you all the signature 666 has powered? Do you understand what worst I can do when any you all go against me?

That automatic remote reveals foes for me more so now than ago. Who wants to play noob? It aint working against 666.


posted on Oct, 3 2008 @ 07:56 PM
It's not outside East and West...--2Pac

And 666 is outside money and power with credit and weakness.

^^Which are defined how I defined them.


[edit on 3-10-2008 by Mabus]

posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 12:10 PM
34 But know this, that (awesome and sweet) if the two foes outside I had (snared) known outside the 3rd watch I would come (realize, then actualize), the two foes would have "I watched", and would not have "I suffered" the two foes' house outside be two I.

I, with no ego outside, isnt realize or actualize, no, I have any outside I realize, then actualize.

Outside "the" be two I is I without them two worn.

I watched is pastense. It wont be a pastense where I suffered though once I be out without the two foes. It wont be before I pass away two foes even nor previous memory hereafter.

They dont pass me away, I pass them away. Besides, they dont want me succeeding let alone want themselves the reason because they wish me the damnedest placement. When I succeed them away am I not giving letting them have what they beg for? I succeed them two foes through giving them Death and HELL they so desperately want and need so they'll be kept from evil for ever more. Yes, they'll be successful in the having their evil stop how I help them with the damnedest help I give.


posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 02:29 PM
That 3rd watch continued...

"And they answered and said ouside him (I), Where, Lord? And he (I)said outside them, Three the body is, outside that ("my" or "awesome and sweet") 'place will the two' be gathered three."

^^Refer back to the rich man and laz parable... Two carried one (astral projection) into being the bosom (the body) and then the three are each in Death and HELL and cant succeed each other from their place. The us (the devil and the astral) and the you (the betrayor). They shall be together, but so apart how the confliction goes against each three.

Tripple is the Hell against the three. Each in seperate Hells and they shall be hells against each other. Seperate the three, put them each in a Hell and then throw those in three Hells together so part. The three shall be raptured one against being one. Remember Laviathan?...Where the monster made them merge into something hideous?

The remote destroyer is always outside the foes control, bringing and pushing them ruin. It shall be the great gulf fixed so each three which would succeed 'from hence or thence' outside each other can not though they be one rose 'from the dead' since one shall die or be dieing everlastingly incorruptiblely. Is not the dieing away from dead since they arent dead yet? When the dead rise in "the" name (cast) tossed Hell they rise into dieing. LOL if you thought they rise into life. LOL if you thought the astral projection would make it some other way just because it's a second aspect the devil has. Those foes I have are my cast. Like my cast and crew. My cast made the cast through begging and just dieing for getting in my name I come in though I aint the name. My name is a snare. And any outside "I" is in my cast. Snared is pastence because any before me been snared. It was just a bound matter so.

Rise from the life is living. Rise from the dead is dieing. If you were still 'from change' you'd be the life or the dead.


posted on Oct, 4 2008 @ 10:29 PM
Clarify a layer:

Heaven and earth shall pass away two foes, but my two foes shall not pass away 'my' ('Heaven and Earth').

'My' outside that (remote destroyer) day and hour knoweth no man? No! Just not the two foes outside heaven, "but Father" (three the body: the bosom when but + fat + her are a single "name" outside 'My' snared) only.

Layer more:

Heaven and earth shall pass two foes, but my two foes shall not pass two foes.

'My' outside that (remote destroyer) day and hour knoweth no man? No! Just not the two foes 'outside' heaven. But two foes only know. Just they do not know 'outside' heaven entered is the remote destroyer WHOLE.

^^It's as taking two foes and making em not foes anymore.


Pass like pass gas. You cause the gas to succeed or rather you succeed gas so you wont be bloaded up by its horrible affects, but the gas shall not succeed you by itself as still being gas since you succeed it like by having something defeated into something other that doesnt bother period. No bloat, no smell, no unwanted interaction period when you succeed gas.


'I shall succeed the 43rd president'.

^^Obviously you succeed them by when they are no longer standing president and cant affect you as a president could any more.

When you read the bible you have to understand the ego isnt displayed outside "I" or "My". Everything outside those those can and shall succeed like how I pointed out with the examples. The bible's Authory didnt first state where the ego is not because there are layers which include the ego actually being outside. But now it's over with in actuality here in point of the era if you read for relevance.

And the remote Destoyer is a ticking Destruction pending like a Birth-Night.

Sometimes I'm at ease how I write, and sometimes I'm in war time how I write. It's up to you to see the author's intent and tense when and where. Basically, the watch the author is expressing in is up to you to see the easy way or the hard way.


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