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Want to contact beings from another dimension?

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posted on Sep, 27 2008 @ 09:03 PM
Note: I have not seen these instructions working myself, but I know that they are considered by millions of Arabs, early Egyptians, Hebrews, and Africans as some of the best black magic/voodoo/Jin Science still kept to this day..

Note: English is not my native language, my apologies for any inconvenience!

I think I have what appears to be authentic -supposedly secret leaflets/books- that have been carried and copied secretly for hundreds of years by Arabs, mostly Egyptians.. Only a few years ago did these leaflets make their way to printing factories in the form of small pocket booklets..These leaflets have been factory "copied" and sold even on the internet, but they have been edited so that no one but people who are "in the circle" can make use of them.. The key to using the instructions, notations, and writings in the book is a simple table of Arabic/Hebrew letters that you substitute with numbers written in the middle of writings and "calls" in the book..

The books are given different names, with different fake authors who were involved in astronomy institutes that don't exist anymore.. Their original source is not known as these instruction sets were collected from rare Hebrew and Arabic texts and kept in secret.

I have never done any of the voodoo instructions, but I have seen similarity between them and African style voodoo.. After some research and asking -and giving myself the stare many times- Only recently, I discovered that current Africans who practice voodoo actually got adopt much of Egyptian voodo/magic a long time ago. What I got to know about them is that when you do these instructions, you will enter a state of heaviness, muscle contraction, and some sort of inability to resist takes over your body and mind.. - I tend to think of it as being "sapped"- You will immediately know that demons/beings/Jin are present..

The instruction sets themselves aim at doing different good and bad things, from increasing your memory, to summoning Jin for exchanging services/deals, to to exercising for spiritual purposes, to causing hardships, sickness, divorce, and pain to others..

I have these books in electronic format, and I am ready to translate some blocks of text and maybe put more descriptions, photos, information..

Why I wrote this is because I believe that these instructions are real.. I will send full translated text to any person who is ready to try and tell us what happens.. I wish I could write more, but I am not a good typer, and I get tired quickly..

Please feel free to ask about anything..

posted on Sep, 27 2008 @ 09:35 PM
I'm definitely interested in this and its ties back to the egyptians. U2U me more info, if you aren't planning on sharing here openly.

posted on Sep, 27 2008 @ 09:42 PM
I would love or a set of instructions.

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posted on Sep, 27 2008 @ 09:53 PM
I am here to share this with everyone,

I will write translations of blocks of text -eliminating some things-, the reason is and to be honest with you and myself is that I know that these books are regarded as very rare, secret and dangerous.. Even though these leaflets were recently printer on the cheapest red, smelly paper in Egypt.. Arab and Muslim countries execute anyone who carries or uses them..
About the table, and when the texts were encrypted..
(I assume they were changed by shady people/experts on these books by the key table, just before they were getting them ready to be published in cheap dirty printing factories in small nighborhoods of Egypt/Lebanon) I have only recently obtained the key table to deciphering the shady instructions, this table is available in different texts too.. but there tricky thing is, "you cannot tell that the instructions themselves are encrypted!!!.. This is because the instructions themselves involve many nonesense words and supposedly names of people from the Jin including numbers.. only some of these numberes should be substituted with letters from the Hebrew/Arabic letter table.. It's not made to be impossible, but it's a smart way of keeping things away from the average person.. You cannot tell that it's encrypted, only if you get to know it's encrypted through someone does it become usable!

I am here for the discussion, nothing ties any of us to just... learn more about some important text that are secretly traded in egypt and various Arab and African countries..

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posted on Sep, 27 2008 @ 10:03 PM
I would seriously like to push it to the limit. Kind of like camping out in the bermuda triangle and enducing shamen like visuals.

how can i communicate with people or stuff from another dimension and how can i accelerate myself to about 147billion light years a second.

posted on Sep, 27 2008 @ 10:07 PM
reply to post by Mr. Secret

Hey Mr. Secret this is pretty interesting stuff. I would be interested in hearing more of it. Have you tried contacting anything yet?

posted on Sep, 27 2008 @ 10:10 PM
I hate to sound like this, but please try to use simple language so that it becomes easy on me to understand you and respond right..

I didn't quite understand what you meant, but I know that these blocks of text are like recipes, but they invlove burning different types of leafs, spices, etc.. Some of them might only be available from the middle east.. But that's not a big problem.. These recipes also involve fasting from eating anything with a soul, doing repetitive saying of a word up to a thousand times, burning things, writing symbols with ink made by mixing special flower petals with water, etc..

I have the texts with me, I had a book that sounded like the creepiest writing of everything I ever read.. things like writing symbols with female blood and putting hair from people and their pictures and you burry it in a grave.. very scary stuff.. I was advised by someone to throw it away, I don't know why I did it even though it took me years to obtain it -I'll get it again soon-.. It was just too much to put in my house.. I am just a normal person who likes these things since childhood, but I never thought it doesn't really take much to get them if you know your ways and know the culture there..

Edit: misspelling

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posted on Sep, 27 2008 @ 10:15 PM
reply to post by Mr. Secret

whoa whoa whoa hold on how long does this soul fast take? As much as I would love to contact extra dimensional beings, I like eating animals better.

posted on Sep, 27 2008 @ 10:28 PM
I don't think you understand the nature of these text,

I am interested in someone or a group of members to discuss these with me.. So I can post sample translations and make this thread a research project and information pool about this kind of magic and maybe even have a serious expert try something after exchanging everything possible about these texts.

posted on Sep, 27 2008 @ 10:32 PM
reply to post by Mr. Secret

We can't really discuss anything until you give us some material from the text. If it's long maybe you could break it down into individual posts. I was just kidding with you about the earlier statement. Like I said before I'm very interested please share with us!

posted on Sep, 27 2008 @ 10:35 PM
I will be posting shortly,

I will try to translate a sample, and put some shots from the texts..

Let's start with a random book,
Book Name: unknown
Author: Abdulfatah Sayyed Al-Tokhy

Sample: Page 6
.. and know that for every nation in the images of degrees a different path, but what has been carried from "Tamtam the Indian" that "Abuddhatish" chose and whom also "Tharadasht" then we also carry, and with this comes a great benefit.
And he said that if you wanted to work with this book (of the benefit) then you make the will to have whatever you wanted, and ask for them in these degrees, and if you reach that degree and know its incense, and the name of who you want to contact who relates to the service you need, then ask for the one who is assigned for that degree from the seven +(expression: which fly/circulate/like planets)+.. for example, if you know the contact of that degree, then seek the day when that planet and it's contact and his people from that day, and then if that planet comes let your work be in the corresponding night and the corresponding time, then draw that degree in a paper and write its name, and you start "The Mandal" +(a process of divination, which I know the process of from another book)+..

I have over 600 pages of these booklets, and I really want to explore them with you.. I am sure this can be a very enlightening experience for all of us..

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posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 12:12 AM
Page 6, second half and page 7 table:

Page 6, Second half:
".. and you start the mandal and you write around you with a knife that has engravings of the 12 signs of the zodiac and the seven planets and their symbols in Indian. and when you get to that, light up incense to that degree and you spray your self with incense and you call the contact of that specific degree and you ask for what you need, and he will do it in the fastest time. And if that he takes long to respond more than three, then try that in 3's until 9 days, doing it every three days for they have excuse in absence. And be ware of mistaking the name of the contact, and if you do, then you do not deserve to know this science.
And know that this is a good introduction to this chapter, and know that knowing the characteristics of the degrees of the skies and knowing this introduction thoroughly is great science.
And we mention now the picture "aa 60 ha" (undeciphered/unknown text)) that were carried from "Tamtam" and the names of their servants/contacts "Taha Akh"(undeciphered/unknown text)".. +END OF PAGE 6+

Page 7 Table:

(sections: 1,2,3,4,5)
"Picture of the Aries Degree"
Picture: A man with a dagger, a man carrying animal/human disposals, a man with a face of a dog, a dead man or a resurrecting man, a man with a sword.
Names: Dasa, Shamsa Lak, Kahur Balukhena, Tut Madal, Wadarda
Insence: I will only write to trusted person.
Services: Kills your enemies with his dagger, gives you water that makes you unthirsty, Fights your enemies of beasts, takes death away from you, fights weapons away from you.

(sections 6,7,8,9,10)
Pictures: A snake blowing fire, a sheep looking back, a sheep with his head by his tail, a woman in her hand (the male sexual part) of a palm tree
Names: Santun, DasuTahmes, Todya, Fardards, Rtubasandah.
Insence: I will only write to trusted person.
Services: Kills your enemies, unites enemies, Comforts who you love, shows you the beautiful scences/images, keeps thieves away from you.

(Sections 11, 12, 13, 14, 15)
Pictures: An ambiguous picture with two horns, a man with a shield of iron, A man with golden feet, a man wearing a silk dress.
Names: Sandoora, Samsour, Lohu, Haftha, Saut.
Incense: will only write to trusted person.
Services: Moves the eyes, Makes you victorious against enemies, you own who you want, you blind the eyes of who ever you want.

Screenshot, pages 6-7 (From right to left)

Book Name: The Sun of Great Sciences
Author: Ahmed Bin Ali Al-Buni

This book is 533 pages, it is like a total guide to ancient spiritual practices, excercises that and it's like a collection of texts that deal with divination, contacting people from different planets, and trading benefits, etc..

No translation here for now, need your responses..

Edit: Second book info added

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posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 12:47 AM
Interesting, has anyone tried to contact any beings form other dimensions yet?

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 12:56 AM

Originally posted by mandrake
Interesting, has anyone tried to contact any beings form other dimensions yet?

If anyone tries, be careful. The Dark ones can be extremely deceptive.

Excellent thread, very interested to hear more about it!

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 01:20 AM
If you ask the question of which nations or cultures now are the most believers in Jinn, magic, contacting people from different dimensions, and that there are people who have the knowledge of doing so.. It would be the Arabs.. Mostly Egyptians, Moroccans, Omanis, Syrians.. Some people and high ranking officials pay sums of money to people who are experts -in secret- in these so called sciences.. At some point two years ago, I was told by some family that there are 22 satellite tv channels devoted to presenting astrology, divination, black magic, zodiac programs and interviews with people ranging from the best divination and contact experts to scammers and liers who would suck people's money. During the past two years, many governments -pushed by the Islamic conservative pressure- ordered that these channels are shut down, because it stirred the public opinions for the fact that the people who practice these sciences are outcasts against the order of the creator of this universe, it is because they believe god has set us in different dimensions and that breaking these dimensions is against the creator's system.. Generally, people there believe that those who know these sciences do exist, and people generally believe in Jinn and other beings and that they have different sciences, nations, and cultures. But people also believe that those who practice these sciences well are very few, and that they tend to be the introvert type who spends so much years studying and researching old books and scripts.

There are people who make/claim to make contact with them, but there are also many who carry these texts but don't know how it works.. I don't claim to know it all, but I can say I have more than 800 texts+collective knowledge through the years+other things that I am sure many researchers and hobbyists would be interested in.

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 01:49 AM

Originally posted by NuclearPaul

Originally posted by mandrake
Interesting, has anyone tried to contact any beings form other dimensions yet?

If anyone tries, be careful. The Dark ones can be extremely deceptive.

yes! you are right, this is common knowledge in in the middle easy in terms of contacting the Jinn.. Many say that they lie a lot, but you know what? Once a person makes successful contact with a Jinn/Alien/Being and the person enters the uncnocious, helpless state I decribed earlier.. These beings first tell the summoner that this contact is against the creator, and they actually ask him not to become "an infidel" and this is clearly stated in a verse from the quran -which I will fetch and write when I can-.. If the summoner chooses to refuse the belief in the creator/God/Allah/ then the Jinn might just go and never come back, or even hurt him mentally or psychologically.. But if the summonner refuses the order of god, they ask him for terms of relationship such as "never lie to us, and if you do we will never come back or we will hurt you. etc.." Some of them ask for certain things like strong good smelling incense, I have heard from someone who claims to be a contact that the jinn use this good smelling and usually rare and expensive natural aromas to fight dark beings.. Some say that Jinn are many types too, and there are other beings than the Jinn and many endless nations in the universe.. Some can be contacted, and those can be good or bad, of different religions, some are muslims, some are Jews, some are athiests and some are of religions of their own.. There is so much I can say, and you will find that this is all related to these texts when we translate and research more..

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posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 10:48 AM
Is there anyone who I should contact about these texts?

I am absolutely sure that these texts were never exposed to anyone outside the little circles of people who use them and trade them secretly..

Is there a researcher/group/etc that could be interested in these texts?

Please advise,

posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 01:46 PM
More from "The Sun of Great Sciences"..


Page 46/533

".. because the secrets of numbers great mental powers, and they converge to the spiritual dimension, and letters refer to the material dimension and in this dimension the spirituality of letters appears in the beauty of the material, and numbers appear with the delicacy of the spiritual. So who ever understands the secret of the letter "Meem = M", appeared to him the secret of the ring of the bell which is from the the (expression: Godly inspiration/telepathy to prophets)..

It is carried that Mohammed was asked "How does inspiration/telepathy come to you? He answered: I hear the ring of a bell, and sometimes the angel materializes and talks to me and I understand what he says.. Don't you see the heads of horses and camels move all together sometimes? That is how inspiration is, and it's very heavy/hard on me. (Now the text author continues) And so the letter (Arabic: Meem, M) is tied to this bell in the matter that they are both circled and closed, and therefore it is considered hard/rigid.

Don't you know what Mohammed said about the image of "Israfil" peace be upon him? that his build and power and great and so is his faith? and how he carried the sheet between his eyes, and that his planet is huge and great? and then the otherworldly scenery from there which takes the journey of 500 years to cross? and the how beautiful the sounds are over there? and that he -Israfil- makes -walking- with one foot in front and one in the back, and that his feet would penetrate the the seventh lower earth?...

And therefore the (letter Meem, M) is in at the end of the degree, because -material- images are for horror and shock and sending -?- staring deeply at the throne, waiting for the order to blow in the (Arabic: Soor, similar to the jewish horn), and that blowing cannot be unless the lips are made together, and the (Meem, M) is pronounced by putting the lips together and can never be pronounced otherwise.

And therefore comes the idea of the ringing of the bell. And here you learn the difference between the ringing of the bell and and pulling/sliding the ringing sound on the sheets/.texts of the inspiration of Israelism of Moses..

That the root of ringing is a spiritual movement, and the root of the movement is material, and that the (Meem, M) is two sides, upper and lower in detail (Meem, first is higher, second is lower, even when it is written in arabic, note by Mr. Secret) and since the (Meem, M) contains the secret of the higher spirits and the lower spirits, therefore the numbers are also belonging to the upper ones and their letters (the number's letters) hold the secrets of the lower ones, and also the material lower beings.."

Need someone to U2U me to fix text image links..

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posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 02:54 PM
Example from the third book,

Book Name: Al Jafr Al Jame' wa Al- Noor Al Lame'
English Name: The Total Jafr and The Sparkling Light
Author: This book is also a collection of ancient texts put under a name to make it seem nice.. printed author name is: Ali Ibn Abi Talib

Page 33/34:
Topic: In knowing the use of The Mandal and it's spiritual servants.
"If you wanted to do that, then write the Ring/Talisman pictured below in the palm of whoever you desire, and you start your call with this call: In the name of Allah the most gracious the most merciful, the resurrection, the one of action of whatever he desires, whom with his power do the stars and planets circulate, and with his light lights have shined, who is the first before all have come to exist, the one who appears above everything, the internal inside of everything, no creator but him, to him we return, the taker of souls and the sender of winds.

I swear upon you, the spiritual angels, the assigned kings of the seven planets, answer me by the name of who created you from the light of his throne and made you obeyers to his names, you use them however they (the names) wished and however he (the creator) wished, with his clearance and his will. I swear upon you the servants of these names that you come to him (the person you wrote the talisman in his palm) and be present in here in this room that you materialize until the observer would see you with his eyes, and talks to you with his tounge, Hurry, Quickly, this moment, may Allah bless you and upon you.

And here is the picture of the Khatam/Talisman that you write in the person's palm.. [Squared shape made of names, supposedly angels/aliens/Jinn]

And to block them away (1st stage of closing contact) , you say.. Baqouf Baqouf Qouf Yarbish Mabroush, come down in the name of Natoush and your shout by the one who rules you, Qarmoush, (quranic verse starts here), and spoke a "Efreet" -high ranking- from the Jinn and said -to Solomon- I bring it (the throne of the queen of Yemen, Balqees) to you faster than the blink of your eye, and you repeat the word "eye" even times.

And to make them leave, you read the "Zalzalah" sura, until god says "seperated".. and you repeat the word "seperated" seven times, then they leave at an instant."

Any comments are welcome..

I was seriously expecting that there would be a lot more people interested in these texts..

Note: none of these books are copyrighted, and the names slapped on the covers don't relate to them in anyway.. and there is concensus about this.. the printing origins are also fake names, or names of astrology institutes that existed 60-80 years ago but not anymore.. The content of these texts is known to be ancient and some of it is not complete, and some of it is still secret, while the majority of it has been burned, lost, or hidden till this day..

EDIT: fixing link
Edit: better link
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posted on Sep, 28 2008 @ 04:13 PM
reply to post by Mr. Secret

Your text sounds more like Key of Solomon. It has been available on the internet for years.

Edit to add link

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