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About abductees and contactees

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posted on Jul, 9 2008 @ 03:36 PM
I keep seeing threads of people claiming to have been abducted and have some celestial secret and are just trying to create a hype in this community.
Being a contactee myself and having met a real abductee, I can tell everyone here that the people going through this life changing experience are not the kind of false prophets we see too much in ATS.
A contact is something really profound and personal, and i believe the kind of people chosen are not the type of those trying to promote personal beliefs or looking to join the online popularity contest.
A contactee will most likely NOT share his/her experience, even under cover of internet anonymity. Also a contactee will spend the rest of his/her life doubting, questioning their experience and not show the utter . The messages channeled are very grim and to be honest the ETs or whoever contacted a person, do not need their help to relay a message. If people took the time to research the subject, in the seriously studied cases of abductions, people never mentioned beeing a link between ETs and humans.
Now I am not saying there are a few people who genuinely had_ or believe have been abducted. We all want to hear your stories but please not for sensationalism. And if you are ever contacted, see it as a message to you personally and not a divine mission but please- do share it


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posted on Jul, 9 2008 @ 09:51 PM
Sorry mods. I couldn't figure out how to delete the entire post. It didn't contribute at all.

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posted on Jul, 9 2008 @ 10:26 PM
I dunno about that, I mean you got contacted by aliens and you know one person that was abducted.
You can't speak for everyone who was contacted by aliens by saying basically saying "real" alien contactees would keep it personal and not show off their experience online.

I'm pretty sure now matter what, if I was awaken by some big eye small alien thats 100x smarter than me and took me in a UFO for anal probes and to buss nuts in a cup, I would have to tell someone about it and not keep it to myself.
Its kinda terrifying.

Why is it so personal to be a raped test subject?
people should tell all if they were contacted, unless of course they are threaten to give have anal probes if they told anyone, then I guess you can keep it personal.

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 06:58 AM
reply to post by TheOracle

Everyones experience of genuine contact is different . In the US abduction is far more likely because they signed on with the bad guys when my people refused to share tech with them .So now they have a bunch of crappy aliens who basically gave them bugger all tech and a huge nightmare .
My first contact was really cool . A naval commander walked up my drive way a couple of days after a low level pass by two cigar tube type craft . They flew right over our house at low speed then VOOOM . Off they went at amazing speed.

Anyway , the naval officer filled me in on those craft I saw . We sat and chatted for ages .It was so cool . How come your allowed to tell me all this I asked . He just jokingly said 'its okay ,we will just kill you if you blab "
he was just kidding .

so there you have it . A lot has happened since then .

I did get a few nosey yanks knocking on my door later trying to tell me i was dellusional and drunk but I just laughed at them. well they cant hurt you here and they know they would be in deep # if they tried.

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 11:50 AM
Interesting story reconpilot, I do believe you similar to my experience.
When its true that its impossible to predict how would one react to a contact, I am convinced that they wouldnt ask anyone to relay important messages. They most certainly select those abducted carefully

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 12:46 PM
I've posted answers of some of my apparent repressed memories of missing time events. Since nearly all were basically ignored by most people, I've been even more reluctant to ever start any thread over it.

From what I recall, many events appeared to be related to some type of government agency and cover up. Some of these people who showed up in suits would flash some NASA badge. At tleast one of which I had aquired and since lost. These still could have been fake and I really can't say whether or not they even have them or actually look like in comparison.

A couple of their vehicles appeared to be dark green or some type of military green. One of which was an early 70's or late 60's dodge or ford. This older car had a sign on the passenger door with the initials USNAF and what also appeared as alien characters underneath it such as those from the roswell crash.

Some or at least one of them would be wearing an air force uniform but a lighter color blue. That was during an MRI I had at Loyola University and involved an electrical fire possibly due to some special effects and a power outage back around 1995 or 96.

While in the military, I had also overheard some mention of the roswell crash in relation to some bizarre events and an airforce presence then as well. That was in 1976.

I would say considering the many details of these memories, someone did an excellent job of some type of hoax. And with the mention of implants and MKULTRA, it can also suggest these were all staged events.

Although I've seen greys, I've also recalled what appeared to be some type of androids with a picture screen type of head. This might explain the variations such as foxes and owls that may appear similar. This was depicted in at least one science fiction movie as a special effect.

Maybe it's all fiction anyway and just some candid camera type of program that can last a lifetime. All I've received so far is disability payments.

Crazy like a fox.......or as wise as an owl?

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 02:06 PM
reply to post by TheOracle

I have been told a lot of interesting stuff ,some really sobering stuff too. But there is no 'message' per se . my family has a big military background both here in Australia and the UK . So I grew up knowing inside I was different .I was treated diffrently , usuallly with a mixture of fear ,cautious respect and sometimes hostility . You are brave making the effort to reach out here .I was going to throw in the towel until I read your thread and though stuff it ,if she's brave enough to give it a go I will make an effort to get in to a dialogue with her . we will cop a lot of flak from the proffesional debunkers and spooks but...

I really miss my Naval officers visits. we became great friends and spent a lot of time talking about all sorts of stuff . but he's deployed now . His wife got a little bored with my continual asking questions . I would never ask about stuff that was obviously of a classified nature but he often volunteered stuff that was relatively secret but no longer a security to issue to them anyway .

So how did your first contact go ?

lets hope we can get some real dialogue going here and just ignore the flak .im prepared to try if you and a few others are .

OZ is such a great place to be a contactee . The ADF is great ,they really care about protecting their people and i have had lots of friendly visits from defence personel who just drop in to say high ,reassure me when i get down. I do get down sometimes I admit . But im a scrapper .
There are loads of bases here and the tech they use to hide it all so well is just amazing ,funny and clever .
I hope your contact is mostly positive .

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 03:43 PM
reply to post by TheOracle

contatc has to be an ongoing proceess .It brings up stuff . The guys and girls put you through the ropes course > They make you deal with your ego ,your naive preconceptions ,your hang ups ,prejudices .its a bit painfull and embarrasing at times but like you say , they are carefull who they contact .if you are a flakey primmadonna who would get a messiah complex real quick ,you are not going to get anything . if you want personal gain or notoriety ,forget it .
The main reason I though I would share some of my experiences here was in the hope that it may help and reassure othere people in the same boat.
trouble with living on base is when the wormholes are open it gets really windy and you get these infuriating power cuts just as your about to finish writing a post .i will get this one off now before the wind gets it first.

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 03:56 PM
reply to post by aleon1018

Plausible deniablity cuts both ways .it gives some lee way for ex service people to share without falling foul of official secrets .
Ask a pilot if he's ever seen a UFO and the answer is usually >I have not but I know other credible pilots who have !
Its like MOD when they say all the UFOS on their file have been identified .Its just a clever round about way of saying yeah we know what those alien craft are and who flies them !
See how it works. Just clever carefull choice of words and phrasing to avoid fall out from bitchy politicians .

so if you want to share your recall i'm listening . Its a shame you are living in the US ,its tough there.

you know ,funny thing about Roswell . We staged that crash .let them think they shot down a couple of greys . Turns out they have been torturing a dead android all these years for valuable intel !

well you have to laugh .The russians and ozzies on the other hand ,passed the test with flying colors .Dropped everything ,rendered all possible assistance and helped us get on our way again . no ,we did not really need help but the point is they did the right thing instead of torturing some poor EBE for years in a vacuum tank and god knows what else .
The other EBE just got strapped to an operating table and was cut up without anaesthetic . good job he was not a live one eh ?

so this is one reason why contactees are chosen carefully ,because some humans ,not all, cannot be trusted .

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 05:03 PM
My adventure happened one day i was in the US. I saw bright UFOs far away in broad day light. I stopped and stared at the event for a good &à-&(mn, bright dots moving and splitting, doing maneuvers.
The contact happened a few days after this. I stood up one night feeling really hot, like someone left a radiator on in the middle of a hot summer night was really abnormal, I went to get a drink and went back to lay down, felt dizzy and paralyzes and as i tilted my head to the side I saw a creature standing there. I wasnt able to move but i wasnt afraid, i was very excited actually. We "talked" for what appeared like 30mn? many of my questions were answered. I felt really sad but serene...until next morning. Nothign sensational like a date for doomsday but very dire warnings and explanations.

I woke up and recalled everything, i was in shatters. Cried, terrified, felt that my privacy was violated and couldnt sleep properly for 2 weeks. And to this day I cant think about it and not feeling emotional.
I am a strong and posed person and this event really changed me a lot, so i believe that a normal person going through this will not aspire to publicity and making things up. Anyways thanks for sharing your stories

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 05:37 PM
Did you remember if you left a window or door open that day?

posted on Jul, 10 2008 @ 07:04 PM
reply to post by TheOracle

Interesting .I had initial experiences for years before my broad daylight contact .ball of bright light on the bed next to me when i woke up . Waking up and feeling a strong presence standing by the bed . stuff like that .
The greys used to say to me in my head ,you must overcome your fear of us . Other times I would find myself driftimng out of my body , panic and whooomf , back in again .
My contact has made no bones about the fact that things on this planet are not all bright and fluffy . The true history of this planets early colonisation makes very sobering listening . not pretty at all . heartbreaking actually .
I think thats why disclosure is fraught with complex highly emotive issues that will be hard for most humans to deal with.
like you , I have cried a lot , knowing that much may be lost because humans cling to their hate and anger like a security blanket .
They say they want proof ,they say they want the truth but really , most do not handle it well . You only have to look at the rabid responses we will get to this thread to see that .
I treasure my last meeting with reggie (thats his nickname ) at the RAAF base .He was great . once you get past that fear of the unknown you see the greys as beautifull. The tragedy is that a splinter group from their collective has gone bad and works with the US gov ,or rather works over the US gov .Its a very sad story that one alone. long memories carry deep wounds .sometimes its a real mercy to be able to forget .

I was well protected whe I was living in the states but its not the best place to be for to long . Its really scary to see how its going downhill now .

so watch out for those well crafted ,carefully baited psuedo contactee posts .they are just trying to get intel from you oracle . Others will slag you off ,scream for proof and then ask for a meeting in private to see what youve got ! Sure ,I say .meet me at the base.
Oh i dont know about that...
no I didnt think you would.....SPOOK.

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