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Why would NASA show us UFO pics?

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posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 02:23 PM
First of all, I would like to state that I personnally am convinced that some UFO's are real spacecraft from other planets. I also believe that some people have indeed seen them, have maybe established contact with the ships or the occupants, and maybe even have travelled with them. I also believe that some of those ships may well have been interacting with humans or other animals with or without their consent. I also believe that it is very possible that some of those crafts have crashed on earth, or somehow had an "accident". Finally, I strongly believe that earthly governments know more than they say, maybe have artifacts of alien origin, ships maybe, why not even bodies, and who knows... alive beings.

That said... I cannot honestly believe the tantalizing number of people who are looking for UFO's on official NASA pictures... Let me explain... When your parents didn't know you were smoking, would you show them the summer holiday camp pictures with you smoking with friends? The answer is no.

There is, in my views, 100% chance that governments and agencies of all sorts, including the military authorities, are actively hiding most of things related to UFO's or aliens visits. At least, up to a certain point, since the number of people interested & requesting documents has increased amazingly for the past few dozens of years. Why then, if their intent is to keep it concealed from the public, would they allow pictures or videos of those alien ships to go public?

I think there are several directions to follow here...

  • The astronauts have said publicly that they "were never alone"
    Pointless here to quote again and again, everyone is aware of it. So indeed, those men who were and still are properly speaking heroes have said that they were not alone in space... And nobody told them to remain silent?

    Why would that be?... Considering the number of reports, many years before the first man in space, that mentioned spaceships or at least alleged ones, it would probably not shock anyone to hear one more... but from an astronaut? It becomes a bit more curious there, and one can wonder if letting them speak would not be part of a slow & vast disclosure of until then unknown (or unofficial) facts.

    There's just one small problem there... Those people spoke on their name, not on NASA's...

  • All those pictures are faked by NASA itself
    What purpose would that serve? One possibility is that actually those are not faked at all, but totally unrelated to UFO's, simply misinterpreted. The other is that indeed some pictures have captured UFO's, and showing them is also part of that disclosure.

    Again there's a little problem I think. They would be ruining their own credibility by proceeding in that way. Disclose something is done "openly", even if slowly, but continuing to deny what seems obvious for many is not the best show of honesty. This would then raise questions about all the rest with them. So I don't think that this "leak" is intentional, if leak there is...

  • They didn't notice those UFO's on the pictures
    Yeah right... So, the security procedures are that strict, things take ages before being released, they are closely watched by dozens of experts before release, and ultimately it's Mr John Doe, average internet user, who finds out? That defies all forms of logic.

This leads me to believe that searching for "hidden" things in official pictures and videos is a waste of time. There may have been a time indeed, when there were live broadcasts of the shuttle, etc., but that time is long gone now.

If some people wanted us to find out what they have discovered, then trust me, we would know by now. If, again, the average internet user is able to spot that little something, then they have spotted it too (reminds me of that wooden bar on Mars!).

I would like to hear all reasons why (or why not) the officials of the government, agencies, military..., would or would not reveal pieces of this cosmic puzzle. In my opinion, it's not through official publications.

Please discuss.

posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 02:30 PM
I certainly agree with everything you posted. I don't think we'll find anything but interesting pics of planetary surfaces and orbit from nasa.

My question was always how did the supposed videos of UFO's that nasa had get released? The one I am thinking about is with a giant tether with huge ufos swarming around it. How did nasa let that one go?

Sorry, a bit off topic, but I agreed to much with the OP to offer much.

posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 03:20 PM
reply to post by SpookyVince

Hi, I will make it brief. I fully understand many of the points you make, but I couldn't disagree more with you when you call it a waste of time to study (as I have done) images from the Apollo missions.
It is important to remember that these images were made public in a time when NASA couldn't have foreseen that some day people would sit at home in front of their PC, with the possibility to zoom in on different features in the images, adjust brightness or contrast, and so on.

Best regards, Ziggystar60.

posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 03:33 PM
reply to post by SpookyVince

I think this has been discussed many times before... but...

If some people wanted us to find out what they have discovered, then trust me, we would know by now. If, again, the average internet user is able to spot that little something, then they have spotted it too (reminds me of that wooden bar on Mars!).

I agree

I would like to hear all reasons why (or why not) the officials of the government, agencies, military..., would or would not reveal pieces of this cosmic puzzle. In my opinion, it's not through official publications.

Because on an individual level these people who work for those agencies are divided too. They are just human afterall. I think they are as confused about the correct course of action as anyone else. So you have several factors going on:
A) People who talk about UFOs can easily be labeled "kooks."
B) The big wigs of those organizations aren't supportive of the ET hypothesis. *see reason A*
C) They don't feel they owe the average joe an explanation.
D) They can't reveal "piecs of the puzzle" because they are puzzled themselves.
E) They have no physical evidence.
F) Etc etc blah blah

posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 03:38 PM
Agreed with you Ziggy, you have only part of a point though but it's my fault. It's only the old things that could potentially be interested, as nothing new will now bear a single reasonable doubt...

I have myself spent hours on the so infamous STS-48, and yes it is very interesting. The conclusions are simply mind boggling (speeds, intelligent reactions, etc.) and it is worth the time.

What I meant is that, imagery techniques were maybe not as efficient as today, and there may be some things left for analysis, but they had experts back then too, who carefully filtered out those videos & pics deemed "too much of a proof to be public". Maybe I should have phrased that in another way...

Besides... why is it that nowadays (for several years already) there is a secret & encrypted channel for those communications that involve what the public can't hear? I mean... if we can't hear it, there is a reason, right? The reason seems quite obvious to me, and yeah, they're hiding things.

Research can only be done on old stuff now, as official news will be carefully cleaned & filtered.

posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 03:44 PM
reply to post by SpookyVince

Yes, I would never expect to find much of interest in recent stuff and images. That is why I have spent time looking at the good old Apollo images.

Best regards, Ziggystar60.

posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 03:50 PM
Maybe they're letting some of these pictures get out,so that they can be given a funky explanation that everyone will fall for,like ice crystals. Then,they don't have to worry about blotting out all their pictures,which must get quite tiresome.

posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 07:20 PM
reply to post by Acidtastic

Ok so are they ice crystals or not? Even if everyone doesn't "fall for that" how does that get us any closer to disclosure? NASA, the gov't, whoever can release whatever they want... hoax, real deal etc. Ultimately we live in a society where people's beliefs are still evolving and many still aren't convinced or simply don't care.

posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 08:29 PM
I remember an ATS member making a point, that maybe NASA let leak some of these images simply to see what other peoples opinions where because they had hit a wall as to an explanation, and it does make some sense, here at ATS the research and investigation of images is incredible, experts in many fields, you only have to read some of the threads to see the effort put in, and it wouldnt surprise me if NASA is not watching threads on these objects to see what information people have, or if people have seen these objects elsewhere and conclusons made as to what they are?

Why waste thousands of $ to hire analysts when we here at ATS will do it for free, and without bias also, as for the tether incident was that not live on NASA tv and the reason live broadcasts where pulled?

I would also like to answer the comment made above in a post where the reason was that UFO enthusiasts can be called kooks, I have to disagree with that statement simply because in hints that the person calling the UFO enthusiasts kooks, why would they consider themselves important enough to have their accusations or finger pointing slander taken seriously? some of them need to climb down off their high horses because nobody is looking up,why would their opinion count more than the investigator? sounds like feelings of grandure and self importance plays a false roll with those people IMO.

I can never take seriously someone who labels someone a kook simply because they go against their thoughts and opinions. Most of the UFO enthusiasts on ATS are top of their league if you ask me, its the finger pointer who has the problem with it. again IMHO.

Fact is ATS members stop at nothing to get to the truth and they know it.

posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 09:17 PM
NASA is a "front" organization designed to provide the public with an explanation of the current state of America's space condition...

There are many questions the american public could ask concerning why we have not done many space related things,.. like: "why have we not gone back to the moon?"...

One obvious answer is: who cares?... we are happy with our burgers and baseball!!

Anyone who takes the time to look into the situation will realize there is an agenda going on here that the public is unaware of...

posted on Apr, 13 2008 @ 10:14 PM
Hmm....I think mabey they do let a few slip out. The time is comming when the truth cant be hidden.Mabey just mabey they know that aliens will show themselfs soon.I think we are being prepared by the powers that be to get use to the idea of intelligent alien life.

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